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Should You Still Choose Lg Panels For A New Solar Installation Today

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LG is a multi-billion dollar company with a long history and a profitable business model. While its true the companys solar and smartphone businesses didnt meet expectations, LG is still quite solvent, posting an operating profit of $3.27 billion for 2021. Its safe to say that the company stands to be around long into the future.

However, that doesnt mean that purchasing LG panels now is a smart idea for everyone. While we have no reason to believe the products will perform badly, and the warranty protection offered by LG exceeds industry standards, there are still some risks.

The way the warranty is structured means you could receive either a new module from old stock or your money back, in the case that one of your LG panels fails during the 25-year warranty period. That isnt a perfect solution, and people who dont want the risk of someday having to look at the empty roof space where their old LG panel used to be should be wary of purchasing LG panels for their new solar installations.

On the other hand, if youre okay with the thought that you might get a prorated cash payment in the event of a failure, we think its safe to trust LG with upholding their commitment to future service.

If LG uses these predictions to guide how much stock it maintains, they should have plenty of panels on hand to replace all failures for decades to come.

Find out how much solar panels can save you annually

Lg To Close Solar Business

On February 22nd, 2022, South Korean manufacturing giant LG announced that it would stop making solar panels and close its solar manufacturing facilities.

The announcement came as something of a shock to the solar industry, because LG solar panels are both highly regarded and quite popular. In fact, here at SolarReviews, we rated the brand the best solar manufacturer in the U.S. for 2021, and the companys solar panels are also rated very highly by end users.

The news has many current and future customers wondering what will happen to them in the future. In its statements, LG has promised to provide severance or new jobs within the company to existing employees, and also to continue operating its plant in Huntsville, Alabama until the second quarter of this year to maintain adequate inventory for future service support.

But does that actually mean the company will maintain stock long into the future for warranty claims? What can current customers expect, and should you continue with an LG solar panel installation if youre in the middle of the process now? The article below discusses the implications of this decision for all those folks and more.

Lg Neon R Prime Lg370q1k

  • Module efficiency: 21.4%
  • Maximum Power : 370 W
  • MPP Voltage : 37.2 V
  • MPP Current : 9.97 A
Aesthetic Rooftop

LG NeON® R has been designed with aesthetics in mind: the lack of any electrodes on the front creates an improved, modern aesthetic.

25-year Warranty

The NeON® R Prime has a 25-year product, performance and labor warranty. In the rare event that a module needs to be repaired or replaced, labor costs are covered up to $450.

25-year Performance Warranty

At 25 years, LG NeON® R Prime is guaranteed to perform at minimum 90.8% of initial performance.

More Generation Per Square Meter

The LG NeON® R Prime has been designed for high output, making it efficient even in limited space.

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Solar Panel Richmond Hill Ontario

With proper maintenance, solar systems can be less expensive and can provide power for over 30 years. The rising cost of electricity from traditional sources has made installing solar panels a breeze for many homeowners. The main factor in determining how much a solar panel system will save you in the long run is your electricity bill, which can vary based on your location.

Industry professionals produce polycrystalline solar panels very efficiently as little silicon is wasted in the process. On average, monocrystalline solar panels cost between $ 1 and $ 1.50 per watt, which means that equipping a 6kW solar panel system costs between $ 6,000 and $ 9,000. Less energy efficient than monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels cost between $ 0.90 and $ 1 per watt, so a 6kW solar panel system equipment will cost between $ 5,400 and $ 6,000, making it a cheaper option.

You can also inquire about any tax breaks in force, such as the 26% solar tax credit under the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021, that could help pay off a significant portion of the array.

A single solar module can only produce a limited amount of energy most installations contain multiple modules that add voltage or current to the wiring and photovoltaic system. The electrical connections of the module are made in series to obtain the desired output voltage or in parallel to provide the desired current of the solar panel or photovoltaic system.

How Long Is The Warranty On The Lg Solar Panels


The warranties for Korean products are quite solid. LG Solar puts out a 25 years warranty both for the panel and its production level. Two most modern LG Solar models Neon 2 and Neon R retain 90% and 90.8% respectively of power output after 25 years. If you have problems with your panels, contact LG Solar USA customer service office.

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Lg Neon 2 Solar Panels

The LG Neon R ACe a solar microinverter integrated solar module is designed for easy installation and use. A perfect solution for home solar panel system installations facing shading issues or requiring a flexible solar array.

High Output and Efficiency

The LG NeON R series has been designed for high-power output making it efficient even in limited space.

25-Year Warranty

The NeON R ACE series offers a 25-year limited warranty for performance, product and labor. At 25 years, the modules are guaranteed to produce at least 90.8% of their labeled power output.

Roof Aesthetics

The LG NeON R ACE series has been designed with aesthetics in mind with no electrodes on the front, the modules have a sleek, modern appearance.

Flexible Solar Array Design

The LG NeON R ACe provides flexibility in array design, with simple accessories and cable connections.

Easy Solar Monitoring

LG NeON R Ace connects quickly and easily to the Internet. Registering the modules onto the system is a simple process.

