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Solar Security Camera No Wifi

Reolink Go Solar Powered Camera Review

Reolink Go Cellular Security Camera: On the Farm Solar, No Power, No WiFi Needed!!

What We Like

  • Beautiful image: The 1080p HD camera quality and night vision were truly incredible. Our footage was clear and crisp each time we viewed our live feed.
  • Large storage: The ReoLink GO had multiple storage options, including an optional micro-SD card that held up to 64 GB of footage and the free ReoLink cloud with another 1 GB of footage. We never worried about storage space while using the ReoLink GO.
  • Durability: We dont exaggerate when we tell you that the ReoLink GO is durable. It could withstand mild water pressure and function as if nothing happened. For outdoor use, this was a great feature.

What We Don’t Like

  • No way to change to Wi-Fi: If our cabin happened to get fiber-optic Internet, there would be no way to switch over. The camera only worked on 4G LTE or 3G cellular networks.
  • Comparatively high price: Other solar panel powered cameras typically do not cost as much as the $259.99 ReoLink GO solar-powered camera. For example, the Ring Stick Up Cam Solar, a similar outdoor camera, costs $148.99, over $100 less. However, it requires Wi-Fi or cellular backup to function, unlike the GO.
  • No smart attachments: Though the app was great to view footage, there was no option to connect to any smart platforms, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Reolink GO audio and video features

Two-way audio

What Is A Solar Powered Security Camera And Who This Is For

The best solar-powered security cameras are not that different from conventional video security systems. They only differ in the way the unit draws its power. Instead of getting powered by traditional electric current, a solar-powered security camera draws its power from a solar energy system.

An exceptional feature of the best security camera that utilizes solar energy for operation is internet connectivity. An excellent example of this is a 4G solar security camera. It allows you to manage the security system wherever you have cellular network coverage. You can control the video output and receive timely notifications if the security system detects something amiss in your home.

There are also solar powered long range wireless security camera systems that utilize the full reach of the internet. These systems allow you to manage your security cameras features anywhere around the globe without worrying about network coverage.

Of course, a solar-powered security camera should have exceptional video capabilities. And if it allows for two-communication, then the system is a great product. The camera is also straightforward to install, comes with everything you need for installation, and is built to withstand the elements.

Storage Systems For These Security Cameras

Footage can be recorded locally using a NVR or a DVR or a computer or a micro SD card.

1. Using NVR or DVR

Most of the NVRs and DVRs comes with inbuilt hard disk drives with a minimum capacity of 1TB and we can extend the storage by connecting them to external hard disk.

It all depends on the capacity of hard disks we connected to these NVRs and DVRs.

The NVRs dont need internet connection to work 24/7 when its connected to the cameras, as the NVR will assign their IP address to the cameras.

2. Using SD card

Many of the new security cameras comes with an in-built SD card with a normal capacity of 16 GB / 32 GB and records only when there is a motion event.

3. Using a Computer

This is the cheapest as well as the best option of recording the footage by using some free surveillance camera software.

But you have to keep your monitor ON 24/7 to enjoy continuous recording.

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Cellular Security Camera System

Imagine going to a place away from your home where there is no internet? How would you monitor your home?

What if internet connection at your home is unstable while you are on road and wants to be sure that your house is OK?

The cellular security cameras are the most robust type of security cameras, with all the modern security technology features, but at the same time these security cameras do not need a WIFI connection to work.

These are wire free security cameras, and just like them you need to buy one with batteries.

Is not that amazing?

At the same time, it is a bit intriguing as well. So, what does a cellular security camera need for connectivity. As the name implies, the cellular security cameras work on the cellular networks.

Cellular security cameras are the best non-wifi security cameras that can help you for the surveillance of the far off places where you cannot get the secured and reliable WIFI internet connections.

Just like your mobile phones, these security cameras transmit video signals and data to nearby cellular sites.

So, all you have to do is make sure that these cameras are installed in an area where there is a 3G/4G LTE/5G network.

The traditional wireless CCTV cameras usually works with internet to send data wirelessly and thus are exposed to a risk of getting hacked by hackers.

But when it comes to the cellular security cameras, the risk will be minimum.

Things to know before buying:


Flexible Location

Safer Security

Easy mounting


Akaso Cs300 Security Camera

LTE Cellular Security Camera, No WiFi Needed
  • User-friendly app
  • Quality control issues

The AKASO CS300 security camera comes with a durable construction due to its IP65-rating. As such, it can withstand various elements and weather conditions.

Moreover, this security camera comes in a sleek and practical design. In white, the camera is oval-shaped, which makes it easily blend into your walls and other flat surfaces. This design also makes the CS300 easy setup and use.

What I like about the AKASO CS300 security camera is that it comes with a solar panel. With this, you can use the CS300 camera in any condition as the panels continuously charge the device during the day. This feature is quite handy to have, especially when you live in areas with frequent power outages and blackouts.

