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Where Is Pine Sol Made

Can You Use Pine Sol On Hard Surfaces

How to make DIY Pine-Sol | Vlogmas Day 20

You can use Pine-Sol® cleaners on hard, nonporous surfaces, including floors, sinks, counters, stoves, bathtubs, shower stalls, tile and more! General Cleaning and Deodorizing: Use ¼ cup per gallon of water. No rinsing required except on rubber or asphalt tile. For tough jobs, use full strength and rinse immediately.

Is Pine Sol Toxic To Dogs

Pine oil poisoning can lead to failure of the nervous system, kidney and liver damage, respiratory failure, and death in a very short time. Pine Oil is a common household cleaner and disinfectant that is toxic to dogs, even in small amounts. Pine oil also affects the central nervous system, kidneys, and liver.

Baking Soda Toilet Cleaner And Deodorizer

Remove urine rings stains and odor with only a little baking soda. Pour baking soda into your toilet and wash it with a toilet brush.

Right before your very eyes, youll witness your toilet transforming into one that looks like it has never been in service. Its fast and easy just keep a box of BAKING SODA close by in your bathroom for when it is needed.

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What Are The Pine

The Pine-Sol disinfectant contains such ingredients as water, glycolic acid, alcohol, sulfonates, distearates, as well as xanthan gum. Water is the base, alcohol and sodium sulfonate work as cleaning agents. The glycolic acid is used to get rid of scale deposits, discoloration, and soap scum in bathtubs as well as toilets. Distearates work as defoamers, while the caramel is incorporated to enhance the appearance of the product. Finally, gum works as an ecological thickener.

Which Is Better Pine Sol Or Fabuloso Pine

Among them, Pine-Sol was the clear winner, scoring 74 out of 100 point with high marks from removing soap scum, lack of streaking and cleaning heavily soiled surfaces. Fabuloso, by contrast, got horrendous marks on soap scum, streaking and soiled surfaces, but at $2.10 it only costs a third of what Pine-Sol does.

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Try A Little Hydrogen Peroxide

Pouring Hydrogen Peroxide down your bathroom drains is the perfect odor control method. The drains in your bathroom are not clean. There are things down there you cant even imagine was there.

This can send up a bad odor in your bathroom. Time to stop this. Simply pour Hydrogen Peroxide down the drain. It will break away any grime and slime in the drain. let it remain there for 1 hour then turn on the tap.

We spoke about how to keep your trash bin odor-free so your bathroom can smell amazing. Here is another tip on how to keep your bathroom bin smelling wonderful.

After taking out the trash, clean the bin with your diluted bleach. Then get hold of a sponge and place it at the bottom of the bin before putting it in a new bag. Drop a few drops of Pine-Sol on the sponge. the sponge will control the foul odors from rising.

Is Pine Sol Toxic

Pine-Sol isnt toxic. However, it is important to take the necessary measures while using it since the product emits hazardous chemicals. Besides, a study conducted by Womens Voice for Earth revealed that Pine-Sol contains other toxic chemicals that are not indicated on the bottle, including plathlates, carcinogens, etc.

It has been claimed that these chemicals cause pregnancy complications, cancer, and defects at birth, disruption of hormones, as well as aggravation of allergies. Moreover, it is important to note that this product is also toxic to pets. So, you need to rinse a surface thoroughly after cleaning if you have pets or avoid it altogether.

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Mixing Bleach And Pine

Are you wondering does Pine-Sol kill germs even better, if mixed with bleach? Mixing these products in particular portions emits poisonous chlorine gas. This gas is extremely toxic, and will quickly lead to respiratory arrests, losing consciousness, and dying when breathed in.

So, these products should always be used separately. Besides, each of these products is potent and will produce strong fumes during usage. So, it is important to ventilate your house for safe usage, particularly in confined areas such as the washroom. Mix these products only with water.

Absorbine Ultrashield Insecticide & Repellent

How To Make Homemade Pine Sol

This product produced instant result just as it is being used. It last long with an easy-to-use feature. The spray bottle is smart and ergonomic to use. Perfected made to reach difficult areas around your horse, due to the horizontal and vertical mode. It is 965ml in size. As the name implies, it is an incredible shield you will love.

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Is Pine Sol Safe On Laminate Floors

One of the biggest causes of laminate floor damage is using the wrong cleaning solution.

Youre probably not aware of this but a majority of cleaning solutions in the market contain some harsh chemicals that wont just strip off your floors finish, but it will also penetrate deep into the planks, thus making them more porous.

When this happens, your floors become more prone to scratches, dents, scuff, and even staining which can quickly become permanent.

Since Pine Sol is a very common cleaning formula in many homes, a lot of homeowners often wonder whether this product is actually safe for use on their sensitive laminate floors.

Well, I am here to ease your mind.

Pine Sol is perfectly safe for your laminate floor. This cleaner does not contain any harsh ingredients or chemicals that may harm your laminate floors.

Its perfectly safe and you should have any problems using it.

However, to avoid potential damage to your floors, make sure you properly dilute the concentrated formula as per the manufacturers instructions.

