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How To Put Out Solo Stove Bonfire

The Solo Stove Bonfire Review: It Rules

ANSWERED: How do I put the fire out in my Solo Stove fire pit?

There is plenty of debate out there in the West about whether campfires ought to be a thing of the past. Frankly, while backpacking, I never start a fire, and while car camping, only do occasionally, depending on where I am, the weather, fire conditions, etc. Of course, millions upon millions of people do not live in the fire prone West, and have vastly different ideas about fire safety and necessity. So, I would like to say, right at the start here, we are not advocating that anyone builds campfires anywhere they like, without taking into account local conditions, regardless of whether fires are permitted there or not. There are times and places where fires are perfectly fine.

For those times, the Solo Stove is very difficult to beat.

Ive been using the Solo Stove Bonfire model for over a year now. Its kinda their medium size, suitable for a few people standing or sitting around it. Before I had it, I was a big fan of propane stoves for car camping and backyard fires, for the ease and the lack of embers and soot. But forget that.

The Bonfire model has a diameter of 19.5 and is 14 tall. It weighs 20 pounds, light enough to sling around, into a car, into the backyard, what have you. Not while its on fire, of course. Dont wanna do that. Its made of stainless steel, is double-walled, and has air vents at the base and the top for max air flowthis fire pit burns efficiently. And gets real, real hot.

If So Tip The Fire Pit Upside Down To Empty The Ashes

How to put out solo fire pit. You can use woody debris, sticks, or logs to fuel the fire. The airflow design is what makes a solo stove a solo stove. A better solution is to use water.

How to put out a solo stove bonfire or yukon. This small but mighty pit measures 13 w, 12.5h, and 15 w. There are many different ways to put out the fire in a solo stove fire pit.

How do i clean a solo stove fire pit or camp stove? After the coals have all been spread around the pit, spray them down thoroughly with the garden hose. Pour water slowly, carefully over the ashes.

With airflow moving through holes on the top and bottom, smoke is merely circulated along with the airflow, never leaving the structure, and making its way to your eyes, hair, and clothes. Do not touch any part of the bonfire when in use. How does the solo stove bonfire fire pit work?

Use common sense and treat the bonfire like any other fire. How to put out solo fire pit. Then, we recommend you store your fire pit in a cool, dry location .

Be careful when using wood pellets in your fire pit, as the pellets can fall into the ash pan and block the airflow to the fire. Sure you might see different designs cut into the side or fancy legs, but the actual design of the pit itself has remained the same. Download the pdf instructions to take with you.

No need to use fire starter, accelerant, etc! There are many different ways to put out the fire in a solo stove fire pit. How to put out solo fire pit.

How Do I Prevent Rain From Getting In When Im Using It At Camp

Fortunately, the Solo Stove is made from stainless steel so it shouldnt rust if it gets a little wet. But if you want a cover, there are two options the Solo Stove company sells both a full fabric cover and a stainless still lid! The lid is helpful for when you are actually at the campsite youre likely not done with it enough to put the cover on, but instead just to keep junk out of it till you use it again tonight/ in the morning.

Many people also use it when their fire is out, but still warm, so that nothing accidentally falls into the potentially still hot embers.

Check out thelid here!

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Solo Stove Bonfire

Should You Pour Water On Fire Pit

How To Use Your Solo Stove Fire Pit

Water is a quick and easy way to put out a fire in your fire pit, but having a bucket of water on stand-by isnt quite the best option for this. If your fire pit is made of metal, the repeated sudden change from hot to cold can weaken the material over time, causing it to deteriorate faster or even cause it to crack.

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Use Hardwoods Whenever You Can

Hardwoods are the best fuel to use in a Solo Stove Bonfire as they burn hotter for longer and produce great charcoal if you are going to cook food on the Stove at some point.

Woods like maple, oak, hickory, and birch are the best to use as they burn longer than softwoods.

Also, hardwoods produce much less soot buildup, making the Stove easier to clean afterward.

  • Place your Solo Stove on its Ring Stand on a level surface.
  • Clear away any debris around the fire pit.
  • Remove the cooking ring.
  • Build a base on the bottom grate of some 2-3″ wood chunks and firestarter cubes or newspaper/kindling.
  • Create a “Clock Face” on top of this base with 3-4 small dry logs pointing out towards the perimeter and meeting in the middle.
  • Continue stacking logs one at a time as the wood chunks and larger logs begin to ignite.
  • Replace the cooking ring if desired.

