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Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt Crystals

Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt Crystals

REVIEW – Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt
Made naturally with sun, wind and time®. Our solar salt water softener crystals are a 99.6% pure and a natural choice for treating your hard water. Its a great way to put nature to work softening your hard water.Diamond Crystal® Solar Naturals® Water Softener Salt Crystals have a white, opaque appearance. They minimizing the accumulation of brine tank residue. Diamond Crystal® Solar Naturals® Water Softener Salt Crystals are recommended for use in all water softeners. Contain up to 99.6% pure salt Made naturally with sun, wind and time Solar salt crystals are naturally white and opaque Low insoluble content

The Water Softening System


Morton Water Softener is a brand of the water softener. Salt is produced naturally by evaporating salty water from several natural resources. The salt residue left from the evaporation process is processed, packed, and sent. It is available in various forms, including crystals, pellets, and cubes.

It produces pure, pleasant, and refreshing water in houses when used in conjunction with a water softener. The purified water is gentler on clothing and brightens them. Glassware and ceramic plates are less discolored and more vibrant. The result is better administration of household activities, which puts a smile on the faces of the occupants.


  • Morton appears in the form of crystals and pellets. Both are equally dissolvable and perform the same functions.
  • Purity Meter: In terms of purity, Morton trails Diamond somewhat. It is around 99.9% pure.
  • Usage: Because it is also a water softener, the usage is the same.
  • Advantages: It prevents mineral accumulation in pipes and appliances, increasing efficiency and extending the life of your machines. Visit this website to learn more about the many advantages of owning a water softener.
  • Handling: Morton has a handle for more straightforward hauling. The packing material, however, is not as nice as Diamond crystal.
  • Price range: Mortons pricing range is significantly higher than that of Diamond Crystal.


  • Iron is removed from the water.


  • Id like a larger quantity.

Diamond Crystal Vs Morton Water Softener Salt #comparison #effective


  • 8 The Concluding Thoughts
  • A water softener may be most needed when you are facing issues such as rust deposits around your faucets and fixtures. Removing the impurities from water should be of prime importance and when using a water softener, it is equally important to pick the right kind of water softener salt.

    The most common salt used in water softening requirements is diamond crystal vs Morton water softener salts. Before you can begin using either of them, it may be worthwhile to give serious thought to diamond crystal vs Morton water softener salt comparison to help you understand the benefits offered by either of them.

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    What Is Solar Salt

    Solar salt crystals can be used in water softeners to transform hard water into soft water. They are a naturally white, opaque, high purity salt. Using solar salt in your softener can help minimize the accumulation of brine tank residuehelping to keep the water softener clean and trouble-free.

    Solar salt is created in large, interlocking ponds. Salt water is pulled into the ponds from a body of water like the Great Salt Lake or the San Francisco Bay. The water is brought into these shallow ponds where it is evaporated, using the sun, wind and time. The process is similar to farming. There is a growing season and a harvest season. The growing season / evaporation process can take a couple of years. When ready, harvesting equipment is brought in and the crop is harvested. The crop gets washed, then processed, and for water softening salt, the coarse salt gets packaged or pressed into a block or pellet form. The total process can take three to five years.

    What Is The Process Of Using Hard Water Softener Salt

    Diamond Crystal Solar Salt 50 lb. Extra

    Two tanks are used in water softeners. The resin beads in the first tank are electrostatically charged sodium ions. These ions are exchanged for contaminants such as calcium and magnesium ions. When the sodium ions are depleted, the other tank containing water softener salt water is poured into the resin tank, where it recharges the resin beads. As a result, the water softener is again ready to soften the hard water. Ion exchange is the process of eliminating minerals from hard water.

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    Why Is Pelican Better Than A Crystal Softener

    It filters AND softens all at the same time. Unllike basic standalone softeners that will only soften your water. However, soft water is NOT drinkable so you will still need to treat the water in some way before you drink it. None of this is an issue with Pelican because it does everything in one go.

    It is possible for non-experts to install .

    Pelican softener models can usually be set up so that there is almost no on-going maintenance or configuration.

    It comes with a very good capacity. This softening model can provide enough soft water for a family of 1-3 .

    Pelican are good for handling very hard water.

    They are more efficient in water and energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs.

    The fact that its popular means its much easier to get free help. This is in the form of free online manuals and problem-solving documents.

    It comes with lots of warranties and guarantees. For example, a 7 year manufacturers warranty and limited lifetime aarranty.

    Aquasana Salt Free Softener and Filter System

    Pelican Whole House Filter & Salt Softener

    Treats hard water UP TO 25 ppm . Treats hard water OVER 25 ppm .
    – Powerful salt-FREE water softener.

    Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt Features

    • Helps extend the life of equipment, pipes and accessories when you use it to create soft water through a water softening machine
    • It is softener salt of the highest quality.
    • Diamond salt balls consist of up to 99.8% pure salt.
    • Practically 100% water-soluble.
    • Pellets compacted, specially formulated to prevent the formation of cracks and bridges.
    • The patented sacks with two hands facilitate lifting and transport.
    • Recommended for most water softener models.
    • Packed in polyethylene bags and multi-layered 40kg, 50kg and 80kg bags with polyethylene film inserts for better moisture protection.

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    What Is The Difference Between Water Softener Salt Crystals Pellets And Cubes

    Water softener salt crystals, pellets, and cubes are all made from . The difference has to do with how the salt is produced.

    Water softener salt crystals: made from evaporating salt water in shallow outdoor ponds. The sun and wind evaporate the water and leave behind a layer of natural salt crystals.

    Water softener salt pellets and cubes: made from small salt granules that are compacted together to form

    a large pellet or cube . The larger size of pellets and cubes may make them less susceptible to bridging than smaller salt crystals.

    Water softener salt crystals, pellets, and cubes can be used interchangeably in most water softeners. Be sure to consult your water softener owners manual to determine if a certain type of salt is recommended for your system.

    Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter Water Softener Pellets

    Diamond Crystal® Salt – How is Solar Salt Made?
    In addition to hard water, many homeowners struggle with iron in their water supply. Iron can be found in city water supplies and in private wells. Rust stains, where there has been water, are a good indication that you have iron in your water supply.Iron Fighter® Water Softener Salt Pellets are specially formulated for water with high iron content.These 99.6% pure water softener salt pellets help prevent rust stains on laundry, fixtures, sinks and tubs. Virtually 100% water soluble, it also minimizes mushing, bridging and rust buildup in your water softener brine tankhelping to keep your water softener running smoothly. Our patented two-handled, 40 and 50 lb. bags make lifting and carrying easier than ever. Recommended for most types of water softeners, particularly in regions of high-iron water content. Formulated for use where iron content in water is high Premium purity up 99.6% pure salt An FDA-approved additive helps prevent rust stains on laundry, fixtures, sinks and tubs Virtually 100% water soluble
    Sell Sheet

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    What Issues Can Hard Water Cause

    Had water can result in several severe issues. It can affect your health and even a few issues with respect to the looks and aesthetics of your bathroom.

    Some of the major issue you are likely to come across with respect to hard water can include:

    • Dry skin Hard water is rich in magnesium and calcium. You will not be able to get rid of these chemicals with soaps or shampoos. That would make your skin and hair go dry.
    • The build-up of scale Building up of scale on your appliances and vessels can be one of the primary issues with hard water. You will find the grey-colored scale on kettles, coffee pots, and washing appliances.
    • Fade in the clothes The hard water can make your clothes fade.
    • Glasses can brittle Hard water when used to wash glass vessels can make them brittle and prone to damage.

    Crystal Water Softener Salt

    The Crystal water softener salt comes with the slogan: Made Naturally with Sun, Wind and Time®

    Hence, this is a great option if youre looking for something that is natural. Its also a great option if you want to avoid chemicals and bleach that is sometimes used to produce white salt.

    Crystal water softener salt are opaque white in appearance but completely natural unlike regular table salt that is sometimes bleached.

    The fact that its made with wind, sun and time leaves you with a product that is 99.6% pure and a natural option for treating hard water.

    They are recommended for use in all water softener models.

    • Crystal softener salt is up to 99.6% pure salt.
    • Solar salt crystals are naturally white and opaque.
    • Low insoluble content.
    • 20 kg bag

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    How Long Does A 40 Lb Bag Of Water Softener Salt Last

    The salt will need to be replaced every two to three months. This salt comes in coarse or pellet form, and you may get it at your local grocery shop. Lets get specific: how long does a bag of water softener salt last? For every refilling session, you can expect to utilize two 40-pound bags.

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    Made Naturally With Sun Wind And Time

    Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Salt Crystals for Water Softeners (40 lb ...

    Our solar salt water softener crystals are typically 99.6% pure salt and a natural choice for treating your hard water. Its a great way to put nature to work softening your hard water.

    Diamond Crystal® Solar Naturals® Water Softener Salt Crystals have a white, opaque appearance. Solar Naturals® Salt Crystals are recommended for use in all water softeners.

    • Contains typically 99.6% pure salt
    • Made naturally with sun, wind and time®
    • Solar salt crystals are naturally white and opaque
    • Low insoluble content
    • Recommended for use in all water softeners

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    What Is The Best Way To Soften Hard Water

    Given the negative impacts of hard water usage in the home, it is critical to soften it. Ion exchange is a popular and low-cost technology for converting hard water to soft water. You can also utilize ion exchange with the two water softening salts listed below:

  • Morton Water Softener Salt
  • Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt
  • What Happens If I Dont Put Salt In My Water Softener

    If you neglect to add salt, the softener cleanses the resin bed but does not recharge the beads during the recharging cycle. As a result, your softeners capacity to exchange ions will be depleted. It will no longer remove hardness and instead function as a mechanical filter, trapping particle matter in the resin bed.

