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How Much Is Rent At Sola Salon Studios

Cost For Taking Over An Existing Salon

All About Sola Salon Studios

Taking over an existing salon will minimize major renovation interventions on the property as it is already built out to support salon operations.

You will also get the salon equipment you need to get going from day one. And, more importantly, by taking over an existing salon youll also benefit from the existing clientele built up by the previous owners. However, if you buy the full salon with operations as it runs today you will, of course, want to make sure the style of the salon and its clientele is in line with the type of salon you want to run and also the current trends.

The cost for taking over an existing salon starts at $62000 and assumes you rent the location with the below upfront investments.

TOTAL $62 000

The cost can be significantly higher if you buy a salon with a well-established brand that is has proven to be profitable today.

Salon Suites For Rent In West Covina

West Covina salon & medical professionals can now join the largest growing team of talented cosmetologists, estheticians, derma nurses, med-spa specialists, makeup artists, nail technicians, permanent makeup specialists, brow artists, microbladers, manicurists/pedicurists, barbers, mens groomers, lash/hair extension specialists, and chiropractors in the nation. With top of the line salon suites for rent, Sola helps such professionals run a successful salon business with the luxuries of more freedom, profit, and creativity. Build the career of your dreams and be in business FOR yourself, NOT by yourself. Enjoy the privacy of running your own salon suite, while also having access to the Sola team, ready to support you at every turn.

Leasing Opportunity At Sola Salons

We at are looking for established beauty professionals who are ready to take their career to the next level! The dream of becoming a salon owner is about o become a reality. It truly is your life, your style, and your salon. Every salon comes completely turnkey. Sliding glass door, shampoo bowl, styling chair, LED lights, oversized mirrors, retail shelving, custom countertops, and much more. Truly, the possibilities are endless when you take control of your career.

Currently we have four suites that are available right now. There will be two sizes of boutique salons to choose from. There will be three 100 square-foot suites and a 200 square-foot salon to choose from. Sola gives you the ability to customize your suite to make it your own. Play your own music, watch the television you like, serve the beverages you chose, and run your business like a boss. Leave your sliding glass door open or closed and draw back the curtains and you are in your own private salon. It really is your life, your style, your salon at Sola Salons.

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News Release: Cape Fear Commercial Represents Sola Salon Studios In Mayfaire Lease

Wilmington, N.C. August 1, 2017 Cape Fear Commercial is pleased to announce the opening of Sola Salon Studios in Mayfaire Town Center, a local, open-air shopping center located on Military Cutoff Road.

The 6,389-square-foot studio opened on June 30, marking the second Wilmington location for the national salon studio chain and local franchisee Blair Kutrow. Kutrow also owns a 5,600-square-foot store at Hanover Center on Independence Blvd.

Cape Fear Commercial brokers Mike Brown and Lindsey Hess represented Sola Salon Studios in the 10-year lease transaction with Mayfaire Town Center LP, who was represented by Paige Somervell and Ryan Nespeca of CBL & Associates Properties.

Sola Salons at Mayfaire features 30 studios and 34 chairs that hair stylists, nail technicians and aestheticians can lease for their businessses.

At Sola, we are passionate about helping salon professionals achieve their dreams of salon ownership. Salon professionals at Sola customize their own studio, set their own schedule and prices, and enjoy the freedom and benefits of salon ownership without many of the risks associated with opening a traditional salon, said Kutrow.

Kutrow added, We are very proud to expand in Wilmington with a Sola Salons at Mayfaire, one of North Carolinas premier shopping destinations.

Kutrow is working on additional locations in Southeastern North Carolina.

How Big Does A Salon Suite Need To Be

Sola Salon Studio located in Cincinnati OH

Going Big with Walls-to-the-Ceiling The average suite is 10 x 10, and many renters say thats too small. Three online posters said they returned to a chair precisely because of suite size. Just one typical comment: Having an open space again is amazing.

How many locations does salon lofts have?

With thousands of Loft Owners in 170+ locations, we are leading the suite rental concept, and couldnt be more excited to continue redefining the future of the salon industry.

How much is a Phenix salon Suite?

Our luxury salon suites start at $278/week.

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Cost For Starting A Salon From Scratch

Starting a salon from scratch by renting a new space and turning it into a salon comes with benefits.

You have more options of location on the market to choose from and you will be able to build the salon up exactly the way you want without worrying about the image and reputation of the previous salon.

The drawback of building out a new salon from scratch is that you will need to invest substantial money up front to turn it into a salon with renovation and new equipment.

No one will know about the salon either so you will need to be prepared to do some marketing in the beginning to establish the salon in the neighbourhood.

The cost for opening a salon from scratch starts at $90000 assuming you will rent the location. Below is a break down of the cost.

