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Best Solar Lights For Home

Maggift 15 Lumens Solar Wall Lantern Outdoor

Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar LED Lights

These lovely lantern-like solar lights are made of durable plastic and sealed for maximum resistance. Each light comes with a LED bulb that emits up to 15 lumens of brightness along with everything you need to install the light. Its solar-powered and automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

Installation is simple, and it adds a nice aesthetic to any outdoor space while emitting a warm white glow. The product also comes with a 180-day product guarantee and those that have purchased it love the overall aesthetic of the light and mentioned that the light shines in a unique pattern.


For Security: Cree Lighting Connected Max Par38

*At the time of publishing, the price was $20.

Compatible with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts

Who its for: If you have an outdoor floodlight fixture, this PAR38 bulb makes it easy to switch to smart lighting. Smart bulbs instantly turn any light fixture that uses traditional bulbs into a smart light you can control remotely and put on a schedule. Some models also include a Vacation Mode, so the light goes on and off at random times . Add in a motion sensor, and you can put a spotlight on the pizza-delivery person on your doorstep or stray cats that wander through your yard. Smart outdoor bulbs also offer peace of mind, ensuring that you never stumble in the dark or have to hunt around to fit your key in the keyhole . Outdoor smart bulbs are rated to tolerate wetness, so if you dont have a totally weather-tight fixture, an outdoor smart bulb works best.

Why its great: All of the outdoor smart bulbs we tested allow you to turn them on and off using app controls, voice controls, and schedules created using the app. However, the Cree Lighting Connected Max PAR38 is also the brightest Wi-Fi outdoor bulb we testedand the least expensive. In fact, most bulbs that measured as brightly in our testing cost twice as much and dont connect to Wi-Fi, so require installing a separate hub.

What To Look Forward To

Were planning to test the Feit Electric PAR38 Smart Light Bulb, a Wi-Fi model with tunable white and colored lighting. Well also review the Philips Econic Outdoor Pathway Light, a 600-lumen stand-alone fixture with white and colored lighting. And were still planning to look at the Hue Lily XL, which puts out 1,200 lumensalmost twice as much as its predecessor.

We will soon test the third-generation Sengled Smart Hub, which adds Apple HomeKit support for the Sengled Smart LED PAR38 Bulb, as well as add new effects and scheduling options.

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Installing Outdoor Solar Lights

One benefit of solar lighting is that its much easier to install than traditional, hardwired fixtures. In most cases, outdoor solar lights can be installed in minutes with minimal tools and no electrical expertise. In some cases, a few screws or industrial adhesive strips are all thats required. Consider your own lighting needs, including whether you want a permanent solution or a semi-permanent option that allows you to move your new lights if need be.

Best Overall: Luminaid Solar Inflatable Lanterns

Best Solar Powered Garden Lights Craftsman Style

Perfect for camping, lounging poolside, or powering through a storm with no electricity, this is the solar lantern for the job. Seventy-five lumens of LED lights create a bright light, with multiple settings for indoor or outdoor light.

The battery lasts up to 24 hours when fully charged, and no additional batteries are needed to power the lantern. LuminAID is collapsible as well, so it fits easily into a backpack, purse, or overnight bag. The unit is also waterproof, shatterproof, and inflatable. Dont have time to let it charge in the sun for 10 hours? Use the USB port to recharge it in a flash.

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Lumify Usb Solar Fairy Lights White 100 Leds

RRP: £34.99



  • Comparatively expensive

This string of solar fairy lights has 100 white LEDs along 10 metres of wire, which means theyre ideal for running along fences, or using to decorate eating areas. Theres also two metres of cable between the solar panel and the first LED bulb, so check this provides enough distance if you need to position the panel in the sun and string the lights up in a shady spot. We like that it comes with a stake as well as a wall mount, which gives plenty of flexibility when it comes to setting up your solar panel. If you have a north-facing garden and charging outdoors is an issue, theres also a USB cable, which provides enough power for 12 consecutive nights on a single indoor charge. While they turn on and off automatically you can also do this manually by using the on/off switch. As with many fairy lights on test, you can choose between a range of different modes, and these lights offer eight options, from a steady glow to various flashing sequences. We also like that they have a power saving mode, which reduces brightness but doubles the runtime during overcast conditions and winter months. Despite all the features, these lights are expensive compared to the other options we tested and come with just a years warranty.

Dimensions: 10m

Buy the Lumify USB Solar Fairy Lights White 100 LEDs from The Solar Centre, and

Brighten Up Your Garden With Our Roundup Of The Best Outdoor Solar Lights

The best solar lights are an affordable, hassle-free way to brighten and accessorise your garden, enabling you to get the most out of your outdoor space all year round. Whether youre working with sprawling acres, a tidy terrace or a cosy balcony, the best solar lights can help transform your yard, letting you continue to enjoy your garden long after the sun has set.

