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How Much Is A Sole Proprietorship In Texas

Do Self Employed Pay Income Tax In Texas

How to Start Your First Business As a Sole Proprietor

It is a constitutional provision that Texas does not impose income taxes. In addition to paying self-employment taxes, you will also have to pay two different types of income tax. Self-employment taxes are imposed at a rate of 15 percent overall. The percentage stands at 12.3%. The social security contribution is 4%, while the income tax contribution is 2%. Medicare receives 9% of the revenue.

Disadvantages Of A Dba For A Sole Proprietorship

A DBA is a convenient way to create fictitious business names in multiple geographical locations, but it doesnt always prevent others from using the same business name. To create that protection, youd have to trademark your business name.

Although a DBA is a quick and easy way to establish, build and market your business, it wont protect your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit against your business. If an individual files a legal action against your sole proprietorship, your personal assets are fair game.

Business owners looking to limit their legal liability may wish to consider using an LLC or a corporation instead of a sole proprietorship. An LLC is its own legal entity and protects individual personal accounts from being considered assets of the company. Cars, homes, and checking accounts for personal use are protected from a lawsuit lodged against an LLC.

Landing New Clients And Investors Could Be A Challenge

While it may seem trivial, potential clients and investors sometimes see a sole proprietorship as less professional than a limited liability company or corporation. In some cases, these outside parties may not take your business seriously or may be wary about doing business with you.

Sole proprietorships are unincorporated companies, which means you havent formed a separate legal business entity. Clients or investors may be cautious of working with an individual rather than a separate legal business entity.

For example, a larger client may only choose to do business with incorporated businesses instead of sole proprietorships based on a perceived sense of stability.

Some banks even require business owners to incorporate before they lend money. This could stall your growth efforts if you ever need outside funding to take your business to the next level.

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Get An Ein From The Irs

If you have employees, you are required to get an EIN. EINs are a nine-digit ID number issued by the IRS to identify businesses for tax purposes. You can apply for an EIN for free online using the IRS EIN Assistant.

If you dont have employees, you are not required to get an EIN as a sole proprietor. However, it can be useful to get an EIN. They are often required to open a business bank account and can be used in place of your social security number for most business applications.

Important Note about Sole Proprietor EINs:

Since sole proprietorships are not viewed as separate from an individual, sole proprietor EINs are issued under their names, not their DBA names. As a result, you will only be issued 1 EIN as a sole proprietor for your lifetime. This will be used for any and all businesses you will operate as a sole proprietor. If you apply for an EIN as a sole proprietor and receive reference error 101, this likely means that you have already been issued an EIN previously. If you cannot recall your EIN or have not been issued an EIN previously, you will need to call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Assistance line at 1-800-829-4933 and use the prompts related to reference number 101.

File Assumed Business Name

How to Set up a Sole Proprietorship in Texas: 13 Steps

An assumed business name is considered to be a business name, which is different from its legal registered name. It is also known as a DBA or fictitious business name and is often used to file a sole proprietorship in Texas. In order to ensure legal right of using this type of business name, you will need to apply for an assumed name certificate Texas using Form-503.

The assumed name certificate is effective for a period of 10 years since the date it was first filed. Once it expires, you need to renew it within six months from the date of expiration of original certificate pursuant to Texas Business & Commerce Code § 71.151. If you are wondering how to apply for and obtain an assumed name certificate Texas or a DBA then IncParadise can assist you with the process. As one of the leading Texas registered agents, we provide Doing Business As-DBA or Assumed Name Certificate services.

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How Do I Apply For A Sole Proprietorship

Its fairly easy to start your own business as a sole proprietor. A sole proprietorship can be started by following these steps: Creating a business name and choosing a location. Make sure you have a business license, and that you have permission to run your business from home from your city or county.

No Discrimination In Personal And Business Assets

A sole proprietor can claim any profit or loss on his personal tax returns since there is no difference between the owner itself and the business. Moreover, a sole proprietor can comingle his/her personal and business assets as much as he/she wants.


The owner can write check using his personal name and the same customer can write checks to business using sole proprietors name. In more formal businesses such as LLC and corporation, owners are required to keep their personal assets separate from those of the company.

