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Where To Place Solar Lights In Yard

Guaranteed Lighting During Blackouts

How To Install Solar Garden Lighting – DIY At Bunnings

Solar lights are self-contained units, which means that they are independent of the grid. This makes them perfect for your home because they are not affected by power outages.

Solar lights, therefore, ensure that you have the power needed to illuminate outdoor spaces at night. As a result, your home to stand out whenever the area is affected by power outages. At the same time, they discourage thieves who might decide to break in during a blackout.

Here Are The Brightest Outdoor Solar Lights You Can Buy In 202:

  • Best Overall: ZOOKKI Solar Lights Outdoor ZK-SL-101
  • Most Efficient: Aootek DG36-04 Solar Outdoor Lights
  • Longest Sensitivity Range: LEPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor 005-SL-938DC-WH
  • Best Overall: Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor SPOT-WARM-2P
  • Most Durable: LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlights
  • 360° Rotatable: Ollivage Outdoor Solar Lights
  • Best Overall: Toodour Solar Christmas Lights Green Lights
  • Best Fairy Light: Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights
  • Best For Holiday Decoratio: JMEXSUSS Solar String Light
Top 9 brightest outdoor solar lights
Best Overall


  • Small solar panel

The ZOOKKI Solar Lights Outdoor ZK-SL-101 takes the cake as one of the brightest solar flood lights out there. It is equipped with 28 bright LEDs with seamless adjustable settings rain-, heat-, & snow-resistant cover, amazing brightness, and higher photovoltaic efficiency than any other poly-silicone solar panels. They all result in an efficient product that every single solar flood light user, especially those wanting to use it as a security measure will benefit from owning.

However, what we love most about this product is its simple yet effective design.

With all the tools needed including key pins, expansion pillar-hinges, and installing screws come included, the installation process is a walk in the park. As the possibility to relocate the solar panel is not varied, you should let the lights go in the spots you want to illuminate.

ZOOKKI Solar Lights Outdoor ZK-SL-101 Specifications

LED Quantity


How To Choose The Best Solar Lights For You

Before you pick your favorite solar lights, take a stroll around your property at night and consider which areas you want lighting up. Then, think about what solar light type would be most suitable. You might want to brighten up your driveway or the side doors, or perhaps the path itself. Think about how many lights you are going to need and how bright they will have to be to achieve what you want. If youre not 100 percent sure, then adjustable power solar lights might be best. Take into account how much sunlight that area gets too. If its limited, you will need a separate solar panel which can be better placed.

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your deck or patio, then string lights or Edison bulbs are worth considering. These dont provide intense lighting, but its enough for the background and adds a soft glow. However, if youre buying solar lights so you can better see the steps, you need ones which are bright and fit for purpose solar step lights are available for this very reason.

Ease of installation and battery life are important aspects to take into account, especially if you want the lights to last through the night. If battery life is your priority, you might want to consider a solar light with motion sensors these will provide light only when you need it and ultimately save on power.

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How To Install Flamebright Lights

To install the FlameBrite lights all I had to do was flip on a switch, insert the stake on the bottom and stick into the ground. Instant lighting in seconds. Now that is my kind of DIY project! Had I known how easy it was to install solar lights, I would have done it years ago.

You can reposition the solar lights around your landscaping as many times as you want. You can even leave the stake out and use the FlameBright lights as lanterns to line a patio or place on an outdoor table. I love the multi-functionality of these lights!

Bring Old Lanterns Back To Life

Best Solar Lights for Garden Ideas UK

The best DIY projects are ones that take something old and upcycle it into something new. These lights use old lanterns or light fixtures to create beautiful solar-powered lights for your garden space. You can use any lantern, but if you are able to find one that leaves the solar pad exposed, you wont have to worry about charging your lights.

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Will My Solar Light Work On Cloudy Days Or In The Snow

For those that live in areas known to have heavy snowfall during the winter, worry not, your solar lamp or lamp post will continue to function. The solar light will still build-up a battery charge with light snow coverage on the solar panel. If snow, ice, or debris builds up on the solar panel, take a dry towel, and wipe it away do not use cleaning chemicals on the solar panel.

Unfortunately, cloudy skies and overcast days will decrease the duration of the solar light. To provide dusk-to-dawn operation, the solar light fixture must receive 4-5 hours of direct sunshine.

Do Solar Lights Work In Every Part Of The Country

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, solar lights work well in most parts of the United States. As long as the solar panels have access to enough sunlight, the lights will work well. Pay attention to how much sunlight your yard gets during the day, and use that to manage your expectations for how bright the lights will be and how long they’ll last into the evening.

