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Indoor Solar Lights With On Off Switch

Choosing A Location For Your Solar Lights

Split Solar Light 6 COB 120LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Wall Light

You may already have your desired solar lightspicked out, but maybe you dont just yet. Either way, you can still choose alocation to put your solar lights!

Sometimes solar lights are just as much ofdecoration as they are a useful light source. Thats great, but youll want tokeep some things in mind to make sure you get the most use out of your solarlights.

Whenchoosing a location for your solar lights, remember the solar panel needs fullsunlight. Try to place your solar lights in an area that isnt shaded .

If youre dead set on putting your solarlights in an area thats pretty shady, dont worry you can still put yoursolar lights there. You just may need to chargeyour solar lights somewhere else.

You can actually buy a solar light with aremote solar panel. That way, you can charge the remote solar panel in a sunnyarea and connect it back to the solar light unit once its charged.

Try to keep your solar lights away from areasthat have a lot of artificial light already like patio and porch lights,street lights, and garden lights. This may actually trick your solar lightsinto thinking the artificial light is natural sunlight, which could make themwork incorrectly.

How Much Daylight Do You Receive In Your Area On Average

The amount of daylight you receive will affect two things:

  • The efficiency of the solar panel that charges the solar lights
  • How many hours of supplemental light your chickens need in the winter

In terms of the solar panel, its important to remember that they need access to direct sunlight in order to fully recharge the batteries.

Generally, youll need to install them on the roof or exterior wall of your coop, facing a southerly direction. The larger the battery capacity, the more important it is to get maximum sunlight on the solar panel to get the best light intensity.

If your coop isnt in a great location for harvesting solar power for renewable energy, youll need to purchase a light with a long connector cable so you can place the solar panel and solar light in the correct position to harvest the suns energy without issue.

If youre unable to place the solar panel to fill the battery capacity, you may find that the light dims or goes out during daylight hours.

Some lights have the option to charge them through a USB port, making them reliant on electric power. However, this is a great backup power source to keep the hens happy and laying during the most gloomy weather.

In terms of the chickens, they need at least 14 hours of daylight per day to continue laying eggs.

A normal day may only provide 8 hours of light during winter months, leaving you to create up the other 6 hours with a solar chicken coop light.

Why Is There An On/off Switch On Solar Lights

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When shopping for or buying a set of solar lights , you may notice they come with an on/off switch. It seems rather counterproductive seeing as how they operate automatically and power from the suns UV rays. So, why is there a power switch on solar lights?

The main reason why there are power switches on solar lights is to provide the user with more control and flexibility. So, although they do turn on and off automatically, the switch gives the option to turn them off in certain situations. Cleaning purposes and outdoor stargazing are just a couple of examples.

Understand though, not all solar lights come with an on/off switch. This is usually a feature that people opt for when purchasing them. But it will depend on what a person wants the lights for and how they intend to use them. Therefore, switches often come on solar powered spotlights and security lights rather than decorative ones.

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Best Overall Solar Chicken Coop Light: Yomisga Led Solar Pendant Lights

Product Ratings

Ease Of Use 5/5

Brand: Yomisga | Max Lumens: 1,000 | Weight: 2.2 Pounds | Charging Time: 6-8 Hours | Features: remote-controlled, Adjustable Lights, 5 Brightness Settings

What We Liked

  • 4 way adjustable light allows you to shine the light exactly where you want
  • Super bright LEDs provide great lighting
  • 5 brightness settings allow you to pick the right kind of lighting for your birds
  • Remote control makes use and adjustment a breeze
  • Light emits 1,000 lumens, brighter than a few other lights we tested

What We DidntLike

  • Lights cannot be shut off independently, all 4 turn on when powered on whenever in use
  • Light cannot be used while charging

The Yomisga LED Solar Pendant Light is a tremendously versatile light that will provide your chicken coop with more than enough light and allow you to shine that light exactly where you want it.

The 4-way light design features lights that can be vertically tilted 120° from flush with the floor below to shining towards the ceiling.

The light and its solar charging unit both come ready to mount in and on your coop with built-in mounting brackets.

The lighting unit is lightweight at just over 2 pounds, not too heavy to be mounted to most surfaces.

The unit charges fully in about 6-8 hours and comes with a 16.5-foot cable that hooks the solar charging unit to the light.

The charging unit swivels in its mount so that you can turn it to maximize its sunlight exposure.

This light features 4 different lighting modes:

Do People Experience Problems When An On/off Switch Is Present

Indoor Solar Barn Lights,Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light with On Off ...

As with anything, there are always potential problems with the on/off switch on a solar light. The most common one is how people are unaware of the existence of the switch. After charging and the lights dont come on, they dont understand why its not working.

