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Lowe’s Solar Spot Lights

How We Chose The Best Solar Spotlights

Best Solar LED Motion Flood Lights

Every solar spotlight is different, just like everyones need for a solar spotlight is different. A few factors are common to every solar spotlight, like run times, charge times, brightness, and color.

Different users should prioritize different factors for outdoor lighting.

If you plan on lighting up shrubbery or other plants, color is an important factor in illuminating greenery. The color that solar lights cast on your shrubs and flowers should be beautiful and flattering.

We think brightness is one of the most important factors in choosing the best solar light. Its an important factor for highlighting an object or making a welcoming or safe space.

A spotlights purpose is to draw attention to the object or space, making it easy to see.

Short charge times and long run times should be another priority for those using solar spotlights. Especially in the winter or in places where direct sunlight is low supply.

You may also consider the ability to adjust the solar light angle.

Angling may not be so important for accent lighting in the grass or solar lights along a path, but in different areas, the ability to angle the solar lights may be important.

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How To Choose The Best Solar Spotlights

When you choose a solar spotlight, you should consider several factors.

We see a few as a must for every solar spotlight, including run time, charge time, brightness, color, and durability.

Also, think about how many solar lights youre looking for and if you have all the tools needed to set them up.

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Best Value: Dbf Outdoor Solar Lights

Product Ratings

What We DidntLike

  • Longer charge time

We love the DBF Outdoor Solar Lights because of the brightness these lights produce. They have a good run time and are water-resistant. Where this solar light really shines is in lumens.

These lights provide 600 lumens each , which makes them among the brightest we could find.

Features & Considerations

The DBF Outdoor Solar Lights has two brightness modes: high and low light. Those modes have an important effect on their run time.

In high brightness mode, you can expect the solar powered spotlights to stay illuminated for 4-6 hours. In dim mode, they should stay illuminated for 8-10 hours.

Both of the possible run times are based on a complete charge. You can expect it to charge around 6 to 9 hours.

As this solar light discharges, it tends to not work, so it is important to keep it charged up in the sun.

These lights come in two different colors: warm white, which gives off a more yellow glow, or cool white, which has a blue tone.

Cool white seems brighter, so it tends to be a more common choice among solar spotlights.

Both options have a very similar price, so if you like warm white that is a great solar spot light option, as well.

What Reviewers Say

Reviewers say that the brightness level stands out the most among these outdoor solar spotlights.

Many have had doubts about solar lights not being bright enough and that these solar powered lights exceeded their expectations.

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Run Time/charge Time Ratio

Knowing how long it will stay on is essential when choosing any light. Run time often varies based on settings.

It also varies greatly between lights. We favor solar spot lights that have longer run times.

Charge times are also of particular interest. For a light to fulfill its run time, it must receive enough sunlight during the day to complete that charge.

Charge time is the estimated number of hours that it takes for the battery to be fully charged if in direct sun exposure.

We favor lower charge times because shorter charge times mean that the solar spot lights are more likely to receive enough charge to run longer.

Best Compact Solar Spotlight: Mini 50x Twin Solar

Product Ratings

What We DidntLike

  • Not the best at being water-resistant
  • The brightness is just okay
  • Uses cables

We particularly liked the MINI 50X Twin Solar-Powered Spotlight because of its modes. It has three different power output settings: full power, normal power and power saver.

Each mode uses a different brightness to make the most of the charge.

Features & Considerations

Since this light has three different modes, its run time greatly varies based on mode.

In the power saving mode, it can last up to 15 hours. While on other modes, it may only last 5 hours.

The light must have a complete charge for any mode to reach its maximum run time. The charge takes about 8 hours.

One of the things to keep in mind about this light is its brightness. Since these outdoor solar spotlights are quite small and last a long time, the brightness is lower.

Depending on the mode, they range between 60 and 100 lumens.

These solar powered lights are resistant to damage from physically being hit, but they lack water and dust resistance.

They are rated IP 55 for water and dust resistance, which is the lowest rating on our list. However, normal weather conditions shouldnt be a problem for these lights.

