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How Much Do Solar Leads Cost

Types Of Solar Leads We Offer

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Solar Energy System in 2021?

Invention Solar offers lead programs and packages for every business. If you are an EPC installer, sales leader, or channel partner we have a profitable solar lead program for you.

Aged Solar Data

Our comprehensive aged solar leads database contains residential homeowner solar optin data. We maintain this highly accurate optin database with a team of data engineers, marketers, and an extensive lead generation eco-system. Solar is a timing sale and aged solar data is the perfect ROI solution for call centers both large and small. Priced per lead. Volume discounts are available.

Real-Time Shared Solar Leads

Get access to our real-time shared solar leads automatic system. Leads are generated via social media advertising with high intent and shared with 2 to 3 other companies. Shared leads are delivered to you quickly. This is a great solution for call centers seeking high quality inbound leads. Priced per lead.

Real Time Exclusive Pre-Set Appointments

Our outbound appointment setting team will generate pre-set exclusive appointments for your sales team that meet all basic qualifiers with proof of appointment set. This is a great solution to get more appointments on the board. Priced per appointment set.

Warm Transfers
TCPA Compliant Solar Lead

Get high quality solar leads that are less than 90 days old. Great solution for large call centers that need a steady flow of compliant ready quality data. High ROI data solution. Priced per lead.


The Ultimate Guide To Generating Solar Leads

Sales & Design » Solar Marketing » The Ultimate Guide to Generating Solar Leads | Advanced Solar Marketing

Demand for solar is expanding and companies young and not-so-young are scrambling to carve a niche for themselves. With all the competition, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and get potential customers aka leads to consider your business.

The process of generating leads is, in fact, one of the most challenging aspects of getting started in solar sales and installation. And with the average cost of solar leads approaching $2,000 in some areas, its critical to get it right.

There are two basic ways to get leads: generating your own and buying them.

In this post, well look at the benefits and drawbacks of each method, then well investigate some solar marketing strategies to help you generate quality leads that turn into sales.

Ways To Generate Solar Leads That Become Solar Sales

Its 2021. If youre still trying to drum up solar leads by saturating zip codes with mailers, having your sales reps indiscriminately knock on doors and blindly cold call, youre wasting precious time and money.

Poorly planned prospecting & marketing efforts like this lead to terrible response rates and burnt out sales reps . Not to mention you run the risk of damaging your brand.

So the question is, what exactly sets successful solar installers apart from unsuccessful ones in 2021?

One four-letter word: data.

Successful solar installers use data to find and qualify solar leads before engagement to ensure that every knock, every call, every mailer, every text & email has a higher probability of turning into a solar sale than it does a dead-end.

This smart use of data is especially pivotal right at the beginning of the sales cycle: tracking down solar leads. In-depth property information is essential to create a high-quality lead list the right property data tool not only does that but also helps your sales team nurture their solar leads with automated, data-driven marketing all the way to the sale.

Using data to be strategic and surgical in your prospecting and marketing efforts like this is a solar sales game changer.

In this post we’re going to cover:

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Direct Sales & Advertising

The larger a solar company gets, the more time and money it can invest in its own internal sales force and advertising efforts. This can take both offline and online forms. In terms of offline advertising, solar companies can mail out pamphlets, put up signs, and buy local sponsorships in order to bring in new customers. In terms of online adverting, solar companies may try to utilize digital advertising to bring in new customers. But monitor these efforts closely: if not done correctly, solar companies are at risk to lose thousands of dollars per month in failed digital advertising campaigns. Most solar companies report that direct sales and advertising makes up 15 to 20 percent of their solar leads on a given month.

How Does The Gaf Solar Roof Compare With Other Products

How Much Does a 3kW Solar Power System Cost?

The Timberline Solar roof from GAF Energy is characterized by its high efficiency, long-term warranty coverage, and ease of installation. Detailed cost data is not available yet, but the company has stated the importance of providing an affordable product, and they want to reach 100,000 annual installations within three years.

The main limitation of the GAF solar shingles is not being able to use them in partial installations. In other words, you must replace your roof completely if you want to use them. They are a cost-effective option in new construction projects, and for homeowners who need to replace their roof anyway. However, other products offer a lower cost and higher ROI for homeowners who dont need a new roof in the short term.

GAF Energy can be compared with Tesla and Forward Labs that also focus on complete roof replacements The GAF solar roof is designed to be a more affordable product, but the solar and non-solar shingles have a very different appearance.

Tesla and Forward Labs have more expensive products, but their solar shingle design is completely invisible: solar and non-solar shingles look identical, and you cannot tell them apart from ground level.

