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Do Solar Panels Cause Cancer

What Are The Advantages Of Living Next To A Solar Farm

Storing Solar Power on my ROOF!!!

According to the EIA, there are over 2,500 utility-scale solar photovoltaic facilities in the US which generate electricity. Furthermore, the US government is incentivizing companies to launch new projects, so additional solar plants are being built all the time.

Aside from the wider positive impacts on the environment of solar energy, living next to a solar farm or near a solar farm also has a set of advantages.

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What Do Emf And Emr Mean

Every electrically charged particle generates an EMF . And, the fact that protons and electrons have electric charges, it means that each atom in our bodies generates an EMF. It is a force inside every living organism.

However, EMF is not a major concern in electric devices. EMR is the primary concern. EMR stands for electromagnetic radiation.

These radiations range from some extremely low frequencies such as radio waves to ultra-high ones.

Some Examples of these EMR includes:

  • Radio Waves

These are EMRs that contains wavelengths that are longer than those in infrared light. They usually have frequencies of between 30 hertz and 300 gigahertz high. 30 Hz corresponds to wavelengths of 10,000km while 300 GHz corresponds to a wavelength of 1 mm.

They are artificially produced by transmitters and received by using antennas by radio receivers.

Radio waves are responsible for radio communication, radar, broadcasting, and more.

  • Microwaves

These are EMRs that have wavelengths of between one millimeter and one meter. Their frequencies range between 300 GHz and 300 MHz. These electromagnetic radiations are mostly used in communications and cooking at home.

  • Infrared

This type of EMR contains wavelengths of between 700 nm and one mm. They are usually shorter than radiations in radio waves but longer than the radiations in visible light. This means that they are not visible to human eyes.

  • Visible Light

  • Ultraviolet

  • X-rays

  • Gamma Rays

  • Cosmic Rays

Myth #4 Only Warm And Sunny Regions Of The Country Can Benefit From Solar Power

A common and ridiculous myth about solar power is that you have to live in a sunny state to get any benefit from it.

Fact: You can benefit from solar power in all 50 states, including Alaska. In fact, grid-supplied power in Alaska can be very expensive. For remote villages, the cost of electricity may be 8 times the national average!

Germany is another example of how well solar works in a northern location. In March of 2019, Germany generated 7.3% of its total energy needs from solar power alone.

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Can Solar Panels Or Living Near A Solar Farm Cause Cancer

There is no evidence that solar panels are causing cancer, says Noah Kittner, PhD, assistant professor in the department of environmental sciences and engineering at the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina. In fact, adds Dr. Kittner, solar panels and solar farms may actually be a beneficial strategy to reduce the risk of lung cancer overall. In many cases, theyre offsetting other electricity-generating sources that can contribute to air pollution, which can cause cancer.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer, accounting for 25% of cancer deaths, according to the American Cancer Society. Globally, 14% of all lung cancers are attributable to air pollution, according to data reported by Christine Berg, MD, of the National Cancer Institute at the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer 2021 World Conference on Lung Cancer. And, in 2019, electricity production accounted for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Dirty Electricity From Solar Panel Inverters

Do Solar Panels Cause Cancer? (An Analysis &  Case Study)

Now its time to talk about the more pervasive radiation risk that results from solar panel systems: dirty electricity. If you want to read a full guide on dirty electricity, you can do that here, but Ill cover the basics.

Essentially, dirty electricity is un-usable electricity that gets trapped in your electrical wiring. The wiring in your home is likely 60 hertz AC if you live in the United States, and 50 hertz if you live in Europe. This system worked well when most electrical devices used this type of electricity.

However, as modern technology was developed, devices required more, less, or varying amounts of electricity that this system couldnt support. So, when these devices try to use the electricity in a way it wasnt intended, the result is something called high-frequency voltage transients. These result from the erratic surges of power, and they become unusable.

This unusable electricity then gets stuck in your electrical system, radiating EMFs into your home or office.

Dirty electricity is usually generated when devices try to use 60/50 hertz electrical systems in one of a few ways:

  • Converting the 60 Hertz AC into a low-voltage DC or
  • Higher voltage AC
  • Drawing power intermittently in short bursts by turning the electrical current on and off, sometimes thousands of times per second.
  • The radiation emitted from these wires can be measured up to 6 feet away from the wiring and outlets. If you are electrically sensitive, this is even more of a concern.

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    Can Solar Panels Give You Cancer

    The short answer is no, its unlikely that solar panels will give you cancer. When solar panels first hit the market, there were concerns that they would attract the sun to an area, increase the UV rays which could ultimately lead to some skin cancers, however that theory has been debunked.

    Now, there is some association between increased exposure to EMF radiation and certain cancers. Like weve discussed, solar panel systems can increase your overall exposure to radiation, which in theory could increase your chances, however, there are simple steps you can take that we outline above. In addition, to my knowledge, there have been no studies specifically linking solar panel radiation to cancer.

    Where Can People Find Additional Information On Emfs

    The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences website has information about EMFs and cancer.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration website has information about workplace exposures to ELF-EMF.

