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Should Solar Panels Face South

Is Owning A Solar Power Unit Worth It

Which is BEST? – North South Vs East West Solar Panel Facing Orientation

As one could tell, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks.

The only two realistic and concerning downsides to owning a solar power unit is its one-time cost and the night or overcast weather.

If youre worried about costs, many companies offer installments plans that fit your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

As for the weather and the evenings, there isnt much we can do against Mother Nature.

Overcast weather isnt necessarily a problem if you live in a sunny area.

Nothing is perfect, and the fact that there are only two disadvantages to solar energy is pretty good.

An article from Green Match expertly explains the benefits in its entirety.

Free Solar Panel Quotes For Your Roof

Theres likely to be a way for solar panels to be installed onto the vast majority of properties. And even if you have a north-facing roof, the panels will still generate renewable electricity. To find out how suitable your roof is for solar panels, we highly recommend getting the opinion of an MCS certified solar installer.

By completing our simple online form, well be able to connect you with up to 3 solar installers based in your local area. Each will provide a free quote for the installation of solar panels for you to then compare. Comparing multiple quotes in this way will give you the confidence that youre getting the most competitive price from the best installer for the job.

Orientation Of The Panels

While the angle of your solar panels is important, a more important factor in your energy production is going to be the direction your panels face. For the best results, solar panels should be oriented towards the south. This is because the sun is always in the southern half of the sky in the northern hemisphere. You can still have an effective solar installation with arrays facing east or west but may need to install a larger system to meet the same amount of electricity production that a southern-facing array would have.

Its not a good idea to install your panels to face a suboptimal direction even if it means the best tilt possible. In Boston, a solar array at 30 degrees south is still going to produce more electricity than tilted at 42 degrees and facing north.

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Can I Switch Electric Suppliers If I Installed Solar Panels

Of course, you can. Many suppliers in the competitive energy market will offer additional bonuses for being able to harness solar power generated from your panels. For example, all energy suppliers with over 250,000 customers must be part of the Feed-in Tariff scheme, offering bill credits in exchange for excess solar energy that you generate and feed into the grid. If you are interested to find out, whats on offer in your area, all you need to do is enter your zip code.

Why Solar Panels Should Face South

Which direction must solar panels face, and what angle ...

For solar customers in the U.S., our position in the Northern Hemisphere means that the sun is always along the southern part of the sky. That positioning is what gives southern-facing panels more potential sunlight exposure than panels facing any other direction. However, thats not the only direction your solar panels can face and still be effective for your home. If facing south is not an option, solar panels can face west or east and still produce enough electricity to be worthwhile. It all depends on the setup of your system.

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Can Anyone Use Solar Power Technology

Thats both a yes and a no, and let me explain why.

According to current results, if you live in a sunny area like Arizona, where its an average of 193 bright sunny days a year, its feasible to build a solar power unit if you want to harness the suns energy.

Arizonians can rejoice as their deadly heat is beneficial, for once.

But for people who live in states like Vermont or West Virginia, where its an average of 58 bright sunny days a year, thats a different story.

It might be a bit difficult, but not at all impossible as long as there is a bit of sunshine.

The benefits may not be as much as the sunnier states, but as long as youre using it as a supplementary source and not the primary source for electricity, then youll be just fine.

Can Solar Panels Be Fitted If Your Roof Is East West Facing

I get asked this a lot and there isnt really a simple answer. You either accept that your output will be down to the sort of levels in the table above or you spend a little more money and try to maximise the your output with technology.

How? I hear you ask.

Well, lets look at the east west options:

Option 1. You could install all your panels on the east roof and take as much sun as you can in the mornings. They would all then be in the shade during the second half of the day.

Option 2. Put your panels on the west roof and take as much sun as you can in the evenings. They would then be in the shade during the first half of the day.

Option 3. Split your array in two and put half on the east and half on the west, although arguably you would get similar results to the above two options. As half your panels would be in the shade during the first half of the day and the other half would be in the shade during the second half of the day.

Whichever of the above options you go for you’ll have to reduce the effect of shading.

That means spending more money on micro inverters or an optimizing device. These basically micro manage each panel meaning the panels in the shade shouldnt affect the output of the rest of the panels which are in the sun.

