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Best Flag Pole Solar Light

Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole 20 Led Light

Solar led Flagpole top light installed, from Vont/Amazon

Just after this amazing light, the Sunnytech 2nd Generation Light comes up as a top choice for many. This LED downlight is indeed powerful, and it provides amazing brightness. Like other models from the manufacturer, the Sunnytech 2nd Generation Light comes with a long-lasting technology and a durable body. Each part inside is built to be weatherproof and also provides a great service for regular use.

Why is it Unique

Most people like Sunnytech 2nd Generation Light are because of the option of having auto-detective shining. Not many products do feature this option, and it seems to satisfy a lot of people. Because of this technology, the pole can bright up for a longer time.

Buyers Experiences

A lot of people seem to be satisfied after purchasing the pole light from Sunnytech. One of the most important reasons for this could be the easy installation and quick use. Since the product is light in weight, installation should take just two minutes.

Best Fit For

The Sunnytech 2nd Generation Light is a great fit for people who would love to use it in a small compound. It offers the best quality and service for your regular uses.


  • Only 20 LEDs

What Is The Longevity Of Batteries

Most of the batteries bundled with solar lights are meant to give you almost 1000-1500 nights of light.

Every solar light model varies in battery capacity as some of them are bundled with AA 1500 mAH or AA 1200 mAH of rechargeable batteries.

When you observe that the hours of lighting have decreased drastically, get the batteries tested and replaced.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Lights For Flagpoles

The first benefit of solar lights is the fact that they are solar-powered. This makes them considerably more eco-friendly than other energy-powered lights.

The sun is a natural and renewable energy source that doesnt pollute the environment in any way. That means you can keep the soil of the land safe whilst you proudly wave your flag upon it.

Not only is solar power better for the environment, but its also usually a much cheaper energy source than other options. This means that by using solar-powered lights for your flagpole youll likely be saving money on energy costs.

This ensures you can keep your flag lit up all through the night, to be seen by all passersby!

Another benefit of solar lights for flagpoles is how efficient and convenient they are. All it takes is an initial installation, which weve written this detailed guide to help you with.

Once theyve been installed, thats all there is to it! The lights will remain shining on your flag no matter the weather. You dont need to do any maintenance on your light at all after installation, simply watch it do its work.

Solar lights are also specially designed for flagpole use, like the TITAN solar light. This means theyve been designed with residential flagpoles in mind and will fit with your flagpole provided it also meets regulations.

You can even buy solar lights in different colors, to match the color of your flagpole itself! This creates a sleek and streamlined look to your flagpole setup overall.

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Longest Warrantyvont Solar Flag Pole Light

Vont actually started out as a group of friends attempting to make a better bike light theyve now turned their illumination expertise to creating a hugely durable solar flagpole light.

The Vont Solar Flag Pole Light comes with an automatic daylight sensor that turns on at night and turns off at dawn. The light itself has 26 high-powered LEDs and an extended battery capacity to give it the best light coverage possible. The light is also waterproof.

Fitting the light is easy. Vont suggests it takes around 60 seconds to fit the light to most flagpoles from 15-25 feet without any extra tools.

Best of all, the solar light is covered by Vonts lifetime warranty which protects you against loss, theft, and defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the product.

What we like:

  • Fully covered A lifetime warranty that covers theft is a rare and valuable thing.
  • Automatic The light automatically detects changes in the ambient conditions and adjusts the light to suit.
  • Easy fitting The Vont solar light can be fitted to most flagpoles in around 60 seconds.

What we dont like:

  • Remember to turn it on Despite being automatic, the light does have an on/off switch which isnt mentioned in the instructions, which has led some users to have to take their flagpole back down after the initial mounting.

The Vont Solar Flag Pole Light is sturdy, bright, automatic, waterproof, and is fully covered by the exception lifetime warranty, making it a great set and forget option.

Make Sure The Light You Buy Will Work With Your Flagpole

Solar Flag Pole Light 26 LED Top Mount Auto

This list has multiple lights meant to be connected to your flagpole in multiple ways.

Most solar power lights can be attached directly to flagpoles that are up to 6 inches in diameter with hose clamps that will secure them in place.

Some of the options on this list, however, are designed to be attached to the top of your flagpole and then secured into place with the decorative topper of your flag pole.

If you are interested in one of these models it is important to make sure that the bolt that they will anchor to isnt too big.

Most flagpoles feature a half-inch bolt, but just to be sure your desired light will fit on your pole make sure to measure before making a purchase.

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Valley Forge Flag Micro Solar Light

This side-mounted pole light is smaller and the solar panel is larger than most units. The Valley Forge microlight is at 25 lumens, which means it needs to attach as close to the flag as possible. In fact, this solution is only good with smaller flags.

Customer complaints are from people hoping to use the light on a regular or larger flag. The unit only fits a 1-1 1/4 diameter flagpole. These dimensions are common on 5-6 flagpoles.

