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Solar Floodlights With Motion Sensors

Solar Outdoor Lights Motion Sensor W/ 240 Bright Cob Led 164ft Cable 3 Lighting Modes Adjustable Panels Wired Security Solar Powered Flood Lights For Indoor Outside Yard Garden

Bell Howell Solar Bionic Floodlight Deluxe with Remote

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Shatter resistant, Instant On, Shock and vibration resistant, Dimmable, 3-way switching

How We Chose The Best Solar Flood Lights

For this list, we considered a few different factors when choosing the best of the large selection of solar flood lights we found in-store and online.

We considered the different scenarios where a solar light might be used. When all was said and done, we considered the following factors when making this list.

Ledmo Solar Flood Lights

  • Long working time
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lights have limited movement

The LEDMO solar flood lights are made out of a combination of high-quality aluminum and ABS plastic, giving it a durable body and frame. With an IP67-rating, these lights are waterproof and are resistant to heat, rust, dust, frost and the like. I also like how the manufacturer ensured that the lights are shock and high temperature resistant.

Moreover, the LEDMO solar flood lights come with a wide, polycrystalline solar panel with a conversion rate thats 18% faster compared to other products. The solar panel is also made out of tempered glass, assuring you that its durable and long-lasting.

The best outdoor solar flood lights are combined with a 3900 MAH rechargeable battery, resulting in a faster charge and longer use. Charging usually takes about 5-8 hours while the lights work for up to 20 hours or more, depending on the charge.

The LEDMO solar flood lights house 200 LED bulbs, giving off a total brightness output of 10,000 lumens. I really like this since with this battery power and LED bulbs, you can illuminate areas up to 3150 sq. feet.

The LEDMO solar flood lights come with a light-sensing system. Once you activate the auto key, the lights will automatically turn itself on at night and turn it off at dawn. It then starts to charge for the next use.

Aside from that, the LEDMO solar flood lights come with a 5-year warranty replacement. Just contact their customer service and theyll be happy to assist you.

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Ameritop 128 Led 800lm Solar Motion Sensor Lights


  • Bulb: 128 SMD 2835 LED bulbs in triple heads
  • Battery: NiCad
  • Auto turn on and off
  • Wide 270° lighting area
  • Adjustable light heads and sensor
  • Polycrystalline solar panel
  • Solar security lights 2
  • Mounting accessories
  • An affordable solar-powered outdoor floodlight that doesnt compromise on features and quality that is this product in a nutshell. The AmeriTop solar security light is designed with 3 heads to cover a wider angle of 270°. The 128 SMD 2835 LED offers daylight brightness.

    The polycrystalline solar panel can charge even on overcast days with a high conversion efficiency of 20%. Made from highly durable ABS material, this floodlight boasts a high-end IP65 waterproof rating. This means it can be installed in the open without getting damaged.

    The auto turn on and off feature at dusk and dawn will make life easier for you. The Smart Sensor can detect motion up to 26 feet in a 180° arc. The solar security light will remain on when there is movement. It will automatically shut off after 30 seconds without motion. You have the choice of two modes sensor mode and off mode to suit your requirements.

    Easy to install, all-weather resistant, adjustable light heads, lens hoods, and motion sensors this is a good bargain any day.

    How Do I Choose The Best Security Lighting For My Needs

    Solar Spotlight with PIR Motion Sensor, Outdoor Security Flood Lights ...

    Security lighting can protect you from bad guys or it can protect you from yourselfor it can do both!

    If you’re looking for something that will scare off an intruder, choose a bright, motion-activated light that you can mount up high, preferably with a night light mode to keep it on all evening.

    If you’re more worried about seeing your way in the dark, smaller, less powerful lights should serve you just fine. Mount them along fences, railings, and walkways to light up your path at night.

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    How Do I Choose Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

    Depending on the power source you plan, there are different flood lights available. Your required brightness level is another telltale sign for choosing your light. Some flood lights can light up your deck, while some are best for driveways. Subject to your budget, you can select an outdoor light that fits your needs.

    Costech Outdoor Solar Lights

    • Composed of super bright 182 LED lights
    • Three head lamps which are adjustable
    • Upgraded Solar Panel for faster charging and long lasting
    • Its sensor can detect motion in a wider angle
    • Durable
    • Charging depends on the location and weather condition

    Another brightest solar flood lights outdoor that I would like to recommend is the COSTECH solar lights. These lights are making their way to popularity due to its efficiency and uniqueness. It is introduced by Costech, one of the leading brands in the lighting industry.

    There are tons of good quality solar lights in different stores now. But if you are eyeing for a piece that display dependable and long lasting features, then help yourself to check the Costech Solar Lights Outdoor.

    What captures my attention first upon looking on the product description and its image, is the bizarre three lamp heads of the Outdoor Solar Lights. Compare to single head lights, the users can already enjoy three pieces of lights in one purchase.

