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Solar Cover Reels For Above Ground Pools

Do The Type Of Straps Matter

DIY Solar Cover Reel System for Above Ground Pool

Solar pool cover reels usually come with two types of fasteners that actually connect your pool cover to the reel itself.

These are either embedded straps or hook-and-loop straps:

  • Embedded straps connect directly to the reel by drilling and screwing them in place. Typically, they are much more secure than other kinds of connections because they are embedded directly into the reel by means of grooves in the metal.
  • Hook-and-loop straps use Velcro instead, looping around the reel and eliminating the need for drilling any holes. This makes assembly a breeze but may not hold up with long term use.

So, if you have a large pool with a heavy cover, the hook-and-loops straps may not cut it and you may want to spring for the embedded-style straps.

  • COMPLETE KIT: Includes 8 each of Straps (6ft long…
  • 1 YEAR GUARANTEE: We got tired of straps breaking…
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Works on pool covers from 10ft to…

Intex 28051 Roller For Solar Cover

Who says you cant find a roller for a rectangular pool. If your pool is between 274cm and 488cm and its rectangular, choose Intex 28051 Roller for Solar Cover.

Its made from heavy-duty materials with the aluminum shaft is provided for smooth interlocking. The hand crank is also made from non-corrosive plastic. Its convenient to use and does a great job of protecting your pool.


  • Bends a little bit in the middle

About Our Solar Covers

With a solar cover you can keep the heat in your pool for FREE! We carry a variety of solar cover styles that can help to maintain the temperature in your pool. Whether your pool is too cold to enjoy consistently throughout the summer or you’re currently spending a fortune heating it, you’ll be able to extend your swimming season and save money with a solar cover. Solar covers are designed for inground, semi inground and above ground pools. The bubbles should face down into the water when you put your solar cover on.

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Best Solar Cover Reel For Pools Review Guide Of 2022

Best Solar Cover Reel For Pools Review Guide of 2022-2023 Are you in search of a worry-free way to keep your pool warm without adding to much to your utility bills? Getting a pool cover is a must. However, rolling and unrolling the cover can be a pain in the butt unless you buy a good quality swimming pool cover reel. If you have plans on buying a pool cover reel, this Best Solar Cover Reel For Pools Review Guide of 2022-2023 can help you.

Are Solar Pool Cover Reels Worth It

Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel:

Solar cover reels are worth their weight in gold, but everything has its pros and cons when it comes to pool equipment, and solar cover reels are certainly no exception to that rule.

So lets break it all down.


  • Works with regular pool covers
  • Promotes more frequent use of your solar cover
  • Easier to store for long periods with a reel cover
  • Not all that expensive for the added convenience


  • Not compatible with freeform shaped pools
  • Above ground pools require a special fitting
  • Replacing your solar blanket is more of a hassle
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing device
  • Automated reels require additional wiring
  • May still require a pool cover pump

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Best Choice Pool Cover Reel

Best Choice Products, as the name suggests, only deals with the best options for various home appliances such as decorative items and furniture. Even though the pool cover reel from Best Choice Products is slightly on the premium side, it is one of the best options.

In the 3rd place, we are putting the Best Choice Products solar cover reel. This reel is specifically suitable for large pools as it offers compatibility with up to 21 feet wide swimming pools. But, the reel itself measures 6.7 x 3.5 x 107 inches which makes it great for storage. The entire body of the Best Choice Products solar cover reel is made up of a combination of stainless steel and aluminum to offer both durability and lightweight design.

On the other hand, the crank on the Best Choice Products solar cover reel is made with plastic to offer complete protection against problems like corrosion while offering users a firm grip on the device. There are large plastic wheels provided on the bottom of the reel to offer ease in terms of portability so that it can be moved around by a single person. With the 3 inches diameter tubes used in construction, Best Choice Products is offering 1 year of warranty on the reel.

Best Features

Certikin Solex Solar Powered Roller

The Certikin Solex solar powered roller is specifically designed to be economical, flexible and simple, offering a convenient progression from a standard manual pool roller without the hardship of providing an electrical supply.

Fully self powered through a photovoltaic panel which steadily tops up a fully contained dry-cell battery, even on cloudy days, the Solex roller can be installed on new and existing outdoor domestic pools and will accommodate solar blankets of up to 6 metres wide and 13 metres long. The sturdy, anodised aluminium telescopic roller tube allows flexibility of size and the aluminium and PVC stands give strong impact resistant end supports.Operation is by a simple switch mounted on one of the end stands, and the 12v in tube motor has adjustable limits in order that the positioning of the cover can be consistently accurate and automatic. The use of an Aquablade towing system is strongly recommended for covers using the Solex roller and the roller should be mounted over the end of the pool, not set back.