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If You Have Many Solar Lights To Store Consider A Storage Unit

Some folks have dozens of solar lights around their home, which is lovely. They add a beautiful ambiance from spring through fall and, sometimes, even in winter. If youre storing quite a few, though, you might not have enough room at home. Thats when a storage unit will come in handy. Clean, safe, and dry, a storage unit will keep your solar lights in great shape until the next season starts.

Winter Solar Lights: How To Maintain Your Solar Lights In The Cold Months


Posted in:Solar Outdoor Lighting | February 21, 2018

Winter solar lights work perfectly even in snow and ice as long as they get enough sunlight each day to fully charge. One major benefit of purchasing and installing outdoor solar lamps and lamp posts is how easy they are to maintain, even in winter. In fact, after installation, the solar light fixture requires little routine maintenance, regardless of your climate.

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Time To Plan Your Outdoor Lighting Placement

Now that youve gotten a grasp of your options, its time to plan your outdoor lighting placement. Youll need to be sure to include solar and LED fixtures, of course, and take into consideration your security needs. Be open to adding in some fixtures that provide color and flair. Use these tips to get started with your landscape lighting planning:

  • Draw a rough sketch of your outdoor space and pencil in places where you can add light.
  • Make a note of what your goals are for each area i.e., add more security lighting near the garage door, showcase my favorite tree or light up the steps near the back patio.
  • Be sure to stand inside of your home to take in the view from that angle as well, as your homes outdoor lighting impacts the interior ambiance. Visualize what you and your guests will see when they are on the inside looking out.
  • Be sure not go overboard. Too much lighting can be, well, too much! Make notes of areas where you may add more light in phase two if needed.

Now, that you have the overview and planning tips, you can take it from here. Your outdoor lighting placement and planning project is sure to provide hours of enjoyment, and even the planning is fun. When you ready to shop for your lighting fixtures, Capitol Lighting has everything you need to light up your homes beautiful exterior.

For a quick visual summary, see our landscape lighting pro tips video.

The Capitol Lighting Team

Where To Place Landscaping Lights: Dont Ignore The Small Or Out Of Sight Spaces

Whether its the second floor of your home, or that dark space in the corner of your yard, your oversight of these second-thought locations could keep you from truly taking advantage of the safety, security and beauty of landscape lighting. Speaking of safety and security, check out this motion sensor security lighting that is built to last.

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A Complete Guide To Outdoor Solar Lights

Illuminating outdoor spaces around your house can be costly if you depend on electricity from the grid. The areas are also affected by blackouts usually due to extreme weather events. Outdoor solar lights offer a solution to the cost and outage problems.

What are outdoor solar lights? They are photovoltaic devices that use the suns energy to light up exterior spaces around your home during the night. The products continue to grow in popularity as more people embrace solar energy.

Daytime And Nighttime Fairy Light

HALLOLURE Solar Walkway Lights Outdoor, Warm White Pathway ...

Hand-stenciled and painted, this sweet little lantern is 100% cuteness for half the price, offering a delicate fairy during the daytime and twinkling solar lights in the evening. Hang this in a tree for a fun garden surprise. With floral etchings, this piece is made for the outdoors and wont fade away over time.

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Hard Meets Soft Industrial Chandelier

Taking something like hammered iron pipes and creating something delicate from them can be a challenge. This chandelier does it just right. With a great balance between pretty crystals and hard iron, this fixture is a unique solar light source to display in your outdoor living space and will be a complement to any modern aesthetic.

Whimsical Hanging Jar Lights

A great place to add lighting is from tree branches. It creates a magical feeling that the tree is alive or that you have friendly floating lightning bugs playing in the garden. When you use this fun project for your outdoor lighting, you have total control over jar colors, tree placement, and how many lights you use.

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Solar Lighting For The Backyard And Patio

And you can use solar lights on your balcony or terrace, too. Anywhere you can get a clear line to the sun and your lights can collect their solar power. There are solar string lights, stake lights, lanterns, even side tables. So many ways to execute those best outdoor solar lighting ideas youve been having all winter. There is no reason not to lit up your nights.

Solar side table lamps give off light and provide a tabletop. From Foscarini.

White solar bulb lights are an elegant idea for any backyard. When you are going through your outdoor ideas, consider all-white. It can be so elegant and graceful looking. .

Colored solar tealights, lined up on a wall, present a pretty picture at dusk.

Solar light glass bricks like glass building blocks but with lights inside. From .

Solar lanterns, made from metal with cutaways, cast great shadows at night. From .

Hanging solar garden lights, cornet shaped, from

Solar twig lights are elegant starburst decorations. From Plow & Hearth. Who have some of the best solar ideas ever.

More incredibly delicate and elegant solar light ideas for the backyard and beyond from Plow & Hearth.

