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Best 6×6 Solar Post Caps

Can The Solar Post Lights Be Mounted On Any Other Place Besides On Posts

Ultra Bright Technologies Solar Post Cap Lights

It depends on the lights you purchase. There are lights that are designed in a way they can be mounted even on walls and other flat surfaces. You can make inquiries and read descriptions to establish whether the lights you purchase can be mounted in any other place.

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How Does It Work

A solar light like the post top solar lights gets solar energy to power itself directly from the sun. It is an innovative product of our modern technology that enabled us to harness the energy from the sun to power up our devices. But how does a solar light exactly work?

There are four important components that run a solar light these are the solar panel, the battery, control electronics and the light fixture. A solar post light works because of its photovoltaic or solar panels.

The solar panel is the one responsible for converting the energy from the sun into electricity. During the day when there is direct sunlight, the solar panel charges the light by harnessing solar energy.

What enable a solar light to automatically charge and light up on its own is its electronic controls. Solar post light has electronic controls or built-in sensors that can detect if there is light or none. This mechanism allows the light to automatically turn on at night and off to charge during the day. It is completely hassle-free.

The power produced throughout the day is stored to the battery. The stored energy powers up the light fixture at night providing your home with bright and reliable lights.

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Solar Powered Copper Outdoor Post Light

  • Chic and elegant looking with its copper finish
  • Solar powered and switches on and off on its own
  • Economical and safe
  • Comes with 100,000 burn hours
  • Can have bright quality lights in the right condition
  • Needs the battery changed to have bright light
  • Made of plastic

One of the most important things we need at night is light. With a lot of options that we have nowadays, what we want are functional and stylish lights. We want to have our moneys worth not only in the light but also in the aesthetic. Garden Sunlight Solar Powered Copper Outdoor Post Light is exactly that!

Painted with a copper finish, these solar powered decking post lights look chic and elegant while also being functional. The design makes it so that this post light fits in no matter what your post is may it be plastic, vinyl, wood or composite. It also fits in anywhere youd want to put it like your garden, patio, pathway, fence etc.

It is solar powered. It means that once you turn it on, its mechanism works so that it switches on its own every night and charges on its own when there is sunlight. This means you dont need to spend time switching the lights on and off as it does this on its own. All you need to do is make sure that the battery is charged.

When it comes to the light emitted by this product, I can say that it can stay lighted for a long time. It can be used all night long for a while as it has over 100,000 burn hours under its belt.

How To Use The Solar Post Lights

6x6 Solar Post Cap Lights

Solar post lights are a stylish and economical way to light up your backyard and outside of your property, and they are so easy to use. Thanks to being operated by solar power, they dont require a tricky installation with wires and electric panels. Anyone who can use a screwdriver can easily install solar post lights.

Once installed, the pretty much operate themselves. Turn the switch to on, and the lights will charge up during the day so long as they have access to sunlight. Make sure your solar lights are positioned at an aspect where they will get plenty of natural light. Otherwise, they wont charge fully, and the light they give off will be weak and short-lasting. If a large tree is shading your fence, then its not a good location for solar post lights.

After charging throughout the day, solar lights turn on automatically at dusk when their photosensors detect darkness. As long as they have received around eight hours of charge during the day, then a good solar light should stay illuminated all night long, automatically turning off when the sun comes up. Solar lights dont require any maintenance, although the rechargeable battery may need to be changed every few years.

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Sunnypark Solar Post Lights

This solar post light will work with the solar panel, which generate energy from sunlight. It converts the electrical current into internal charge and rechargeable battery. The in-built light sensor will control the light and gets activated automatically.

The crackle glass design with metallic silver plastic base will make this solar light a great way to lighten the area without any electricity and wiring. It fits perfect for 4 inches .

Product Information:

  • Lumens Count 5 lm

Things we liked:

  • Each solar post light with crackle glass design and has a high efficient solar panels and high quality crystal glass.
  • The internal rechargeable batteries will power up of the solar post cap light.
  • Fits perfectly for 4X4 inch deck posts, porch posts or railing post.
  • This light will add style and decoration to the deck posts that are made with vinyl, wood or composite.
  • Comes with 30-day return option and provide after sale service.

Things we didnt like:

  • It is made with cheap quality material.
  • Comes with less working time during night.

