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How Much Do Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Cost

Simple Kitchen Cabinet Cost Guide We All Need


Many different things can decide the final price of the cabinetry. It all comes down to the differences in materials and the overall quality. Kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere between $2,500 to $24,000, or even higher with the new cabinetry. Today, well discuss why do cabinet prices vary that widely. So, lets start.

Lazy Susan Cabinet Installation

A lazy susan in your cabinets costs from $350 to $900 each. Lazy susans are often installed in corner base units but can also be suitable in corner wall units and even straight wall cabinets, though accessibility can be an issue with these. Lazy susans are the perfect addition for spices and other smaller items you may need to access quickly.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Replace the door panels. If your cabinet doors have raised or recessed panels surrounded by a scratched frame, you can give your doors a brand new look by polishing or replacing the panels. Decorate the panels by covering them with ceramic tile, backsplashes that look like raised tin tiles, or panels in a contrasting color.

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Cost Of Removing Old Or Existing Cabinets

Before installing new cabinets, first, you need to remove the existing cabinets. Although you can do this by yourself, most homeowners consider having a professional remove them.

This is mostly the case where the removal process proves to be tedious and extensive, and you dont want to incur the risk of destroying the kitchen counter or the surrounding walls.

It is difficult to evade the cost of getting rid of your existing cabinetry since most contractors will include the cost of removing them in your final project cost.

Fortunately, removing kitchen cabinets wont cost you much. In most cases, professionals will charge you $300 to remove the kitchen cabinets.

Selecting Your Cabinet Installer

10 Quiet How Much Does It Cost to Reface Kitchen Cabinets ...

When narrowing down your list of contractors, look for cabinet makers who stand out from the crowd like below:

  • Are A+ rated members of the Better Business Bureau like
  • Have years of experience
  • Are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Stand out from the crowd

Once you get detailed bids from your final three options, youll have enough useful information to make your final selection. The cheapest contractor will not necessarily do the best work, and then again, neither might the most expensive.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Cabinet

The new installation is actually cheaper because no demo work is required. Typically, you can expect to spend $150 to $500 per cabinet plus installation costs, or $150 to $380 per linear foot for a complete installation.

How to install kitchen cabinetsHow much does it cost to replace kitchen cabinets? How much does it cost to replace cabinets in a small kitchen? Replacing small kitchens costs between $1,000 and $9,000, depending on the type, design and choice of materials. The average cost of the project will be between $2,000 and $4,000. How much does it cost to install bathroom furniture?How do you install kitchen cabinets yourself?Start with a corner cabinet or o

Traditional Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional wood cabinets are a classic kitchen staple. Stained wood in various shades works well in traditional kitchens due to its familiar texture and unique appearance. Since each wood grain is different, no two kitchens are alike. Traditional cabinet door styles feature raised or recessed panels and beveling layers.

The Wilora Hawthorne Wildwood Saddle cabinet collection is Vevanos most classic and traditional door style. The warm brown wood and with hand-glazed details add well-crafted detail and beauty to any traditional kitchen. The Wilora Hawthorne Shaker Cinder is a slightly more modern-traditional choice that borders on transitional, with clean straight lines and a darker hue. Both solid wood cabinet collections bring style and class to any traditional kitchen.

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Cabinet Costs: Putting It All Together

To appreciate how each element impacts the cost of new kitchen cabinets lets create an imaginary kitchen that we want to remodel. According to Consumer Reports, a typical kitchen has 25 to 30 linear feet of cabinets, so well assume an L-shaped space that includes 12-feet of cabinets on one wall and 8-feet of cabinets on another wall, as well as a 6-foot island. Based on these measurements we will need 26 linear feet of cabinetry.


If youre on a very tight budget, youll be limited to the very basic of kitchen cabinets. Found in big box hardware stores or at mass-market kitchen suppliers, such as Ikea, these off-the-shelf cabinets typically come in white, although you may find common darker finishes, such as Espresso-brown, for a tad more per linear foot.

At this price point, the cabinets and doors are made from particleboard and melaminematerials that tend to have a shorter lifespan than MDF or wood. The cabinet boxes and drawers will be glued and pinned and there will be few, if any, embellishments on the door.

A good example of this type of basic cabinetry is Ikeas Haggeby line. Priced at $59/linear foot, the front is flat and featureless and the cabinets are constructed from particleboard and melamine. For our 26LF kitchen youd only pay $1,525 .




