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How To Keep Pigeons From Under Solar Panels

Install A Tuck/mesh Netting

Removing Pigeons from Under Solar Panels | Bird Proofing Solar Panels

This is one of the most humane and convenient ways to deter pigeons from the panes surface. You can install them at any spot and they look great. They are especially aimed at covering the space beneath the solar panels and thus might stop them from laying and hatching eggs as well. The only thing you have to do is to clip the netting to the surfaces and wrap it around the edges. Regardless of the brand or product you choose, tuck nettings are subtle, low-key and efficient bird deterrents.

Vevor Solar Panel Bird Wire 6inch X 98ft Critter Guard Roll Kit Solar Panel Guard W/ 100pcs Stainless Steel Fasteners 50pcs Tie Wires Removable Pvc Coated Wire For Squirrel Bird Critters Proofing

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    • PVC Coated Steel Wire Mesh: Size: 6 inch x 98 ft. The solar panel guard is made of steel and coated in black PVC to ensure strong resistance to weather and rust. Do not worry about birds nesting underneath the solar panels.
    • Stainless Steel Fasteners: Still fretting about having no fasteners? We kindly provide 100pcs stainless steel fasteners and 50pcs tie wires, working so great to make the critter guard more robust and secure. No need to spend extra time buying it.
    • Install in Minutes: It was pretty easy to install as long as you read the installation steps carefully. The solar panel bird wire can be installed under the solar panel, even the corners. Choose the proper size and start your own DIY time.
    • Keep Critters Away: The finer mesh has a 1/2” opening which is the perfect size to keep critters out but still allow wind and water flow from your roof. Strong welding ensures solidity. These critters can’t break-in.
    • Versatile Uses: Our critter guard roll kit effectively keeps out these critters from mess up our roof. Also, can be used as a fence or barrier net to keep rodents out. High malleability makes it easy to be installed around conduits, railings, and vents.

    How Pigeons Pose A Problem For Solar Panels

    Pigeons love to create nests under solar panels, and many of the materials they use are flammable. Solar panels require ventilation to function correctly, but nesting pigeons can block the air flow, potentially posing a significant risk of fire.

    In addition, pigeon nests and the excrement these pest birds leave behind cause problems with solar panel wiring, photovoltaic equipment and the rooftop the array is resting on. Pigeon droppings are corrosive, eating away at photovoltaic system components and roofing materials.

    In many cases, photovoltaic wiring is manufactured using a soy-based coating compound. Although more environmentally friendly than the traditional, petroleum-based coating that was formerly used by the industry, the soy compound provides an ready food source for a variety of potentially damaging pests.

    Finally, an accumulation of bird excrement on the surface of your solar panels reduces their efficiency. Pigeon droppings covering your photovoltaic array compromises its output, which leads to higher energy costs.

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    Are Critter Guard Worth The Extra Investment

    As mentioned above, pigeons and other pests like to nest under panels which can cause extensive damage. While it may not seem like such a big deal, having no power because one of the wires was chewed by a rodent is definitely not ideal. To prevent such things from happening, installing critter guards either during or after your solar install is a wise decision for any homeowner.

    If you are interested in solar energy, make sure to check out our tips for any homeowner looking into solar.

    How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

    Proofing solar panels from pigeons

    Just like other birds, pigeons often seek shelter from predators, rain, and the sun. Unfortunately, they tend to build their nests and raise young pigeons on the surfaces of man-made structures, especially solar panels. This results in disruptions and increased noises as well as a reduced performance of your solar power system. Keep reading to learn some useful tips on how to get rid of pigeons under solar panels.

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    How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Under Solar Panels 10 Ways To Do It

    Do you have pigeons constituting nuisance under your solar panels? If YES, here are 10 cheap ways to get rid of pigeons under solar panels. Just like all living creatures, pigeons often seek shelter from predators, rain and the sun. They also love a warm place where they can lay their eggs and brood their chicks.

    These versatile birds are attracted to sheltered places that can equally give them a place to perch. Because pigeons live mostly with us, they tend to build their nests and raise young pigeons on the surfaces of man-made structures, especially solar panels.

    Pigeons often use rooftops, gutters, roof overhangs, and even window trims to build nests. And theyre social birds, which means that they actually like to live together. When you have a brood of pigeons living under your solar panels, it results in disruptions and increased noises as well as a reduced performance of your solar power system.

    Solar panels dont go literally on top of the roof, but on top of railings that sit on your roof, providing a space between the modules and the actual roof. Pigeons like to place their nests there as it offers a nice shady area and protects them from the weather and predators. The pigeons may also be sitting or walking around on the panels before they retire for the night or when they just want to rest.

    When birds build nests under solar panels, they can easily back up water when it rains, allowing water to pool or diverting it to sensitive areas.

