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Solar Pool Cover For Inground Pool

What Does It Cost To Convert A Liner Pool To Gunite

How to Fit a Solar Cover for a Swimming Pool

For an average-size pool, most homeowners will pay an average of $4,000 to convert a vinyl liner pool to a gunite pool because you are not paying to dig the hole for the pool to be installed. With some pool companies, you may still need to pay additional fees for draining the existing pool and removing the old pool liner.

Pool Fence Or Enclosure Costs

Pool Fence

A pool fence installation costs between $600 and $4,400 or more depending on the size of the pool, fencing materials you select, and how far back from the edge of the pool the fence is installed. Gates with a self-closing latch for your pool fence average an additional $200 to $250 each including installation.

Pool Enclosure

A pool enclosure costs$5 to $65 per square foot or between $4,000 and $50,000 on average. Pool cages are either custom-built or prefabricated with either screen mesh, glass, plastic, or vinyl. Enclosures reduce insects, debris, and pollen, provide UV protection, and enable swimming year-round.

Pool Cover Cost

An automatic pool cover costs$8,000 to $20,000, while a manual costs $1,000 to $3,600 on average. A pool cover is excellent for safety, keeping in more of the heat in the water, and helping restrict more of the moisture from doing any damage to the structure of the home.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An Inground Pool

Depending on the size of your pool and type of pool, your monthly inground pool maintenance costs could be between $50 and $300. Common elements included in maintenance packages from pool companies include the following:

  • Pool cleaning service
  • Testing the water and balancing levels
  • Inspecting water heater equipment
  • Inspecting and replacing water filter when needed

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How Fast Does A Solar Cover Heat A Pool

In an inground swimming pool, a solar cover can increase the water temperature by 5 to 8 degrees F for every 12 hours of coverage. With no cover at all, pool water absorbs a substantial amount of sunlight. A white plaster pool averaging 4.5 feet in depth absorbs approximately 60% of the suns energy. This energy will heat the pool by about 0.7°F per hour under direct midday sunlight. See our full deep dive into how fast a solar cover heats a swimming pool here.

How To Remove A Solar Cover From Your Inground Or Above Ground Pool

6 Best Solar Pool Cover Reviews 2020

If you have a large pool, or if you swim often, removing the solar blanket every time you want to use your pool can be quite a chore. One solution is to cut the solar blanket into smaller panels so you can remove the pieces one at a time. If youd rather not cut the blanket up, a convenient alternative is a solar cover reel.

Good for both inground, above ground, and Intex pools, the solar reel is placed at one end of the pool. Youll attach one end of the solar blanket to the reel, and then turn the handle or wheel. The blanket will be spooled onto the solar reel, saving you a lot of hard work.

Some solar blanket reels are available with wheels, so you can roll up your cover and then move the solar reel aside. Others come with mounting hardware to install permanently in one location. Which version works best for you will depend mostly on how much space you have around your pool.

If you dont have a solar reel, you can pull the cover off and accordion fold it. Pull about four feet out, then fold that section in half. Continue pulling two-foot sections, folding each one back and forth like an accordion. This method also lets you rinse off each small section before folding, if needed.

Tip: If you remove the solar blanket temporarily, be sure to keep it covered or in the shade to prolong its life.

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How To Use Solar Rings: Theyre Not Just For Looks

Unlike the solar blankets air-filled bubbles, solar rings are flat and must be inflated before you place them on the water. Youll inflate the inner portion only slightly, and the outer portion until its firm, the way youd blow up a balloon. Then simply place them on the water and let them do their job.

Some solar sun rings have magnets around the circumference of the outer portion. This not only helps the rings stay connected to each other, thereby reducing gaps, it also keeps them from overlapping and leaving even more water exposed.

Its important to note that neither solar sun rings nor squares will cover every inch of your pool water. There will be gaps, even when theyre connected by their magnets. Its for this reason that solar rings and squares are not as effective as a solar blanket at either heating your pool water or preventing evaporation.

Tip: You can continue to run your pump while solar rings are on the pool.

How Much Does A Pool Cost In Houston Texas

According to Premier Pools and Spas, pool prices in Houston, Texas have an average base price which starts around $20,000 to $28,000 in most areas. From there, costs rise as you add upgrades like spas, pool covers, etc. If your land needs grading or extra excavation because of rocky terrain, this can add significantly to your pool cost in the Houston area.

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About Our Pool Covers

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

At CIP, our innovative design provides sustainable solutions. Investing in an automatic pool cover helps reduce energy consumption, conserve water and cut down on costly chemicals and other resources needed to clean and maintain your pool. Automatic Pool Covers help keep the heat inside your pool, and drastically reduce the need for constant heating. Pool Covers also help keep your pool clean, so less energy is needed for chemicals, equipment, and filters. Keeping your pool covered significantly reduces water loss due to evaporation. This way, you wont need to worry about water waste.