Best Solar Post Cap Lights In 2021

Illuminating a garden or the outdoor space of your home may be a difficult task considering all the electrical work needed to install a single lightbulb. Solar post cap lights are a great option for easy-to-install lights that require no professional electrician. These lights come in a variety of different designs, so you will be sure to find the perfect light for your outdoor spaces.

Besides offering the best functionally, these solar cap lights and lamps are a great way to reduce the electric bill and have a great environmental impact by taking advantage of the suns energy. That is why we assembled a list of the best solar post cap lights in 2021. Read on for the best solar post cap lights review for the illumination of your garden, front or back entrance, and even your pool or boat dock.v

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Kemeco St4311aq Solar Led Post Light Fixture

Probably the most high-end solar post light, Kemeco gives a wonderful example of elegance and class with their premium solar LED post lights.

What really sets them apart from other models that have the same look is that they went for a full cast-aluminum metal lamp thus giving it the full premium look and durability.

The look is pretty authentic and is really eye-catching, despite being on the expensive side, I highly recommend getting them.

They are worth every penny, and would definitely make you feel like you are some sort of Duke or Duchess in the olden times.

The running time is about 8 hours, and the Kemeco solar post light needs about 5 hours to fully charge, which is very nice.

Something else to notice is that the battery is 2300mAh, thus expect high brightness when the battery is fully charged.

Also, they come with a 1-year warranty, as expected from such a high-end product.

While a bit unexpected from a very premium product to not be waterproof, its not mentioned anywhere, even in the technical specifications sheet.

So because of the cast-aluminum, its safe to assume that they are waterproof, but not 100% though, at least they are IP44, but again its just an assumption.


Solar Post Cap Lights Outdoor Led Lighting Deck Fence Cap Light Two Light Modes Warm White/bright White Suitable For 4×4 Wooden Posts Copper 6pk

LED Solar Deck Post Cap Lights at Lowes 4×4 or 6×6 Deck Posts Caps

9 used from $39.98 as of August 14, 2022 2:58 am


  • FLEXIBLE – Fits 4 x 4 inch wooden posts. No need to run electrical wiring. Completely self-contained.
  • BEAUTY BY DESIGN – Extra brightness and modern lined design make your home unique and warm.
  • WEATHER PROOF: Solar fence post light has an IP44 waterproof rating. It will withstand harsh heat, heavy downpour, and snow or any other outdoor environments.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE–Pls contact us if lacking accessories or you get any defective products

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There are many online sources providing information about 4×4 solar post lights or solar posts lights. However, no two sources are fair and reliable in terms of providing us the information we need.

For this reason, we need to be careful when looking for info and buying guides online. Some might not also have a systematic approach in reviewing top rated solar post caps and similar solar energy products, such as lighting solutions weve featured earlier.

So if youd like to be on the right track, you should carefully consider where you get info for help when finding the best clean energy solutions. Our team at the CleanEnergySummit.Org

Solar Post Cap Light Buying Guide

Before you make your solar post cap light buying decision based on the aesthetics, we have more to share.

You might want to assess the shape and size of the fence where youll be installing it. Moving to other features, its also crucial to judge the brightness, weather resistance features, and overall performance.

Solar post cap lights come with varying features and functions. So, how do you navigate yourself through these features? Heres a complete guide to buying solar post cap lights so that you have a positive experience:

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What Is A Solar Post Light And Who This Is For

Solar-powered devices are more common and popular today as science and technology advances and where there is a growing concern for our environment. Solar post lights are ideal for lighting your pathways, driveways, gardens and any other places where you need lights for ease in moving around your outdoor areas during the night.

A solar post light is a raised source of light with a bulb typically protected and housed within a frame and mounted on posts, fences, decks or patios.

This can easily be installed in any area where you need it. The fixture does not only provide lights for your outdoors but can also be used for decoration and improving the landscape of your home with its modern and classy design.

What separates a solar post light from a normal post light is its power source. It is a solar-powered outdoor light that uses the energy directly from the sun. This light is cost-effective and environment-friendly.

A solar post light is perfect for consumers who are looking for a bright and reliable source of light during the night. This outdoor light is energy-efficient, affordable and fits the budget of the buyer, and is completely harmless to the environment.