The downside is that these devices cost more money although they claim to increase output by around 20%

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My Roof Is Shaded Will Solar Panels Still Work

Shade can really diminish the amount of power that solar PV panels can generate and even damage them! If your roof has a lot of shadows cast upon it for long time periods you may want to look at other solar options .

Installers will be able to assess your situation, potentially perform a shading analysis and offer advice on the best way to proceed. You can learn more about choosing the best installer in our handy guide.

Do You Have To Have A South Facing Roof To Have Solar Panels

Which Direction Should My Solar Panels Face for Optimal Performance

In the UK, South facing panels will generate more than other orientations. Solar panels perform at their best when the sun is shining straight on to the panels. When the sun shines onto the surface at an angle, the panel will still generate electricity but it will be less effective. The sun moves from East to West during the day and is higher or lower in the sky depending on the season . This means that for most roof mounted systems the sun will be at an angle for the vast majority of the time. The optimum placement to maximise generation is to face the panels South but that might not be possible for your property.

We ran a few calculations and found that SE and SW facing placements can expect to generate around 94% of the electricity a South facing install would. Thats much better than most people would guess and even an East / West facing roof can generate around 80% of the maximum. We assumed a 40° elevation for the roof. At lower pitches, say 30°, the East / West facing panels perform slightly closer to South. At higher pitches, the difference increases.

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Should Solar Panels Face South

For some people, aesthetics are everything. They could care less how something works, just so long as it looks good. Others tend to be more practical minded, opting for function over presentation.

When it comes to solar panels, sometimes it can be difficult to have both.

A multitude of variables are always at play, with each location presenting its own unique challenges. And with solar panels being the sizable features that they are, the desire to place them according to personal preference, can be pretty substantial.

However, there is one underlying rule that should never be ignored. Solar panels work best with direct sunlight.

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, this means that solar panels should always be oriented for true south. Doing so, allows for the maximum exposure to direct sunlight, thereby producing the highest amount of power.

A Guide For Where To Place Your Solar Panels

It is easy to understand that solar panels work best when they can get as much direct sunlight as possible. So, it is no surprise that the position of solar panels can be hugely important to their output. When you also consider that output affects the cost-effectiveness of panels, it is essential to get it right.

Whether you are having domestic or commercial solar panel installation, it is important to understand the ideal location for your panels to be placed in order to get the most out of them. The direction and position of your panels can actually have a remarkably large effect on their efficiency, so this is worth understanding.

Here we have provided a detailed guide to some of the important things you need to know about where you should place your solar panels.

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What If I Dont Have A South Facing Roof

It might be the case that you dont have a south-facing roof. But that doesnt mean your lucks run out, you can still get some decent power from your panels even if they arent facing south. But be warned, they wont be as efficient. Orienting your panels towards the true south will get you the maximum power output, and the more you deviate, the lower your output will be.

If your roof faces southwest or southeast, then you wont be losing too much power. Expect around a 6% to 8% drop in performance. But if your roof faces directly east or west, expect a 13% to 15% drop in performance. Remember that youll generate more power in the first half of the day if your roof faces east, and more power in the latter half of the day if your roof faces west.

Now, if you have a north-facing roof, youre looking at a loss of efficiency that could easily exceed 30%. While its not a complete loss, it does mean that your production will be severely impacted, and the payback time for your PV system will be higher. You can use more efficient solar panels, or outright install a larger solar array, to help you make up for the loss in performance.

Too Shallow Or Too Steep A Roof

Should Solar Panels Face South?

A roof with a 50°+ angle is considered too steep for a solar panel. The panel would likely be in deep shade for large portions of the day, which means that it will be unable to harness the power required.

A roof with a pitch of less than 15° would be considered too shallow. The panels would not be able to self clean, which means that they would quickly become dirty and this negatively impacts the panels efficiency.

If your roof is too flat, it is possible to have an angled frame installed which would increase the pitch of the panel and provide a viable option.

The ideal pitch for a solar panel is between 30° and 45° although anywhere between 15° and 50° is considered suitable.

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What Material Should My Roof Be Made From

The material your roof is made from may impact the cost of installing an array, however a solar PV system can generally be installed on most roof types. One of the most important factors you will need to consider is how strong your roof is. Installers should carry out a structural report to assess this and likely recommend strengthening if your roof requires it. You can read more about this in our guide to questions you should ask your solar installer.