Versatile & Customizable

Our Automatic Pool Covers are designed for rectangular swimming pools and can be customized to cover a wide variety of swimming pool shapes and sizes. Varieties such as Roman-style swimming pools, Grecian-style swimming pools and L-shaped swimming pools are most compatible with our rectangular design. Free form pools, such as Kidney-style swimming pools, Oval-style swimming pools and Monaco-style swimming pools often require additional pieces of pool blanket that can be manually placed over areas that are not completely covered by the rectangular pool cover.

Built to Last
  • No leaves, bugs or debris
  • Less chemicals needed

Aluminum Or Stainless Steel Telescopic Pole

Do Solar Pool Covers Work? The Good And The Bad of Solar Pool Covers

Both metals are sturdy and can stand up to the elements. The deciding factor will be how large your pool is, which correlates to how large the cover is. If you have a big pool, the cover will be bigger, and therefore heavier, so stainless steel may be a little better able to hold the cover and remain sturdy.

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How Do Solar Pool Covers Work

It may be surprising for you to imagine that a polymer sheet will be able to retain heat. But covers can retain heat by preventing water evaporation and preventing direct contact between the wind and pool water.

Water evaporation is one of the significant factors as to why the swimming pool water cools down. Because as the water temperature rises, the pool water also releases energy by evaporation to the cold air. Youve probably noticed this when your swimming pool forms steam or water vapor above the pool surface.

Also, If you have no cover for your pool, the wind that blows across it will cool down the water at a faster rate. So if you live in a place where the winds are strong, then aside from a cover, it is best to install a windbreaker.

Another reason why solar pool covers retain heat effectively is that it acts as a layer between the water and the air around it. In heat exchange, having an extra layer between two bodies slows down the rate of heat transfer. You can compare this to a blanket that warms you up during a cold night. This is the reason why pool covers are also called solar blankets.

Semi Inground Pool Cost

A semi-inground pool costs under $10,000 on average. Oasis semi-inground pools are constructed from extruded aluminum or steel and cost between $6,800 and $8,500. Semi inground pools are more expensive than an above-ground pool but about a third of the price of an inground pool of equal size. The installation is much faster than that for an inground pool and can often be constructed in 1 to 3 days.

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What Are Todays Most Popular Best Solar Cover Reel For Inground Pool Models

There are many best solar cover reel for inground pool items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every best solar cover reel for inground pool model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.

Inevitably, certain products will only appeal to particular types of people. Which products are the most popular amongst customers as a whole, you could ask. If you’d want a list, we have one here. Check out our wide range of products that look to be appealing to people of various ages, genders, and places.

What Is The Best Color To Choose When It Comes To A Solar Cover For Your Inground Pool

Pool Mate Deluxe 3

As covered above, Solar pool covers are available in several degrees of thickness. When it comes to blue vs clear solar pool covers, in general blue solar covers are lighter and less think than clear or non-colored solar pool covers, this makes them more durable and usually better at heating your inground swimming pool.

Blue solar covers often measure 4 mils and 8 mils . Clear solar covers can measure 12 mils and 16 mils .

Thicker pool covers can be more on the pricey end compared to their thinner blue counterparts. We recommend picking one of our top 3 options we tested and reviewed in detail above based on your budget and how long you want your solar pool cover to last.

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What Are The Different Solar Pool Covers

There is a wide variety of solar pool covers available on the marketfrom premade, inexpensive solar covers available through online retailers, to custom solar pool covers that can be sourced through local swimming pool companies. Understanding the types of solar pool covers available will help you determine which is best for your needs.

Solar Blankets: Also known as bubble solar covers, solar blankets are made with small thermal bubbles that help capture heat and retain pool moisture. Available in different thicknesses, solar blankets can increase the pool water temperature by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the amount and intensity of sunlight. To fit a solar blanket to your pool shape, get a blanket larger than the surface area. After unfolding and placing the blanket over the water, you can trim the edges to conform the solar blanket to your pool shape.

Solar Rings: Like a floating disc with a solar bubble lining, solar rings are less bulky than full solar blankets. However, they may leave some water space exposedwhich doesnt make them as great at filtering debris from the pool. With different shapes and sizes available, you can mix and match solar rings to cover your pool for a relatively inexpensive cost.

Best Seller In Pool Safety Covers

The PowerLock Solar Safety Cover is one of the safest pool covers on the market. The combined strength of the PowerLock Anchoring System and the durability of our vinyl material make the PowerLock strong enough to support the weight of an entire family, greatly exceeding the ASTM F1346-91 weight requirement of 485lbs.

