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Are Solar Screens Worth It

What Should You Choose: A Solar Screen Or Window Tint

Why Buy Solar Screens?

Like regular insect screens, solar screens are installed on the outside of an elevated window, and a window tint is placed directly to the window within the glass.

Compared to window tints, solar screens are more effective at reducing heat transmission.

The solar screen will range from $115 to $480 per window or door when it comes to pricing.

Youll almost certainly pay at least $7.50 per square foot. Window sealing, window sealing, On the other hand, costs $5 to $8 per square foot on average.

However, most householders may expect to pay between $300 and $750 for a proper installation.

When compared to professional tinting services, a DIY tint kit will likely save you $100.

DIY tinting may always be found for a reasonable price on the internet.

When it comes to DIY kits, experts constantly advise that you should be precise and accurate.

Its usually a good idea to seek the assistance of a qualified specialist when it comes to tinting.

Most prevent individuals from accurately applying the film to the glass when it comes to DIY window tinting, but the tint begins to peel off after a few years.

Getting hold of the film when tinting without expert assistance can be difficult at times.

Professional service can always be found on the internet, and they will tint your windows for you at a reasonable price.

Some tinting providers charge $25 to $50 per window, and you may be eligible for a discount if you tint the entire vehicle.

Coolaroo 302214 Screening Shade Fabric

Can Solar Shades Be Ceiling Mounted

Most solar shades can be ceiling mounted . Often, the installation brackets that are included are considered universal. This means they can be installed in multiple different ways, simply by rotating the bracket or using different screw holes in the bracket.

When planning for a ceiling mount, consider what kind of surface you’ll be installing the shade on. Wood screws are automatically provided. But if you’re installing on any other surface, you may need to supply your own alternatives such as drywall anchors, metal or masonry screws. You can also view all installation guides prior to finalizing your order.

Do Solar Window Screens Really Help

Solar window screens can help your home by reducing your electric bills by up to 35 percent. It is a good investment that you can have for your home because it can help you save money every month. Aside from that, it is also durable and will last for a long time so you can make sure to get your moneys worth.

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Do Solar Window Screens Add Value To Your Home

Solar window screens can add value to your home. Aside from that, it can also make the exterior structure of your home more beautiful as compared to ordinary screens. Moreover, solar window screens are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes depending on the structure of your window. Solar window screens that are darker can block more sunlight and heat. On the other hand, lighter-colored solar window screens allow more light to enter your home. Choose the one that will provide the best benefits to your home and can also make it more aesthetically pleasing.

What Are Solar Shades And Solar Blinds

How Much Do Solar Screens Cost Per Window? Installation ...

Solar shades and solar blinds offer excellent sun- and light-blocking benefits. If excessive sunlight shines through your windows, then solar shades may be the ideal solution. Solar shades are an excellent window treatment option for windows in rooms that are exposed to the sun. Besides simply blocking the light, solar shades also reduce glare, protect against harmful UV rays, and prevent fading from the sun on carpets, furniture, and household surfaces.

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We Answer Your Top 9 Questions About Solar Shades

Ashley Dennis | 14 May 2020 |Solar Shades

Every year as summer begins to roll around there’s one window treatment that flies off the proverbial shelves: Solar shades. As these shades surge in popularity , many shoppers are asking really great questions on how these can help with their window woes. How can I block the sun without losing my view? Can solar shades help insulate my windows? How do I stop my shades from being blown around? What do the solar shade percents mean?

We’ve gathered up our most frequently asked solar shade questions to help you decide if solar shades are right for you.

Pet Screen And Why Its Worth Investing A Little More

Dogs and cats make wonderful companions for your family, but even the most well-behaved pet can wreak havoc on your home on occasion. For example, the screens surrounding your pool or patio enclosure may have suffered some shredding from the claws of your pets, significantly weakening the screens and potentially leaving a hole for escape. Fortunately, a Phifer pet screen offers durability far beyond the strength of regular screens. A look at the differences and similarities between the two screen materials can help you understand the value of pet screen for your home.

Construction and MaterialPet screens are designed with the destructive potential of pets in mind. The materials used are strong and resistant to the claws of a cat or the brute strength of a dog. The screen is constructed from polyester yarn coated with PVC, making it about seven times stronger than regular screens. By comparison, cheaper enclosures and screen doors are constructed with the same lightweight materials used to make window screens. If you have a dog or cat, its vital to invest in pet screen for your pool or patio enclosure.

Many homeowners choose to enclose their pools and patios to avoid harassment and bites from perpetually present pests. Although the gaps between strands are wider in pet screens, theyre still close enough together to protect you and your family from pests.