Another thing I like about the AKASO Cs300 security camera is that its a capable device. With a 1080p resolution and 120-degree field of view, the CS300 security camera is a security camera for home ready for you.

Along with these features, the AKASO CS300 solar camera also has an IR-CUT filter and color sensor. With this, the device brings colored and high-quality images and videos. The night vision mode enables you to see and monitor even during at night.

The AKASO CS300 security camera for home is also equipped with a PIR motion sensor and 2-way audio. With this, the security camera cellular senses and picks up motion and sounds. The audio system is also quite reliable and enables you to hear and talk to a person near the camera.

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Q5 No Wifi And No Electricity Any Security Camera Available

“I need to get security cameras at my ranch, but there is no Wi-Fi and I don’t have electricity over there. Is there any way to get security cameras?”

Answer: As mentioned above, Reolink Go Plus is the solution for you. It does not require WiFi network and it runs on its rechargeable battery .Reolink Argus 3 Pro is another choice for you. It’s battery powered and can work without network and without electricity. But it does need a WiFi network to get started. You can turn your phone’s mobile network into a hot spot to get it up.

As mentioned above, you need to use its free software on your mobile phone with network to set up the camera. After that, no network is needed. It will do recording to the SD card whenever it detects an event. Pls note that you won’t get live view and alerts if there is no network.

Zumimall Solar Powered Surveillance Camera: Budget Pick

This solar-powered motion sensor light and camera comes with a 16GB memory card, but you can upgrade to a 64GB memory card or download video to a computer. One thing to note is that users have had a hard time getting the camera to sync up for proper date and time stamping. We recommend including that information in the name of any videos you download

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Types Of Cameras That Dont Need Wi

To break it down more technically, the following types of cameras dont need Wi-Fi.

  • CCTV: CCTV cameras, or closed-circuit television cameras, are used by businesses and police for surveillance theyre not usually used for home security purposes. Instead of watching the footage on an app, guards watch CCTV footage on several monitors, and storage is on either a DVR or an NVR, a network video recorder for digital systems. CCTV cameras include analog and IP cameras, along with HD-over-coax.1
  • Analog: Analog cameras transmit video from the camera to a DVR, often via coaxial cable.
  • HD-over-coax: In HD-over-coax cameras, uncompressed video travels from cameras to recorders via coaxial cable. The video is high-resolution, but very few cameras work with coaxial cables.
  • IP: An IP camera is usually synonymous with a surveillance camera, as its a lot more expensive than regular home security cameras.2

Yi Outdoor Security Camera


Getting a modern looking and reliable security camera, which comes with top-notch features is not an easy task.

What if you could get a stylish and secured surveillance camera system with more customisable options? YI outdoor security camera is the one I have been talking about. .

This security system is a result of a 4-year researchon cutting edge technology.

This outdoor camera is made in such a way to withstand all kinds of weather changes making it a tough product with dust proof and waterproof features.

It is capable of recording footages in 1080P HD resolution with 4X zooming feature at 20 FPS.

The 110°wide-angle field of view will let you have a good view. It also comes with a two-way audio.

The best feature of this security camera is the customisable alert option, which will let you choose when and how long the motion detection sensor should work.

The video footages can be stored in either a SD card or on Yi cloud depending upon your requirement. If you want to view the footage from anywhere, better save them to cloud using 2.4G network.

This camera comes with a 3 meter cable, a USB port along with a 32GB SD card. It is also capable of recording footages in night with a viewing distance of nearly 50 feet.


Best non WiFi Analog or HD-CVI security systems

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What Are Todays Most Popular Best 5ghz Wifi Security Camera Models

There are many best 5ghz wifi security camera items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every best 5ghz wifi security camera model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.

Inevitably, certain products will only appeal to particular types of people. Which products are the most popular amongst customers as a whole, you could ask. If you’d want a list, we have one here. Check out our wide range of products that look to be appealing to people of various ages, genders, and places.

Reolink Ip Poe Security Camera Rlc 411

If you are thinking whether the extra megapixels will make any difference in recording your security footage, get this Reolink RLC 411 to compare it with other IP cameras.

This camera offers 4x optical zooming feature with a 5 megapixel camera lens. It works on an Ethernet cable/ PoE technology.

It is waterproof and also has high quality IR night vision lens with motion sensors and alerting features.

The video output is excellent with shaper images which can be zoomed to see more clearly. We can monitor footages either in PC or on Mobile.

The major cons that I have observed is the absence of 2 way audio capabilities and extremely sensitive motion sensor.

Overall, this is the best option to go for, if you have low budget but in high requirement of security monitoring systems.


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Solar Powered Security Cameras With Stable Wifi Connection

The wireless solar powered camera allows you to place it practically anywhere, like the remote construction sites, outdoors and gardens, mine sites, farms, carparks, etc.