More Power per Square Metre

LG Mono X® Plus 450W panels are a similar physical sizeto many conventional 400W panels. This means with the LG Mono X® Plus 450W you get 12% more electricity per square meter than a 400W panel. So you can install more kW of solar on your roof with the LG Mono X® Plus-U6.

15 Years Product Warranty

Improved 25 Year Performance Warranty

Federal And Local Solar Incentives That Lower The Upfront Cost Of Solar

The main takeaway when considering a no cost solar program or PPA is that you dont own the solar panel system on your roofthe installer does. Most agreements are structured in a way that heavily benefits the installer, and it allows them to claim the Federal Investment Tax Credit , as well as any local incentives, for going solar.

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Lg Solar Panel Models We Offer

LG NeON 2 Solar Panels

There are 2 type of models LG NeON 2 provide which are LG NeON 2 Black & LG NeON 2.

LGs NeON 2 Panels goes up to 360W panel capacity.

The LG NeON 2 panels with their double sided cells and CELLO technology absorb light from the front and the back of the cell. This technology sets a new standard for innovation and was recognised with the 2015 Photovoltaic Innovation Award at the Intersolar Industry Event in Germany.

The LG NeON 2 has seen many improvements, from longer warranties and higher efficiency to stronger frames and better wind loading.

LG NeON 2 330W Black Solar Panels

LG NeON 2 Black panels with their black cells, black frames and black backsheet give an aesthetically pleasing uniform appearance.

As its name suggests, the monocrystalline LG NeON 2 Black solar module is completely black and will look great on your roof. Featuring the black CELLO look, it can withstand under test a static front panel load of 5400 Pascals and a rear load of 4000 Pascals which provides more strength and durability than a standard panel.

Buy Solar Panels Lg Neon 2 340w 60cel

LG Solar panels, which is the best one to buy?

In Suministros del Sol you can buy LG NeON 2 solar panels of 360W 60Cel. of all the models, as well as other powers and dimensions. We offer solar panels of all powers at an economical price and with the highest quality and manufacturer’s guarantee. For more information about solar panels consult us we will help you without compromise in your project of installation of solar panels.

The LG NeON 2 solar panel is LG’s best-selling module. It can offer up to 340W in a high efficiency 60 cell monocrystalline panel. The LG NeON 2 solar panel comes with a 25-year product warranty. It offers a linear yield that guarantees at least 89% of production at the end of the 25th year. LG NeON 2 solar panels are ideal for self-consumption, residential and industrial installations. One of the most powerful and versatile solar modules on the market.

Dimensions: 1686x1016x40mm | Weight: 17.1kg

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How Good Are Lg Solar Panels

Theres a reason why LG is one of the top three most popular solar brands in Europe. Its solar panels are efficient, long-lasting, and easy on the eyes we even included them in our round-up of the best solar panels on the market, praising them specifically for their high efficiency.

With an efficiency rate of 22% and a 25-year guarantee that its level wont drop below 90.8%, customers can rest assured that their panels will reward them with plenty of energy for years to come.

However, anyone buying LG panels between now and June 2022 should double check whether this warranty will still be in place once LG stops manufacturing the panels.

Looking For Free Solar Panels Try Financing Your System With A Solar Loan Instead

The revolutionary thing about solar leases was that they made it possible for virtually anyone with a roof to go solar, regardless of whether they had cash in the bank to purchase a system. Solar leases were crucial in removing barriers to entry back when solar system prices were prohibitively high.

But times have changed substantially since solar leases were introduced. Solar systems are now more affordable than ever, now that financing options other than solar leases have become viable. The most important of these is the solar loan, which combines the zero-down aspect of the solar lease with the benefits of system ownership .

The falling cost of solar

So before you sign up for the first free solar panel or no cost solar program deal that comes your way, make sure you understand what youre being offered and that youve considered all of your other options. In other words, be a smart solar shopper.

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Lg Neon R Ace Lg375a1c

  • Module efficiency: 21.7%
  • Maximum Power : 375 W

The LG NeON® R ACe is a high power smart AC module. The NeON® R ACe is flexible for array design and easy to install. It features:

  • An Integrated Inverter Module System which combines the module and inverter into a single unit for a simpler design and installation process.
  • A waterproof junction box with an IP* 68 rating.
  • Web monitoring from a mobile phone or computer.
  • A 6 x 10 cell configuration .
High Output and Efficiency

The LG NeON® R series has been designed for high-power output making it efficient even in limited space.

25-Year Warranty

The NeON® R series offers a 25-year limited warranty for performance, product and labor. At 25 years, the modules are guaranteed to produce at least 90.8% of their labeled power output.

Roof Aesthetics

The LG NeON® R series has been designed with aesthetics in mind with no electrodes on the front, the modules have a sleek, modern appearance.

Flexible Array Design

The LG NeON® R ACe provides flexibility in array design, with simple accessories and cable connections.

Excellent Performance on Hot Days

The LG NeON® R series performs well on hot days due to a low temperature coefficient.

