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Solar Lights For The Deck

Gigalumi 6970 12 Pack Solar Deck Lights

Amazing Amazon Deck Post Solar Lights!

Many buyers prefer solar deck step lights that are capable of emitting more light for outdoor areas. For such a demographic, these products wont fail to deliver their promise. Such options are bright enough to light up many outdoor spots. Graded with IP44 waterproof features, these are solid enough to tolerate extreme weather conditions.

If you intend to embellish an ordinary-looking outdoor space, these outdoor solar lights will certainly work wonders. More importantly, these are not burdensome to set up, and installation wont take a long time to complete.

Even if it is your first time installing one, you wont suffer from headaches if you choose these solar lights. When installing these solar lights, youll need double-sided tape or screws and expansion screws.

The 3 LED solar deck lights are built with an automatic work mode function. If you want them working efficiently for roughly 8 to 10 hours, youll need to charge them in full sunlight during the daytime for 6 to 8 hours. They are highly recommended to use for various special occasions as well.

  • Capable of emitting more light for outdoor areas and special occasions
  • Designed with an automatic work mode
  • Guarantees easier and not time-consuming installation process
  • Can tolerate terrible weather conditions
  • Appropriate for adorning various outdoor spots
  • Easy and quick to set up has a warranty from the manufacturer
  • Double-sided tape is not included in the kit

What Is A Solar Deck Light And Who This Is For

The solar deck lighting solution is an innovation solar product used by property owners who want alternative deck lights that save them on energy bills, help save the environment, provide enough illumination, add security to their property, and beautify their surroundings.

For who is this product for? The deck lights are for people that want to beautify their outdoor space but do not want to add to their energy bills. As the lights are using solar energy, they dont consume traditional fossil fuel energy.

The solar deck lighting is also easy to install and use because it does not have wirings. You just choose where to set them up, and then screw them up or use a double-sided tape.

Most of them come with the screws you need to install and fix them in a specific area. If youre a DIY person that wants to get things done by yourself, you might want to choose the deck lights that do not require a professional to set up around your home or property.

These lights are also for people that want to improve the appearance of their landscape or garden or outdoor space. The solar lights for concrete steps, decks, walkways and other spots are versatile enough for use in virtually all outdoor places, improving their aesthetics without much effort.

Your Guide To Buying The Best Solar Deck Lights: What Should You Look For

Before even looking at the specs of solar deck lights or buying solar deck lights, think about where you want to put them. Do you want to have them on steps or on the wall? Then, you should determine the best color and how bright you want your solar deck lights to be.

This section will show you how those two main specifications affect their functionality and solar energy consumption.

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Weather Resistant & Durability:

Generally, we use solar lights on outside around the home or deck. So, it has to be weather resistant to work on different climatic conditions like rain or snowfall. Or else the solar panel will be affected by moisture and thereby provides dull light or less runtime. It should be waterproof to avoid any short-circuit of electrical components while raining and has to be heat resistant to prevent damaging the light due to excess heat. Always, prefer to use the weather resistant solar panel and solar deck lights to get relief from these problems.

Also, one has to consider the construction material and its build quality of these lights. Mostly these are made with either metal or plastic, in which the metal one will hold up effectively whereas the plastic may easily break. In case, if you prefer to use plastic lights, then ensure that they made with heavy duty plastic to hold up effectively for a longer time.

Jackyled Solar Deck Lights


Next on our list is Jackyleds solar deck lights. This solar deck uses upgraded LED bulbs with a large size panel to collect more sunlight for optimizing efficiency and providing a longer working time.

Jackyleds solar deck light comes with a 2V 120MA wide polycrystalline silicon solar panel that absorbs light for 6 to 8 hours to fully recharge the 1000mAh battery. With this capacity, you can power the LED solar lights for about 8 to 10 hours on a single charge.

When you turn on the auto mode, the LED lights will turn on automatically at the evening or whenever the sunlight decreases and will turn off automatically at dawn. Each outdoor light comes with 3 LEDs that provide sufficient illumination to light up your path.

The solar deck lights are made of premium quality stainless steel and lamp shell. They are protected from harsh weather conditions by the IP44 weatherproof feature. The lights are capable of working efficiently under the temperature range of 140 F to 1220 F.

Jackyleds solar deck lights come with a screwing mechanism that allows for fast and easy installation. There is no wiring required and the screws for installation are included in the package. You can install this deck light even on uneven terrains.

One major drawback of this solar deck light is that it does not come with warranty.

What we liked about it

What we didnt like about it

  • Does not have warranty

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What Would Cause Solar Deck Lights To Stop Working

The most common cause of a drop in performance is a lack of sunlight due to poor weather.

If you have recently had less than normal sunlight hours, you can manually turn your light fixtures off. This will give them a chance to reach full capacity over a number of sunny days.