The other common issue is not knowing theres a switch and then mounting it up on a roof or a ceiling. Once installed, the on/off switch is difficult to access.

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What Is The Outdoor Solar Light With An On And Off Switch

Outdoor solar light with On Off switch is a great choice for your garden. When the sun shines down, the outdoor solar light will light up and make your place become bright and vivid with a different type of color.

An on and off switch is a vital part of the light, which helps you have a manual way to use and easily turn on or turn off when you dont want to use them more. Some reasons for this are that you want to go out or you want to maintain the lifespan of your light for a long time.

This switch helps to prolong lights batteries by preventing wasting electricity from unnecessary cases like rainy days.

How We Tested The Best Solar Lights

We tested all of these lights over the course of a month at a coastal home in New England. To keep things consistent, we first unboxed all of them and left them outside to charge in various spots around the yard â in doing this, they would all receive the same amount of sunlight at the same angles. After a week, we placed each light in the freezer for four hours before dusk and then returned them to the yard to monitor which ones functioned as usual and how long they stayed illuminated. We also tested water resistance, rinsing each under a shower head for two minutes.

Following the initial tests, we installed each of the lights in appropriate positions to monitor how they stood up to various weather conditions. Over 14 days, each solar light was subjected to a tropical storm, hot and humid days, overcast days and rainy days. We monitored how well they stayed in place throughout.

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Why Is There An On Off Switch On Solar Lights 4 Reasons

Although solar lights turn on and off automatically, there are at least four cases where it would make sense to turn your lights off if they have that capability.

Case 1: Sometimes you just want darkness. If youre stargazing then the last thing you want is light in your eyes.

Case 2: You are hosting a backyard event and you want to make sure that your lights have a full charge for the occasion.

If youre worried that your lights might not be fully charged for your event, you could turn them off a day or two before, then turn them on again just before the party starts. That way, youll be able to keep charging for two or three days but avoid spending that charge until you really want it.

Case 3: Some solar lights are intended to be used as indoor lighting and so you want to be able to turn them on and off as you would with any indoor light. This is common in shed lights, for example.

Case 4: Another reason to turn your lights off is if they are going into storage for a time or if youre going to be transporting them to a different location.

While in transport, your lights are likely in a box or maybe the back of a truck and the lack of light may tell the lights its time to turn on.

Thats a waste, especially if you are hoping to use your solar lights upon arrival at the new destination. Use the on/off switch on your solar lights to save those batteries!

Lixada Solar Pendant Light

Solar Light with Switch – Solar Plate, Switch, LED Connection
  • Bright illumination with four pieces of LED lights and 250 luminous flux
  • Wide range lighting up to 180 degree beam angle
  • Adjustable solar panel
  • Waterproof, heat and rust resistance
  • Compose of 2 controls via RF remote and a pull-cord switch
  • The switch on of the solar panel is not automatic to charge at daytime

Another outdoor solar lights brand that is making its name in the market is the Lixada Solar Pendant Light. It is becoming one of the favorite pieces among smart shoppers because aside from the usual lighting specs, it has other outstanding features.

Lixada has already achieved a prominent reputation in terms of making the finest pieces of lighting equipment. What is impressive is its ability to produce competitive lighting in an affordable price.

This time the Lixada ventures to a gorgeous Solar Pendant Light. If you look closely with the solar lights, its shiny and sleek black housing will captivate your attention. Also, it is made lightweight with weight of 16.7oz and a diameter of 6.3in. It compliments well with the center mini bulb.

Though small in size, said little bulb would not disappoint in providing your landscape a bright illumination that it deserves. It has four pieces of LED lights that is supported by a 250Lm luminous flux.

Based on the product specs, it can brighten-up a 180-degree beam angle. So it means that it can supply lighting in a distance of 5 to 8m of 16.4 to 26.2 feet wide.

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Best Solar Chicken Coop Light For Small Coops: Viewpick 2 Pack Solar Powered Led Bulb

Product Ratings

Brand: Viewpick | Max Lumens: 165 | Weight: 13.9 ounces | LED Lights: 3 | Features: 2 Brightness Settings |

What We Liked

  • These lights can easily be used wherever you want
  • 2 brightness settings
  • Can be charged via a USB port or by the solar panel

What We DidntLike

  • Very low light output that may not be sufficient for large chicken coops

As one of the most budget-friendly options on our list, the Viewpick 2 Pack Solar-Powered LED Bulb is perfect for new chicken coop owners.

The lights require virtually no installation as they use a USB connection for charging and a carabiner hook for hanging.