Any questions? Send us an email: [email protected]

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Q: How To Install Solar Blanket Pool Cover To Reel

  • Review the instruction manual included in the package to be sure you are on track with the installation, to begin with.
  • Use a hammer or rubber mallet for pressing the bearings into the reels frame.
  • If applicable, install casters into the frame. You should be able to see pre-drilled holes already.
  • Now place the tubes across the pools end. Your reel will be placed there.
  • The tubes must be adjusted by tightening the screws and joint webb. This webb fits inside both ends of the tube.
  • Follow the manufacturers guidelines for attaching the joint webb to the tubes. Use the tek screws included in the package.
  • After assembling the tubes, attach them to the reels frame. Use collar, crank, and shaft for this. Again, follow the manufacturers guidelines to get everything right.
  • Once everything is intact, use the handle to roll the cover. Make sure the cover is rolled over the reel.
  • If you have reel cover, place it on your reel once its rolled up.
  • Put the reel away for storage.

How To Choose The Best Pool Cover Reel:

How to Install A Solar Cover Reel for Above Ground Swimming Pool – GLI Whirlwind

A solar pool cover reel is used to deploy the cover while the pool is not in use, uncover the pool when you want to use it, and store the cover temporarily till the winter season. To utilize the pool cover reel properly, you have to choose the correct option.

So, we are here to guide you on what factors to consider and how to pick your best option. Lets get started.

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Solar Cover Reels Parts & Accessories

Want to make taking off and putting on your solar pool cover easier? Solar cover reels are the way to do it. Whether youâre looking for a manual or automatic reel for your above ground or inground pool, has you covered. We offer dozens of solar cover reels giving you the chance to find the perfect fit and style for your pool and solar cover. Choose between cover reels made of stainless steel or aluminum, and select the proper size or length for your pool. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool, we have a reel to make taking your solar cover off and putting it back on easy. We even carry several solar cover reel parts to many any repairs easy to complete. Thereâs also a selection of casters available so you can easily make your pool cover reel mobile.For a detailed guide to finding a solar cover reel, check out our Buyerâs Guide and FAQ dedicated to the topic.

Intex Solar Cover Reel For 9ft

Solar Cover Reel for 9ft-16ft Wide Pools
Item weight
  • Keep your pool water warmer with this heating method!
  • All the benefits of Covering your above ground pool without the hassle.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Suitable for Rectangular frame pools with width from 9′-16′.
  • Reel only, solar cover not included

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Sun2solar Cover Deluxe Reel System

Sun2Solar is one of the most reliable options to appear on our options today. The reel from Sun2Solar is a great option for a long-term option within a budget-friendly price range.

Next up, we are featuring the solar pool cover reel from Sun2Solar. The Sun2Solar Deluxe Reel System features a high-quality reel with durable stainless steel construction which is perfect for installing near a pool. It can easily cover pools within 20 feet width and works perfectly with 800 and 1200 series options. The aluminum tubes on the Sun2Solar Deluxe Reel System measure 3 ¼ inches in diameter, making it a rigid and heavy-duty option.

Along with that, you can also find 2 large tires on the reel right below the crank which makes it possible to move the unit around despite the heavyweight. The effort needed to wind the solar pool cover is minimal with the Sun2Solar Deluxe Reel System as it offers a gear system on the crank. The gear system increases the applied force to offer faster and smoother operation. You will get a 3 years long warranty period on the Sun2Solar Deluxe Reel System.

Best Features

Commercial Pool Rollers & Cover Systems

Deluxe Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel

**This is a Price On Application product. Please call the office before placing your order**

Suitable for almost any size and style of commercial pool, indoor or outdoor, Certikin’s offering of a tried and tested range of cover and roller systems suits the standard and the more unusual environment and specification.

With a range of manual and motorised options manufactured from the highest grade materials, the reel systems are complemented perfectly by a wide choice of cover alternatives to allow the best possible efficiencies in operation and the highest levels of heat retention.

Heat retention is a key factor in any pool environment, but especially so in a commercial one. A high quality heat retention cover will reduce heat loss by up to 85% and make considerable savings in energy as well as reducing chemical evaporation and condensation levels. Our commercial systems can be pre-fitted with a range of covers including heat retention bubble materials and a variety of high density, closed-cell, polyethylene foam, offering a solution for practically all requirements and budgets.


  • Mobile Reels – Single or Twin systems
  • Floor, wall, ceiling and column mounted motorised systems
  • Bench style manual or motorised systems
  • Pedestal mounted manual systems

Any questions? Send us an email: [email protected]

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Swimline Hydrotools Above Ground Pool Solar Blanket Reels System With Straps

  • This product is not eligible for coupons. However, you are able to earn and redeem Kohls Cash® and Kohl’s Rewards® on this product.