If that doesnt work, you may need to have a look at your batteries and replace them.

Most solar fixtures will require a replacement battery after 1-3 years from the date of purchase.

How Does The Solar Deck Lights Work

The solar deck lights work on a mechanism of storing suns energy during daytime and then convert this energy as light at night time. The deck lights use solar cells to collect and store the solar energy. Also, it uses battery , LED lights, control panel, etc. So, the solar cells will grab the sunlight, which is heavy in the morning to charge up their inbuilt battery, connected with cells using wire. Then the battery gets power up and lighten during night time.

However, the photoresistor alert system in solar panel will alert and prevent overcharging and all these are pre-programmed internally to make this solar deck lights works perfectly. Some models made with motion sensors to lighten up when there is any object/person moving for safety and security. One can easily install these solar lights even without any electrical knowledge. All you need is to search the proper place, where you have to install and fix them properly to grab sunlight and finally turn on the switch while using it for first time to get charge at daytime and lights turn on at night time automatically.

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Solpex Solar Deck Lights Outdoor

These waterproof solar deck lights produce warm white illumination that is bright enough to light up various outdoor spots. They are ideal and safe to use for the whole family, especially when going downstairs at dusk. These items are designed with an auto work mode, so they operate on their own.

What makes these solar deck lights a great buy is that they are particularly designed for wide applications. So, if you wish to illuminate your paths, decks, stairs, driveway, outdoor wall, gardens, etc., these options will work efficiently in those areas. It takes about 4 to 5 hours for these solar fixtures to be charged fully on sunny days.

Furthermore, these solar pathway lights are painless to install in any place that could be fixed with screws. They are made with a suitable size for the deck. Since they are built using solid ABS shells and premium quality solar panels, these patio lights can combat inclement weather conditions.

The warm white light that these stairway lights produce is bright enough to give homeowners a cozier and homey feeling. The brightness they emit is not annoying to the eyes. And, because they work automatically, you dont need to worry about a switch. They will operate when necessary.

  • Not designed with motion sensors

Othway Solar Deck Lights

Solar Deck Light Review (Awesome Amazon Buy)

Othway is also a pathway deck light that is perfect not just for wall or height placement but also for staircase foot lighting. With a neat cut and a semi-oval shape, Othway adds aesthetic beauty to the decor and also works as a security lighting too.

Installed within it are PIR motion sensors which trigger the light to turn on when someone passes by it. This illuminates your wall area or the staircase when someone is moving past it. While proving to be a security accessory, it also adds to a grandeur look to the area as well.

With the lights made out of durable plastic material, the solar panels are built right onto the lights and are waterproof just like the lights. Their placement is solar sensitive and with a few hours of charge, they can work for the entire night. The lights are run by 1.2 Volt 600 mAH batteries.

For winter, it may work for just about 5 hours due to the small availability of sunlight. It even has a steady light option which turns on to use the light without the sensor too.

Much like the deck lights before, this one too does not need any special installation and is just plug and play. With a 60 days money-back window, the lights come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase.

What we liked about it

  • Aesthetically pleasing design cut
  • 60 days money-back guarantee with 1-year manufacturers warranty

What we didnt like about it

  • Could have had a better battery life

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Quality Of Solar Panel & Its Capacity:

Since the deck lights has to work on various weather conditions and there maybe a chance of breaking up the solar panel. So, once has to choose a high-quality solar panel, which is made with shield cover to enjoy better lifetime.

In general, there are 4 types of solar panel types polycrystalline solar panels , monocrystalline solar panels , concentrated PV cell and Thin-Film Amorphous silicon solar panels , in which CVP and Mono-SI will come with longer life and best efficiency rate while other two panel types available with low price range and less warranty period.

The capacity of solar panel will depend on its wattage and voltage. Simply a solar panel should provide maximum output wattage by consuming minimum power.

Melunar Solar Deck Lights

These Solar deck post lights 4×4 fixtures will surely look stunning wherever you decide to place them. Just like many solar lighting devices, they are crafted with a wonderful design and can serve as decorative lights. Apart from these, they are built with a larger solar panel which you need to position in a place where it could absorb more solar energy.

You can choose from the dual-mode of lighting: 7 altering color and warm white lighting. These solar deck lights generate a nice-to-behold design underneath the light. This is made possible by the honey-comb cut situated in the plastic casing. Rated IP55 weatherproof, these solar lights are tough and safe for various rugged outdoor applications.

If youre going to inspect these solar fixtures, youll be impressed by their solid overall build. They are made using top-quality acrylic and ABS plastic materials. The 10 lumens per lamp are enough to beautify gardens or stairs.

To fully charge these solar deck lights, it might take roughly 4 to 5 hours. This charging period can allow approximately 8 hours of work time. Also, these solar lights are manufactured with an automatic operation mode function.

