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How Many Solar Panels Per Square Foot

Lg Solar Panels Price

How Much Solar Do I Need For a 2000 SqFt. Home?

LG solar panels cost $2.76 a watt. This translates to $14,400 to $18,720 for a 6kW system fully installed. Installation varies by panel type, roof pitch, and other factors. LG makes 4 different groups of solar panels. Each can be further broken down into different types for your location and needs. They have high-efficiency panels and ones that maximize your energy even in the shade.

Roof Space Needed To Install Solar Panels

Generally speaking, about 335-405 sqft of roof space is necessary. However, theres no one-size-fits-all minimum roof space needed for installing solar panels. Opting for high-efficiency panels will do the trick if you have limited roof space.

Furthermore, the desirable south-facing, 30° pitched roof is impossible at times. A less perfect roof is also perfectly fine, though it needs more panels to meet the energy requirement.

Solar panels are becoming more efficient and cost-effective. They can now be installed on flat roofs as well. So, even if you dont have the perfect, you can install a solar panel system.

Factors That Will Impact The Number Of Solar Panels You Need

Although the square footage of your building will be a piece of the final puzzle, the number of panels you will need is ultimately determined by the following four factors:

  • The amount of electricity you use
  • Amount of daily direct sunlight in your area
  • The amount of usable roof space
  • The type of solar panel you select
  • How much electricity do you use? We like to look at your most recent 6 to 12 months of energy usage. Thanks to Net Metering, we can use this history to properly size your system to cover 100% of your yearly usage in most cases.

    Put it where the sun shines – The amount of direct sunlight your roof receives will vary based on where you live and the time of year . Thankfully, we have tools like this U.S. State Solar Resource Map from NREL and extensive local weather station data, as well as other software to help calculate the amount of sunshine in your region. States in the mid-Atlantic region are averaging 4.7 peak sun hours each day.

    Not all roofs are created equal – Generally speaking, the perfect roof has a 30° pitch and is facing due south. Since thats not always realistic, a less than perfect roof may need more panels to produce the energy you need. The good news is solar panels are becoming more and more efficient. These improvements have made it more cost-effective to install panels on roofs that face east/west and arent the perfect pitch.

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    Is Solar Power Worth It For A 3000 Square Foot House

    Here, calculations are made to justify cost of solar panel installation for a 3000 square feet house while taking average values of electricity bills in different cities of Texas is:

    These projected electricity bills are ESTIMATED using the average square footage and energy consumption of homes in Texas overall, and in various Texas cities.

    Sq Footage

    Best solar panel tilt calculator here.

    Average for monthly household electricity bill in USA comes out to be $210.76. We have calculated the average cost of solar panel installation as $30,500. We are ignoring cost of other components in the system as well as incentives assuming that both will compensate for each other. This way, cost of solar system will be recovered in 30,500 / = 12.06 years.

    Having been said that a solar system will last for around 20 to 25 years in case of regular use. But it can be made to work for 40 to 45 years if maintained well. So you will have opportunity to recover the cost and then make profit from solar panel installations.

    How Does Sunlight Amount Affect Solar Panels

    How many solar panels are needed for one house (250 square ...

    Different areas of the United States receive more or less sunlight compared to other areas. The amount of sunlight you receive directly correlates with how many solar panels you will need.

    Typically, southern states get more sun than northern states. But southern states with higher altitudes and less cloud coverthink of Arizona and New Mexicoget more energy from the sun than states such as Florida or Georgia. So, for the same size house, you would generally need more solar panels in Georgia than you would in Arizona.

    Remember, the sun may be shining, but if it is behind a cloud, youre not getting the same amount of solar energy absorbed by your solar PV system. This means that a solar panel in San Diego will produce more energy in a year than the same exact solar panel located in Seattle.

    The image below will help you determine the solar energy, known as solar insolation, in your area. Exploring your sun number score should also be helpful. If your roof does not get a good amount of sunlight and you live on a good size amount of land, you may have other options for mounting solar panels elsewhere with better sunlight.

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    Electricity Usage For Air Conditioning

    There are many places in the country where air conditioning is nearly a necessity, such as the Southeast where it gets both hot and very humid in the summer. Meanwhile, few homes in the Northwest have central air conditioning, and at most might have a window unit or two for the few weeks where its uncomfortably hot.

    A central air conditioner is a big energy hog, drawing a few thousand watts of power while operating.

    Typical Solar Panel Types

    Before moving on to the calculation part, it is imperative to have a basic idea of the following prominent solar panel types.