    The US Environmental Protection Agency website has information on power lines and other sources of EMF.

    The European Commission also has general information on EMF.

    The World Health Organization website also has information about EMFs and public health.

    Selected References
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer. Non-ionizing Radiation, Part 2: Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields. Lyon, France: IARC 2013. IARC monographs on the evaluation of carcinogenic risks to humans, Volume 102.

  • Ahlbom A, Green A, Kheifets L, et al. Epidemiology of health effects of radiofrequency exposure. Environmental Health Perspectives 2004 112:17411754.

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    Do Solar Inverters Emit Radiation

    One of the biggest concerns of people using solar power systems is whether there is any harmful radiation emitted by both the solar panel and the inverter.

    If you are one of those solar inverter users who feels the same concern about the radiation emitted from the solar inverter and its harmful effects, I am here to enlighten you with the right information. Have a look!

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    Health Risks Of Solar Panels

    How Does Solar Energy Work?

    Solar panels on roof of home

    When looking for a house to live in, recently, I noticed that those with solar panels made me VERY ill, within seconds. As I own a rf meter , I began measuring these sorts of homes. What I found was a significant increase in rf radiation inside solar homes, with no other possible sources. I am electrosensitive so I can feel the effects more within seconds. It made me feel dizzy, nauseated, head-achy, and disoriented . I stopped going into homes with solar as a result. I researched the problem more and became alarmed. Little do people know that solar energy systems can be dangerous to their health, due to the EMFs emitted. Just one of scores of health impacts can be increased cancer risk. EMF stands for manmadeelectromagnetic field, such as produce unnatural electric, magnetic, or rf radiation in the environment. Also sometimes referred to as cell phone radiation, high frequency rf radiation falls within the category of microwave radiation. Solar panel systems particularly their inverters are attributed with elevated magnetic fields, with rf radiation and high voltage transients emissions that travel along the wiring in the house, and some of this even travels along the electrical wiring or in the ground outside to neighboring homes.

    ~Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention

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    What Happened With The Solarcity Panels At Walmart

    The Walmart lawsuit, filed on August 20th 2019, accused that SolarCity practiced âwidespread, systemic negligenceâ and âfailed to abide by prudent industry practices in installing, operating and maintaining its solar systems.â

    Walmart and Tesla have settled their lawsuit. They released the following joint statement:

    âWalmart and Tesla are pleased to have resolved the issues raised by Walmart concerning the Tesla solar installations at Walmart stores. Safety is a top priority for each company and with the concerns being addressed, we both look forward to a safe re-energization of our sustainable energy systems.â

    The court filing claims that Teslaâs own inspectors identified multiple issues with their own installations but failed to repair them. According to court documents, the issues include:

    ⢠improper wire management, including abraded and hanging wires ⢠inadequate wire connecting practices and poor grounding ⢠inaccurate as-built drawings and⢠solar panel modules that were broken or contained dangerous hotspots.

    Walmart documented at least seven rooftop fires related to solar panels at its stores. A single solar panel fire is highly unusual, so seven fires by the same installer strongly suggests a pattern of malpractice.

    We should wait for further facts to come out during the court proceedings, but at this point it seems as if Walmart might have a case here.

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    Do Solar Farms Decrease Property Values

    It is a common misconception that ground mounted solar farms decrease nearby property values. Examining property value in states across the United States demonstrates that large-scale solar arrays often have no measurable impact on the value of adjacent properties, and in some cases may even have positive effects.

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    Myth #3 Solar Power Can Only Supply A Fraction Of Our Power Needs

    One of the most widely believed ridiculous myths about solar power is that there isnt enough of it to power all of our needs.

    Fact: A 260 square kilometer area of Nevada would supply all the electricity needs of the US. Solar systems combined with grid-scale batteries are now cheaper sources of electricity than either coal or natural gas. There is definitely enough solar power to supply our needs.

    What Magnetic Field Is Produced By Solar Cells

    The 10 Most Amazing Benefits of Solar Panels

    An issue which bothers many people is electromagnetic radiation produced by photovoltaic modules and cells. However, the magnetic field produced by the system does not affect human health. The values of non-ionising radiation not only comply with acceptable norms specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Environment on acceptable levels of electromagnetic fields in the environment, but are also completely safe for the function of internal organs, human DNA and overall mood.

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    Do Solar Panels Interfere With Wifi

    No, your solar energy system will not interfere with WiFi in your home or office. For the most part, the entire system is enclosed within the panels, wiring, and inverter.

    The only part of a solar system that is at all related to WiFi would be a smart meter that is reading the amount of electricity created. These meters use radio waves to transmit information the same way a WiFi router does.

    However, these signals will not interfere with one another.

    Are Solar Panels Dangerous

    Are solar panels dangerous? The short answer is no, solar panels are not dangerous. Solar panel systems are safe and they are an excellent alternative to powering your home from the power grid. Solar panels are not dangerous and they do not pose any threat to the health of you or your family.