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Get Legal Help Closing Your Sole Proprietorship

While winding down a sole proprietorship is typically straight-forward and much easier than shutting down a corporation or partnership, its still very important to follow the rules and make the process as smooth as possible. The best way to ensure that youre properly closing your sole proprietorship is to consult with an experienced business attorney near you who can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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Clarification & Compliance With Tax Requirements

Can Nurses Set Up A Sole Proprietorship (And what’s the benefit)?

You can run your business in this format and not hire third-party employees. In this case, you do not need to obtain an EIN because your Social Security number will replace it. Of course, it would be correct to take care of your confidentiality and still use the EIN and not the SSN.

The nature and the structure of the business activity of individual entrepreneurship determine the list of tax requirements that the state will put forward .

The state-level taxes for your enterprise are, most probably, going to be very quick and straightforward to submit. Nevertheless, there might still be some additional local revenues that you would have to pay, such as the sales revenues, for example. You can look through the Texas Comptrollers Tax Section, where you will discover all the general information concerning the taxation policy in Texas as well as the more specific local revenues.

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At The Cordoba Law Firm Pllc We Provide The Trusted Legal Guidance You Need In Determining Whether A Sole Proprietorship Is The Best Type Of Structure For Your Business

Being your own boss is a life-long dream for many people. Once you know the products or services you want to provide, one of the most important tasks is picking the right structure for your business. Your selection in this matter could impact both your business interests and your personal financial security for years into the future. As experienced Lake Jackson and Brazoria County business formation attorneys, you can count on the Cordoba Law Firm, PLLC to provide the trusted legal guidance you need.

Starting A Sole Proprietorship In Texas: An Overview

So, what exactly is a sole proprietorship?

Sole proprietorships are a very popular entity choice for many new business owners. In fact, sole proprietorships are the most common business entity in Texas.

A primary reason for their popularity is that they are relatively simple to form in comparison to other entity types such as LLCs and corporations.

Ready to learn more about how to start a sole proprietorship in Texas? Heres what you need to know.

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Disadvantages Of A Sole Proprietorship

The biggest disadvantage of a sole proprietorship is that there is no liability protection between you and your business. This means that you could be financially responsible for your businesss debts and liabilities. A sole proprietorship may also not appear as professional to others as an LLC or corporation.

Select An Appropriate Business Name

How to Set up a Sole Proprietorship in Texas: 13 Steps

A sole proprietor in MarylanTexas d can use his/her own given name or may opt for a trade or assumed business name. However, a tradename sounds more professional than the owners personal name. DBA name plays a pivotal part if you prefer to choose an assumed business name.

The state law requires the DBA must be distinguishable from the companies/businesses that are already on record.


Check the following government databases to make sure your fictitious or DBA name has not been trademarked already.

  • Texas Secretary of State
  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Llc Vs Sole Proprietorship: Operations And Management

A sole proprietorship has a simple operational and management structure because theres just one person at the top. That owner can make any business decisions as they see fit, without input from any third party. Of course, most sole proprietors decide to hire employees, legal experts, accounting experts, and other individuals to help with the day-to-day management of the business. But a sole proprietor only has to ensure their business is operating safely and legally and that theres enough profit to cover business debts.

An LLCs operational and management structure is more complex and is typically outlined in an LLC operating agreement. Though only a handful of states require an operating agreement, most LLCs have one, particularly those with multiple members. The operating agreement outlines each members ownership stake in the business, voting rights, and profit share. An LLC can be collectively managed by the members or managed by an appointed manager.

Usually, LLC members decide on company matters in proportion to their ownership stakecalled membership unitsin the business. For example, a 33% owner would have a one-third vote on company matters, and a 25% owner would have a one-quarter vote. Profits generally are divided in line with ownership percentages. In the previous example, the 33% owner would receive one-third of the business profits, and the 25% owner would be entitled to one-quarter of the business profits.

Select A Business Location

Unless you plan to run a remote/virtual business, you will need to find a physical location for your company. Research commercial property in your area, and take note of typical costs. For customer-facing businesses , location is very important, so take your time in selecting the right area for your business.

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How Much Does It Cost To Register Your Business As A Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship can be registered for no fee. You are fully liable in this type of business organization. The sales and service tax must also be registered. Setting up a sole proprietorship is the simplest business model to set up because you do not need to file with the state to register your business.

Setting Up A Dba In Texas

How to be a Sole Proprietorship

Filing for a DBA begins with searching to see if a entity name is available.

This can be done using the Texas corporate name database.