And because we would be remiss if we didnt add at least one gnome picture, here you go . Happy Solar Lighting Season!

Do you have cool lights in your yard? Upload photos and description below just click on Add Post. Wed love to see your ideas!

How To Choose The Perfect Type Of Lights For Your Landscaping Lighting

How To Install Outdoor Solar Lighting

When you begin your search for the perfectly-lit outdoor landscape, you will see a multitude of choices for landscaping lighting which can be overwhelming at first, but not after you know what to look for and understand how it will work in your backyard lighting schematic. Lets drill down on two popular types of landscape lighting products:

Solar Lighting Solar lighting has grown in its popularity as opposed to conventional electric lights because it is affordable, simple to install and extremely safe with no use of electricity. Homeowners also love this type of outdoor lighting because it saves on energy consumption and it can be moved without much effort. Solar lights absorb the suns light and use photovoltaic cells that transform that light into energy even when the sunlight is not available, such as on a cloudy day or at night. Operating times may vary based on the solar lighting product but are in the range of up to 15 hours. Cloudiness and short winter days can have an impact on the operating time of your solar lights.

LED Lighting Another extremely popular outdoor lighting option is the LED light. LED, which stands for light emitting diode, has become a favorite light source because its bulbs require low voltages of electricity to operate and last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.

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Determine How Much Effort You Want To Expend

The landscape lighting that requires the greatest effort to install is 120-volt lighting. Wiring for these types of garden lights must be buried at a depth of 18 inches or encased in conduit to protect it from water. A licensed electrician has to install the electrical components.

Low-voltage landscape lighting for the backyard needs only an outdoor receptacle and a transformer. The transformer converts the 120 volts coming from the household line to a usable 12 volts to operate the lights.

The easiest landscape lighting to place in the backyard is solar lighting . This type of lighting has no cords to be hidden. It should be positioned in such a way that the photovoltaic cell in the lighting fixture receives enough light during the day to allow it to shine at night.

How To Best Place Solar Lights: String Lights

With string lights, you should have an area in mind where you want to hang them, be it the trees, a flowerbed or around the patio. If youre unsure, think about where you will spend the most time and where you plan to entertain guests.

You should first consider how much cable you have and how far this will realistically stretch around your desired area. So many of us are guilty of running out of lights halfway through hanging them! Its helpful if these are lit while you hang them so you can see the impression its giving as you go, unless the packaging advises otherwise.

If you’re running string lights over longer distances, it may be wise to connect them to a guide wire, so that the light cord itself isn’t under as much strain which could lead to it breaking.

If youre hanging fairy lights, try to evenly spread them across the desired area and have someone standing at a distance to help guide you.

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Wrap Glass Lamp Heads In Bubble Wrap Or Packing Paper

The lamp heads on many solar lights contain glass, which is very fragile. Its recommended that you wrap them in either bubble wrap or packing paper and then put them in a cardboard box. You can also use spare blankets. All of these options will prevent the glass from breaking or cracking while stored.

How To Best Place Solar Lights

Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, Kohree Led Solar Landscape ...

ByKatie Mortrampublished 1 August 21

Choosing the best solar lights is one thing, but finding the best place for them in your backyard is a whole other task. This requires a combination of taste and practicality you want the lights to look good, but they need to work as well.

Your options can be restricted by several factors including function, aesthetics and the environment. Weve pulled together a handy guide to help you decide wheres best to place your solar lights.

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Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights

The lights are designed specifically for the Christmas season. They come in different designs so that you can choose the one that suits your need.

The different types of solar Christmas lights include:

  • Outdoor solar Christmas tree lights
  • Solar Christmas pathway lights
  • Solar Christmas string lights

Solar Christmas lights work like traditional light that relies on the mains electricity but with added benefits. For example, they dont lead to increased energy bills.

Lovely Solar Candlestick Topper

Make use of an old candlestick by turning it into a solar light holder. With just a few tricks, you can take apart a standard solar stake light and turn it into this romantic solar candle. Perfect for an outdoor dinner set, this look only requires a pretty cup that you can use to cage the light.

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How Long Will My Solar Light Shine In Winter

Our solar lights designed to work year-round. As a rule of thumb for Gama Sonic solar light fixtures, every hour of charging results in an hour and a half of illumination. During winter, because the Northern Hemisphere tilts away from the Sun, it results in fewer daylight hours. Meaning, that there are fewer hours for your solar light fixture to harness sunlight to charge its battery. Depending on what part of the region you live in, the decrease of sunlight for most is roughly only one to two hours.

Additionally, Gama Sonic Solar Lights use high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries. Please keep in mind that during the winter , all batteries are not as efficient in cold temperatures, therefore you should expect a shorter duration than normal.

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