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Why Go Solar In California

Sdg& e Pg& e And Sce Net Metering In California

Going solar in California

NEM 2.0 enrollment for PG& E, SCE, and SDG& E customers starts after each utility reaches its original net metering cap or by July 1, 2017 whichever happens first. The status for each utility is as follows:

  • SDG& E: Net metering reached its cap in the summer of 2016, which means that new San Diego solar system owners are currently enrolling in net metering 2.0.
  • PG& E: PG& E reached its net metering cap on December 15, 2016. All new PG& E solar customers are being enrolled in NEM 2.0.
  • SCE: The original SCE net metering program reached its cap in summer 2017, and all new solar customers will enroll in NEM 2.0.

Utility customers who installed solar under the original net metering policy will be grandfathered in for 20 years from their original enrollment date. After that point, they will also move to NEM 2.0.

Why Go Solar In California

Solar panels have been the future of energy for a long time now. They arent for everyone but they can do a lot of good in the long term. If youre someone who has disposable income and wants to save more on energy as time goes on. Going solar will do a lot of good for you. This also means as time goes on these solar panels are going to go cheaper. Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to solar energy.

Save money on your energy

Using solar energy is going to free up the energy costs of making sure that other people have energy. Not only is this good for your community, but you will see yourself saving more and more on your bills because the energy you are using is natural. There is a lot of talk about the kind of energy that we should be using, but it feels like solar energy could be the best in California. Other kinds of energy are getting more expensive. If we get our energy from the sun, that means companies and countries dont have to fight and debate over the energy we should use, saving you money.

California has consistent, warm weather year around

Properties with solar panels are seen as more valuable

Renewable energy in the long term

The government promotes it through policy

Homeowner Solar Inquiry Form

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There is no commitment of any kind, its simply a request for home solar information.Your personal details will not be saved or sold.You will be contacted by an approved solar professional in your area.

Solar panel sizing its worth doing it right

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Are Solar Panels Worth The Investment In California

According to the Department of Energy , the average cost for a 5kW residential solar installation is more than $16,000. This national estimate is even higher in California due to our stateâs more expensive installation and labor costs.

Either way, going solar can be a hefty investment for many homeowners. They want the benefits that installing solar panels can deliver. But they lack the upfront money required to receive:

  • Monthly electricity bill savings .
  • Massive environmental savings .

If youâre also on a tight budget, you may have your own doubts as well. Does it really make sense to shell out thousands of dollars to receive these benefits?

The short answer is âYES.â Even in an expensive state like California, going solar is worth the investment.

Letâs explore why that is.â

What Are The Two Main Factors That Influence The Pv Generation

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar panel power output is reduced by several things, and most of them are beyond our control.

Tilt angle and shading from nearby buildings or trees can combine with other factors we cant change, such as local weather conditions.

7 of the main factors reducing solar system power output are listed below:

  • Irradiance is a direct measure of how much sun energy can falling across the solar panels surface.
  • Shading. Solar panel need clear skies if they are to generate maximum power.
  • Maintenance. Regular cleaning will save losses of up to 15%.
  • Orientation. Solar panels should face South for best results .
  • Tilt angle. The best title angle is 60 degrees for a fixed solar installation.
  • Temperature. Over-heating brings down the efficiency of solar cells, which is why space is left. between the roof and the panels.
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    Alameda County Solar Financing

    Using a 20-year property assessment known as PACE financing, the city of Berkeley had a successful pilot program from 2008 to 2009 as the first city in the country to allow residents to obtain solar power without any initial payment. In the plan, property owners paid as much in increased property taxes as they save in energy costs, allowing them to install the panels for free at no cost to the city. Thirty eight projects are being installed for the pilot stage of the program. PACE financing has spread to 28 states, but is on hold in many due to objections by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, including in Berkeley . Legislation has been introduced to require acceptance of PACE financing.

    Peak Sun Hour Values 12 Months For San Francisco Ca Power Output Vs Tilt

    Insolation by month for San Francisco, Ca by month


    A sun-tracker could be installed to point the solar panels towards the sun constantly, which would increase the power output by as much as 40%.

    The downside is that sun tracking systems cost something like 25% of the total installation costs and they arent that cost-effective for relatively small home solar installations.