They Offer A Lifetime Guarantee

If anything happens to your fire pit thatâs caused by manufacturing defects, they will replace it free of charge. And if it gets damaged due to normal wear or misuse, they will either make repair suggestions or provide a one-time replacement at 50% off.

To quote Solo Stove:

We warranty each and every Solo Stove product to be free of manufacturing defects, and we will replace with a new product, at our option, any Solo Stove product that is deemed defective. Solo Stove does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. If your Solo Stove product was damaged due to misuse, our customer service team can analyze the damage and may be able to suggest options for the customer to remedy. If your Solo Stove product is unable to be repaired after misuse, we will extend a one-time courtesy offer, allowing you the option to purchase a new Solo Stove product for 50% off of our MSRP price listed on the website, excluding web specials.

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How To Set Up And Fire Up A Solo Stove Bonfire

Setting up the Solo Stove is super easy. Theres nothing to assemble, no screws or tools needed. Its ready to go as soon as it arrives.

Lighting the bonfire is also very easy.Step 1: Make sure its on flat ground then remove the flame ring.Step 2: Place 4 small pieces of kindling in the bottom in a square, along with two or three firelighters, then add some more kindling laid in like a teepee fashion.Step 3: Light the firelighters, replace the fire ring and wait a few minutes until you get a good burn going.Step 4: Drop in some larger firewood logs, thats it enjoy your bonfire.

Solo Stove Bonfire

Tip: How to store your bonfire

Its always best to store your bonfire in a dry and cool environment when not in use,such as a garage or shed.Thats the safest way to protect it from the elements but, if you dont have any inside space available then it would be wise to invest in a protective waterproof cover.

Can You Cook On A Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Review – Easy and Portable!

If youre familiar with any of the other Solo Stove offerings, you know that people love to use them for cooking purposes. Unfortunately, this one is not built for that kind of application. You see, the other portable pits are smaller, which makes the whole thing possible. Additionally, theyre built with prongs, which this model isnt.

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Dont Leave It To The Elements

The product is reliable, but you cant just leave it to get rained on repeatedly. Remember that the product is mostly comprised of stainless steel, and you do run the risk of ending up with some rust, which could have negative implications for your bonfire. If you must leave it outside, at least cover it.

Get A Solo Stove Bonfire Cover Here..

Solo Stove On A Composite Deck Conclusion

Solo Stoves are a great way to get your cooking done while outdoors. If youre looking for an outdoor stove that can be used on a composite deck, the solo stove may not be for you.

Solo stoves can also be used on composite decking with the right safety features in place, like a stand for it to sit on. When using a solo stove on any type of decking, be sure to pay close attention to its placement and surrounding materials.

Especially the decking. A moment of neglect, a lifetime of regret.

Protect, dont regret.

However, with just one purchase of this versatile fire pit, its possible to cook in any weather condition and with the heat from the top vents enjoy sitting out on your deck on a cool evening.

Before discovering the Solo stove my standard line is Wood fires are nice but are better off your decks. But with the solo Stove. You think you can have it all.

A warm crackling fire and a comfortable chair on your deck.

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How To Extinguish Your Solo Stove Fire Pit

Do not use water to put out the fire. Water can collect at the bottom of the ashpan clumping the ash and making it difficult to clean out later.

The best way to do it is this:#1. Let the fire die down naturally this will take about ten minutes.#2. Place the shield on top of the fire to keep the sparks inside, leave for about an hour.#3. Remove the shield, .#4. Place the lid on the fire pit and thats it. .

Watch this video to see it in practice

How To Put Out A Solo Stove Fire

Solo Stove Review

One of the negatives of this unit is that once its going it burns really hot and theres really not a good way to put the fire out if you want to stop the fire before all of the wood has been burned.

I suppose you could throw water on top of it to put out the fire, but Im not exactly sure what that would do to the hot stainless steel. Taking that hot metal and cooling it down so rapidly might damage it. Im just not sure and honestly, I havent tried it. I suppose in an emergency that would work, but as a regular everyday practice it probably should be avoided.

Because of this you need to plan out pretty far ahead of time how long youre actually planning to burn and then use the right amount of fuel accordingly.

The corollary to this is that since it burns so hot and you dont have a lot of control over when its done burning, if you want to pack it up, it remains hot for a fairly long time after youre done burning. So this is one of those things where you may be want to have a fire and then let it cool overnight before you pack it up the next day.