More on the Ultimate Kitchen Renovation Guide:

Kitchen Corner Cabinet Price

How much does kitchen cabinet painting cost?

The average cost of corner units ranges from $180 to $1,000. As the name implies, they fit into the corners of the room and have special shapes that allow them to slip into these kitchen sections. In some cases, they may contain a lazy Susan or pull-out garbage can but can be found in various sizes and designs. This type of cabinets can separate the kitchen area in a larger space or provide additional storage space in a small kitchen.

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How Custom Cabinets Should Be Quoted

Similar to how each of the cabinets we build is built from scratch, so too should every custom cabinet quote. No two projects are ever the same. Each client has needs and desires that are unique to their situation.

The only way to properly quote a custom cabinet project is to sit down with the homeowner and discuss the project in detail. The per linear foot method might work with stock or semi-custom cabinets, but not custom.

Cost Of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing In 2019

Reports from HomeAdvisor note that the average national cost to reface cabinets is $6,684, with the majority of homeowners spending between $4151 and $9238.

The total cost of your specific project will depend on a number of factors including the materials you choose and the number of hours it takes to complete the project.

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Kitchen Cabinet Cost Calculator By Material

Cabinets are generally constructed from particleboard, medium density fiberboard , wood, acrylic, laminate, or stainless steel. Wood cabinets typically come stained, finished and treated to prevent damage from the moisture and scratches. If you are getting unfinished cabinets installed, either you or your installer will have to have a finish applied to all of the cabinet walls. Here’s a list of the most popular kitchen cabinets by price:

Kitchen Cabinets Price List

$22,000 $36,000

What Wood Is Cheapest For Cabinets

What is a Modular Kitchen &  How Much Does it Cost ...

Pine is the least costly solid wood used for cabinet construction. Even the cheapest wood cabinets will come in a selection of different finishes and stains.

Wood is very versatile and can be crafted to fit many looks or styles. Natural pine wood cabinets in the kitchen or dining room create a rustic, homespun feeling to the space.

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Do Ikea Cabinets Come With Doors


Can you just buy cabinet doors at ikea?

IKEA is well-known for its low-cost doit-yourself type of furniture and cabinets, but many homeowners may not realize that they can purchase new IKEA drawer boxes, hinges and other hardware to upgrade their existing kitchen cabinets.

How much does ikea charge to install cabinets?IKEA cabinet installation cost


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Cost Of Prefab Kitchen Cabinets

Prefabricated units are a less costly option than customized ones, with average prices ranging between $4,000 and $9,000 installed. These are a good option for homeowners who need some guidance with the design of their kitchen. They will be able to choose from predesigned options instead of starting from scratch. With this option, you will save a little on labor because they are designed to be easily hung and installed.

Other Types Of Cabinet Materials


There are other types of materials that can be used and that are much cheaper than real wood. Some would consider this a cheap way of doing an upgrade or building a piece of furniture, but again, there is no wrong or right choice, just the choice that is best for you. Its all about how you want to invest your money.

Three of the most popular types of materials that can be used are plastic veneers, particleboard, and laminates.

Plastic Veneer

Plastic veneer is the cheapest of all faux woods. Faux wood is created to look like real would by means of a photographic print of wood on a thin piece of particleboard.


Laminate is a plastic-type material on strong particle board and is mold and water-resistant. Laminate is also referred to as melamine and is a midrange cost.


Particleboard is material made in rigid sheets or panels from compressed wood chips and resin, often coated or veneered, and used in furniture, buildings, etc. It usually goes along with laminate or veneer, but many people will use it as the main feature, in which many people would not call very flattering or prestige.

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Why Do Cabinet Prices Vary So Widely

As you decide on cabinets for your kitchen renovation, you may be wondering why cabinet prices vary so widely. Cabinet costs are affected by things like construction, materials, modification options and even where you live and purchase them from.

Determining which cabinets are right for you involves more than just looking at the price tag. Cabinets need to suit your style, provide storage solutions and have durability that fits your lifestyle and home. Make sure the brands you are considering offer all of the options you want. Its also important to be aware that these features will cost more.

As you set a budget and see the costs of different cabinets, be sure to factor quality into the equation. One cabinet brand may seem like the cost effective choice. However, cabinets of higher quality with more customization options may actually be a better value overall. Learning about how to compare cabinet costs will help you choose the right product.