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Are Both Sides Of The Screen The Same Which Way Should The Solar Screen Be Installed Spline Side Facing The Window Or Spline Side Out

The solar screen should be installed such that there is a small air gap between the screen fabric and the window glass. Traditionally, this means screens are installed spline side out. But if you prefer, you can install spline side facing inward as long as there is an air gap between the screen fabric and window glass.

We Are A Local Solar Screen Company With A Long

One Year Solar Update! – Is Do it Yourself Solar worth it?

Dan Whites Screens & Things has been the premier solar screen installation and repair service for the Austin area for over 40 years and we have many satisfied, repeat customers. We know that our customers deserve the best, so we only use high quality Phifer Wire Products in the manufacture and repair of your solar screens.

When you choose to work with Dan Whites Screens & Things for your solar screening projects, you are choosing an excellent option for conserving energy costs as well as choosing a partnership with the experts in all things screens.

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What Are The Different Types Of Solar Screens

Solar screens come in various densities for different solar screen installation. Depending on the manufacturer, solar screen installation can block as much as sixty-five to ninety-nine percent of the suns heat and UV rays and heat, yet, you still have visibility out.

Depending on the color of the screen mesh you choose for your solar screen installation, not only will the block the suns heat and UV rays, a solar screen installation provides a level of privacy during the day. The darker the color, the more transparent, like black or brown, allowing higher visibility out. The lighter color of solar screens material is typically thicker and seeing through them in or out is harder, giving you more privacy.

How Much Do Solar Screens Cost

To arrive at an average, your overall solar screens cost should fall between $110 and $480 per window or door. This amount equates to roughly $7.50 per square foot.

Lets break the amount for you:

Material cost: $40 $280 per window/door

Labor cost: $75 $200 per window/door

Total solar screens cost: $115 $480 per window/door

See your home’s investment dashboard

Your equity and how to grow it, plus help with managing maintenance and visibility to neighborhood projects

However, theres more to it than an exact amount. The price of solar screens varies widely depending on the area you live, how large your windows or doors are, the number of screens required, the labor rate in your location, and a host of other factors. Lets look at some of these.

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How Do You Stop Solar Shades From Blowing Around

Solar shades that hang over a door may flap around if not secured. This can be easily fixed by installing hold down brackets at the bottom of the window or door. These brackets are usually a small piece of plastic or metal that hooks or latches into the bottom rail of a shade to anchor it. Many shades will automatically include these brackets in the install package for outside mounted shades. But always check your shade’s specifications before finalizing your order.

The Shape Of Solar Screens

How Much Do Solar Screens Cost

The best part about these screens is that they are designed to fit any shape or size of windows. So, whether you have arched, hexagon, trapezoid, oval, or standard rectangular windows solar screens can easily fit over any of those shapes. Generally, pricing is calculated by adding the width and height in inches.

However, the cost for the above-mentioned shapes, that are different from rectangular or square, will come with additional add on costs. Since these have to be customized, the prices go up.

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Should I Use The 80% Or The 90% Solar Window Screen

You can choose between 80% and 90% solar window screens. Choose 80% window screen if you want to have more light, visibility, and better airflow to your home. On the other hand, choose a 90% solar window screen for glare reduction as well as energy efficiency. 90% solar window screens are suitable for areas in your home that are usually exposed to glare and heat. Make sure that you consider the different types of solar window screens that you can choose from.

Can Solar Screens Help Reduce Fading Yellowing And Sun Rot

Solar window screens can reduce yellowing, fading, and sun rot inside your house. It will also lessen the number of ultraviolet rays that can cause the carpets, wallpapers, and drapes to fade. Once you have installed solar window screens, you will notice a decrease in the fading furniture and appliance of your home. Take note that the number of UV rays that enter your home will depend on the type of solar window screen that you install.

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Wintertime Benefits Of Solar Screens

When people think of solar screens, they usually think of the various ways in which these can prove useful in the summer. After all, the most oft-touted usage of this item is as a shading system that can protect you from harmful UV rays and excessive heat, both of which are most commonly encountered in the hot summer months. As such, many residents with solar screens installed may be wondering how best to handle their screens in the winter. Should they be removed? The short answer is no. But to fully understand that answer, its best to go over the main reasons why solar screens are actually very useful in the cooler months as well.

  • Insulation Is Just As Necessary In the Winter as It Is In the SummerThe purpose of insulation is to serve as a thermal barrier, preventing heat transfer from one space into another. Consider some of the most popular insulated bottles and thermoses available for purchase. Most of the products available advertise their capabilities for keeping their contents warm or cold for long periods of time. The key to good insulation is the ability to preserve temperature, regardless of what that initial temperature might have been. The same applies to insulation on your windows. In the summer, solar screens insulate your windows to prevent the heat from the outside leaking in and the coolness of your home from leaking out. In the winter, the same solar screens do the opposite, keeping the cold outside separate from the warmth inside.
  • New Solar Screens Or Replacement

    Solar Panels For Home – 9 Months Later Review

    Theres good news for homeowners who are looking for replacements. The cost to replace your solar screens is relatively inexpensive as compared to a new installation.