    Chapter 2:

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    Are Solar Panels Safe

    Solar panels are placed on the roofs of buildings or in solar farms. Some people wonder whether the technology used to build or operate them carries an increased risk for cancer development. Solar energy is obtained by solar panels and solar farms through photovoltaic technology, which uses cells to absorb the suns radiation and convert it to electricity. Afterward, that electricity is stored in batteries or sent to the electrical network1. There are two different types of solar panel technologies: silicon cells and thin-film technology2.

    Will Solar Panels Collapse My Roof

    The Problem with Solar Energy in Africa

    No, the weight of solar panel systems will not collapse your roof. Because of the advances in the solar industry, installers are able to design solar systems that will provide for your energy needs while being a safe weight for your roof.

    For any new solar design project, our design specialists are always taking into account the weight of the installation and the strength of the roof structure. We will advise when the roof material needs replacing before installing solar and we will advise on the roof structure. Once we greenlight the roof and its structure you can rest assured the solar installation is safe and will not damage your roof.

    Chapter 10:

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    Solar Panels Absorb What Kind Of Radiation

    Theres more to solar radiation than meets the eye: sunburn is caused by UV radiation that we cant see, yet we can feel infrared radiation as heat on our skin despite the fact that its invisible to us. Solar cells also onlysee a piece of solar radiation: roughly 20% of the energy contained in the solar spectrum is unavailable to silicon-based cells, and they are unable to use a component of infrared light, known as short-wavelength IR radiation, for power generation.

    With the help of a practical up-converter, researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg, Switzerland, and colleagues from the University of Bern, Switzerland, and Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, have now made a portion of this radiation usable for the first time. Since the 1960s, scientists have understood how to convert infrared light into useable light. Since 1996, however, it has only been studied in relation to solar cells. We were able to alter both the solar cells and the up-converter to achieve the largest boost in efficiency so far, Stefan Fischer, an ISE scientist, informs cheerfully. The potential is enormous: silicon solar cells can theoretically convert nearly a third of the sunlight that strikes them into electricity. Up-converters have the potential to raise this percentage to 40%.

    What Are The Characteristics Of Photovoltaic Systems

    The users of both home solar systems and large solar farms are afraid of the same risks. Many people wonder whether using solar panels entails the risk of fire, electrocution or harmful electromagnetic radiation. In fact, modern photovoltaic systems are:

    • zero-emission their functioning does not entail high emission of toxic substances into the atmosphere,
    • silent PV systems do not emit excessive noise, which is why they are entirely convenient,
    • completely safe for humans and the natural environment.

    In the next part of the article, we will answer frequently asked questions about the effect that photovoltaic systems have on human health.

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    Woodland Doesn’t Want To Slip Passively Beneath A Wave Of Solar Farms

    The distress came through in the original story:

    Bobby Mann said he saw “communities dry up when I-95 came along.” He voiced the fear that eats at every middle-aged resident of a rural small town: “All the young people are going to move out.”

    Poor and working-class Americans are acutely aware of the distance between the American dream they learned about growing up and the grim realities around them. Some of them conclude that the system has been corrupted, that the America they knew has been reshaped by powerful people with “hidden agendas.” Lack of trust breeds conspiracy theories, like solar panels preventing photosynthesis.

    But even for those who don’t believe in dark conspiracies, the solar panels popping up around town represent larger social and economic changes that always seem to be benefiting someone else.

    And here’s the thing: In this case, they’re not wrong. Solar farms are colonizing the land around them, but residents play no part in it and get nothing out of it. Another part of the original story that didn’t get much play:

    There’s nothing in it for the people of Woodland.

    “How would you and your family like to live in the middle of a solar farm, surrounded on all four sides?” said Lane, a retired elementary school principal. “We have approved three solar farms on almost three points of the compass. This would have completely boxed the town in with solar farms.”

    The Health Risks Of Em Radiation

    Examples of Secondary Pollutants

    Solar inverters, like all electronics, emit a small amount of electromagnetic radiation. So do the wires that carry AC current from the inverter to your electric panel.

    The wiring in your panels that lead to the inverter carry DC current. Because of that, they donât emit the same type of EM fields that AC wires do. Instead, these DC wires generate static magnetic fields, similar to the Earthâs magnetic field.

    There is no evidence that EM fields have any negative health effects.

    This is one of those topics that is controversial on the internet, and its outside the scope of this website to tackle in any depth. Instead, Ill link you to a number of different health agencies from around the world that have arrived at the same conclusion.

    National Health Service, United Kingdom:

    But most current research suggests itâs unlikely that radio waves from mobile phones or base stations increase the risk of any health problems.Mobile phone safety

    Health Canada:

    There have been many studies on the possible health effects from exposure to EMFs at ELFs. While it is known that EMFs can cause weak electric currents to flow through the human body, the intensity of these currents is too low to cause any known health effects. Some studies have suggested a possible link between exposure to ELF magnetic fields and certain types of childhood cancer, but at present this association is not established.

    Susan G. Komen:

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