What Color Are The Cabinets In An Open Kitchen

The cabinets in this open kitchen are a nice mix of white, gray and blue. Hardwood floors and simple wooden bar stools help bring the different colors together. This elegant transitional kitchen in warm grays and woods has a long, two-storey kitchen island for five people with plenty of storage space.

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How Much Does It Cost To Buy And Install Kitchen Cabinets

Average cost of kitchen cabinets. Average kitchen cabinets cost between $160 and $380 per linear foot for original or semi-custom styles, with most homeowners spending between $3,200 and $8,500 on installation and materials. Fully custom kitchen cabinets cost between $500 and $1,200 per foot, with most homeowners spending between $12,500 and $18,100.

Repainting kitchen cabinets

Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

19 Design How Much Does It Cost To Get New Cabinets In ...

Wood veneer cabinets run between $70 and $250 per square linear foot and are a cost-effective option that provides you with a more realistic wood look. They are made of thin layers of wood, glued together with a laminated top to create a realistic wood-look appearance. Some of the pros of wood veneer are that it is easy to fix minor scratches and nicks, durable and allows for easy care. The main drawback is the fact that it can bubble if excess moisture loosens the veneer.

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Cost To Replace Kitchen Cabinets

The average homeowner will spend $3,800 to $5,500 to replace their kitchen cabinets of average quality in a standard size kitchen. Kitchen cabinet installers will either base their quote on the size of the kitchen such as 10×10, or on the linear foot measurements for just the cabinets.

Quality Matters In Your Kitchen

As a homeowner approaching a fresh remodel, you understand the importance of the kitchen within the broader scheme of your home. From a design perspective, it represents a focal point like a wheel from which the spokes of your other rooms revolve. Decisions that you make involving the kitchen should be reflected outwards from there into the visual aesthetics of other spaces. And this is all because of a fairly simple reason: the aesthetics of the kitchen do not change very easily.

Virtually every room in your house can be considered modular in comparison to the kitchen. You can move tables or chairs to the side in order to add space, you have plenty of available wall space to hang art or add shelving for personality accents. But the kitchen, the essential heart of your home, is locked down fairly tight. Between appliances and required storage for utensils, tools, and spices the kitchen does not leave a lot of customizable room for change. As a result, the static elements which go into it during a remodel are dramatically more important to its final look.

To extend this point further, your kitchen cabinets will be the major visual focal point in the room. Spreading around your appliances and behaving as a unifying theme for the area, these storage pieces tell the story of the kitchen that ultimately becomes the tale of your home. You should make sure that youre not just satisfied but delighted with the material and style of your selected cabinets.

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Price Factor #: The Contractor You Hire

Every cabinet installer will include the cost of labor in their estimates. If the installers been around for a while, theyre usually pretty good at gauging how long a project will take.

For larger projects with bigger kitchens and more cabinets, the labor cost will increase. The cost of labor may also increase depending on which contractor you choose for the project.

Some contractors charge more than others, usually because:

  • Theyre reliable. A company who has completed hundreds of jobs has proven itself reliable. That reliability adds value to their work.
  • Theyre experienced. More experienced contractors work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes. Many customers are willing to pay extra for that expertise.
  • Theyre well-established. A company has been a part of the Arizona community for years and has the reviews to prove it. That trustworthiness adds value to all of their projects.

It goes without saying, but always get estimates from at least two contractors before starting a new cabinet installation job. When comparing these contractors, judge their labor costs on the value youll receive during the project, not on the total dollar amount. Like everything else in life, cheaper isnt always better.

How Much Do New Cabinets Cost

Cost To Paint Cabinets – Cabinet Painting in Kansas City

How much do new wardrobes cost? The price of new cabinets depends a lot on the type of cabinets you choose and the size and configuration of your kitchen. For a medium-sized kitchen, expect about $5,000 for large-store storage cabinets, $10,000 for prepared meals, and $20K to $30K for custom cabinetry.

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Kitchen Cabinet Installation Add

There are several nice features that you can choose from, such as self-closing to prevent the cabinet doors from banging shut, roll-out islands to place trash receptacles, pull out shelves so you can clearly see what is in each cabinet, double trash cabinets, ironing board pullouts, ergonomic drawers, vertical dividers for cooking sheets, corner storage, and units with a lazy Susan. Such features can be plain or fancy. You will find some of the most common features and their prices listed below.

Add-On Type
$350 – $900 each

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