    For a window solar screen of 36 x 42 size, the cost comes around $24. While for a 36 x 84 door solar screen, its $48 on average.

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    Custom Plantation Wood Shutters In Fort Worth Tx

    Plantation shutters are the ultimate in window coverings and add elegance to any décor. They are the only window treatment available that increase the value of your home. Shutters provide privacy and light control options, while enhancing the appearance of your home. Our shutters are handcrafted locally and made from 100% high quality basswood. Other options include: Blinds, Roll Away Shades, Honeycomb, and Woven Wood.

    Contact us today for more information on Fort Worth, TX solar screens or to schedule an estimate!

    Does The Solar Window Screen Keep Heat And Cold Out

    Solar window screens can keep heat and cold outdoors. Using the solar window screen during the winter will lessen the heat but will not block the cold. The window screens lessen the heat in your home by blocking the amount of sun that enters. Hence, it can make your window more energy-efficient. You can save on your energy bills during the summer by heat reduction.

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    Solar Screens Protect Your Furnishings From The Suns Rays

    One thing that homeowners often fail to recognize is that the UV rays from the sun that enter your home can damage your interior furnishings.

    As the sun projects its rays directly onto your tables, sofa sets, and various other items in your home, its rays can cause discoloration and can damage your favorite pieces.

    Solar screens are known to block anywhere between 65-90% of these rays from entering your home through the windows, which offers an additional layer of protection to your furnishings.

    Which Is Easier To Maintain

    Exterior Retractable Solar Screens Dallas

    Since solar screens are created with mesh and are separated from the glass, they tend to collect dirt and bugs and need to be cleaned regularly. Over time, this ruins their appearance. On the other hand, window film is adhered directly to the glass and is easy to clean, just as long as you do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning products.

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    What Is The Best Solar Screen Material

    Here at Solar Screen Outlet, we use two brands of solar screens: Phifer Suntex and Twitchell Textilene. Both of these products are manufactured here in the USA and we consider them to be the highest quality solar screen fabric currently available.

    They are essentially identical in both composition and color. You almost cant tell them apart.

    We recommend avoiding all other brands of solar screen. Phifer and Twitchell are simply the best!

    Solar screens do come in different varieties of openness, which is a measure of how much heat and UV rays they block. For most applications, we recommend 80% or 90%.

    90% Solar screen fabric has a tighter weave than 80% solar screen fabric. This tighter weave blocks more of the harmful UV rays that heat up your home and damage your drapes and other furnishings. 90% solar screen fabric has slightly less visibility, but you can still see through them fine.

    If blocking as much heat as possible is your main concern, go with 90% solar screens. If you want to block a lot of heat, but dont want to darken the room too much or if you have a nice view out the window, then 80% solar screen is your best bet.

    Basic Of Solar Screen

    Mermet, a solar screen company, has produced tremendous solar screen materials to enhance the recognition, heating, and acoustic aspects of inside and outside areas.

    Solar screen fabrics are used to make shades, roller blinds, suited panels, partitions, and tensile constructions.

    These are a newly developed solution for controlling internal atmospheric conditions and an excellent fabric for external applications.

    Lets go over what a Solar Screen Fabric is and what materials its composed of in more detail.

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    Power Up While Saving More With Your Own Customized Solar Power System

    Best Solar Screens Service Fort Worth, TX

    Having Solar Screens can protect your home from the sun and helps insulate your home. It will repel most of the suns ultraviolet rays without blocking the view. It reduces glare for you to be more comfortable. It improves the temperature inside and make your room cooler without turning on air conditioning units, therefore lowering your expenses for energy consumption.

    Benefits of Solar Screens

    • It reduces fading of your furniture, carpets, floorings and window seals.
    • Improves daytime privacy. You can install these on your patios as well and keep yourself in the shade while enjoying the view at your own comfort.
    • It reflects sunrays off the screen. It also absorbed most of the heat to the screen material itself then disperses it back to the air away from the glass of your window.

    You can have your solar screens installed now! Contact us and we can provide you a variety of customized screens that fits your taste in color and style. Choose from different kinds of solar screen meshes, texture, density and shade that matches your home. With the help of our expert technicians, you can be rest assured that you will have the best quality of solar screens at a very affordable price!

    Benefits of Solar Screens

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