Solar lights come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, and since they dont rely on mains power they can be placed freely around your garden. This incredible level of versatility makes solar-powered lights ideal for lighting patios, pathways, sheds, decks or just about any outdoor space that could benefit from some illumination.

In this buying guide well go through some of the different types of solar lights on the market, and then list our picks of the best solar lights to buy for your garden.

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The Best Solar Garden Lights Of 2022 With Advice From Gardeners Question Time Expert Matthew Wilson

Here are the best solar garden lights for twinkly night-time ambience, from string lights to lanterns and even solar-powered security lights

The best solar garden lights come in a range of colours and designs to brighten up your outdoor space, whether you choose stake lights for highlighting borders, string lights for the fence or a pretty lantern for the table. As well as creating ambience when entertaining, some designs can be used for a more practical function to add an extra layer of security around your home.

Solar garden lighting can, however, be a little hit and miss – shining brightly one day, then looking as dull as a scorched August lawn the next. But with advice how to buy and how to care for your lights throughout the year, you can enjoy the best solar garden lights for more than a single season.

Below, Ive tested a selection of this year’s most eye-catching solar garden lights that you can buy online. Ive included novelty designs, festoon string lights for trees, fences and gazebos and solar lanterns to add magic to the lawn. Ive also included stake lights for showcasing your best flower borders and motion-sensor solutions for the garden path.

Set Of 2 Atlas Solar Spotlights

Solar Lights Indoor Outdoor Home

RRP: £39.99


  • Fiddly to set up

These lights are fiddly to set up, requiring them to be screwed into the solar panel as well as to the stakes. However, theyre hard-wearing and showed no signs of rust weathering after months outside. They offer fantastic brightness, but unlike some of the other spotlights we tested, theyre a golden colour, so theyre bright but never harsh to look at. We love the generous 4m cable, which means you have a lot of options with where you can put your lights. They switch on early, about half an hour after sunset, and look great in the dusk. We also love the generous two-year warranty. However, £40 is a lot of money for two solar lights.

Dimensions: 4cm x 4.5cm x 8cm for each light 17cm x 13cm solar panel 4m cable

Buy a Set of 2 Atlas Solar Spotlights from Lights4Fun

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Habitat Solar 20 Festoon Warm White Lights

Only available at Argos: £21.

Key features: 20 lights, 6 metres long , claimed battery life not stated, 2 light settings, warm white light.

Verdict: These look pretty nice in the images used to market them online, and when it’s dark and they’re switched on, we think they’re nice too. But in the light of day, they look a bit cheap. Particularly when viewed next our top picks.

While these lights passed all of our durability assessments, one significant design flaw is that the bulbs dont have a little hole in them that let’s any water ingress seep out. This means that theyll gradually fill up with water over time. The length of cable is also a little stingy when compared to our top picks.

Why Trust The Spruce

Jenica Currie is the Associate Commerce Editor for outdoor, gardening, and home improvement at The Spruce. She has tested dozens of products at home and in the Lab, including artificial Christmas trees, clothing racks, bean bag chairs, fans, and vacuums. She spends her weekends gardening and working on other projects to improve the outdoor space around her home . For this article, she used our test results and researched dozens of top-rated outdoor solar lights to compile this list of the best available options.

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Tenkoo Solar Powered Street Lights

  • Familiar looking design
  • Battery level affects lighting mode
  • Only a single design is available

The world is getting more dangerous especially at night that makes light and street lights important to make sure we are safe. Even without electricity, light should be provided. One product that does such is the TENKOO Solar Powered Street Lights.

TENKOO is a company that provides high quality lights as they not only sell the products, they also do everything from researching it to manufacturing and testing it. They make sure that their products are of a high standard.

Now about the product: looking like a lamp, TENKOO Solar Powered Street Lights is a product both useful and aesthetically pleasing. We wont be feeling weird out by its design, as it looks familiar. We know what it does and what we can expect from it just by looking at it.

It has a built-in motion and light sensor that detects when someone is passing below it, to make it brighter or when no one is around so its light would be dimmer, saving its battery energy.

As it is solar powered, not only is it eco-friendly it also saves up money from having to trench to wire the street light. It also means that it gets all its energy from the sun, having no need for electricity that, again, saves money.

Another less serious thing is that it only has one design. The picture online is the only design it has so there are times that it might not fit in aesthetically in its surroundings, making it standout like a sore thumb.

Solar Lights For Security

The Best Solar Flood Lights for Illuminating Outdoor Spaces

Solar power doesnt just have to be an attractive accessory. There are a great variety of lights available on the market that are manufactured to provide safe and secure illumination to dark spots. Outdoor solar lights provide you with illumination during the night. They can be secured on your front or back porch and are typically powered with motion sensors.

These lights will run without any energy charges, which is why theyre great for family homes. Being secure doesnt have to be expensive, and now everyone can have access to home security.

