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How To Use Solar Panels During Power Outage

Connect All Your Batteries

How to use your home’s solar during a power outage

After your batteries have been fully charged, you can now begin to connect them. Your inverter will draw a lot of power, meaning a great amount of current will flow on each battery, so it would be best to connect them with a 3/0 or 1/0 gauge.

Just connect the batteries in parallel so we can preserve their voltage.

Solar Battery Keeps Your Electricity Going

All the solar systems that Solar Energy World installs are battery ready but the majority of solar powered homes do not have a battery back-up system and are still connected to the power grid, which is how net metering works. When solar panels produce electricity, it flows into the grid, and the production is monitored and credited to a homeowners account .

This is how excess electricity is stored, and it is how a home that may not be 100% powered by solar panels maintains power. Being connected to the grid means that the power supplied by the solar panels on your home flows back into the electrical grid.

Power outages are usually due to a disruption somewhere between the electricity supplier and homeowners. The power plant may still be fully capable of producing electricity, but there is a breach in the system that prevents the supply from reaching the consumer in that service area. Solar powered homes that are connected to the grid contribute to the production of electricity, but are not immune to blackouts that affect the entire community.

The only way to reduce your risk of suffering through a blackout is to store the solar power your system generates on-site. Doing so requires the installation of a solar battery backup system. This can add to the cost of going solar, but it does mean that your home will continue to run on electricity even when the rest of the neighborhood cannot.

How To Deal With A Power Outage In A Cold Weather

The temperature dropped significantly when the power goes out in cold weather. To take important precautions shut the doors outside. Cover the windows through curtains. open cabinets of your kitchen and bathroom to circulate warmer air in a home. When conditions seem rough, freezing, snow and sleet avoid driving or traveling alone when going somewhere let the people know about your arrival time. In case of urgency, you can travel along with a disaster supply kit.

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Compare Your Solar Options Today

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Important Solar System Equipment You Need For A Blackout

How to Use Solar Panels During Power Outage: A Tips Guide

The solar system equipment you need during an outage is dependent on your situation and what kind of lights or appliances you want to use.

The following is a list of items you will need to power with solar panels in the event of an outage.

A generator: if your appliances require electricity and no alternative way exists. An inverter or MPPT charge controller, if your appliances do not require AC current but instead use DC power stored from battery banks

A regulator/rectifier system: if you want to supply household alternating current devices such as lighting and small electrical motors through your batteries at night when theres no sun available

Portable charging battery: if you have portable equipment that requires direct DC output from the solar source rather than being plugged into a wall socket Solar panel, if it is impractical to run wires from the solar panels to your appliances or you want continuous power when there is a blackout.

A portable battery is really handy during a blackout!

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What Is A Power Outage

A power outage is a loss of power and electrical supply. It can happen because of storms, accidents, or damage to the power lines.

Power outages are becoming more common as climate change causes extreme weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms that knock down power lines.

Solar power provides electricity during a power outage by storing it in batteries for use when sunlight isnt available. With the right equipment, you can still have power during a power outage!

Solar power provides electricity during a power outage by storing it in batteries for use when sunlight isnt available. With the right equipment, you can still have power during a power outage.

Solar Battery To The Rescue

If youre wondering how to use solar panels during a power outage, then a solar battery is your answer. A solar battery is simply a battery that stores the energy your panels create throughout the day. This allows you to draw from a steady supply of power to supplement the variable amount that is supplied by your panels. Solar batteries are expensive and can be harmful for the environment, so youll want to make sure that its the right choice for your solar investment.

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The Role Of Energy Storage And Solar

In addition to an inverter, homeowners who truly want to thrive off the grid typically install some sort of energy storage system. These are battery storage units that back up your PV system and store power that you can use as needed.

How much power an ES system provides depends on the capacity of the batteries. You can create a setup that powers your entire home for a predetermined amount of time or one that just provides interim power for essential appliances, Glaser says. “The primary limitation here is budget, he explains. “Bigger backup systems are more expensive.”

When you need the power, though, an ES system is invaluable. Most ES systems automatically kick-on when the grid goes down, and the transition is often so seamless that homeowners may not even notice theyve shifted power sources.

Add A Solar Battery Bank

Do Solar Panels Work During Power Outages? | Solar Batteries

A gas-powered or solar generator can only provide a certain amount of electricity, and the inverter mentioned above will only protect you from power outages that occur in the daytime.