    Im even more delighted to discover that the three lamps are not stiff. Each piece is adjustable in different directions such as horizontally, upward and downward. That also means that it can supply full glow in an area.

    The Costech Outdoor Solar Lights is not your ordinary solar lights. It contains high power 182 LED. Hence, it can provide ultra-bright illumination in any space like on fences, patios, decks and walls.

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    How Do I Get The Most Range From A Motion Sensing Light Fixture

    If you want your motion sensor to detect movement farther away, place it higher up. Just like a motion sensor for a security system, you’ll want to place it as high as possible to give it the best coverage.

    Try to avoid putting your light under carports or other overhangs that might limit its sensing range.

    Does Keeping A Floodlight On Deter Burglars

    Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light with 3 Lighting Modes

    Burglaries are distressing activities that can be financially and emotionally draining. You can use a variety of techniques to keep criminals out of your house. Motion sensor lights can be an effective way to deter thieves in certain areas. Especially if you live in a densely populated area.On the other hand, they are often most effective when combined with a variety of additional steps. Such as timing the lights and keeping the radio on. It would be best if you reduced the chances of your home being a possible target,by taking necessary precautions.

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    Best Value: Litom Solar Flood Light

    Product Ratings

    What We DidntLike

    • Small solar panel
    • Only 6 hour run time

    At only 600 lumens, this option isnt the brightest, but the simplicity of the design and installation has reviewers raving.

    Plus, you cant beat the price. Essentially just a solar-powered lightbox, this option doesnt have any bells or whistles.

    All the tools needed to install this light come included. If you install it and decide that another location might be better, its easy to reinstall elsewhere.

    The modes that this one includes are something to behold. For being so simple, it really cant get much better.

    Reviews were consistently good for this light. The brightness compared to its size surprised us.

    The motion sensors sensitivity checked off another box that helped it land a spot on our list.

    The LITOM comes with 3 modes: dim steady, dim with bright motion detection, and off with bright motion detection.

    These modes can appeal to a wider audience than other solar flood lights because of the pure variety.

    Compared to the other lights, this one isnt nearly as bright as many of the other lights on this list, but a single light is fine for a fair-sized area.

    One other complaint about this light was the relatively small solar panel which contributes to the short run time.

    With a full charge, this light might last 6 hours. So if youre on the prowl for a light that will last all night, this is not the one for you.

    Most Reliable: Engrepo Solar Outdoor Flood Light

    Product Ratings

    Lumens: 600 | Durability: IP65 | Run Time: 15 hours | Range of Light: 270° | Wattage: 80 watt hours

    What We Liked

    • Nice remote control range to adjust settings
    • Smart chip automatically detects the low battery and adjusts the light to maximize battery life

    What We DidntLike

    • No motion sensing function
    • Not very bright compared to other solar flood lights

    There are a few things that we love about this light in particular. One, the 15 hours run time is sure to last you through the night.

    Especially with the dusk to dawn setting, keeping things a little brighter through the night isnt a problem for the ENGREPO.

    One of the unique features of this model that we love is its built-in smart chip.

    It can automatically adjust the brightness when it detects a low battery, prolonging the run time.

    Theres also a display that lets you know the status of the battery. They also recommend allowing 6 hours to get a full charge before being used.

    This light didnt end up higher on our list due to the lack of motion sensing, but we think that the variety of other settings can make up for that.

    The remote control on the ENGREPO has a 33-foot range, which makes it super convenient to change the settings without too much effort.

    Aside from the dusk-to-dawn setting, theres an option for a 3 hour or 5-hour time setting via the remote and an on/off button.

    This light can endure almost any weather with one of the higher IP ratings on this list at IP67.

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    How To Select The Motion Sensor Flood Light

    Making your final decision can pose to be a challenge. But worry not. We have a few suggestions to make your selection process easier.

    Before that, we would recommend you opt for sites like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and Best Buy for your purchase.

    So the factors you should consider while selecting your motion sensor flood light would be:

    Youre Our First Priority

    LED Solar Street Flood Light Motion Sensor Remote Outdoor Garden Lamp ...

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    110 16

    • 10.0AI Score

      The scores from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI Consumer Report tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites.

    • Brand ZHUPIG
    • Prime
    • Bright Outdoor Solar LightsThe solar powered flood lights come with 74 ultra bright LED beads, and waterproof PET laminated solar pannel with 20% conversion rate. The flood lights outdoor also equipped with 2200mAh rechargeable battery, 800lm 6500K high brightness output and good heat dissipation.
    • More Sensitive Motion SensorThe solar motion sensor lights outdoor are equipped with upgraded motion sensor detector. It will automatically turn on with super bright lighting when the sensor is activated and last about 30s after no motion detection. The motion detection range of the LED solar lights outdoor is 16-26 ft.more
    • 9.6AI Score

      The scores from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI Consumer Report tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites.