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    What Are The Consequences Of Hard Water

    Hard water is a severe problem that must be addressed. If you are unsure if your household is afflicted by hard water or not, search for the following signs:

    • Dry Skin and Dry Air: Calcium and magnesium are abundant in hard water. Shampoos and soaps cannot remove, causing your skin and hair to become dry. These elements also dry up the air, leading to breathing difficulties in the long run.
    • Scale Buildup on Your Appliances: Minerals in hard water can cause white scale to form on tea kettles, coffee pots, and washing machines. This scale can also be deposited on plumbing pipes, reducing the flow rate. This will gradually necessitate more frequent plumbing repairs than usual.
    • Faded Garments: Due to hard water, clothes get grey and faded. They will lose their luster when you wash your new garments in hard water.
    • Brittle Glass: When glass dishes are washed in harsh water, they become brittle and susceptible to breakage.
    • High water bill: More water is used when the pipes have to work harder. As a result, the water bill skyrockets. You are a victim of hard water if you notice a rise in your water bill.

    Water Softener With Diamond Crystals

    How are water softener solar salt crystals made?


    Diamond Crystals are one of the most popular waters softening products available. They are created through the process of solar evaporation. Natural saltwater from the sea, lake, river, or subsurface resources is routed through a series of ponds. Water evaporates during the method due to the suns and winds effects. As a result, salt crystals appear after some time as the saltwater dries. These salt crystals are processed before being packaged for usage.


    • Physical Characteristics: This salt is in the shape of soft pellets that dissolve easily in all liquids.
    • Purity Meter: It is made of 99.6% pure softener pellets and produces great effects.
    • Diamond crystal is effective in locations where the water has a high iron level.
    • It prevents rust from forming on laundry, fixtures, tubs, and sinks. It aids in reducing buildup in plumbing pipes, keeping your water running smoothly and your water bill in check.
    • Handling: The bag is ergonomically constructed. The packing material is of excellent quality. Carrying and storing the bag is simple.
    • Price range: A 40-pound bag costs roughly $8. This is a little price to pay for the benefits it provides.


    • Heavy iron is removed from the water.
    • Handles make it easy to transport.
    • There is no channeling or bridging in the salt.


    • Its pricey for what it is.


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    What Is The Purpose Of Water Softener Salt

    Suppose you are considering purchasing or currently own a salt-based water softener. In that case, you must understand everything there is to know about water softener salt, which is required to regenerate your softening. Choosing the right one can make all the difference, as they are not equally enticing on all machines. Furthermore, some of these salts may harm your health if you have certain medical conditions.

    First and foremost, do not believe that it is the salt that softens the water. Instead, the resin beads in your water softener do all the softening. When they come into contact with hard water, a process known as ion exchange occurs. The negatively charged resin beads, which contain sodium ions, attract the positively charged magnesium and calcium ions in your water.

    Magnesium and calcium ions displace sodium ions at the trading site. You did this by removing the hardness-causing minerals from your water. In return, your water absorbs soluble sodium or potassium salt. The resin beads would eventually run out of sodium or potassium ions and need to be renewed. Thats where the salt comes in.

    Diamond Crystal Vs Morton Water Softener Salt: Which One Should You Use

  • How long does a 40 lb bag of water softener salt last?
  • Water is an elixir of life that cannot be replaced by anything else. Unfortunately, however, there appears to be an uncontrollable increase in impurity in the water delivered to us as time passes. The most common contaminants in water are soluble salts such as calcium, sulfate compounds, magnesium, barium, and so on. These salts make the water hard, rendering it unfit for human consumption and negatively influencing other utilities.

    When there is an overabundance of a variety of salts in water, it can be harmful to human health. According to research, hard water drinking has been linked to eczema in youngsters. Hard water not only has health ramifications but also leaves stains and residue on utensils and damages home equipment that consumes water. In addition, the use of hard water depletes resources and energy.

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    Transform The Hard Water In Your Home

    Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Salt transforms hard water to soft water.

    Water softener salt is made of sodium chloride or potassium chloride. It is used in water softeners to help remove minerals from your water, transforming your homes water to soft water. Hard water minerals are removed when water passes through resin beads in the water softener tank. Water softener salt is used to periodically recharge resin beads so that they can continue to remove hard water minerals.

    Removing these minerals prevents build-up of scale on the inside of pipes, fixtures, and hot water heaters. Water softener salt also helps lengthen the life of some appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. As a result, water softener salt reduces and can prevent mineral spots on your dishes and glassware. The other benefit of water softener salt is that it reduces soap films and buildup in sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines.

    After using Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Salt, you have soft, bright towels and clothes, shiny dishes and longer pipe and appliance life, which in the end can save you money.

    Learn more about hard water and how a water softener works, by visiting our YouTube Channel for informative videos.

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