    Table of Content

    Keep A Clean Yard And Garden

    Pigeons are always looking for something to eat.

    This is why they prefer roosting next to a place where they can easily find a lot of food.

    If your yard or garden has stuff for them to eat then the undersides of your solar panels will be an ideal location for them to roost.

    So, you should maintain your yard and garden every week and get rid of anything that may be a source of food for pigeons.

    Apart from that, you should make sure that your trash is tightly sealed and inside a closed bin.

    Maintaining your home is an important step towards keeping a clean roof and garden as it will ensure nothing attracts the pigeons from nesting or roosting.

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    How Do You Stop Pigeons From Going Under Your Solar Panels

    We have seen customers trying all sorts of methods from poking long sticks under solar panels to using a high powered water gun to get rid of pigeons from under solar panels from homes in Kent but in truth, none of it works.

    Pigeons are resilient and will do whatever it takes to take shelter under panels.

    You may have success preventing them from taking hold in the short run but before you know the infestation can get worse much worse! I would suggest at this point, even if you see a couple of birds showing interest on your roof, to call us Kent Bird Control Services for solar panel pigeon protection. That way you avoid the noise, the mess, the smell and the inconvenience of blocked gutters and downpipes, over spill on to patios and polluted water butts if you have one.

    You might spot one or two inquisitive birds but once they realise how safe it is away from predator birds, and sheltered from the elements, many more pigeons can join them.

    I think the most we have cleared out is around 50 to 60 birds. This posed a serious health risk as there was lots of bird droppings all around the property.

    We have had one property where the problem was that bad that the solars had to be removed from the roof and all the cable connections replaced.

    Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Clips

    How to remove Pigeons from under Solar Panels

    Bird B Gone Solar clips are used to secure wire mesh to solar panels. The number of clips needed will depend on the solar panel system. A standard 3kW system requires 35 clips.

    Features and Benefits

    • Clips will not scratch, pierce or impact integrity of solar panels
    • Used to secure the mesh to solar panels which creates a physical barrier to keep birds from accessing and nesting in the area beneath the solar arrays

    Calculating the Number of Solar Clips Needed

    The number of clips needed will depend on the solar panel system. A standard 3kW system requires 35 clips. When calculating the necessary number of clips need for a solar array:

    • Use 2 clips for the short side of every exposed edge of a panel
    • Use 3 clips for the long side of every exposed edge of a panel
    • Clips are available in packs of 35, 50 and 100

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    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels In London

    The city of London is located in the southeast of England, and is also the countrys capital city. London is by far the biggest and most populous city in the UK, and one of the biggest cities in the world. This means a whole lot of homes and businesses in need of solar panels, which we at Direct are experts at! There are over 3 million homes in London, which means 3 million roofs where pigeons or other birds can be an annoyance. Pigeons love to nest in dark places, and if youre a solar panel owner in London, you might have even noticed some birds hanging around your panels. This is a bad sign, as it might mean that your solar panels might be infested soon, if this hasnt already happened.

    Birds such as pigeons will spread dirt and faeces all over your solar panels, not to mention cause damage to the wiring and be a constant source of noise when nesting. Luckily for you however, we are here to help! Our highly qualified team are experts in pigeon proofing solar panels London, preventing, and deterring them from nesting under your solar panels. Our team can install a protective mesh around your panels which no bird can break through, which will get rid of them without resorting to extreme measures which might harm them. Our team can also do solar panel installations and solar panel cleaning, making sure your panels stay sparkling and efficient throughout the year! So, if birds become a problem for your solar panels, contact us for the best solution, which is bird proofing!

    We Also Can Help With Any Problems You May Be Having With Jackdaws Under Your Solar Panels On Your Roof Please Call Us If You Need Any Help Or Advice

    Our team can help remove the Jackdaws humanely and protect you from future disturbances, we know how birds on your roof can ruin your sleep, due to their very early morning movements.

    Some recent examples of our solar panel pigeon deterrent solution

    Stop birds perching or nesting under solar panels

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    Invest In Plastic Predators

    Plastic birds of prey may seem dated, but they get the job done. If you invest in a fake owl with a head that swivels in the breeze, it can move convincingly and regularly enough to scare birds away. Theyre a great pigeon guard for solar panels.

    There are also high-tech, automated birds of prey you can install on your roof that will scare pigeons and other birds away for years to come. Again, pair these approaches with bird netting and other tactics to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach.

    Clean Your Panels Regularly

    How to get rid of pigeons nesting under solar panels

    Keeping your panels in good condition is just one step in being proactive. A solar panel array that is in a good, clean and working condition will be much less attractive for birds to nest.

    We recommend having your solar panels professional services to ensure long-term functionality. Repairing any damage to the array and fixing any mounting issues are all part of the battle.