Why Pine Sol is a Great Laminate Floor Cleaner

Pine Sol is undoubtedly one of the best cleaners for laminate flooring. I use it to clean all types of surfaces- from the bathroom to the patio and I have to admit that you wont find many all purpose cleaners that do the job right the first time.

I am going to list down all the reasons why Pine Sol is the best cleaner for laminate floors.

  • Its suitable for both light and heavy duty cleaning

Just Choose Your Favorite Scent We Like Using Original Pine On Laminate Floors

Is it safe to use pine sol on laminate floors. Check out these 14 other things you should never clean with windex. I have had good results with this. Can i use pine sol on laminate wood flooring?

Mop your ground with the combination. Rinse well when cleaning with pine sol to prevent leaving residue on the floor. Cleaning laminate floors involves just a few steps.

Can you use clorox on laminate wood floors? With its 98% natural ingredients, it wont harm them but extend their life by using it on regular basis. The quality of pine sol mop cannot be questioned, and you are sure to be making the right investment for you and your laminate flooring.

The manufacturers of this cleaning. Pine sol is suitable for any type of hardwood floors and below are step. To use bleach to clean laminate floors, dilute the bleach with water.

Dirt, grime, and grease on hardwood floors such as laminate can be hard to clean but pine sol is a great tool to tackle it in no time. The detergent contains only the. Just choose your favorite scent we like using original pine on laminate floors.

Spray onto your floors and wipe away with a microfiber cloth. Bleach is a disinfectant that will work on nonporous surfaces, which plastic laminate is. Pine sol is great but not on laminate floors, you need to.

Mix 3/4 cup of bleach per gallon of water. As stated earlier, laminate floors are quite like hardwood. Cleaning laminate floors involves just a few steps.

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Freshen Up Your Toilet Paper Roll

Using your toilet paper to keep your bathroom smelling great is an awesome idea. One thing that is sure to be present in our bathrooms at all times is a roll of toilet paper.

Here is what to do with it other than its usual duty. Drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the middle of the roll. Replace the roll on the rack and use your toilet paper as always. Your bathroom will instantly smell amazing.

A General Overview Of Pine

Make Cleaning Fun with #PineSol #MyCleanMovesPh

Pine-Sol detergent was created by Harry Cole in 1929 after he discovered the properties of the substance. Within 5 years, the product grew, turning the corporation into a million-dollar organization, making sales of over 20 million jars throughout the United States as well as eleven other countries. Initially, the product contained pine oil, which was easily extracted from trees.

However, today, the brands sold do not contain any pine oil. While all other ingredients have remained the same, pine oil has been replaced by glycolic acid. This is because of pine oils limited supply and high costs. Even though these products are still listed to contain pine oil, it is not an active component, and glycolic acid is mainly used as the only active ingredient. So, the product has been altered over the past nine decades, and changed ownership several times, to become what it is today.

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What Cleaning Products Should You Avoid While Pregnant

Cleaning and Pregnancy: Recommendations Glycol ethers. These are toxic substances found in household cleaning products like oven cleaners and have been associated with miscarriage, decreased male fertility, and birth defects. Phthalates. Avoid spray and aerosol cleaners when possible. Avoid air fresheners.

Which Is Better Pine

Among them, Pine-Sol was the clear winner, scoring 74 out of 100 point with high marks from removing soap scum, lack of streaking and cleaning heavily soiled surfaces. Fabuloso, by contrast, got horrendous marks on soap scum, streaking and soiled surfaces, but at $2.10 it only costs a third of what Pine-Sol does.

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How Is The Product Used

You can use Pine-Sol on hard nonporous surfaces, such as floors, trash cans, diaper buckets, washrooms, tiles, bathtubs, sinks, shower stalls, bathtubs, counters, etc. Mix a quarter cup of pine sol with a gallon of water to create a solution. For a stronger effect, use maximum strength, let it stay for a while, and then rinse. On a wooden surface, do not let puddles of the solution remain. However, this product is not recommended to be used on aluminum, marble, and several wood covers, including waxed, unsealed, oiled, etc.

Safety Protocols For Working With Chemicals

How To Make Homemade Pine-Sol! The Correct Way! I Messed Up Last Time #homemaking #pinesol

No matter what type of cleaning products you are dealing with, it is important to adhere to basic safety precautions. Leave lots of windows open, run a fan or air conditioner or an air purifier, and ensure that there is plenty of good ventilation. Proper ventilation prevents the slow buildup of harmful, toxic fumes due to the presence of strong cleaning products or mixtures of those products.

In some cases, you may need to wear a mouth filter or light breathing mask to protect your lungs, safety goggles to protect your eyes, and gloves to keep the skin of your hands from becoming irritated.

Most bottles or containers of cleaning products and other chemicals will have caution labels, detailing any potential side effects and including some recommendations for the safe use and application of the products. Be sure you read all of this information carefully before you begin working with a chemical in your home or at your place of business.