    If at any time you need more power its generally best to simply install more solar panels it would be much less expensive than sun-tracking.

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    Take Advantage Of Tax Rebates Before They Expire

    There are lots of great solar rebates to take advantage of. They can offset the cost of solar in a big way. But they wont be around forever.

    The Federal Tax Credit, which is available in all states, offers an incredible 26% reduction in solar installation cost. But it shrinks to 22% in 2023. Two years may seem far away, but itll be here before you know it. Also, the transition to solar isnt always a swift process, depending on many factors such as your solar provider, permitting and your utility provider.

    Get My Free Solar Quote

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    Getting Solar Is A Complex Transaction Where To Begin

    This is a big one. Even if youre pretty sure solar would be a great investment, knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

    Whats the best equipment? Who are the best rooftop solar installers? Can you trust that youre getting the best prices and warranties for your home? Where does someone even begin this process?

    Here’s Why Solar Energy In California Is Really Top Notch

    As a potential solar homeowner, were sure youve done a bit of research regarding home solar systems and how California solar could be great for you. But do you actually know some of the hows and whys of solars greatness in California? And, if you wanted to share it with friends and family, could you relay those facts?

    Dont worry, this isnt a pop quiz. In fact, its just the opposite. Weve gotten a few bits of information together so that you know exactly why solar is so valuable in CA. In addition to helping you know the facts before making your decision, we hope youre so impressed that you want to share this fun info with the people you care about too.

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    State Challenges With Solar Power

    Energy storage is becoming a more prominent issue because photovoltaic solar panels can only generate electricity during daylight hours and thermal solar installations can only store energy for up to 10 hours, leaving a window in which the state’s energy production must be generated from other sources . To remedy this, different sorts of power storage solutions have been proposed such as batteries, compressed air, and ice generation.

    In April 2018, The San Diego Union Tribune reported that Recurrent Energy had proposed a large battery, a 350 MW system, to be installed alongside the proposed Crimson Solar Project. The battery will match the proposed facility’s nameplate capacity, and is several times larger than the 130 MW Hornsdale Power Reserve, the largest lithium battery in existence, which was created by Tesla and is located in South Australia.

    Another issue is overproduction which is most common during the summer months. California’s solar production was so vast that by 2017, California had to pay Arizona and other states in the region to accept some of its electricity during peak production hours in order to provide relief to its grid.

    Solar Energy System Property Tax Exclusion

    Why solar homes also go dark during Californias blackout ...

    If you add a solar home installation to your property or build a new home thats comprised of a solar panel system, you could qualify for the solar energy system property tax exclusion. In the event that you qualify for this particular exclusion, your property taxes wouldnt increase until 2024, which allows you to save an ample sum of money over the next few years.

    Keep in mind that your home will also increase in value by an average of 3% once these panels have been installed. Many buyers who are looking to move to California are searching for homes that contain solar panel systems, which is why its highly recommended that you outfit your home with one of these systems.

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    Solar Might Not Make Sense For Your Energy Consumption

    Heres something youre not often toldif your main motivator for switching to solar is to save money, it depends on how much youre spending now.

    If your energy bill is less than $100 a month, the investment in solar energy might take 10 or more years to pay itself back in energy bill savings. Of course, after the payback period, youll still be saving a significant amount of money, just not as much as a high energy consumer would.

    Plus, financial savings arent the only reason why homeowners go solar. They might primarily be trying to positively impact the environment, or protect themselves from future rate hikes from their utility.

    Solar Energy Is Insurance Against Rising Power Rates

    Its no surprise that electricity keeps getting more and more expensive. Over the past 10 years, energy prices have increased on an average of 2 cents a year . Unfortunately, the cost of electricity will continue to rise and our utility bills will continue to climb. However, there is no need to fear. When you invest in solar energy for your home, youre producing your own power, so the chance of you having to pay for the electricity you pull from the energy company is extremely slim. This is especially true if you seek a reputable solar installation company with knowledgeable contractors, like Sun Energy California . Weve seen it many times where homeowners end up with either more panels than they need or not enough. This is because those companies dont do their research into your usage, and their process of due diligence is not thorough enough or theyre just simply trying to make a sale.