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    Can Birds Damage Solar Panels

    The solar panel is a famously sturdy option in the realm of renewable energy. Its made of tough, tempered safety glass, it has no moving parts, and it can last upwards of 30-40 years just sitting on your roof.

    Its bonkers to think, then, that a family of pigeons can significantly mess with your panels. Largely comprised of flesh, hollow bone and feather, the domestic pigeon will make a mockery of your £6,000 solar PV array and your home. But how exactly?

    Visual Distortion Bird Deterrent

    Bird B Gone Reflect-a-Bird is a silent wind-powered spinning visual bird deterrent that effectively scares birds away. The mirror-like design uses sunlight and wind to create a distraction zone that confuses pest birds causing them to flee the area. For best results, use Reflect-a-Bird in conjunction with other visual or physical bird deterrents.

    Reflect-a-Bird is the perfect bird deterrent for creating confusing distraction zones in any location that allows for access to light and wind movement. Areas including commercial buildings, boats, homes and agricultural settings all can benefit from the pest deterring abilities of Reflect-a-Bird.

    • Easy to install, extremely effective
    • Can be glued, screwed or tied down to flat surfaces
    • Weatherproof aluminum and plastic construction
    • Angled design allows for installation in multiple directions

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    Why My Solar Panels

    The frustrating truth is that pigeons are drawn to solar panels for a variety of reasons, including the following:

    • The view. Pigeons and other birds love a good view because it allows them to scout for food and water. The best place for a solar panel – up high, exposed to the sun, and away from any features that might block the view – are exactly the same features that attract pigeons. Outside cities, pigeons gather and nest on cliffs your rooftop is simply the urban variety.
    • The protection. Another feature pigeons look for when choosing a nesting and roosting site is protection from predators and the weather. They dont want just any old cliff, they want one that offers both a great view and safe shelter. Your solar panels are perfect. A nest built under a solar panel is shady, warm, protected from rain and wind, and hidden from predators.

    How To Remove Pigeons From Under Solar Panels

    How to Prevent Pigeons Getting Under Solar Panels | NBC Environment

    Sometimes it can be too late to try preventative measures. If pigeons have already settled in, mesh wire will just trap them and create something pretty gruesome. To cleanse your roof of pigeons, youll normally require the services of a professional pest control company.

    Specially trained people will shoo the pigeons away, clean off as much poo as possible , and then apply a biocide to kill any mites and break down any remaining faeces. Once this is done, theyll be able to install the mesh and spikes.

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    Use A Pigeon Repellent Gel

    To stop pigeons from roosting on your roof you need to do everything you can to make the area less attractive to them.

    You can easily do that with a repellent gel that will deter the pigeons from nesting or roosting under your solar panels.

    There are many such gels on the market that can be tried as a good home remedy to get rid of pigeons.

    However, the most popular one is the Bird-X Bird Proof Transparent Repellent gel.

    You can apply it to the sides of your solar panels so when a pigeon lands to inspect the area it leaves as soon as possible.

    Do remember to not apply in too much quantity as that can hurt the pigeons since they can get stuck in the gel.

    It will last for a few weeks and then you will have to apply the gel again.

    Hire A Bird Control Expert

    Removing pigeons from under solar panels and installing bird control devices is a big job. If you want to resolve the problem quickly, and get the best results, hire a bird control expert. Theyll assess your situation and use a combination of the above tactics to ensure you no longer have to worry about pigeons damaging your solar panels.

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    Are Birds Nesting Under Solar Panels A Problem

    The simple answer is yes. Depending on their size, it is possible for birds an aspect of your solar panel system. Birds also carry diseases. One of the most common diseases that can be caught form birds is Histoplasmosis. Often spread through bird feces this disease can lead to blindness if left untreated.

    Birds can also create blockages in your pipes and gutters with their feathers and when parts of the nest dismantle. Birds can also be very noise when close to your home. Allowing a bird to nest close to your home can become annoying when they are waking you up in the early parts of every morning!

    Why Would You Want To Keep Pigeons From Under Your Panels

    Pigeons under Solar Panels

    While it may seem harmless to have birds such as pigeons under your solar panels, most critters can cause damage to your system costing you hundreds in repairs. Squirrels, for example, can nest under the panels, and like to chew through exposed or hanging wires. They can cut power lines from solar panels if they chew the right wire. Birds also nest under and around panels, causing a buildup of dirt and feces that can lower panel efficiency significantly. Its important that rooftop solar panels maintain airflow underneath to keep them cool and running at the ideal capacity.

    In addition, environmental debris, such as leaves or twigs, can also lead to panel damage. Having a build up of dry leaves and twigs can act as a dangerous fire hazard. This is why it is important to have a critter guard installed around your solar panels.

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