Wherever it is, remember to make sure your solar powered wireless IP camera is within the WiFi range.

Reolink wireless cameras, for example, could receive WiFi signals 210-240 feet away if there are no obstacles in the open area, and 60 feet indoors with 2 walls in between.

If you are not so sure about whether the signal is strong enough for the outdoor solar powered wireless security camera to work, you may test it with your smartphone or just contact the camera support team for suggestions.

How We Test Solar

Reolink Go US Version 1080p 3G/4G LTE SIM Card GSM Outdoor Mobile ...

Home security cameras are tricky devices to test, because how good they are doesn’t just come down to how their numbers stack up against the competition’s. We do look for better resolution, wider field of view and the presence of features we consider must-haves in 2022, like two-way talk, night vision and options for cloud storage. Then we add in extra goodies, like smart notifications or a built-in siren or spotlight, and hold up that whole package against its retail price. If the features are really strong for the price, we’ll recommend a camera more highly.

But we also test out cameras carefully, making sure all the features work well. Smart notifications aren’t helpful if they arrive 20 seconds late a siren isn’t useful if it’s barely audible. Some cameras disconnect too often, and some apps are difficult to understand or navigate. This experiential side of things is where our recommendations become more personal and in many ways more useful. Anyone can line up the specs of different products, but we’re putting our hands on these cameras for a week or more to see how it actually feels to install and use them.

If you want to read more about our review process, check out our in-depth article on how we test home security cameras and video doorbells.

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You Cant Access Live Footage Remotely

Not having direct access to live footage is a critical downside to using a security camera without Wi-Fi and not powered over Ethernet. Seeing whats happening in your home in real-time gives you the ability to take meaningful action that can prevent further damage. Using two-way audio as you view live footage gives you the chance to scare off unwanted guests before they attempt to get into your home. Hardwired security cameras only allow homeowners to review footage after the fact, which may be too late to call for help.

Factors To Consider For A No Wi

  • Connectivity and powering optionsVarious non-Wi-Fi-camera options are available so its always better to consider the connectivity and power options as most of these cameras may either work with Ethernet cables or through a 3G/4G sim cards. We should also see whether the power supply to these cameras is through rechargeable batteries or through solar panels.If for example you are buying a cellular security camera, which is the most advanced type of non-wifi security camera, you must check the SIM you are going to insert in that non WIFI security camera. Second, the power connections must be reliable, the batteries in this particular case must ne of higher energy.
  • Storage options and area of coverageAlways get a surveillance system which has more inbuilt storage and also has a facility to connect to an external hard disk. This way we can enjoy seamless monitoring of footages. When it comes to coverage of more area, wired cameras are the best. Choose according to your requirement or select from a wide angle security camera.In case of the non-WIFI camera we have two options for storage, unless it is the wire-free security cameras. If it is a wired connection, with a lot of channels you will need a local storage device, for the single channels the cloud storage will work the best.
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    Do You Need Wifi For A Security Camera

    Its safe to say that the majority of home security cameras were made with either WiFi or a wired connection in mind. And why not? Most people have WiFi at the least nowadays, not to mention entirely interconnected smart homes, so it seems like a no-brainer. But not everyone. Parents and elderly relatives might be the first situation that comes to mind, as they usually arent up on the latest and fastest internet connection but still want the safety of a security camera keeping an eye out and alerting them to anything out of the ordinary. There are plenty of other scenarios too where WiFi just isnt going to work: an RV while traveling, a vacant rental or storage property, or private land that you own far from a router or outlet.

    Solar Security Camera Wireless

    Introducing Reolink Go PT, a Go-Anywhere 4G LTE Mobile Security Camera with Pan and Tilt
    • 1080P HD video output
    • PIR Sensor & Human-shape Detection Alarm
    • Compatibility to a Windows system and 5 GHz WIFI

    With the Yeskamo Solar Security Camera wireless, you will have a guard 24/7 that is reliable and on duty all the time. This solar security wireless camera boosts wireless systems up to more extraordinary service lives because it boasts an improvement in both hardware and software. Its smart functions and two-way audio will always give you that peace of mind.

    You will foremost like that it has a better 10400 mAh higher battery capacity. It is equipped with 4 Panasonic rechargeable 18650 batteries and an improved ability of 40% based on 6000 mAH. Another feature that you will appreciate for a solar wireless security camera system is an enhanced wireless connection. Weak and intermittent wireless connection is frustrating, so with a better 2.4 GHz connection thanks to dual 4DB antennas, the signal is better and more stable. Current users of the system show that wireless connectivity is 50% more reliable now.

    Another improvement that you will like as well is this systems ability to perform at the same level even when it is raining. Unlike other wireless systems, the protective USB cover is on the back. With its upgraded waterproof capacity, the USB is at the bottom of the camera. It removes the pressure or dust and rain. It takes waterproof IP65 on a different level.

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