    In retrospect, if your home uses solar energy, and youre enrolled in Net Energy Metering, the rising cost of power can be looked at as a good thing in terms of the price of credits you receive. So, youre saying net metering is saving us money whenever they raise the prices? Yes, thats exactly what were saying. The silver lining, folks, its all about the silver lining.

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    Solar Panel Diagram With Explanation

    Block diagram showing how grid-tie solar components connect together

    The black arrows represents the DC voltage flow before its changed to AC by the inverter. The red arrows show the AC power flow.

    The green arrows indicate that power can flow from the power grid to the home in the normal way.

    Note: Net-Metering is required to keep track of the flow of power between the grid and the home.

    This is one of the sweet features of a grid-tied solar power installations if more power than needed is generated, then the excess is fed back into the grid.

    Home appliances will draw power from the solar panels before drawing power from the grid, but will take power from the grid if cloudy conditions reduce solar power generation, or at any time the sun isnt shining.

    Local Utility Company Rebates

    Why Go Solar The Baker Way in Ramona, California? Always Know What’s Coming Next

    Local utility companies may also offer rebates that you could take advantage of. These rebates could be anywhere from $100-$2,000 for every kW of home solar that you install. You can obtain this incentive for as much as four kW of home solar. Keep in mind, however, that the incentive can vary based on applicant income, system size, and location. You can inquire about the rebate amount you would qualify for by contacting your local utility provider.

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    History Of Solar Policy In California

    California has taken significant steps to grow in-state solar: from reaching nearly 23 gigawatts of solar capacity across almost 900,000 solar installations to receiving in-state solar investments of $42 billion through 2018, California leads U.S. states in many solar categories. The states commitment to solar in the US is acutely apparent in SEIAs Top 10 Solar States list: notably, not even the next eight ranked states combined had installed as much solar energy capacity as California in 2018. The history of solar energy in the Golden State spans back to the industrys earliest roots and is a story of steady progress.

    California first began promoting solar energy in 1976, when the state passed tax legislation to provide financial incentives for investment in the technology. Building upon this initial commitment solar, the state quickly passed the Solar Rights Act in 1978, which bars restrictions by homeowners associations on the installation of solar energy systems. The states commitment to the solar industry fostered an environment of growth that ultimately led to ARCO Solars 1980 completion of a 1 megawatt photovoltaic facility in Camarillo, an impressive capacity for solar at that time.

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    Solar Power Purchase Agreement

    With a Solar Power Purchase Agreement, you pay $0 upfront to have panels installed on your home. You only pay for the electricity these solar panels generate every month.

    This is a very attractive option for homeowners on a limited budget. Just know that youâll never officially âbreak evenâ with a power purchase agreement. Instead, youâre simply buying electricity from a cheaper and cleaner energy source â i.e. the sun.

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    Solar Energy Is Considered An Intermittent Energy Source

    Ok, ok, hear us out on this. Here are some reasons why some folks argue that solar power isnt reliable or intermittent:

    • The intensity of the sun is different based on location, time of day, and even time of year.
    • Due to the lack of sunlight, solar panels do not generate power at night.
    • Snow, clouds, and even dirt can have an impact on the amount of energy produced by your solar panels.

    But, what they have failed to acknowledge is the fact that a backup battery is a solution. Batteries allow homeowners to store their solar power and draw energy from the battery when their solar panels are not producing energy. BOOM! Knowledge drop! Bye-bye, intermittency!

    Here To Help Your New Years Resolution To Go Solar In 2020

    Top Reasons Why You Should Go Solar in 2018

    Its clear that solar technology works and that solar panels make financial sense. It allows homeowners to rely less on the grid and generate their own environmentally friendly energy. Forme Solar can ensure that you go solar with confidence. At Forme Solar, we geek out on the craftsmanship of solar power, which is at the heart of each solar panel and battery installation. We got our start by specializing in solar repairs and by taking a solar battery first approach. This has allowed us to specialize in ensuring that your home continues to be powered seamlessly whether or not a power outage occurs. With excellence being the passing grade we focus on producing a great experience for all of our customers. When youre looking for a qualified licensed solar installation and repair services near the greater Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Riverside area, call Forme Solar at or request a quote.


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