Im not saying it would take that long to cool down, its just that you probably would have to wait I would guess about an hour until the unit would be cool enough to touch and pack away.

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Ease Of Cleaning: You Probably Already Have What You Need

On the first night we set up a wood-burning fire in Solo Stove Bonfire, a sudden heavy rain diminished our fire and soaked our canister. Since the Solo Stove instructions say not to use water to douse this fire pit, we reached out to Solo Stove customer service for guidance on how to clean it.

Aside from the fire ring which helps focus the heat, the entire drum is one piece and altogether it only weighs about 20 lbs.

To get it clean, let the canister fully cool and flush out the wet ash with a hose. Set the entire canister out in direct sunlight to dry out. You can also use a scouring pad or Bar Keepers Friend. According to the manufacturer, its completely normal for your fire ring to turn gold and blue, and is caused by the intense heat generated by the design of the Solo Stove.

How To Light A Solo Stove: Easy Step By Step

Learn the best techniques for how to light a Solo Stove. Whether you have a Bonfire, Yukon, Ranger, or Camp Stove, weve got you covered.

Lets Go!

The Solo Stove has become a revelation and an innovation in fire pits, and its easy to see why.

This stainless steel stove is good-looking and robust and brings the versatility of cooking and warming in a compact, sleek design, but how do you light one?

Lighting the Solo Stove Bonfire requires some small sticks to get the fire going and then adding to them as they burn to build up the fire.

You can stack the logs inside the fire pit in a pyramid-style configuration to not cover the air vents found at the bottom of the fire pit.

With the Solo Stove Bonfire, there are some additional steps to take before lighting it up, so lets look at some more detail and some wood recommendations to get the best out of your Solo Stove Bonfire.

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Place Your Solo Stove Bonfire On Level Ground Before Lighting

Before even thinking about lighting your Solo Stove Bonfire, find some level ground to place it on, preferably concrete or other fire-proof or fire-resistant surfaces.

Having your Bonfire level also allows you to use the Solo Stove Stand and boost the airflow from the bottom.

The Solo Stove relies on its air vents to produce the fire pattern and warmth these products are famous for, so a level surface will allow good airflow.

Plus, placing any fire on an uneven surface is inherently dangerous as it could quickly capsize, spilling burning fuel across the ground and increasing the risk of burn injuries to people around the fire, as well as creating secondary fires in the immediate vicinity.

Competition: Solo Stove Bonfire Vs Biolite Firepit

Solo Stove Bonfire Review – Watch Before Buying!!

Unlike the Solo stove, you can burn both firewood and charcoal in the slightly less expensive Biolite Firepit . It has a similar hyper-efficient airflow technology and portability but also has a grill gate, see-through mesh, and gives you the power to control the size of your flames manually or remotely with the free Bluetooth app.

We prefer the sleek look of the Solo Stove for a backyard staple but might opt for the Biolite if we needed a versatile firepit to keep us warm while camping.

Enjoy backyard bliss.

All in all, we loved the Solo Stove Bonfire. Its best if youre looking for a traditional campfire ambiance in your backyard with no fire-building effort and hardly any smoke. The fire is powerful, efficient, and the whole thing is portable when you need it to be.

  • Product Name Bonfire Fire Pit with Stand
  • Product Brand Solo Stove
  • Product Dimensions 19.5 x 14 in.
  • Material Stainless steel

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Cooking Over A Solo Stove

I really havent seen any issue cooking hot dogs or smores over this thing at all. Having said that, I wouldnt recommend using it to grill hamburgers or brats. Anything thats going to drip a lot of grease inside the unit should generally be avoided. I didnt try it, but I can just imagine if you had a grease fire inside of this thing it wouldnt be pretty!

I understand that Solo Stove has now made a compatible griddle system. I havent tried it so cannot comment how well it works.

Its Not Easy To Cook Over

The Solo Stove Bonfire is great for marshmallows, but may not be good for actual cooking.

Some fire pit grills are easier to cook over than others. When it comes to the Bonfire, its great for marshmallows or hot dogs on a stick, but not ideal for cooking.

While Solo Stove finally announced a grill accessory bundle , it does require some expertise to use it. The Bonfire simply burns too hot to be an ideal candidate for fire pit cooking.

Solo Stove does sell a grill thats specifically designed for cooking. We love the grill, but unfortunately its not recommended for use as a stand-alone fire pit. This means you cant get a two-for-one with Solo Stove.

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