This allows for maximum flexibility in placement and less stress for those unfamiliar with solar devices. It also provides alternate charging if the solar panels fail.

Each bulb only produces a small amount of light, but together they produce enough for a small coop.

If youd like to light up a large coop, purchasing two sets would be the safest choice. Overall, the lights offer good functionality at a dirt-cheap price.

They dont require installation because theyre charged via USB. This means you can stick your solar panels outside and recharge your bulbs, then disconnect them and hang them inside when theyre full.

This also makes them great emergency lights in case of a power outage.

If you want to permanently install the solar lights, you can keep them connected to the solar panels and use a cord to hang them from the ceiling of your coop.

Tips For Using Solar Lights

As we mentioned, solar lights are simple, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. They can be controlled with a simple on/off switch and provide LED light with just exposure to sunlight. Are you ready to get your own? If so, weve compiled some tips for getting and using solar lights, like getting your lights ready for their first use, choosing a location to put your solar lights, and maintaining your lights.

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Can A Solar Light Catch Fire

Solar lights themselves are very safe and they wont explode or cause a fire. However, some solar lights come with Li-Ion batteries, which are volatile and combustible.

This is because the components of Li-Ion batteries are under huge pressure, so when a metal fragment pierces the battery, the Lithium reacts with the moisture in the air, generating high heat, and sometimes it can explode.

Yinghao Solar Lights Indoor Home Kit

Indoor Solar Barn Lights,Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light with On Off ...

The Yinghao solar light indoor kit is just great, what I personally like about them is that you get a better looking control box and also the illustrations are helpful and eases the usage.

As always, you can use the box to charge devices and also you can charge it by solar power or you can opt to use an AC power source to easily adapt.

Coming with a running time of up to 12 hours and charge time as low as 6 hours, the ratio is clearly good, thus you wont face any trouble with the Yinghao solar powered light kit longevity.

A very appreciated bonus is the 60-Day money back, and the 12-Month product warranty, its nice to feel that you are backed by the manufacturer.

The only thing that may count as a con is that the waterproofing technology is IP44, while its more than enough and definitely is better than none, but I simply wished for it to have a better waterproofing standard.


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Is It Necessary To Turn On Solar Lights

When you acquire your new solar lights and begin setting them up, double-check to see whether there is an on/off switch. If there is, turn it on.

On a daily basis, however, there is no need to turn on your lights because the circuitry will take care of them. As the day fades to night, solar lights are meant to turn on automatically.

The stronger spotlight or security light types will usually have a switch, but the more ornamental path lights will not.

One reason for this is practicality: path lights and ornamental accent lights are frequently sold in packs of eight or ten, and you wouldnt want to repeat the process for each light in the set.

Another consideration is construction quality: solar spotlights and solar security lights are more likely to be built to better standards, with monocrystalline solar panels, larger panels, and greater mAh batteries.

Because these lights frequently have several modes , the ability to turn them off altogether is just another benefit of superior build quality.

Smaller Voltage Takes In Sunlight

The 1.2 volt circuit receives sunlight through the solar panel and operates all day. But the power that comes into this circuitry isnt enough to power the light itself. Upon nightfall, the 1.2 volt circuit no longer receives light, drops voltage and shuts down.

At this point, a triggering mechanism shifts the device to power the 3.7 volt circuit. But, it takes energy from the battery, not directly from the solar panel. When the amount of energy in the battery exceeds the minimum threshold of the LED, the light turns on.

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How We Chose The Best Solar Chicken Coop Lights

There are several different types of outdoor solar lights suitable for chicken coops. Outdoor floodlights, hanging bulbs, and pendant lamps are a few choices.

Each type of solar light has its own set of pros and cons, but ultimately they can all serve the same purpose: to keep your chickens happy all year long.

The best way to supplement the wholesome egg production of the backyard flock is to design a solar-powered chicken coop. A solar-powered chicken coop uses waterproof solar panel lighting to offset carbon emissions and keep hens happy.

We rated these lights on many factors when choosing our top 6 best solar chicken coop lights.

Its not just a one-light-fits-all approach because you wouldnt use the same bright lights for a small chicken coop that you would if youre looking for solar lights that are big and bright enough to shine outdoors or illuminate a large chicken coop.

Medium-sized chicken coop lighting is easily accomplished by choosing 2 chicken coop lights that are suitable for illuminating a small chicken coop.

Each light must have access to direct sunlight, so chicken coop placement is important to maximize the solar panel exposure to the suns energy.

We also assessed them by price, ensuring each light lived up to its price tag. We took a close look at the overall quality of the product to make sure these lights would all stand up to the conditions in a chicken coop.

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