Create a stress-free easy-maintenance system for covering your above-ground pool with the Swimline HydroTools Above Ground Pool Solar Blanket Reels System with Straps.Dragging out the cover for your pool can be a hassle, making the end of pool time stressful and frustrating. Upgrade your process with this efficient above-ground pool cover reel system that peels your solar cover back from your above-ground pool hassle-free, leaving you more time for fun and sun with family and friends. Easy to set up and use, this reel system is compatible with 3-inch tube kits for an effortless reel and unreel, making pool time stress-free.The durable system includes heavy-duty straps and all necessary hardware so you can start using your new reel system right away. Designed with versatility and function in mind, this reel unit is capable of fitting any above-ground pool ranging from 16 to 21 feet across. Including all the necessary materials to attach to your existing solar blanket, you’ll love how easy and efficient this reel system makes your pool maintenance routine.Enjoy a worry-free summer by your poolside with this HydroTools Above Ground Pool Solar Blanket Reels System with Straps from Swimline.


Perfect Day Winter Solar Reel And Blanket Covers

This 16ft wide pool cover reel is designed to protect the rolled-up solar blanket of your pool. Its made from waterproof material resistant to snow, rain, and other weather damage. It features two elastic cords that allow the cover to securely fasten itself to the solar blanket.

The waterproof cover zip wraps around the solar blanket while its still on the reel. This cover fits all types of reels. Drawstring and straps are present at both ends to protect against rain, ice, snow, and UV rays. The cover is designed to extend the life of your solar blankets.


  • Its zipper is not strong

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Plastica Domestic Slidelock Telescopic Reel System

A very high quality British-made reel system suitable for in-ground or above-ground pools with decking up to top rail level.

Whatever size the swimming pool, winding a solar cover off can be hard work. Motorized systems are a great option but the high cost can be prohibitive, and the mechanics needed to make them work means they can often look large and cumbersome, not enhancing the look of a lovely swimming pool.

SmartGear was created to make these concerns a thing of the past. It is a simple, highly effective 3:1 ratio gearbox which makes light work of winding a cover onto a reel. It has been specifically designed to be retrofitted to the Plastica Slidelock reel, making it an affordable option.

Various fixing options for efficient and convenient cover removal.

Any questions? Send us an email: [email protected]

The stationary stainless steel system for your above ground pool.

Any questions? Send us an email: [email protected]


+ Solar Covers In Stock

Hydrotools 52000 Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Reel System 1-Year Review & Easy Cover Roll-Out

We carry 3 unique solar cover styles that can help to maintain the temperature in your pool. Whether your pool is too cold to enjoy consistently throughout the Summer or you’re currently spending a fortune heating it, you’ll be able to extend your swimming season and save money with a new solar blanket. We are Canada’s source for swimming pool solar covers, with over 10,000+ cover shapes and sizes in stock and ready to ship!

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Maintain Water Temperature For Free

Unlike other types of pool heaters, a solar cover helps to maintain heat in your pool for free. Other than the cost of the solar blanket, there are no associated costs to operate your blanket . Proper use of a solar blanket can retain up to 10 degrees of additional heat in your pool, depending on the amount of sun your pool gets throughout the day, and the duration it is exposed to the sunlight.

Hydrotools By Swimline Complete Above

Swinline hasnt forgotten about above ground pools. This reel system is made from premium aluminum reels with heavy-duty construction. If you are in search of a lasting option, you wont be disappointed. It is designed for above ground pools between 12 to 18 feet.

Like other Swimline products, its very easy to move. Only one person is required to get the job done. You must mount it on a deck or top rail to use.


  • The aluminum reel is rust-proof
  • Takes 5 minutes to install


  • Instructions are somewhat unclear

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Reduce Evaporation & Chemical Use

A solar cover blanket not only retains the heat, but it also protects against harmful UV rays, slowing the growth of algae in your pool water. The tiny air bubbles on the cover that trap heat in also work to block the sun from reaching your water, slowing down the rate that water evaporates, saving you money by needing to top up your pool water level less often.

Nova Swimming Pool Cover Reel

Horizon Solar Cover Reel For Above Ground Swimming Pools up to 28

Now that you are familiar with some of the premium options, let us introduce you to Nova Microdermabrasion which is offering a much better choice and value for the money. The pool cover from Nova Microdermabrasion features many great features with additional accessories.

The Nova Microdermabrasion Pool Cover Reel Set is also an ideal choice for large swimming pools as it manages to cover up to 21 feet wide pools. The Nova Microdermabrasion cover reel offers unmatched build quality with durable and adjustable tubes made up of aluminum. You can adjust the length of these tubes according to your pool to get the best compatibility.

In terms of design, the Nova Microdermabrasion is pretty much the same as most other options with embedded straps and a hand crank provided for smoother operation. You will also get 2 wheels on the reel that makes it easier to move around when not in use. The Nova Microdermabrasion is suitable for pools between the size range of 17.5 to 21 feet which is perfect for large pools. Also, there is a year of warranty provided by Nova Microdermabrasion.

Best Features

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