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Tips For Making Your Own Cleaners

  • Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and cleaner. You can easily make an all-purpose cleaner using a combination of vinegar and water.
  • Baking soda is another natural cleaner. Its great for getting rust off of faucets or cleaning stoves that are loaded with food and spills from preparing dinner.
  • Essential oils are your best friend when it comes to making your own cleaners! Make your home cleaner smell like Pine Sol by adding a few drops of essential pine oil to your homemade concoction.
  • Castile Soap is a natural cleaner for toilets, showers, and other porcelain surfaces. Its also great for wood surfaces, making it a prime Pine Sole ingredient.

Try Using Fabric Softener

There is no doubt everyone would wish their bathroom could smell like freshly done laundry. This is not impossible, you wont need to wish anymore, your wish has come through. Pour fabric softener into your toilet tank.

The fabric softener will combine itself with the water, releasing the most pleasant odor you could ever experience in a bathroom. Do the same in your toilet bowl to keep your bathroom smelling magnificent.

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Homemade Fly Repellent Keep Flies Away With Pine Sol

Posted on Published: 07/13/2020

This homemade fly repellent formula uses the common household cleaner Pine Sol.

We all know how bothersome flies can be in any outdoor gathering. Keeping them away often means using harsh chemicals.

What if I told you that a common household cleaner, Pine-Sol, could be used to do this job? The reason it works is because of pine oil that is in the original Pine Sol.

But not just any Pine Sol works. Read on to discover which version to use and why this fly spray works.

What Are The Best Horse Fly Sprays


Your horses health is so important, and little things are what sums to bestow the surge of vitality he needs. Getting a horse spray will save you from a lot of disaster. Flies can result to a high level of discomfort for your horse, or even cause reactions like incessant itching and some other occurrences.

There are different kinds of fly repellents on the market, some are sourced from natural ingredients, while others are from synthetic materials. Both work amazingly, but as some needs to consistent application, others will go a long way in a single use.

Therefore, several horse fly sprays are pricey than others. The U.S approved some for both horse environment and horse use, while others are solely for the horses environment, according to the U.K agencies. Below is a few top rated and best horse fly sprays that you apply for your boy:

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Diluting Bleach With Water

Working with straight, undiluted bleach can be dangerous. Over a fairly short time, the fumes from the undiluted bleach can cause respiratory irritation and skin irritation. Thats why many people prefer to follow a dilution protocol, adding some water to the bleach to make it a little weaker.

Dont add hot water to bleach. Doing so can result in the release of harmful chlorine gases. Instead, use lukewarm, cool, or cold water. If youre simply using the bleach within your home for cleaning purposes, try a 1:100 ratio, which comes out to about two teaspoons of bleach for every gallon of water.

What Are The Uses Of Pine

There are many uses for Pine-Sol in your household. They range from disinfecting, cleaning, deodorizing, etc. All of them are discussed below:

  • Deodorizing Your Garbage Can

You can soak cotton inside the solution, and put it inside your garbage can. It is effective in deodorizing bad smells. So, before you replace your liner, just dip several cotton balls inside your preferred fragrance, and put them at the bottom of your garage can.

  • Spot Treating Garments

This solution is used to treat clothes that have stains. Use it to pre-treat stains, including dirt, wine, grease, etc. before you launder the clothes. Next, soak the stained part using a little solution, then wash it as usual. It can also be used to enhance the appearance of white laundry.

  • Deodorizing Your House

Fill a cup or bowl with your favorite fragrance of the solution. Also, you can choose to utilize an oil diffuser which will work incredibly well to produce a light and nice fragrance in the room.

  • Keeping Pests and Bugs Away

Pine-Sol that has a lemon fragrance is great at deterring pests, and it is popular for keeping away rodents, flies, spiders, fleas, ants, and other pests from your household. You can also use this solution for wiping down areas where youve noticed these pests, including the kitchen countertops, cupboards, or baseboards, to keep them away from these places.

  • Gives a Fresh Smell to Your Bathroom
  • Create Your Own Disinfecting Wipes
  • It Is a Weed Killer
  • Cleaning Jewelry

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How To Clean Laminate Floors With Pine Sol All

Laminate floor is easy to clean and maintain. If your floor looks dull from all the dirt, dust, grime, and grease, Pine Sol is all you need to restore its natural shine.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your laminate floors with Pine Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner

Step#1: Start by sweeping and vacuuming the laminate floors so as to remove dirt, debris, dust, and other loose dirt. Mopping the floor before removing loose dirt can scratch it as you move the mop back and forth. Use a soft-bristled broom to sweep the floors

Step#2: Mix ¼ cup of Pine Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner with a gallon of warm water.

Step#3: Mop your floor with the Pine Sol-Water mixture. You can use a regular mop although I find using a spray mop makes cleaning much more easier. Plus a spray mop does not splash a lot of water on the floors, thus making it ideal for water-sensitive floors like laminate. There are numerous spray mops in the market but I totally recommend the O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop. Its a really cheap spray mop that leaves your floors really clean plus you can use Pine Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner in the refill bottle. The mop comes with a versatile microfiber mop that you can use wet to deep clean your floors or dry to dust your floors. If using a regular mop, be sure to wring it out so as not to allow water to stand on the floor

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