Easy Monitoring

LG NeON® R ACe connects quickly and easily to the internet. Registering the modules onto the system is a simple process.

How To Install A Solar Panel In 7 Steps

LG Solar Panels for Sale in Gulfport, FL


The first step in the process is to erect the scaffolding. This will ensure safety for the installation team when they are on the roof


After the scaffolding is set, the installation team arrives. The team starts out by attaching the roof anchors, which will hold the base for the solar panels. The types of anchors used depends on the type of roof tile fitted on the roof.


The next step is to attach the frame, which is made up of aluminium bars. The bars must be fitted in a straight direction and parallel to one another.


Once the frame has been attached, the installation of the solar panels themselves can begin. The panels are clamped to the aluminium frame, but initially not too tight so as to permit adjusting on the frame. Once they are set up at the desired position, these will be firmly anchored.



After the panels are wired to the solar inverter, the final connections to the consumer unit will be made. A generation meter will also be connected, whose purpose is to monitor how much electricity the solar panels actually produce. During the time of the wiring installation, the electricity supply to the household will need to be shut off.


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What Is The Average Price Of Lg Solar Panels

LG solar panels cost slightly more than average PV modules on the market. The company is known for widespread implementation of N-type solar cells which are higher-quality than standard P-type cells, but more expensive as well. Their popular model Neon 2 is 25% more expensive than the average monocrystalline module, but its higher production compensates for it. You can always check the current prices in our store.

Lg Neon 2 Bifacial Lg410n2t

  • Module efficiency: 19.8%
  • Maximum Power : 410 W
  • MPP Voltage : 42.3 V
  • MPP Current : 9.71 A
25-year Performance Warranty

LG NeON® 2 BiFacial has a performance warranty. LG NeON® 2 BiFacial is guaranteed to produce at least 95.4% of the initial output at 25 years.

Bifacial Energy Yield

LG NeON® 2 BiFacial modules use a highly efficient bifacial solar cell with “NeON” applied Cello Technology.

Better Performance on Hot, Sunny Days

The LG NeON® 2 BiFacial now performs well on hot, sunny days thanks to its low temperature coefficient.

High Generation on a Cloudy Day

The LG NeON® 2 BiFacial performs well even on cloudy days due to low energy reduction in weak sunlight.

BOS Savings

The LG NeON® 2 BiFacial can reduce the total number of modules needed due to its high module efficiency, resulting in a highly cost-effective and efficient solar power system.

Near Zero LID

The n-type cells used in the LG NeON® 2 BiFacial use phosphorous leading to less LID.

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Lg Neon R Prime Lg350q1k

  • Module efficiency: 20.3%
  • Maximum Power : 350 W
  • MPP Voltage : 36.2 V
  • MPP Current : 9.68 A

NeON® R Prime is a powerful solar module that provides premium performance. The NeON® R Prime incorporates a cell structure without electrodes on the front to increase the potential for light absorption. Providing added value for the customer beyond efficiency, this module features a 25-year limited warranty, outstanding durability, solid performance in real-world conditions and aesthetic design suitable for roofs.

Features Of Lg Neon 2 Solar Panel

LG NeON R ACe solar panel with built-in microinverter

Performance guarantee

The LG NeON 2 solar panel It has a wide performance guarantee. LG applies a performance guarantee of 89.6% after 25 years and 25 years of production

High power supply

The monocrystalline LG NeON 2 340W solar panel improves the solar installation considerably increasing the efficiency. That is why its use and application in small spaces with the aim of making the most of the area for the installation of solar panels. you

Attractive roofs

When developing the LG solar modules, the design was taken into account, thanks to the absence of electrodes on the front of the cell, an attractive appearance is achieved that can increase the value of your property, generating a futuristic image and Vanguard.

Extraordinary durability

The NeON 2 photovoltaic solar panel has a reinforced frame structure in special silver-plated adonized aluminum, capable of supporting up to 6000Pa and a suction of up to 5400PA.

Better performance on sunny days

The high-performance LG NeON 2 solar panel, thanks to the improved temperature coefficients, has been optimized on sunny days, making its performance on cloudy, low-light days very little compared to conventional 60-cel polycrystalline solar panels.

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Is Lg Promising Warranty Support In The Future

LG has a history of ending product lines that arent performing well. It did so in 2021 when it ended its decades-old smartphone business. A lot of people still own LG phones, and the company still supports many of those phones with an additional year of warranty coverage and operating system updates. Thats a good sign.

Unfortunately, LGs smartphones werent as well-regarded as its solar panels, and they also arent designed to last for a quarter-century, so this isnt a perfect apples-to-apples comparison. Still, a commitment to support the products from a shuttered arm of the business is a good sign.

In its announcement, LG said that it plans to keep producing solar panels through the second quarter of 2022 to maintain adequate inventory for future service support. The companys solar panel warranties say it will repair, replace, or offer pro-rated refund for products that prove to be defective in materials and workmanship during the 25-year coverage period.

If youre one of the thousands of homeowners with LG solar panels, you can feel reasonably confident that the company will be there for you in the event that its products fail to meet your needs.

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