Solar light features:

  • For small flags only

Home Deputy Solar Flagpole Light

This flagpole light by Home Deputy is fashioned with a whopping 111 LED light beams, allowing for excellent coverage of your flag when its lit up. The lights are multi-directional, which means they can light up your entire flag, not just a section of it.

The light can last up to 10 hours in the nighttime, provided that the batteries were fully charged under the sun earlier in the day.

It recharges automatically when it senses the sun is up. Later on, when it gets darker in the evening, it also turns on by itself without any manual set-up from your end.

Most flagpoles have a 0.5-inch ornament, which this flagpole light accommodates perfectly. That means its technically universally compatible, so you dont have to worry about it not being a good fit for your pole.

Like most flagpole lights, this one is easy to install. It takes only two minutes of your time to get it up, without the use of any tools or hard-to-read manuals.

  • Compatible with the standard 0.5-inch ornament
  • Takes two minutes and no extra tools and manuals to install
  • The solar panel boards can become dislodged over time

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What Should I Look For In A Solar Flagpole Light

If youre planning on buying yourself a solar flagpole light for personal or commercial purposes, here are some critical factors to consider:

Total brightness

If youre looking for a flagpole light for a commercial setting, you might want to consider how bright the illumination is. If youre using it for advertising, youll want to make sure the light you buy has both the brightness and coverage to keep your flag visible.

This is why we suggested the PolePalUSA Xtreme, because of its use of ultra-powerful CREE chip LEDs and magnifying lenses.

On the other hand, if youre using it to illuminate a flag outside your home, youll want a more balanced setup that prosperity lights your flag, but isnt so bright that its going to annoy the neighbors.

Overall design

The design of your flagpole light is also going to influence how useful it is to you. Most of the lights on our list are disk or UFO shaped. This means they are mounted above the flag, usually on the poles final, and project their light down.

There are, however, other options. Some lights use U-brackets that can be attached below the light to project light up or at an angle. How useful each design is going to be will depend on your circumstances.

Added features


Letsmeet Solar Flag Pole Light

26 LED Solar Flagpole Light | Easiest Way to Light Your Flag

Sometimes, there just isnt time to take down the flag every evening and raise it up every morning. Therefore, you need a 24/7 flag pole light that is adherent to the Flag Code, which states you can fly the flag 24/7 as long as you illuminate it properly at night.


When your package comes, it comes with the light itself and the installation rod. This is a hands-free installation so you should not take more than a couple of minutes to fix it on your telescoping flag pole. Just ensure that you turn the switch on the lamp to on before installing it so that it can start charging.

From the 2200mAh batteries, you can get 10 or more hours of running time. These batteries power the 30 LED bulbs for the old model. There are newer models with 128 LEDs. Since this light turns on and off automatically at dawn and dusk, this light charges illuminates and switches on/off without your interference.

There are 11 solar panels charging the batteries. If the batteries become depleted , you can replace the batteries.

This lights casing is designed with ABS plastic, which is strong and waterproof. Additionally, it is compatible with posts of the height range of 15 to 25 feet. Installation is fast and should not take you more than 5 minutes.

There is a disadvantage with this light though. For instance, on a dull day, it will not run until morning. Therefore, it feels a bit underpowered.


  • Might not meet the promised running time
  • It can be hard to find replacement batteries

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Deneve Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light

  • Easy to install
  • Replaceable batteries
  • The lights are not too bright

Like every successful company, Deneve began in a small garage in California. A family-owned company, Deneve promises only to make and sell products that consumers will be happy and proud to use in their homes and their yards.

Deneve seeks to do well, to do right, and to do well in support of consumers, planet, and profit. This means that they are striving to have a role in the communities in which they operate.

Because Deneve believes in being an outstanding steward of the nation and the planet, their US-based operations follow the 100% zero-landfill policy. All the leftover materials are recycled, including electronics.

The Deneve Flagpole Light allows you to have the show of pride, respect, and patriotism as a citizen of your country as they are following the US Flag Code that is stated in the US Federal Law.

It is stated that it is a custom worldwide to display the flag from dusk until dawn, but if you want to keep the flag up for 24 hours, it should be properly illuminated.

The Deneve Flagpole Light covers 20% more than the flagpole lights that are in the market. The products LED lights are rechargeable and rely on solar power, so they have a very long lifespan.

Unlike the other flagpole lights, the Deneve Flagpole Light batteries are replaceable, so you do not have to buy a new one every time your battery runs out.

How Do Solar Flag Pole Lights Work

Ideally, the better solar-powered lights have all of the components placed together on one compact platform or hardware. More brilliant the light you require, the more grounded the solar panels you will require and the greater the group of lights attached to it.

If your lights are staked in the ground near the driveway that gets furrowed, or snow blew, then the lights wont help you very much if they are in an area that will be covered with snow. If they are in an area that will not be shrouded in snow, they should be fine. You will have to make sure to get over them when the snow does come, or they will not work well.

