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Solar Panel Roof Mounting Aluminum Rail

Rigidity Of Solar Roof Mount Racks

Save money on solar with rail-less mounting

Solar array rack systems are intended to remain flat and stable. Roof rail mounting systems achieve their rigidity by using extruded aluminum rails that will not flex under normal use.

While products designed specifically to mount panels are the norm, other types of rails and hardware can provide satisfactory support.

  • Solar specific rigid mounting systems.
  • Provides rigid mounting for panels.


  • Rack systems can be expensive.
  • Can only be used on flat or nearly flat roofs.
  • Not easily adaptable to other applications.

Boat Rv And Car Roofs

Mounting small solar arrays on vehicles is a great application of technology. The roof of a vehicle is a structurally sound location that can support a small array.

Rack systems for RVs and boats are available. Bike and luggage racks on cars and pickup trucks can easily support a small panel or two.

The key to rack mounting a panel on your vehicle is knowing the manufacturers recommended procedure and sticking to it.

Boat And Rv Roof Structures

The roof of a boat or RV is a delicate structure. They are designed to protect the occupants from the weather while being lightweight.

Rack systems for mounting solar to these roofs do exist. Some RV and Boat manufacturers have included mounting points for solar.

If you are unsure, contact the sales rep or manufacturer of your RV or boat to inquire about rooftop solar mounting accommodations.

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Quick Mount Pv Roof Mounts

  • QBlock and QBase watertight mounts
  • 20 year warranty on most mounts
  • Designed for code compliance
  • For standing seam and others
  • S-5! rail-free PV Kit

  • For flat roof solar systems
  • Available in 10° & 15° tilts
  • No roof penetrations

  • Make use of unused space
  • Pre-designed scalable models


The Renusol CS60 self-ballastingflat roof mount is available in 10° and 15° tilts. Made from a 100% recycled high molecular weight polyethylene .

Solar Panel Mounting Aluminum Rail Solar System Bracketsolar Mounting Rail For Roof

Solar Metal Roof Mounting System, U Aluminum Rail, Cost effective
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YueFeng Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized large-sized enterprise integrating research, design, production and sales of aluminum alloy profiles for roller shutter door profile, aluminum tube, aluminum angle profile, electric shell profile, aluminum solar frame, aluminum heat sink, kinds of industrial and architectural field aluminum extrusion profiles, we produce more than 100,000 tons aluminum profiles annually.

Our products have good sales not only in China but also in overseas markets such as North America, Japan, West Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. We can also produce products according to clients’ drawings or samples with quality guarantee.

Following the principle of ‘quality first and client focused’, we always keep the work style of high efficiency, enlightenment and trustworthiness. Promising to provide high-quality products and excellent services.

We sincerely welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to for future business relationships and mutual success!

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Solar Panel Mounting Roof Brackets

Now there is an easier way to attach solar panels to your roof. In the past installers had no choice but to screw older style mounts through your precious metal roof into the supporting structure.

A standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy consistent with that of a framed PV solar module.

Combining an effective 30 year power source with 40 year roof, while using S-5!s zero-penetration technology creates the most sustainable metal roof solar mount available with alternative power generation.

Many people are unaware that this installation will not compromise the roof manufacturers warranty.

The 5-S PVKIT is designed specifically to tightly secure framed photovoltaic modules to standing seam metal roof systems with the S-5! zero-penetration guarantee.

The new and improved S-5 PVKIT 2.0 boasts lower installation time and cost for PV flush-mounting while still delivering the tightest and most secure solar panel mounting system on the market.

While the PVKIT systems remain the easiest, most cost-effective way to install solar panels directly to standing seam metal roofs, the standard S-5! and S-5! mini remain the attachment of choice for rack and rail solar systems.

The S-5 metal roof clamps and GRipperFix rail system provide a really secure, safe way for solar panel mounting onto your roof.

The S-5 range of aluminium clamps and stainless steel screws fit almost all metal profiles.

Solar Panel Roof Mounting System Supply & Design

Solar Electric Supply carries a complete line of solar panel roof mounts for residential and commercial solar systems. All of the components we carry feature weatherproof aluminum or stainless steel components for corrosion resistance. From small residential solar systems to large solar farms, we have the expertise and low wholesale prices to make your next solar panel PV project a success.

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After Market Vehicle Roof Racks

There are after-market rack systems that are conducive to mounting panels. Most of these are intended for off-road or camping applications.

These racks are flat and strong, but not designed specifically for solar applications.

There are several Blogs and U-Tube videos with individuals who have successfully mounted panels on such racks. Such applications would still require some experimentation and creativity.

Issues With After Market Rack Arrays:

How to mount railed and rail-less solar onto through-fastened roofs
  • Aftermarket racks can be quite expensive.
  • Must find hardware to mount panels to racks.
  • Anti-vibration fasteners.
  • Will require some experimentation and refinement.
  • May get costly and/or result in damaged equipment.

While car-based solar is a popular topic, it is apparent that it is not as easy as one would suspect. The fact that there are very few car roof solar systems on the market suggests it is not easy to accomplish.

A viable option is flexible panels. There are many flexible panels on the market. Some come with adhesive backs that will semi-permanently affix them to a vehicle roof.

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Mounting Solar Panels To Roof Rails

Roof Rail systems are a proven method of securely mounting solar panels. Whether the roof is a home, RV, boat, car, or some other structure, rails are the way to go.

But what is required for a successful rail-mounted solar array?

When planning any solar array mounting system, these elements must be taken into account. Failure to provide these features can lead to damage to the panels or failure of the entire array. These are important elements you must address.

Aluminum Track For Fastening Of The Panels Superimposed On The Roof Or Structure On The Ground

We cut them to the desired length. For sending, 2m05 max. It is also possible to pick them up at our warehouse .

