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Grape Solar 100 Watt Off-Grid Expansion 
Kit User Guide


100 Watt Off-Grid Expansion Kit Quick Connect Guide

IMPORTANT: Please read GS-STAR-100W connection guide before assembling kit.

1 Check your order to make sure that all parts are included:

  • GS-STAR-100W Solar Panel
  • 15-amp In-line MC4 Fuse
  • MC4 Branch Connector Set
  • 2 Mount the new solar panel so that it is facing due South at approximately the same angle as your latitude. The ideal area has full sun and no shading. If the following connections are made during daylight, cover all panels with cardboard, cloth, or a similar opaque material so that all the panels do not put out power.

    3 Connect the In-line MC4 Fuse to the positive lead of the new solar panel . Disconnect the MC4 connections of the original panel, and insert a Branch Connecter into each of the resulting gaps to form a closed circuit with the new solar panel.


    Installations of this kit could be subject to national and local building and electrical codes. Installers should have adequate knowledge of national and local code to ensure the installation passes inspection by the local electric authority.

    Proper fuses or breakers should be used to comply with all local and national codes. Contact Grape Solar for specific recommendations.

    For additional information about Grape Solar products:

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