Greenlighting Low Profile Led Solar Post Cap Lights

Solar LED Post Lights 6x6 Outdoor Powered Fence White Light(2 Pcs) for ...
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Made for 4 x 4 wooden posts
  • Needs to have batteries changed after about 6 months

Nowadays, one way of keeping our homes safe is to have outdoor lights to help us see our surrounding and help make sure that our neighborhoods are safe. There is a way to do so without giving up on your outdoor vision of style and that is through the Greenlighting Low Profile LED Solar Post Cap Lights.

The Greenlighting Low Profile solar powered fence post lights are a high quality product made of durable plastic. It looks luxurious while being practical as it is designed to withstand different weathers and can handle different outdoor elements. Its both sleek and functional.

Its easy to mount and quick to set up theres no need to constantly check whether the battery needs to be changed, as it is solar powered. Just leave it be and it will charge on its own as long as there is sunlight.

When it comes to its lighting, it provides a soft, gentle glow that is not too bright or too dim. As it is solar powered we can forgo wirings and electricity, making this quite an economically friendly product to have.

I cant say that the product is perfect. Sadly, it is made exclusively for 4 x 4 wood posts, which means that if that isnt where youre thinking to put it then you can very much forget about buying because it may not fit.

Personally, I can say that the product is good. Yes, it has to be mounted on a specific post but if you have that then its perfect for you.

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Davinci Lighting Flexfit Solar Outdoor Gate Lights

Our first product here speaks practically as it fits all the situations that you need it for.

It has everything you want in a solar fence light. It provides good brightness with 25 lumen warm white LEDs that are perfect for fence deck gardens or patios.

The quality is very good as its made of plastic with UV fade protection and also IP44 waterproof which makes it suitable for rainy weather.

A very great point about Davinci solar gate lights is that its flexfit base fits any 4-6 inch square or round wooden post which makes it very easy to install.

And of course, all of that comes with the solar based battery which will save you electricity bills, so you are buying an item for life.

What we like:

  • Great brightness with 25 lumen warm white LEDs
  • Solar powered
  • UV fade protection and IP 44 waterproof
  • Cordless, so you dont need any wiring or cables
  • Very easy to install with flexfit feature
  • Very affordable

What Is A Solar Post Light

They are solar powered outdoor lighting solutions which can be used to illuminate pathways, gardens, driveways and other places. Having them will provide adequate lighting to move around outdoors at nights and also decreases the chances of theft.

Solar post lights contain solar panels or photovoltaic panels which grab the energy from sun light and convert it into electricity to power up the lights. It is very easy to install solar post lights in any outdoor area. They can be used as form of decoration or improving landscape of your yard. As it uses sunlight to power up the lights, they are energy efficient, cost effective and environmental friendly.

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Solar Energy Hackers Best Solar Post Lights Selection

We spend hours researching, testing, and comparing different solar lights, so we can provide you with the best options on the market.

All products reviewed in this list are manufactured by trusted companies, made with high-quality materials, energy-efficient, guaranteed high customer satisfaction, and of course, well priced.

Davinci Lighting Solar Post Lights

5 Best Solar Post Cap Lights in 2022 [Top Reviews]

This Davinci lighting solar post cap lights will provide decorative, functional, and classy landscape lighting that make the outdoor space look attractive with proper lighting. The light fixtures can be fitted easily to any standard 4 inch or 6-inch post caps and can be mounted securely on any flat surface like deck or patio. It comes with automatic on/off with its built-in photosensor that allows you not to be in dark.

It is easy to install without any professional assistance. It is built tough that wont make the color to fade overtime. The matte textured finish will keep the lights to look attractive with classy design. The waterproof feature will allow the light to use in the any weather .

It is made with industrial grade plastic with UV fade protection and hard tempered glass will protect the solar panels. It is easy to install with stainless steel screws go vertically through the fixture base and into the top of the post.

The 2 warm white with wide angle LEDs of 15 lumens that makes it last for 100,000 hours without replacing any bulbs. It works with lithium ion AAA rechargeable battery and advanced monocrystalline solar panel. It works with run time of about 6 8 hours battery life after getting 8 hours of charging under direct sunlight.

Product Information:

  • Average Battery Life 8 hours
  • Color of the Light Warm White

Things we liked:

Things we didnt like:

  • It wont come with warranty period.
  • The brightness / light range of this post light is not up to the mark.

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