If you want a continual supply of electricity for your entire home, regardless of whether the sun is shining, adding a solar battery bank to your home PV system is the solution. During a power outage, batteries feed solar energy to a secondary electrical panel that isnt connected to the utility grid. As for how many days worth of electricity youll have, that will depend upon the capacity of your battery bank and thats completely up to you.

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Why Solar Panels Do Not Work During Power Outages

Power outages used to be extremely rare, but they have been regularly increasing due to major events. From 2017 to 2019, power outages increased when compared to 2013 2016. In 2020, U.S. electricity customers experienced an even higher increase in power outages when compared to 2019.

During these power outages grid-tied solar systems, are shut-down. This is a regulation that utilities set in place due to several electrical security and stability reasons:

Why Dont Solar Panels Work In A Blackout

Most homeowners with solar on their homes have what is called a grid-tied solar system, which means the panels are connected to an inverter.

The inverter is connected to the main AC panel in the house and to a special smart electric meter that records both energy you use from the utility company and energy sent to the grid by your solar panels. Grid-tied solar systems work without any battery backup equipment.

Thats why home solar people generally say the grid is your battery. When your solar system produces excess energy, youre sending it out to your neighbors and getting credit for it , but when the sun goes down, you still need grid power from the utility company. If you play this balancing act just right, you can have a power bill near $0.

In the event of a blackout, a typical grid-tied system has a special automatic shut-off in order to prevent that extra energy from being sent over possibly-damaged power lines. Its a safety feature intended to protect the line workers who go out to fix things when they break.

But that also means your house doesnt get the solar power, either. In a blackout situation, the power from your solar panels goes nowhere – unless you have some way of storing the electricity or otherwise cutting your system off from the grid.

In this video Will White explains what it takes to ensure you have power with solar during an outage:

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How Does My Solar Energy System Work

Solar energy systems are usually installed to save home or business owners money on electric bills. If your home is connected to the grid, youre supplied with electrical power from generators designed to power all the homes and buildings in your area. Any excess power generated from your solar panels will be filtered back into the grid system to help power other homes and buildings.

Should you choose to go off the grid, you wont be able to access the electrical power everyone else is connected to, and youll have to rely on energy generated by your solar panels or what is stored in backup batteries. However, youll be able to power your home or business should there be a power outage because the city wont be able to shut your solar panels down like any other grid-connected system.

How To Use Solar Panels During A Power Outage

How to Use Solar Panels During a Power Outage? 2020 ...

You can still use your solar panel during a power outage. Usually, there are two main ways to achieve this the first is using an off-grid solar system, while the second uses a storage method such as a battery.

The off-grid solar panel system

When it comes to the off-grid solar panel system, you will require enough batteries that will offer ample storage of your electric power that will get you through cloudy days as well as the night period. Due to that, the off-grid solar panel system is considered much expensive compared to its counterpart grid-tied solar panel system. As a business owner or a homeowner, the off-grid solar panel system is often considered not a significant investment. In addition to that, you will not have the option of drawing electricity from the primary grid since your solar system when your solar panel is not generating an ample supply of electricity and energy, and the stored energy has to be depilated.

Nevertheless, the off-grid solar panel system will offer you complete energy independence. This means that you will be using your solar panel system whenever the power grid is down. Usually, the off-grid solar panel system is considered an excellent option for use in buildings located in remote areas where the grind-tied solar panel system is not available. As an individual with a remote cabin, installing an off-grid solar panel system will be an excellent investment for you.

The battery-backed solar panel system

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How To Calm Yourself For Severe Weather

In snowy areas, tropical weather causes the destruction of powerlines which leads to widespread power outages. You cannot use flashlights, candles as a source of power supply because they are fire hazards. The most reliable solution is to install generators and Generac generator is the best of generators which provide backup power to every electrical home appliance. It does not cause any danger and supplies power against outage.

Power Outages Are Increasing At An Alarming Rate

The United States leads all developed nations in power outages and blackouts,5 affecting millions of people6 in the path of severe storms, wildfires, and heat waves. On the East Coast, high winds at 60 mph winds cut power to more than 1 million customers and toppled 4,000 power lines. On the West Coast, a raging fire in California forced utility companies to shut off electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes.7

Power companies are now preemptively shutting down the utility grid because they anticipate a blackout. For example, news outlets up and down California are reporting that utilities are planning on voluntarily shutting down power. If wildfires, heat waves or customer demand is too much for the grid to handle, utilities want the authority to turn off the power that feeds our homes.8

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How Do Solar Panels Work During A Power Outage

Unless you have an off-grid solar system, homes with solar installations are designed to turn off whenever the power goes out. This prevents solar energy from being fed back into the wires that caused the outage in the first place to protect workers working on the lines.