What Reviewers Say

Reviewers highlight the durability of these lights.

They note that instead of being lights that you can only count on for a few months, they are multi-season lights capable of handling most weather conditions.

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Lerekam Solar Spot Lights Considered For Best Overall

The Lerekam outdoor solar spotlights are all around very good. The price is reasonable, and they are waterproof.

The solar landscape spotlights can withstand any harsh weather from snowy conditions to blistering heat waves.

We feel that the InnoGear Upgraded Solar Spotlight is a better option because the look of these is better.

The InnoGear also comes in a pack of four, making them cheaper than the Lerekam.

Best Overall: Innogear Upgraded Solar Spotlight

westinghouse solar powered motion security light install, day and night review. very bright

Product Ratings

  • Ability to rotate solar panelsd decent lifespan

What We DidntLike

  • Longer charge time
  • Not the most durable because they are made of plastic

The first thing we noticed about these solar lights is the price. Each solar spotlight can stand independently and is easy to install. There are no wires for these solar lights.

They can be spotted around the yard or lined up together.

Features & Considerations

Each Innogear Upgraded Solar Spotlight consists of four powerful LED lights.They produce 50 lumens each, making each solar spotlight shine at 200 lumens.

You can find the perfect solar panel angle with the rotating light head..

They come in either white or warm white. We prefer white light since it is a bit cheaper. The white LED lights have a color temperature of 6500K.

One of the strongest points of the Innogear Upgraded Solar Spotlight is its run time to charge time ratio. With the high or low settings, you can choose the setting that has the most run time versus brightness.

Run time on the high brightness setting is 4-6 hours, and it is 8-12 hours on the low setting. Both are based on a complete charge, which takes 8 hours in direct sun exposure.

This LED solar spotlight is reasonably water-resistant. It ranks IP65 in terms of water and dust resistance, meaning that it is fully resistant to particles entering and resistant to water jets.

What Reviewers Say

The solar powered spotlights did run for most of the night despite that.

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Linkind Solar Spotlight Considered For Most Colorful Light Options

The Linkind Solar Spotlight has multi color LED lights, which makes them look like many different solar lights!

There are multiple colors to choose from, and these lights last quite a long time on one charge. We loved the style.

We felt Itscool Colored Solar Spotlights beat out the Linkind because the Itscool lights run time is one of the longest run times.

The remote control makes it easy to change the lights, which the Linkind does not have. We do appreciate the large solar panels on this option, though!

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Light Characteristics: Lumens And Color

Knowing what the light will look like before you buy it is something that most people generally want to know.

We believe you should take light colors and lumens into consideration.

We decided not to rank specific colors or brighter lights as better because we feel those aspects are up to personal taste.

We simply checked to make sure the color information was clear. Take time to consider whether you want super bright light, natural light, warm light, etc. before purchasing.

Most Colorful Light Options: Itscool Colored Solar Spotlights

Portfolio 12x Black Solar LED Landscape Flood Light at

Product Ratings

What We DidntLike

  • Longer charge time
  • Some had issues with the remote

We loved how the Itscool Color Solar Spotlights combine fun colors with the excellent functionality of a normal solar spotlight.

Features & Considerations

This light features an excellent run time of 16 hours. More than any other light. The charge time is 7 hours, which is less than some others we tested.

These outdoor solar spotlights are also reasonably weather-resistant, with an IP rating of 65. They are made almost entirely of durable plastic, so theyll withstand most weather conditions.

The brightness varies from color to color. Some colors are brighter than others. The lights are 200 lumens in their brightest setting.

There are high, medium, and low brightness settings.

Various color options include red, orange, yellow, green, and more. There is a setting that auto changes the light color mode.

The lights can be set to change every 30 seconds or every 30 minutes.

What Reviewers Say

The all-around favorite aspect of these lights from many reviewers is the remote.

They say that having the remote to control the color settings and the timer settings is much easier than toggling through options with just one or two buttons.

Reviewers also generally love the actual colors, saying that these are a lot better compared to other colored yard lights that they have had in the past.

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