Price is given per 1 meter

Please choose the number of meter of rail by choosing the quantity . You can specify in the order form the size you want them to be cut. Attention, not more than 2m05.

Possibility of making custom structures. Contact us!

Data sheets and documentation

Free Delivery *From 1500 purchase*reserved for individuals – Except GSE and BURNIT

Customer ServiceMonday to Friday from 8h to 17h

Secure Payment

Established for 6 years as a photovoltaic installer and manufacturer of solar trackers, we have created a branch specialized in the development and marketing of photovoltaic research and new electrical products.

Our kits are assembled in our workshops, the connectors are crimped onto the cable and the boxes are mounted. The kits come ready to use. We can also size and prepare tailored made photovoltaic systems to suit your needs.

We continually test the equipment and we specialized in the supply of ready to use kits composed of carefully chosen components. Our skills in the solar on-grid and off-grid allows us to understand the world of “all electric” with serenity.

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Solar Aluminum Rails For Mounting System

  • solar aluminum rails for mounting
  • The aluminum rails for solar panels specially designed for solar installation. The material of the rail is generally aluminum alloy, high-quality material and meeting the standards of strength testing, it can withstand extreme environments, including strong wind and strong snow loads. We provide guide rails of different materials to facilitate customers choices. It is very easy to use slide rails to create an installation system that fully meets the requirements of the specification. It can save a lot of time and money.

    The rail provide innovatively designed silver and black anodized rails. Usually with 2560mm, 3405mm, 4200mm or customized length. We provide a dual-axis adjustable aluminum rail structure to support the installation of solar panels in an easier way. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, which is the best solution for using rails in solar photovoltaic applications.

    Our solar aluminum rail is a solar panel installation system designed and manufactured. With the help of customized aluminum profiles and components, the structure is simplified and the frame strength is improved, which greatly simplifies the installation of solar panels. Can be used more effectively and has a larger span.

    The aluminum rail for mounting system is made of high-strength extruded aluminum alloy, and there are a variety of solar panel mounting rails for you to choose from.


    Easy Installation Aluminum Solar Mounting Rails For Solar Panel

    High Quality Low Price Aluminum 600 T5 Solar Panel Mounting Rail ...

    The solar rail is suitable for fitting modules to existing roofs, or for new build applications.

    Easy Installation Aluminum Solar Mounting Rails For Solar Panel

    The Aluminum Solar Mounting Rails are made of aluminum alloy and fully anodized. Aluminum alloy rail generally used for roof project with clip locks, easy installation, cost saving. The Aluminum Mounting Rails treated by anodized surface and has good corrosion resistance. Color and size can be customized. It works well with different kinds of clamps, saving time and cost for installation. It is usually used for tin roof solar mounting systems , tripod concrete flat roofs, standing seam roof solar mounting systems, etc.

    Technical Data

    AS/NZS 1170, ASCE 7-10, JIS2017

    Key Features

    Aluminum Rails for solar panels , its is light weight and cheap, can be used on various hooks and fixtures.

    Aluminum Solar PV Mounting Rails are in good quality with cost-effective solar rails price.

    This kind of Solar Rails is very suitable for installation on rooftop.

    High strength, Anti-UV, high frequency insulation

    Chemical Resistance& Weatherability

    Customized length: 1000mm, 2100mm, 3100mm, 4000mm, 4100mm, 4200mm and can be customized.

    Our factory directly delivery with fast delivery.

    Production Process

    Why choose Kingfeels ?

    1. Top quality with competitive price—one of the biggest aluminum solar mounting manufacturer with integrated production in Xiamen.

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    Boat Roof Rack Systems

    Boats have limited space and fragile roof material. While the roofs are structurally strong, the fiberglass used is not designed to have fasteners put through it.

    The common practice in boats is to mount panels on secondary structures designed for the purpose.

    There are many solar rack mounts on the market. Surface-mounted panels tend to be semi-flexible, adhesive-mounted panels.

    Mounting Rooftrac Rails To Prosolar Tiletrac

    The patented RoofTrac® rail/clamp system installed with the TileTrac® attachment method provides an ideal solution for mounting on a flat or curved concrete tile roof. TileTrac reduces the possibility of broken tiles and leaking roofs, allowing the installer to make structural attachments to the roof rafter. RoofTrac® installed with TileTrac® allows the height of the solar support rails to be adjusted to compensate for uneven roofs.

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    Other Factors When Setting Up A Roof Top Solar Rack System

    The precision and reliability of hardware and components must not be short-changed when designing a roof rack system.

    Manufactured rack systems are typically built of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel.

    These materials are stable and resistant to most atmospheric contaminants. When putting together a rack system, do not skimp on the hardware.

    What Makes The S

    Solar panel mounting method, aluminium rail, module clamps, rafter roof hooks

    Most metal roofs are uniquely different from other roof types. They give the roof covering structural capacity , due to their longitudinal seams or rib configurations. As we like to say at S-5!, The seams of the roof are the rails!. The PVKIT attaches the modules directly to the seams or ribs of the roof without the need for the addition of rails. This leads to savings in material, equipment needs, shipping, logistics and install time.

    The PVKIT is mounted to S-5 clamps and brackets according to roof type. The distance from the roof surface to the back sheet of the module is approximately 4 or more, an ideal height for module cooling and performance.

    Wire managementis easier than you might think. In the words of our customers, …its a piece of cake

    When using the seams or ribs of the roof as rails, the modules are installed in landscape using the manufacturers prescribed mounting zones, which must be aligned with mounting locations.

    The weight of PVKIT mounting is about 15% of rail mounting. Think of the savings in freight and logistics, not to mention added load to the roof structure!

    The S-5-PVKIT is a great option for mounting to a metal roof. Just use the rails that are already therethey are free!

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