$89 500

How In Demand Is Sola Salon Studios Services Right Now

The global beauty sector is extremely large and is largely recession-proof. Sola® allows the top stylists and salon professionals to own and operate their own business with the customers and hours they want. Since Sola® founded this sector in the US in 2004, it has opened 500 units across the US, Canada and Brazil. There is a huge demand by salon professionals for a high-quality place for them to own and operate their own businesses.

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Tips To Know For Renting A Salon Suite

As you may have noticed, the trend for beauty professionals is steering away from the traditional commission and hourly-based pay methods to salon suite rentals. Stylists and spa therapists are quickly realizing they could have more freedom and make more money running their own business in a one or two-person studio instead of working for someone else. Be a boss is becoming more than just a catch a phrase as more and more individuals jump on board.

What does it really take to successfully run your own beauty business and see your dreams become reality? Here are some tips to follow as you begin your journey into business owner bliss.

About Sola Salon Studios

Sola Salon Studios Owner’s Presentation Part 1

Sola Salon Studios provides 16,000+ beauty professionals with premium, fully-equipped salon spaces to own and operate their individual boutique salons. Our franchise model empowers experienced hairdressers, skincare professionals, nail technicians, massage therapists and other like-minded salon professionals to quickly and easily elevate their career.

Our mission is to inspire and support our community of beauty professionals to chase their dreams, elevate their careers, and experience the freedom of salon ownership.

Who we are?

We focus on whats best for you, so you can focus on whats best for your business.

We provide beauty professionals with high-end, fully-equipped salon studios alongside the support and tools they need to launch their salon business in no time.

We take pride in being the largest, fastest-growing salon studio business in the country. At our core, we believe in the beauty professional and have one goal in mind:

To help set them up for success

Our Values

Everything we do is designed to take care of our customers and to ensure that they have the best salon studio experience possible. We are passionate about everything that goes into making a beauty professional a successful business owner. We offer turnkey, move-in-ready studios alongside support, educational resources, and cutting-edge technology solutions that are designed exclusively for our community of independents. We empower independent stylists to live their best lives.

Company Founded

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Where Do You See Your Salon In 5

Try to create an as vivid picture as possible in your mind about where you and your salon business 5-10 years from now.

What does your salon look like? Who are you working with? Whats your clients like? What does it feel like to be there?

This does not mean that what youre imagining is where you should start your business. However, having a vivid picture in your mind of where you eventually will be will help guide you, even if subconsciously, in many decisions along the way to get there.

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Knowing When To Take The Next Step

Often, running your own business means that youre looking to grow and expand.

You already have an entrepreneurial spirit, so it makes sense that youd only hope to run a successful business with the hopes of expanding.

Because of that, its important to know when you should change your location and when you should add staff.

If youve developed a client base that you simply cannot fit into your salon suite space location, its time to start looking around for a bigger suite to rent if that doesnt seem like a possibility, you might want to take the next step and either rent an entire building for your salon, or purchase your own building for your salon.

Another key point to examine within your business is when to add staff to work for you. If you notice that your clientele has expanded so much that youre having to turn people away, it might be time to start adding staff to work with you.

The last thing you want is to turn clients away, especially when they cant get enough of your talent. If this sounds like an issue youre dealing with, start considering candidates who could partner with you in your salon space.

Overall, dont be afraid to let your business grow!

You set off on your own for a reason, and you never want to stifle your creativity, progress, or success as a professional.

Dont let change scare you!

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Sola Salon Advantages For Stylist And Client

As a customer, you go to the salon to see your favorite stylist. When the stylish moves to another location, you go to the stylists new salon. Unless it is too far for you to travel.

The advent of mini-salons in one location lets more stylists with large followings start their own businesses. With that, they open a traditional salon. This business model gives stylists. And so, clients have lots of reasons to work in the franchises.

Some stylists bring in coffee machines, flat-screen TVs, or other amenities. It is to make clients more comfortable. Stylists and their customers can enjoy their time together. And then, it is without contending with other stylists and their clients, background noise, and piped-in music or TV they cant control.

Stylists and clients can have a long, one-on-one conversation. And so, it is without being interrupted by other stylists or customers on the discussion.

Stylists can sell retail products. They receive much more than the customary 10% commission theyd get in a traditional salon.

For everything from eyebrow threading in Virginia to hairstyling in Lubbock, Texas, youll speak directly with the person performing the service. It is not a receptionist who may not be able to answer your questions.

How Big Is A Salon Suite

Sola Salon Studios in Hauppauge, NY

The average suite is 10 x 10, and many renters say thats too small.

Is Sola Salon a corporation?

Sola Salon Studios LLC operates as a franchisor and operation of salon suites. The Company offers hair and skin related services. Sola Salon Studios serves customers in the United States and Canada.

Are Sola Salons profitable?

Throughout 2019, approximately 6,000 bookings came through the platform, generating more than $300,000 in revenue for our Sola pros.

