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Where Can I Buy Sol Beer

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Sol – Cerveza (Lager Beer)
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What Are Mexican Pilsners

Pilsners are a type of lager, so this category is a sub-set of Mexican lagers that stands all on its own. Mexican pilsners are generally a type of pale lager, with a taste that is crisp, clean, and balanced but still retains some of the hops over other Mexican styles of beer like cerveza. Mexican pilsners are a beer that can pair with virtually any kind of food, from light fares to fried foods to spicy entrees.

The is the oldest and most iconic Mexican pilsner in Mexico. Despite its clarity, its slightly sweeter or maltier than many German pilsners though retain the hoppy flavor that characteristically defines a pilsner. Dark varieties are also available. It’s long-aged and sometimes made with corn instead of wheat, a tradition that reaches back to Europe and later the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico which created maize beer as part of social and sacred rituals.

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Buying Beer In Mexico

Beer is widely available in stores, bars, and restaurants in Mexico, with few of the silly restrictions you find north of the border. The drinking age is the age of adulthood: 18.

If you buy non-returnable bottles, you can be 99% sure they will just end up in a landfill or on the side of a road. Cans have a slightly better chance of being recycled, especially in tourist areas, but Mexico is far behind the curve with reusing materials. The best bet is to buy returnables. Returnable bottles require a deposit, which you will get back when you return them to the same storekeep your receipt! Or you just trade them in anywhere when buying new bottles and keep the chain going until its time to leave.

In bars and restaurants you will find a chelada and michelada on the menu by the beer. The first is usually a beer glass rimmed with salt, filled with ice, and coming with a plate of cut lime or lime juice in the glass. A michelada is usually the same but with some kind of Bloody Mary hot sauce, Tajin dry pepper mix, and maybe some Worstershire sauce or Clamato. If you only see chelada on the menu, then it probably comes with hot sauce. Ask if thats not your thing. You can usually pick which beer goes in it, but with all the salt and hot sauce taking over, it doesnt much matter.

Best And Worst Mexican Beer

Sol Cerveza (24 OZ CAN)

Article and photos by Tim Leffel

Four bottles out of the rich variety of Mexican beers.

In most Latin America countries, the beer is a letdown. One or two brands usually dominate the market and they generally present minor variations on a similar taste profile.

Mexico is an exception to the rule, with a long history of quality beer at good prices, with a wide array of choices. Early inhabitants of the region made a variety of fermented drinks from the agave cactus and corn, but Europeans introduced beer from the homeland as they arrived. Some Mexican brands have surprisingly long histories of a century or more, thanks to German and Swiss brewers that established companies in the 1800s. In a footnote of Mexican history, the Austrian emperor Maximilian ruled much of the country for a brief four years. Left behind were recipes for darker beers, the precursors to Negra Modelo, Bohemia Obscura, and Dos Equis Amber today.

Embajador at the Guanajuato craft brew festival.

Otherwise, just two powerful companies tightly control the entire beer market: Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Brewery and Grupo Modelo. The first is owned by Heineken and the second is owned by InBev .

Thankfully, the Mexican producers havent taken the easy way out and just produced a line of bland, indistinguishable beers. Even the average brands are better than the mass-market yellow fizzy water you get in the U.S. from the big boys, while the good ones are really great.

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Where Can I Buy Sol Chelada Beer

Sol Chelada is available in 24-ounce single cans at most grocery, convenience stores and liquor stores nationwide and will be supported with online video, social media, digital advertising, PR, influencer programming and out-of-home displays.

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    The Best Affordable 40

    Workhorses of the drinking world, forties offer not only a ton of alcohol for less than the price of a Frappuccino, but after making it through one, youll have a good buzz to boot. Sure, the quality of the booze may not be the best, but again, these are trying times and sacrifices must be made.

    If youre wondering what exactly a forty is, the name gets at half of the full definition. A forty is a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor. Malt liquor, it needs to be noted, is at its simplest, strong beer that has been made stronger by the use of adjuncts such as sugar or corn that help bump the alcohol percentage up a few ticks. In other words, its not liquor in the sense that rum or vodka are liquors.

    Does Mexican Beer Taste Better With A Lime

    Louisiana Beer Reviews: Sol (canned version)

    This is completely up to the imbiber. Some beer drinkers love to throw a lime into the bottle, while others believe it is completely unnecessary. The best option to find out if you will like a Mexican beer with a lime is to try it for yourself, both with and without a lime, and see which you prefer!

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    Why Is Mexican Beer So Good

    Mexican beer is unique. Its popular due to their lager properties and also because most of them have light bodies and mild tastes. Mexican beer has also enabled the country to extend its rich culture and heritage to other countries of the world.

    What Is Cerveza

    The third type, or style, of Mexican beer is commonly described as cerveza , a crisp and light brew that’s often made with a pilsner malt, flaked corn and less noticeable hops than a true Mexican pilsner.

    Since Mexican cervezas are so crisp and light, they practically pair with any kind of food, but are the perfect style of beer to “wash down” foods like grilled meats and barbeque, fried foods and meats, noodle dishes, and more.

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