  • Priced higher than other similar options

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Why Choose Solar Deck Lights

Simplify your deck lighting design by opting for a solar-powered post cap light or solar rail light to brighten up your outdoor space no wiring needed! Simply mount the solar deck light in areas with direct sunlight, allow it to charge for several hours, and enjoy your solar outdoor lighting!

Shop DecksDirect for high-end solar LED lighting from brands like Classy Caps, LMT Mercer, and Ultra Bright.

Tijnn Solar Deck Lights

Mainstays 5 Lumen Solar LED Deck Post Cap Light Black, 6

TIJNN solar lights are the perfect way to illuminate your pathways, deck and patios at an affordable price range. This product comes in a set of 6 solar lights.

It has two lighting modes that include warm white and 7-color changing mode. You can install them on patios, porch, garden, fence, deck, gutter, stair and other areas.

As these solar lights come with polysilicon silicon, it charges quicker than other products. With just 4 to 5 hours of sun light exposure, it can provide 10 hours of continuous lighting.

These lights have automatic turn on at dusk and off at dawn sensors. So, you dont have to worry about the manual intervention. They are equipped with IP65 technology which makes it waterproof. Apart from that, it is also weather resistant.

Heat-proof plastic construction, so no matter how harsh the sun is, these lights will not be affected. They are easy to install as the installation process doesnt confusing wires. It comes with 12-month warranty and 60-days money-back guarantee.

What We Liked

What We Didnt Like

  • Some people experienced issues with light intensity

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The 9 Best Solar Deck Lights Reviews And Buying Guide

Do you want to lighten up your deck porches, fences, driveways, stairs and other part of home? Then solar deck lights are the best choice to lighten up area around your home.

Solar deck lights are easy to install, convenient to use and best alternative to save energy/power. It is fitted with rechargeable batteries that charged during daytime and store the energy in solar panels and thereby lighten up the LED lights at night time automatically. They are easy to maintain but replace the battery to make it work durable and long lasting.

The solar deck lights not only lighten up your dark nights but also secure your home in aesthetic way. Before buying a best solar deck lights, you have to consider these 2 main things for its easy selection.

  • Brightness It represents the amount of light generated by the Measured in terms of lumens. One has to choose solar deck lights which provide maximum lumens with minimum power. In general, a normal incandescent bulb has 800 lumens whereas the LED light with many bulbs have 1000, 1800 or higher count of lumens to provide brighter light.
  • Solar Panel There are 4 types of solar panels monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous silicon and concentrated PV cell, in which PV cells and monocrystalline will have better efficiency rate and longer life. So, invest in a high-quality solar panel made with shield cover, which provides maximum output with minimum power supply.

How Long Does Solar Deck Lighting Last

Typically, solar deck lights batteries can be expected to last anywhere between three to four years before users need to replace them.

To add, it is delighting to note that the LEDs are expected to last for about 10 years, or even more.

You can tell when it is needed to replace the parts by seeing if the solar deck lights can sustain a charge.

As you know, a full charge is required to enable the solar lighting devices to work during the night period.

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Ltybri Solar Deck Lights

For shoppers fishing for premium quality LED lighting, this product might be the one. These solar deck lights can illuminate and decorate various outdoor areas. The environmentally friendly and upgraded design does not only help preserve the planet but also helps you save more money in the long run.

These solar pathway lights are outfitted with an upgraded silicon solar panel to heighten the conversion rate by up to 20%. This important feature allows the solar device to work excellently even in gloomy weather conditions. Buyers wont get disappointed because these are durable, so they could function well and last long.

In the same way, for consumers who are after convenience and great ambiance, these solar deck lights will be wonderful additions to their outdoor spots. They are designed with an automatic on & off feature, so they dont need maximum supervision. If fully charged, they can work exceptionally for up to 9 hours at dusk.

Manufactured with stainless steel and IP44 water-resistant rating, these solar lighting devices are equipped with top-notch protection. Amazingly, they could ward off splashing water from different directions. Aside from using these solar units for decorations, we can also utilize them to heighten security in our outdoor areas. Surely, these models can make a significant impact on the overall feel or look of your home.

  • Smaller than expected

Tips For Using Your Solar Deck Lights

Solar Deck Lights – Set of 3

Pick a solar deck light offering you easy installation. Deck lights suit mounting on walls or fence posts, and they also work on deck steps to light up the floor.

Follow these tips to make the most out of your new deck lights.

  • Turn on the switch and leave the light to charge for at least 6-hours before your first use. We recommend installing it first thing in the morning to get as long a charging time as possible.
  • Make sure no tree branches or plants are blocking the solar panel from receiving light.
  • Look for models with an automatic operation to save battery life.
  • If your light starts to look weak after a year or so, its time to change the battery.
  • Make sure that you check the light settings before you turn on the light for the first time.

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