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Sola Salon: 25 Salons In One Place A Boon For Independent Stylists

Some people thrive on the hustle-bustle of a salon setting, the occasionally boisterous conversations and the energetic interaction between customers and stylists.

Others, not so much.

This is my speed, for sure here, its all about the hair, said Sarah Carpenter, standing in her cozy upstairs corner salon overlooking Pack Square Park. So much drama in that other scenario. Im about the hair, all about the good hair.

For her, the perfect spot for a salon was tucked inside Sola Salon Studios on College Street. Located on the renovated second floor of a 1920s red brick building, Sola is actually home to 25 individual salon spaces.

The concept allows stylists like Carpenter who want to own their own business but may lack the capital to build or buy a salon to run their own show. Sola opened two years ago and is about 75 percent full, said owner Elizabeth Mailander.

The operation now includes 20 individual businesses, nearly all hair styling salons and almost all women, but it also includes an esthetician and a massage therapist. The tenants own their businesses but pay weekly rent to Mailander, whose company provides the chairs, cabinets, running water, heating and air conditioning, and common bathrooms and a laundry room. She in turn pays franchise fees to Colorado-based Sola.

The idea, Mailander said, is to take the headache out of business ownership.

Salon owners can decorate the spaces, many of which have exposed brick, to their liking.

Sola Salon Studios’ Business Model Revolutionizes The Salon Industry Opens Fourth San Diego Location In Encinitas


~ Salon Studio Concept Empowers Beauty Professionals to Pursue their Entrepreneurial Dreams Without the Overhead of Owning a Traditional Sa

SAN DIEGO, CA â Sola Salon Studios, , the originator of the salon studio business model and the fastest growing salon franchise in the nation, has opened its fourth San Diego location in Encinitas. Sola reinvents the standard salon model by renting high-quality individual salon studios at prices similar to chair rentals at local traditional salons. This alternative salon model enables stylists to operate their own business without the risks and challenges that come from owning a conventional salon.

Sola was established in 2003 in Colorado and now has more than 70 locations in 20 states and serves over 2,000 beauty professionals nationwide. With four locations throughout San Diego County, including La Jolla, Mission Valley, Fashion Valley and the newest addition in Encinitas, Sola is quickly expanding and gaining popularity amongst hair and beauty professionals seeking freedom to work on their own terms, be their own boss, control their schedule, sell their favorite retail lines, design their salon space and keep more of the money they earn.

– Want to avoid salon politics and drama

– Have an established client base

– Desire to hold onto more profits by selling their favorite retail line

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Sola Salon Suite

Sola, the salon brand, has more than 200 plus locations & around 500 employees working under it. The cost of a Sola salon suite is $300 per week & plus you need to pay a two-week deposit in advance.

They will provide you with a license, but you have to bear the insurance cost every year. Apart from this, all other costs will be on you.

Sola will just provide the space & its name for the business in lieu of $300 weekly rent.

Sola Salon Studios Franchise Costs: Estimated Initial Investment

Inside Sola Salon Studios

1. Initial Franchise Fee: $55,000

  • The Initial Franchise Fee for a New Franchisee is $55,000. If you are an Existing Franchisee, you may purchase additional individual franchises at a discounted Initial Franchise Fee of $41,000.
  • Sola Salon Studios will not refund the Initial Franchise Fee or any other fees paid to it or its affiliates under any circumstances.
  • Neither Sola Salon Studios nor its affiliates offer any other financing.

2. Travel and Living Expenses: $2,500 to $4,000

3. Site Selection Assistance: $0 to $3,500

  • Sola Salon Studios may charge the Site Selection Assistance Fee if you request it to send a representative more than once to conduct on-site evaluations of proposed location for your Business.
  • The high estimate of $3,500 includes a $2,500 flat fee plus two days on-site at a rate of $500 per day. If Sola Salon Studios is on-site for more than two days, you will pay $500 for each additional day. You must also pay Sola Salon Studios travel, meals, and living expenses.

4. Rent Manager Property Management Software : $582 to $882

  • Sola Salon Studios requires you to use Rent Manager Property Management Software under Sola Salon Studios national account. You will purchase from Sola Salon Studios a sublicense to use the Rent Manager Property Management Software.
  • You will incur a one-time set-up fee per account and an additional monthly fee per account for as long as your account is active.
  • These amounts are subject to change.

8. Signage: $10,000 to $20,000

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Own Rent Or Buy A Salon In West Covina

Join the Sola family today and own a salon without the huge overhead costs. Live the life you love and work the career you love. Sola will walk you through each step of how to own / rent your own salon and be in business in no time. We will guide you through all the paperwork to rent or lease your very own salon. Running your own salon business with Sola is quick and inexpensive, and Sola has tools and resources to keep you updated with the latest marketing trends to help you grow your own clientele. Enjoy the best of being a boss.

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