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How To Choose Outdoor Solar Lights

Once you have determined the purpose of the outdoor lighting, you need to consider the brightness, battery, and bulb type.


The brightness of solar light is measured in terms of lumens which can range from 10 to 1500. Use the below as a guideline when purchasing your lights.

  • Step Lights 10 to 100 lumens
  • Wall Lights 50 to 185 lumens
  • Walkway Lights 100 to 200 lumens
  • Pool Solar Lights 200 to 400 lumens
  • Motion Sensor Lights 300 to 900 lumens
  • Flood Lights 700 to 1300 lumens

Best Overall: Urpower Solar Spotlight

Product Ratings

Running Time 4/5

Form/Style: Spotlight| Brand: URPOWER | Lumen: 200lms | Charge Time: 4-5 hours| Charge Lasts: 6-10 hours| Features: Waterproof, frost and heat resistant | Placement: Ground stake or wall mount | Power Source: Solar panel

What We Liked

  • Short charging time and long-running time
  • 200 lumens per solar light very bright for the size
  • 2 brightness settings
  • Easy to install, can be placed anywhere in the yard
  • Adjustable solar panels

What We DidntLike

  • Cannot adjust the angle of the light
  • Certain parts are fragile
  • An easy target for thieves

We chose URPOWER Solar Lights as the best overall because they are reliable, flexible, easy to install, and have the quickest charge time out of all the outdoor solar lights we tested and reviewed.

Because these solar lights can be placed anywhere, they easily adapt to the users needs. So whether you want to just light a path, spotlight the front of your house, or hang it above your garage to light the driveway, this light will do the job you need it to do.

We picked this one as best overall because it is just bright enough yet not too bright, and perfect for when the electricity goes out.

One reviewer mentioned they stumbled upon a new use when they brought them in at night to light their house after a natural disaster.

These lights are durable and made to withstand freezing temperatures, scorching summer days, and everything in between.

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Best Outdoor Solar Lights

May 2, 2022

Graham Sawrey

We research & test to recommend the best products learn more about our review process here. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

As the world shifts towards renewable energy, solar energy will become key to powering our lives and hard to ignore.

The transition will take time, but the easiest way to ease into learning about and incorporating solar energy into your life is to start small and in your own backyard.

Whether you need an outdoor solar spotlight to snap on, stopping an intruder in their tracks, solar lights to light a path for an after-dinner soak in the hot tub or anything in between theres a solar light on the market that will do the job.

We reviewed and tested over 20 outdoor solar lights on the market right now and ranked them based on their functionality. Below, youll find 6 of the best outdoor solar lights based on how well they achieve their purpose.

What Are The Different Types Of Indoor Solar Lights

TOP 5 Best Solar flood lights 2022

The next question you might be having in mind when choosing indoor solar lamps is the types available. Knowing these types will help you figure out what to select because it can give you an idea of the things that make each different. In the following, were discussing some of the types of indoor lights powered by sun energy that you need to know.

Solar lights with separate solar panels

For indoor solar light what is commonly used are solar lights with a separate solar panel. This solar panel is installed independently from the light. You can place the solar panel away from the light and to an area where it is directly exposed to sunlight for efficient charging.

This type of indoor solar light may be installed using hooks, some uses rubber suction for windows and other uses screws to mount on the walls.

Solar tube lights

Solar tube is small and flexible lights and is also known as sun tunnels or tubular skylights. A dome is installed on your houses roof to harness sunlight. The light is then reflected down to a metal tube-like structure to light the indoors. Solar tube lights have a very modern design which is good for accent lighting and decorating your indoors.

Solar Skylights

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How Our Picks Compare

  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Calla Bollard: Yes

4. Can I use these without connecting them to the internet?

  • Cree Lighting Connected Max PAR38: Yes and no. As part of setup, you need to connect the bulbs to Wi-Fi, however should you have an internet outage, you can control them using Bluetooth.
  • Ring Solar Pathlight: Yes, bulbs will still function as regular motion detecting lights, however an internet connection is required if you intend to set schedules, group devices, and receive smartphone notifications.
  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Calla Bollard: No, an internet connection is required to set schedules, group lights, and control the device through the app.

5. Is data shared with third parties?

  • Cree Lighting Connected Max PAR38: No
  • Ring Solar Pathlight: Customers can opt out of sharing their information for the purpose of receiving personalized ads, as well as web and app analytics, right from the Control Center in the Ring app.
  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Calla Bollard: We do not sell or rent personal data. Personal data is only shared when required by law, if the user provides us with permission, or to other parties acting on our behalf, such as curriers or data centers. They only keep personal data until the purpose we collected it for has been fulfilled, but may be required to keep some personal data for longer due to legal requirements. We may also use app data to improve products and customer service.

6. Is location data recorded or shared?

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