Since the fall and winter are the months that you have the most darkness, you actually need lights. There a few decisions here. If your solar outdoor lights are mounted on a tall pole and safely mounted and wont be moved, the solar panel should have the snow dismissed altogether for the panel to work properly.

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Where Can You Install Solar Flag Pole Lights

For flag poles, the flag code calls for illumination for the US Color when it is left up around evening time. There are new flag pole lights attached to the pole, either at the top to beam down on the flag or on the actual pole trying to please. At this point, you dont do you need to stress over whether you inadvertently turned it off or if the bulb has worn out. It isnt just in families those lights are utilized.

Take a gander at government and business organization structures to see the wide utilization of solar flagpole lights. Imagine the Olympics! Every nation has its flag lighten up in distinction and wonder.

Fortunately, solar lights can replace the work of traditional spotlight and save you a great deal of cash. When you doubt to purchase those lights because you think it is too costly.

Veteran Owned & Operated

120 LED Solar Flagpole Down Light  Flag Corps, Inc. Flags &  Flagpoles

Service First is owned and operated by Parker McCumber, an OEF Veteran, who served with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and 1st Cavalry Division as a Forward Observer and Fire Support Section Chief.

Parker has also served several years in the Utah National Guard as a Targeting NCO, and is continuing his service and transitioning to officership with the Utah National Guard.

We know the sacrifice service members make, and recognize their contributions to our great nation as we pay respect to our flag and all it represents.

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Letsmeet Solar Flagpole Light

This Letsmeet flagpole light is made with a total of 128 LED light beams and 12 solar panels. Together, they work to provide your flag with the utmost level of illumination and bright glow.

Its designed with coveted IP65 technology, making it waterproof. That means itll incur little damage even when its super hot or extremely cold during the wet months.

When the batteries are charged fully under the sun during the day, the light can last up to 10 hours at night. Thats almost all night until sunrise the following day!

If you wish to have it stay on even longer than 10 hours, you can opt to keep your light in energy-saving mode. This makes the light slightly less bright, but your flag will stay lit until dawn.

This light has multiple uses too. You can use it as a porch or lawn light by hanging it up on the ceiling with a hook.

  • Has 128 LED light beams and 12 solar panels
  • Keeps your flag lit for up to 10 hours when the batteries are charged fully
  • You can keep it on an energy-saving mode to make the light last longer
  • Can be used for tall flagpoles or hung up as a porch light
  • The package doesnt come with instructions

Best Premium Megabrand Telescopic Aluminum Flag Pole With Solar Lights

If youre looking for an all-in-one solution, then MegaBrand has you covered. This flagpole pack comes with a 25ft or 20ft telescopic gauge aluminum flag pole, an American national flag, a circular LED solar light with 26 super-bright LEDs, and a gold ball finial to mount on the top.

The only thing it doesnt come with is a rope to run the flag up with.

The pole itself comes in sections that fit together using friction collars, so you dont need any specialized tools. MegaBrand recommends that you sink the flagpole a minimum of 16-inches into the ground, and the pole comes with a PVC sleeve to protect the aluminum.

If you want to fly the flag and prefer not to order the parts separately, the MegaBrand kit gives you everything you need on one simple to assemble package.

What we like:

  • All in one From the PVC ground sleeve at the bottom to the gold finial at the top, the MegaBrand package comes with everything you need.
  • Easy to assemble Friction collars mean the pole is easy to assemble, and you dont need specific tools.
  • Excellent quality All the parts of the Megabrand kit feel sturdy and well made.

What we dont like:

  • Not great in high winds Some users report that the friction rings can come loose at higher wind speeds, causing the pole to lower.

If you want to fly the flag and make sure it is well lit, the MegaBrand Telescopic 16 Gauge Aluminum Flag Pole is a great way to make that happen in the easiest way possible.

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Sunnytech 2nd Gen Solar Flagpole Light

There are tons of solar flagpole lights made in USA, but not every single one is of pristine quality. This one by Sunnytech stands out among other American solar lights because its high-quality.

Its made with 20 LED lights in total, which are energy-efficient and shine brightly at night. The flagpole light illuminates a wide range of your flag. The coverage is enough to light up your entire flags surface.

The light has a built-in sensor that detects the brightness of its surroundings. When the environment is dark, it turns on automatically, so you dont have to do it manually.

Its easy to install, even if you dont have any power tools to set it up. You also dont have to worry about breakages and leaks when the weather is terrible, thanks to its IP65 waterproof technology. It even has a smart hole for water to drain out if it gets trapped during the rain.

  • A high-quality product designed in the USA
  • Made with 20 LED lights that are bright and energy-efficient
  • Provides wide lighting coverage to capture your entire flag
  • Has a sensor to automatically turn on when the environment gets dark
  • Easy to install and doesnt need any extra tools to set up
  • Designed with IP65 waterproof technology and a smart hole
  • Has subdued lighting when it doesnt get much sun

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