Dime-sized brass anchors are drilled flush into the deck, preventing tripping hazards, and are installed around the perimeter of the pool. A core drill is used to protect the deck for non-cement surfaces such as tile, travertine, or pavers. The female portion of the anchor is inserted in the deck and the male portion is secured on the cover.

The anchors can also be used with optional straps to assist with removing and re-installing your PowerLock solar safety cover. Upon request, these straps can be attached through the bases of some brass anchors, allowing you to strategically position them around the covers perimeter to allow for optimum leverage. These durable, sturdy straps are made from heavy-duty nylon fabric and can be easily removed and stored when not in use.

The PowerLock Solar Safety Cover comes in 3 standard colors with several premium color options available.

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Intex Solar Cover For 12ft Diameter Easy Set And Frame Pools

If you have an Intex pool, its continually quality to get Intex accessories. This best Intex solar pool cover suits 12ft Easy Set and steel body Intex pools. The best solar pool cover is a terrific preference for any Intex handy set and steel body pool proprietor searching for a lower-priced and handy way to maintain the pool warm.

This best solar pool cover is a low-cost way to heat your Intex Easy Set or metallic body swimming pool. Its inexpensive to buy, and it doesnt value whatever to run. On a sunny day, the Intex cover warms the water with the aid of the usage of about 5 degrees. Leave it on for numerous days, and the temperature techniques one hundred. It additionally prevents warmness loss at night, reduces evaporation, and maintains particles out of the pool.

  • Reduces warmth loss and 95% of evaporation
  • Holes enable water to drain from the cover
  • Warms the pool on sunny days
  • Come with a storage bag

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Backyard Lagoon Pool Costs

How to install a solar pool cover

A lagoon pool costs $50,000 to $150,000, or between $70 and $110 per square foot depending on the complexity in the design of your pool and the degree of landscaping you want to augment the design. Lagoon pools are perfect for homeowners looking to have something more tropical in appearance for their backyard escape.

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How Much Does A Pool Solar Cover Cost

There is a spectrum to the costs for solar pool covers. On the low end, liquid solar cover costs less than $40 per bottle, which may last a few months. In the mid-range, solar blankets can last a few years for an average of $200 if you do the installation yourself and do not use a pool cover reel. On the high end, custom solar pool covers can cost upward of $1,000 with a pool reel installed.

It costs an average of $4,500 to install a traditional pool heater, which will also increase energy costs and will likely require an additional pool cover. A solar pool cover will not offer as much control over the water temperature. However, If you are looking to extend the season for your swimming pool on a budget, a solar pool cover may be the way to go.

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Diy Inground Pool Cost

A DIY inground pool project is a way to save money by taking on some of the tasks yourself. According to River Pools and Spas, a do-it-yourself inground pool project could save you $6,000 to $10,000 on an inground fiberglass pool project that would have cost $40,000 to $55,000 with a professional pool company.

Hiring someone to dig the pool hole for you costs between $400 and $1,500 in an area with optimal soil conditions or as much as $15,000 in hard to get to areas with rocky terrain. Additional expenses you might incur might include the following:

  • Fiberglass pool shell: $500 to $5,000
  • Equipment rental : $2,000
  • Crane: $400$800

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Automatic Solar Blanket Cover Reel/roller

Solar-Lakes offers this solar battery-powered solar cover reel. Within about a minute, it rolls up your 20 ft. x 40 ft. blanket that is 1/ 4 inches thick. It allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool instead of removing the cover.

This product does not require an electric grid. This means that you dont need to use DC/AC chargers two or three times a day to close or open your rectangular pool. You can rest assured that your solar cover reel will work for the entire week if you have three days of sunshine, and your solar panel is located well.

Also, you are covered by a one-year warranty that covers any issues arising from the manufacturer.

In the package you get:

motorized unit with solar panel and battery,

waterproof portable remote control,

internal AC/DC charger to charge/prep the battery while the system is in winter storage so your battery is fully charged and ready for the next season.

AC/DC charging is not required for normal daily operation of this solar powered product and is not recommended for use outdoors for your safety.


  • It is better to ask professionals for installation

What Is The Best Solar Pool Cover

Top 10 Best Solar Cover Reel For Inground Pool Reviews (February

There are three types of solar covers: blankets, rings, and liquid. Here are our top picks for all three.

NOTE: These solar pool covers are available to buy on either Amazon and Check both sites for availability. All the links are affiliate links which means if you click a link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. It helps us keep the lights on

For a classic solar cover thatll not only heat your pool but will also help reduce water and chemical evaporation at night, we like this lightweight clear solar cover. Perfect for both inground and above ground swimming pools.

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