Asphalt shinglesAsphalt, or composite roofing, is arguably the most suitable for a solar panel installation. Its a durable and highly-reliable material that has grown in popularity across the UK.

MetalA metal standing seam roof is another great contender for best roof material for solar panels as they can be fitted with ease potentially saving you money on the installation.

TarA tar roof tends to be flat and while its possible for flat solar panels to generate electricity for your property, your installer might recommend a bracket to tilt them at a more optimal angle of 30-40 degrees. The same can be said for a gravel roof which are also normally flat.

WoodWood is the best material to sit below a solar panel installation largely due to fire safety concerns but that doesnt mean you have to rule having a solar PV system installed.

How Do I Know Whats Right For My Home

For solar energy system owners, the way to accurately track solar performance is through an active monitoring system.

These will pay for themselves in a short space of time., depending on the size and reliability of a solar energy system.

With the Solar Analytics Smart Monitor, you can view your energy usage, net electricity bought and sold, where and how you’re using electricity.

You can also see your systemâs expected versus actual energy generated on a particular day and gauge if your solar panels are operating at optimal energy efficiency.

This helps you to identify if any solar system alterations or repairs are required.

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If Your School Hospital Or Business Is Planning To Go Solar Make Sure That Your Solar Company Has A Good Plan For Positioning Solar Panels On Your Roof Parking Canopy Or Ground Mount

In the last couple years, installing a solar energy system on site has become more and more popular for homeowners and commercial solar customers like schools and businesses alike.

We know were biased, but our customers tell us they have good reasons to go solar. They save money on their electric bills, which can make a big difference, especially if they use a lot of power. Going solar also elevates an organizations reputation in their community by showing that theyre doing something serious to go green .

Then there are electric cars, coming soon to a garage or parking lot near you.

In the last few months, some of our customers have started thinking of joining the electric vehicle revolution, which seems to be coming now quicker than anybody predicted. Whether youre a small business trying out your first all-electric company car or a school district starting to build a fleet of electric school buses, going solar now will put you in the drivers seat to save even more money when you plug in your first EV. And you can go even deeper green by powering your EVs with clean energy from the sun, instead of mostly dirty energy from the grid.

Our customers also tell us that they did their due diligence before deciding to work with Secure Futures. And thats how it should be. Because if you choose the wrong company to install your solar array, you could be in for unwelcome surprises.

1. Solar Panels Facing South Maximize Solar Energy Production Usually

Do Solar Panels Need To Face North

Which Direction Should Your Solar Panels Face?

The orientation of the solar panel is important. This is because installing a worst-facing solar panel produces about 28% less energy than a best-facing solar panel. Since Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, the direction of the sun moves north. Therefore, the north-facing panel provides maximum solar power.

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What If A North Facing Roof Is My Only Option

Getting meaningful production from solar panels on a north-facing roof requires mounting them in opposition to the roof slant. That results in a more considerable aesthetic impact, and the total production will still be less than with south, east, or west-facing systems. Youll still see a few of these setups on older systems here in Colorado that have no alternate roof space available, but generally, in these instances, its helpful to consider non-roof locations for solar on your property and to utilize solar ground mounts or pole mounts instead of roof mounts.

Generally, the roof is the best opportunity for a large, unshaded space on your property. Still, if you have sufficient yard space, a ground-mounted system can actually be cheaper than a roof-mounted one. Ground-based solar panels also offer easier maintenance access and create shade for landscaping or gardening.

Solar Panel Angle By Zip Code

Most solar arrays are installed at a tilt. In order to collect solar power energy more efficiently, solar panels should be angled to face as close to the sun as possible. Photovoltaics produce power when the angle at which the suns rays hit the panel surface is small, or when light strikes the panel as close to perpendicular as possible.

For the vast majority of U.S. property owners, the ideal angle for a solar panel installation is close or equal to the latitude of your home , somewhere between 30 degrees and 50 degrees. However, a system at a 40 degree latitude can see a significant energy boost of about 4 percent if its adjusted twice a year in the spring and fall. For example, by adjusting the angle for each season, you may yield an additional 0.5 percent output.

Best Solar Panel Angle By Zip Code


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