Think about it this way. Lets assume that downed power lines caused the power outage because of natural disasters. Then, if your solar energy is still flowing into those downed wires, utility company workers can be injured due to the live voltage whenever they try to fix the power lines for the rest of the community.

Although it certainly is annoying to have to deal with a power outage when you have paid for a solar system, the last thing you want is to injure a utility worker just trying to do their job helping the community. Thus, solar panels turn off when there is a blackout to protect the grid and workers.

Understanding Solar Panel Inverters


A basic PV setup wont power your home during an outage. But there are components you can install to ensure your power stays onat least for a bit. First up: Specialized inverters. Some companies offer inverters with secure power supply features that allow some energy to still come into your home during an outage. That power is usually delivered through a single, small outlet that is part of the inverter. In the past, the power supply created was just enough to power a few key appliances. Also important to note: the power was only available during the day while the sun was shining.

However, a few companies are working on smart inverters that regulate power usage, even during an outage. Glaser notes that these inverters will allow homeowners to more easily control power usage and provide power during blackouts. Once these systems are available, you will be able to power more than just a few appliances when the sun is shining, as they have advanced functionality to work in harmony with your home’s power demands, Glaser says.

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Advantages Of Using An Off

Just like the grid-tied solar panel system, the off-grid solar panel system features some unique benefits as well, such as

Ideal for use in remote areas

The off-grid solar panel system is considered an excellent option for use in homes that do not have access to electricity, especially in remote areas where the grid-tied solar panel system is not available. In a remote area, this option is considered much affordable than having electricity installed in your home.

Energy sufficient

Back in time, houses with no access to the grid did not have reliable and adequate energy. However, with the off-grid system, you can make your home energy sufficient this is made possible using batteries that help in storing energy for use. With an adequate energy supply, you will be able to boost the security status of your home. The best part of using this system is that you will not be affected by power outages since you are independent.

Why Wont My Solar Panels Work During A Power Outage

The only thing a properly installed solar system needs to generate free electricity is sunlight. So why cant you use this electricity in your own home or business when the grid goes down?

Its because of how a grid-tied solar system works. Sunlight hits the panels, generates electricity, passes through the inverter, and is used to turn on your lights or keep your food cold. When your panels are producing more electricity than youre using, the extra electricity is pushed onto the electric grid.

If the electric grid is down and your solar system is pushing that extra electricity onto the grid, thats a big problem.

Utility workers are working on those same power lines fixing the issue to get the area back up and running. They are doing this with the assumption that the lines are dead. Electricity from your solar system would make that assumption incorrect and can cause serious problems. In order to protect the utility workers and the grid itself, all grid-tied solar energy inverters are required to automatically shut down when the grid goes down and the power goes off.

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Buy A Backup Generator

Investing in a generator is one way to shield yourself from the inconvenience of utility grid blackouts.

A gas-powered model can provide you with electricity if you keep it fueled up. With a solar generator, on the other hand, you wont have to worry about buying gas. Energy from the sun is the fuel, and a solar generator can capture and store power for use during blackouts.

What Happens If You Have Solar And The Power Goes Out

Solar Now U.S. Powur Energy

So youve got some shiny solar panels on your roof and youre making a lot of your own electricity. Your power bills are nearly eliminated and youre feeling like an environmental champion. Then one windy night, a storm blows down a huge tree on your block and the power goes out. When the morning sun shines over the horizon, will your refrigerator be running? Probably not.

If you have solar panels on your roof, youre most likely connected to the electric grid in your area. That means you draw power from the utility company at night, and when your panels cant make as much energy as you need at any given time. You also send power to the grid when your panels produce more than you need.

When the power goes out, most home solar installations are designed to shut down in order to stop them from feeding power back into the very wires that might be the source of the outage. After all, you dont want your solar panels to be the reason utility workers are injured by live voltage in downed power lines.

But what good are solar panels on a roof if they cant make electricity? Theres got to be a way to keep the power on, right? What about batteries, or preventing solar energy from flowing to the grid when its down? Read on to discover the answers to these questions.

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