    • Brand KERNOWO
    • Prime

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    Lepower 1500lm Solar Lights

    • Reliable and highly sensitive security light
    • IP65 waterproof and durable
    • Two modes, permanent on and automatic on
    • Ideal for different outdoor spaces
    • Adjustable head for optimal lighting
    • A bit expensive

    Bright and durable, the top-selling flood light from LEPOWER should not be missed when trying to shop around for a good solar light for the outdoor. It is with superb features that you might want to get for yourself.

    LEPOWER Solar LED Security Light is another top product from the trusted brand that is known for delivering convenient and reliable products. Consumers trust LEPOWER for its solid reputation and commitment to satisfy them with quality and durable products.

    One of their best offerings is the LED Security Light, which is known for its consistent and long lasting performance to give you the most out of your spending.

    I liked that this product is able to stand out in terms of providing homeowners with efficient lighting, as noted in their solar floodlight review. The energy-saving light is designed in collaboration with decorators and designers.

    If youre looking for a solar powered but efficient flood light, you might want to check out the LEPOWER. Another unique feature of this flood light is its two super bright lights that can emit 1500 lumens of output. You can just imagine how bright the light, while also ensuring that it offers an ideal heat dissipation.

    Sunforce Triple Head Flood Light: Best For Brightness

    When you look at the Sunforce Flood Light, it’s obvious this security light means business. Nothing hiding in the dark stands a chance against its 150 LEDs pumping out 1,000 lumens of blinding light.

    We like that you can tweak the angle of each panel to cover the specific area you want and that you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensorbut we’ve found that the motion sensor isn’t as responsive as other lights on the market.

    Because the Sunforce’s light is separate from its solar panel, you can “stick it where the sun don’t shine,” like under the carport, and use the included nine-foot wire to place the solar panel on the roof. The Sunforce flood light doesn’t have many lighting settings like the Litom, but you can decide how long the light stays on after being triggered.

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    Best For Large Areas: Sunforce Triple Head Solar Motion Light

    Product Ratings

    What We DidntLike

    • Not as bright as other options
    • Not very reliable latch

    If its adjustability youre looking for in a solar flood light, this is the one for you!

    This light pulls out all the stops with an adjustable motion sensing range. Its also the second brightest light on this list.

    With 3 lights, as opposed to 1 that many of the other lights on this list have, this light offers the widest angle you could ask for!

    With 1,000 lumens total, the Sunforce can get the job done in any space.

    The variable light duration and range of independently adjustable motion settings make this light unique from the others we tested.

    Users can adjust the light duration after motion is detected and the range of motion detection .

    The setup was extremely simple. We loved the brightness and variability of the settings. The motion sensor also seems to be sensitive based on the chosen setting.

    On the downside, reliability and durability seem to be up in the air.

    The manufacturer provided no IP rating, and theres no information published about how long the run time is.

    Our experience is that it will last all night, but that can change for each user, dependent on charging conditions.

    We arent confident in recommending it if you need a light that lasts longer than an 8-12 hour stretch on a full charge.

    As far as being waterproof, reviewers, including ourselves, didnt have any specific issues regarding the durability of the light.

    How To Choose Led Solar Floodlights

    Bell Howell Solar Bionic Floodlight Deluxe with Remote

    First, analyze what do you need solar floodlights for? If it’s for home security, then you might want to consider a PIR motion sensor solar floodlight. These types of floodlights remain dormant until activated by motion. They are more energy-efficient because they only run when needed.

    If you need to accentuate an area of ambient lighting, make sure the light has a photocell sensor. Dusk to dawn solar-powered lights are a great option for illuminating dark garden areas. The dusk to dawn function means the solar flood lights will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

    If you need a powerful floodlight over a large area for several hours, then a solar LED flood light with remote control is ideal. You can turn the lights on and off when needed.

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    How We Reviewed Solar Security Lights

    We researched the top solar-powered security lights on the market and studied the pros and cons of each to narrow down our list to the best of the best.

    To understand how we rank and review products, visit our methodology page. To find out more about how to beef up the outdoor security around your home, check out our guide to the best outdoor security cameras.

    Why You Should Trust Us is your one-stop website for information, buying guides and reviews of solar and clean energy products.

    Our team is composed of passionate individuals from across industries. Were here to show our care and concern for the environment. We believe that using clean energy solution like solar power led flood lights is one of the best ways on how to help conserve the environment and show concern to it.

    Our team envisions becoming your one-stop source of insightful reviews so that you can make a better decision in shopping around for solar energy and wind energy products. We follow a systematic process in conducting reviews.

    At first, we sit down and talk about the things to look for when shopping around for a solar floodlight on the market. We determine the factors to check when choosing this product, and then later research on the top picks in the category.

    Once done, we create reviews of these products, highlight their pros and cons, and write their best features. Through this process, you can make a better comparison of the reliable products in the category.

    Making a better decision, you will have peace of mind of buying the right solar flood light for your needs and requirements. Hoping you do pick the right solar flood lights after reading this guide today!

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