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Equipment Factor : The Chemistry Of Your Battery

There are a few different types of batteries available for home and business owners on the market today, though the most common ones typically use some form of lithium ion chemistry to store electricity. The two most common types of lithium ion batteries are nickel manganese cobalt and lithium iron phosphate . Each chemistry has different characteristicsNMC batteries tend to be more power dense while LFP batteries tend to last longerwhich also means they come at different costs. On EnergySage, LFP batteries are often 30-50% more expensive than NMC batteries.

Solar Battery Storage System Cost Factors

There are many factors to consider when calculating your total solar battery project cost. Here are the biggest factors that can impact your budget:

  • Energy capacity: A major cost factor is how much energy your battery can store. Units that store more kWh cost more than units that store less.
  • Power: Your batterys potential output is shown in kilowatts and determines how much electricity the battery can generate in a specific moment. Storage systems that are more efficient at storing energy are likely to cost more.
  • Battery chemistry: Lithium-ion phosphate batteries cost more than lead-acid batteries, with LFP batteries costing approximately 30% to 50% more than some of the cheapest batteries on the market.
  • Brand: One brand might charge more than another, but it might also have installation prices tacked onto the total cost that saves you money.
  • Quality: High-quality materials will run higher than low-quality materials.
  • Upgraded features: Inbuilt inverters, smart technology, and other upgrades may add to the cost of your battery unit.
  • Installation company: Some battery brands do not come with installation, as theyre solely for solar equipment. You may have to purchase the battery through the manufacturer and then find a separate installation company.
  • Retrofitting an existing system: Youll pay more to have a battery added to an existing solar panel than if you installed them at the same time.

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But Do You Really Own The Panels

Even if you have signed your name on the back of your solar panels in the community solar project, remember that this is mostly symbolic. As the owner of a share in such a project, the important thing that you own is the rights to the electricity that your share of the project produces. In fact, contracts place restrictions on what you may physically do with your solar panels

This is a good thing: once youve bought your share, your panels are worth much more where they are than at home on your roof. In addition to the panels, a solar project is built with many commonly shared, non-divisible componentslike invertersthat allow the panels to efficiently produce usable electricity for all owners.

Remember that your individual panels are not directly linked to your power bill. Instead, the overall monthly electricity output of the solar project is always divided between all owners according to each ones share of ownership. So its in your interestand everyone elsesfor your panels to stay put.

Local & Authentic = Our Simple Secret Sauce

Cost of Solar Panels

We begin every campaign using a wide swath of different images, videos, and slight iterations in our ad copy. We stick to our local ad copy template that is absolutely crushing it right. Its able to immediately call out our target customer, and quickly proves to homeowners why we are qualified to help them save money with solar. We are big fans of authentic photos and videos of your team on installs, customers, trucks, signage, team photosetc Anything that is authentic and communicates trust.

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Solar Lead Processing Tips

Many solar installers struggle with making the costs of third-party lead buying work. Here are some tips on how to drive success with this channel:

  • Commit to using solar sales software/CRM
    • Monitor your key stats daily
    • Time to call
    • Number of calls per lead
    • Appointment set rate
    • Number of calls per rep
  • Remember your front line/inside sales rep who calls a lead as soon as it comes in is one of your most important employees! Dont underinvest in this role
  • Train to success on objections. Most of the objections consumers have regarding solar in the first call are predictable and trainable. Be sure your front line reps dont need to brainstorm on the fly for common ones
  • Use email templates to save time with repeatable tasks

Why You Should Consider Trying Our Exclusive Solar Leads Program

  • We are your lead generation partner meaning we need to make sure you get an ROI on your marketing investments
  • We create an ideal customer persona with you
  • We then create qualification criteria with you
  • Our leads are EXCLUSIVE to you unlike other agencies
  • We generate the solar leads in real time from platforms like, etc
  • The solar leads are highly interested in the purchase of a solar panel
  • The solar leads meet the acceptance criteria you create
  • There is no contract or commitment
  • You can scale up, scale down or stop our service any time
  • No other agency offers a personalize hassle free approach as we do for our clients
  • T

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What Kinds Of Solar Leads Are Available To Buy

Solar leads are often sold by different lead types, which is determined by the age of the lead. Aged Lead Store categorizes leads by their age in the following way:

  • Solar Installation 30 to 85 Days Old
  • Solar Installation 86 to 365 Days Old
  • Solar Installation 366 to 2000 Day Old

Leads are purchased in bulk, ranging from 1 to 249 leads for small companies and individual sales people, to purchasing 25,000+ leads for large enterprises.

Equipment Factor : The Number Of Batteries You Need

How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels?