Entities should also be mindful of avoiding names that are deceptive, fraudulent, already taken by others, and which could give rise to legal liability via any number of state or federal statutes.

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Choose A Business Name

To begin, you need to come up with a business name. Brainstorm a few different names that are unique and succinctly describe your business. You can also have your business name be the same as your personal namewell discuss more in the next section.

Once you have some business name ideas, check the United States Patent and Trademark Office to see if theyre available. Once you find an available business name you like, you can move onto registering your business name.

When Do You Need A Dba

In Texas, all corporations, limited liability companies , limited partnerships , limited liability partnerships , or out of state companies that regularly conduct business in Texas under a name other than its legal name, must file a DBA with the Secretary of State.

The trade name must be filed with the county clerk office in the county where the company operates.

Sole proprietorships and general partnerships need not file at the state level, but will need to file for a DBA in the relevant county clerk offices if they are using a name other than the legal name of their owners.

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Disadvantages To A Sole Proprietorship

  • Liability: A sole proprietor is personally liable for all of the businesss debts and liabilities. This means a sole proprietors personal assets can be at risk if the business cannot pay its debts and liabilities.
  • Business Continuity: A sole proprietorship ceases to exist upon the death of the owner since the owner and the business are one.
  • Self-employment Taxes: Owners of a sole proprietorship are required to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on the income the business produces.
  • Growth and Sale: If the owner of a sole proprietorship needs to raise money it could be difficult. Investors are less likely to invest money in a sole proprietorship. Likewise, it could be difficult to get loans if the owner does not have sufficient credit or assets. Selling a sole proprietorship can also be difficult.

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How to Set up a Sole Proprietorship in Texas: 13 Steps

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Can I Start A Sole Proprietorship

One of the easiest types of businesses to start is a sole proprietorship since it does not require the states registration. Unlike corporations or LLCs, you do not need to register when starting a sole proprietorship. It is still necessary to obtain the proper permits and licenses for the company to be in compliance with the law, and you are personally responsible for any debts, lawsuits, or taxes the company accumulates.

How To Become A Texas Sole Proprietorship In 2022

If youre currently self-employed in the state of Texas, or if youre looking to enter the world of one-person business ownership, youve probably looked into becoming a sole proprietor.

The sole proprietorship is the simplest business format in America, but that doesnt mean that there arent rules and regulations to follow when you operate one. In addition, there are some limits to the functionality of a sole proprietorship.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to setup a sole proprietorship properly, and help you determine whether or not a sole proprietorship is a good choice for your business.

Guru Tip: Its important to understand that a sole proprietorship does not offer personal asset protection as the LLC does. The LLC is the most popular entity for small businesses and is easy to create by doing forming it yourself or hiring a cheap LLC service.

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Tax Clearance And Certificate Of Account Status From The Texas Comptroller Of Public Accounts

After you have finished all of the winding up tasks required to close the LLC, then you will need to request a Certificate of Account Status from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. The Certificate essentially indicates that the LLC has paid its taxes and that it can be dissolved.

To obtain a Certificate of Account Status, you will need to file Form 05-039. The Form can be submitted online or as a physical copy at a Comptroller Field Office .

How Are Sole Proprietors Taxed In Texas

LLC vs Sole Proprietorship for One Owner | Should a 1 Owner Business be an LLC or a Sole Proprietor?

In Texas, there is no state income tax, so there is no need to file with the state. Business profit and loss statements are filed with individual income tax returns by sole proprietors. Keep separate bank accounts for business income and expenses and keep accurate records to simplify the tax filing process.

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Open A Business Bank Account

The final step to making your Texas sole proprietorship a reality is to open a business bank account. Its important to keep your business and personal transactions separate to prevent the co-mingling of funds. The easiest way to do this is to open a designated business bank account and use it only for business transactions. This will make it easier for you to complete your accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Once you have established your sole proprietorship, you will also want to complete these important tasks:

  • Setup Credit Card Processing:Considering that over 60% of transactions are done via debit and credit cards, its essentially a requirement to accept credit card payments. We go over how to do this in our How to Accept Credit Card Payments guide.
  • Establish an Accounting System:Youll need to determine the accounting method you will use for your business: cash basis accounting vs. accrual accounting. To learn more, check out our guide on small business accounting 101.
  • Get Business Insurance Coverage:As a sole proprietor, you lack personal liability protection, so getting adequate business insurance could be your only financial protection method. Learn more about business insurance here.

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