    • Polycrystalline solar panels
    • Thin-film panels
    • PERC

    PERC panels are highly efficient in terms of energy conversion efficiency , followed by monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

    You will observe that the cost of monocrystalline solar panels is the highest. This price tag is due to its high power capacity and energy rating.

    Hence, before installing solar panels, its vital to consider all these basics.

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    Online Tools For Estimating Your Roof Area

    There are websites that will let you use satellite maps to draw an area on your roof to get the square footage. You can find a few of these on the internet, but one I like is on

    When you go to the area calculator, youâll see a screen like this: Zoom to a satellite view of your rooftop.

    In the address field, enter your street address, city and state, separated by commas . Then click the zoom to address button, which will place a red pin on your house .

    Then, switch to the satellite view so that you can see your actual house . Draw a polygon to calculate the area of your rooftop.

    Youâll need to click the + icon on the lower right corner to zoom all the way in .

    After that, click on the map to draw a polygon around the area of the roof where you think your panels should go. You will click on each corner of the polygon, and then click back to the first point to close the polygon .

    If youâve done it correctly, the calculated area of your polygon will be displayed above the map .

    What Affects Solar Panel Output Efficiency

    How Much Solar Do I Need For a 2,000 square foot Home

    Heres where solar panel quality makes a difference. Not all solar panels are alike. Photovoltaic solar panels come in wattages ranging from about 150 watts to 370 watts per panel, depending on the panel size and efficiency , and on the cell technology.

    For example, solar cells with no grid lines on the front absorb more sunlight than conventional cells and do not suffer from issues such as delamination . The construction of our cells makes them stronger and more resistant to cracking or corrosion. And a microinverter on each panel can optimize power conversion at the source, in contrast to one large inverter mounted on the side of the house.

    Because of these wide variations in quality and efficiency, its difficult to generalize about which solar panels are right for you or how many youll need for your home. The main takeaway is that the more efficient the panels are, the more wattage they can produce, and the fewer you will need on your roof to get the same energy output. Conventional solar panels usually produce about 250 watts per panel, with varying levels of efficiency. In contrast, SunPower panels are known to be the most efficient solar panels on the market.*

    To figure out how many solar panels you need, divide your homes hourly wattage requirement by the solar panels wattage to calculate the total number of panels you need.

    So that average U.S. home in Dallas, Texas, would need about 25 conventional solar panels or 17 SunPower panels.

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    Size And Rating Of Your Solar Panels

    Solar panels can vary in size and rating, leading to different sized systems for the same amount of energy output. Some panels might be smaller but have a higher watt rating, which means theyre more efficient than a larger panel with a lower rating. Thats why you must consider the efficiency of the panels when determining the total solar panel system size for your roof.

    While the efficiency of solar panels might vary, solar panel sizes typically dont, as most companies have a standard solar panel square footage to make installation easier. The standard solar panel size dimensions are about 65 inches by 39 inches, which is roughly 17.5 square feet.

    Solar Panel Size Guide: How Many Solar Panels Do You Need

    Green Coast is supported by its readers. We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you if you buy through a link on this page. Learn more.

    The size of a solar panel is a huge determining factor for placement, production and optimization. In our solar panel size guide, we will highlight everything you should know about your solar panel sizing and possible power output.

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    What Adds Up The Cost Of Solar Power System For A 2500 Square Foot House

    Cost range calculated above gives an idea before someone starts ones plans to switch to renewable energy. But it must be kept in mind that this doesnt provide concrete figures. There are several factors which can cause cost to increase.

    For example, an extra load like HVAC system which demands high power will lead you add panels and thus cost. Similarly, environmental condition like intense summer might push you go for AC, adding up more cost.

    Shaded area on roof top or less shiny days during some seasons can also increase the need for number of solar panels to generate required amount of energy. Labor cost varies from state to state and might affect your calculations.

    Costs related to other crucial components in solar panel system can also not be ignored.

    Heres my guide to best 1000 watt inverter.

    How To Determine How Many Solar Panels You Will Need

    How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power My Home?

    Taking into account the factors in the section above, a simple formula to use to estimate the size of the system that you need is kWh per year / 1200 = the size system you need . Our actual system design will take many other factors into account, but this should be a good estimate. Once we have the kW needed, we will select the number of panels by reviewing your available roof space and your target budget. For example, if space is an issue, we will need to select a higher efficiency panel to keep the footprint small and the production high. Likewise, a cheaper panel could be selected if there is more available space to work with.

    You can do the math or better yet, use the examples we compiled for you to get a ballpark idea of the number of panels youll need. We suggest contacting a solar installation professional to determine the exact size for a system that best fits your needs. In the meantime, this chart is a good reference point.