Each storage installation is unique and everyones storage needs are different. For the most part, storage system sizing is less flexible than with solar panel systems. Its easy to add or subtract a single solar panel from a system design to finely tune the capacity of the install however, with most solutions on the market, its difficult to finely tune the size of battery you install. As a result, the cost of storage will vary significantly depending on the kilowatt-hours of energy you need to store and, thus, the number of batteries you install.

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Battery Recycling And Sustainability

With an ever-increasing number of battery installations around the world comes the inevitable problem of recycling the batteries once they have reached the end of their usable life. In the case of lead-acid based batteries, this is not an issue as the infrastructure and recycling collection centres are already in place in most countries, enabling the Lead, plastic and electrolyte to be extracted and recycled relatively easily. In fact, approximately 96% of all lead-acid batteries are recycled.

Lithium batteries are more difficult to recycle. However there have been several breakthroughs in recent years by various groups which are developing advanced recycling techniques specifically for complex lithium-based batteries. There is a new emerging battery recycling industry in Australia which is outlined in this article. In North America, American Manganese Inc is one of the many companies developing lithium battery recycling facilities around the world. There are also some unique battery recycling methods being developed to simply extract the compounds to be manufactured into new batteries.

In Australia, the leading scientific organisation CSIRO is working on developing new and innovative processes for the recovery of metals from old batteries to be re-used in the manufacture of new batteries as well as the development of new battery technology which is able to be easily recycled. Read more about the work at CSIRO here.

Which Type Of Solar Battery Is Worth The Cost

Think of it like this a solar batterys worth is contextual.

You could go out and buy yourself the most expensive battery on the market, but if its specifications arent suited to your needs, then it simply isnt worth the money.

But thats a pretty lazy answer so how do we attack this question?

Well, one of our aims here at Climatebiz is to arm our readers with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

In this case, were going to provide you with background information on each type of battery technology. That way, youll have a better understanding of what battery type is best suited to your needs.

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Can I Add A Solar Battery Storage System To An Existing Solar System

If you already have a solar battery system installed, or if you have solar panels or solar shingles and want to add a battery system, most batteries are compatible with solar systems. Avoid combining different battery types, and keep in mind that new batteries might need an inverter, or youll need to install additional solar panels to generate electricity.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

How much do solar panels cost?

The Jackery Explorer is a portable solar power station designed for charging laptops, outdoor electronics and other devices that operate at less than 200 watts. This is a great battery for weekend camping trips and short-term emergency power backup. Its less than 7 pounds and comes with a solid handle, so its easy to carry around.

The Jackery Explorer is equipped with a 250 watt-hour, 14.4-volt lithium-ion battery pack. You can charge the battery with solar panels, and it also has a bypass system so it can run and charge at the same time. The package includes an AC adapter and a car charger cable. You can pair the power station with Jackery Solar Saga .


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Advanced Solar Marketing Strategies For Solar Lead Generation

If youre going to try to generate your own leads, youre going to need some strategies. Certain marketing tactics can be a great low-cost, high-impact way to generate solar leads and grow your business. In fact, using a combination of paid and organic strategies, you can position yourself for connecting with potential leads that are actively engaged and interested in what youre offering.

Lets walk through some of the more advanced steps and strategies for using marketing to help generate those invaluable leads.

Not quite ready to jump into advanced solar marketing strategies? Check out our Beginners Guide to Solar Marketing to get started.

Reviewing Owner Details & Contact Information

Of course, you need your prospects contact information to show them youre their best and most knowledgeable option for a solar installation. Click on the address bar below the map to get contact and property information. The Contacts tab reveals owners publicly available age, gender, phone number, email, and social profiles.

PropertyRadar includes a skip tracing option to help you find and connect with property owners.

Before seeing a property in person, you can save time by going to the street view of the property in the top left corner:

Switch to the Aerial Map View for that all-important closer look at the roof:

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Our Picks For Solar Batteries For Rvs

We considered flooded lead-acid, AGM deep-cycle and lithium batteries for the top solar batteries to provide electrical power to recreational vehicles. Keep in mind that installing RV solar panels helps extend the life of your battery, and you can charge the battery at home for future use even if you dont have solar panels on your RV.

Are Most Of The Leads Price Shoppers

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Colorado?

Many brokers acquire leads with the message of finding a customer the lowest-priced contractor. So even if youre lucky enough to be the first to connect with a HomeAdvisor lead, that homeowner is already predisposed to be looking for the low bid. EnergySages message is: Dont overpay for solar. Compare offers and save 20% or more. When low price is the customers first priority, it is inevitable that close rates will be low.

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