    Average Monthly

    Note: A 330W solar panel covers roughly 19.5 sq. ft.


    Most homeowners will need a 5 kW to 20 kW solar system. This would obviously vary depending on a few factors, such as: if you have a heated pool or use electric heat.

    A $120 average monthly electric bill will need a 10 kW solar system to cover their annual energy usage. A 10 kW solar system will utilize 32 330W solar panels and cover roughly 624 sq. ft.


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    Actual Solar Panel Cost Per Square Foot

    The average solar panel cost per square foot ranges between $4 and $10. However, many installers estimate solar costs in terms of the number of watts needed to feed your home energy needs.

    This usually ranges between $2.53 and $3.15 per watt. The cost is estimated before tax incentives and credits.

    Besides the home size, solar panel cost per square foot also depends on the roof size and design, as well as the type of panels and your energy needs.

    Here is a cost estimation of the cost of installing a solar system, based on your homes size.

    Home size in square foot Average cost
    3,000 14,280 17,850

    Generally, the more energy you need to run your household, the higher the costs will be of installing the solar system. If you dont have many appliances that keep running or are not always in the house, your energy needs will reduce and so will the cost of a new solar installation.

    Electricity Usage For Home Heating

    In some places in the United States, you might need home heating only a couple weeks a year. This includes the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions, and southern California. For those situations, electric resistance heating tends to be used much more than in states that have several months of heating days.

    Electric resistance heating uses electricity to heat a coil, like in a toaster or hair dryer. Youâre probably familiar with electric baseboard heaters or small space heaters. Electric resistance heating is inefficient, but itâs handy in regions with low heating requirements, because itâs cheap to install and doesnât require ductwork.

    In cold-weather US states with multiple heating months, natural gas is the most popular heating fuel. While a gas furnace does use some electricity to power the fan, itâs a fraction of the power that would be needed for a fully electric furnace.

    Note that electric resistance heating is different from highly efficient electric heat pumps, which use electrically-driven compressors to pull heat from the air or ground, much like the way that a refrigerator or air conditioner works. Heat pumps are becoming more popular, even in very cold climates. Many utility companies and local agencies offer rebates on both air source and ground source heat pumps.

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    Solar Panel Cost For A 2500 Sqft Home

    The cost range of installing solar panels for a 2,500 sq.ft. home ranges from $18,000 to $55,000. Many different factors determine the number of panels and cost. Homes this size require more panels than smaller homes even for basic needs. If you add in any major electrical systems, such as HVAC, your costs will be higher. If you want to reduce your dependency on the grid by a significant amount, your costs will be higher as well. If you have relatively low energy needs, your costs could be even lower than the average.

    The Brand And Model Of The Panels

    Are Solar Panels Going To 300 Watts Soon?

    Its no secret that some solar panels are more expensive than others. Some brands are well-known and have gained customers trust over the years. For this reason, they tend to ride on their good name and popularity when setting up their prices.

    While most of them have quality products, other smaller and less-known brands are producing just as good products. For instance, popular brands like LG, Panasonic, SunPower, etc., are significantly cheaper than brands like AXITEC Solar panels.

    Therefore, before making your purchase decision, ensure you consider quality and benefits more. The brand name should come after.

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    How Many Solar Panels You Need For A 2500 Sqft House

    According to the Energy Information Administration, a house between 2500-2999 sqft requires 1,023 kWh per month or 12,280 kWh annually.

    It requires between 17 -26 premium solar panels for a 2,500 square foot house to generate enough electricity for efficient functioning. This is, too, on the condition that the house is south facing and without shading.

    Furthermore, here premium refers to efficient panels with an output rating of 400 watts. These solar panels are the highest efficiency solar panels available in the market.

    Cheaper solar panels save you money but generate less electricity per panel, defeating the entire process. The lowest efficiency solar panels in the market have a rating of 250 watts. An average American household of 2,500 sqft would need between 26-40 cheap solar panels to meet its electricity needs.

    Solar Thermal Panels Vs Photovoltaic Panels

    You may find that in addition to the many other choices you have when it comes to solar, you also have two panel types to choose from. Solar thermal and photovoltaic are the two main types of solar energy. For most homes, photovoltaic is the most common type, while solar thermal is typically used for larger commercial settings.

    Solar thermal panels use heat, which it then converts to energy. This means it could store the heat from the day and then produce energy at night. Photovoltaic cells produce electricity from light. This is the most common cell because they can be installed with or without batteries, and they do not overheat. Some thermal panels lose efficiency as they heat up, making them not as good a choice for mounting on top of a home or in very sunny climates. Both have a similar cost per watt, depending on the manufacturer.

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