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Is Solar Worth It In Texas

Are There Any Other Solar Options In Tx

Is Solar Worth It In Texas?

Since Texas is an ideal location for making use of solar energy, there are multiple solar options you can consider. Solar water heaters, pool heaters and solar generators all complement a solar PV system, working together to ensure you not only have energy independence but that you have backup even for extended outages and poor weather events. And for residents who arent able to install solar on their roofs for any reason, community solar programs enable households to benefit by sharing solar-generated electricity among the members.

Solar Power Incentives In Texas

Incentives can help significantly cut back on the listed price of a solar panel system. But keep where you live in mind and what utility companies you purchase your energy from. Rebates can vary based on your utility company since there is no statewide rebate program.

But if rebates are available to you, they can help substantially shave the cost of the solar panel system down. If you lease a system, you wont be able to personally benefit from rebates so keep that in mind if you live somewhere where fantastic rebates are worth considering.

San Antonio: Cps Energy Net Metering

CPS Energy has a net metering program for energy consumers, with the following rules:

  • All electricity generation below the monthly consumption is credited at full price. For example, if a home consumes 500 kWh from the grid, and exports 450 kWh of surplus solar production, the bill is calculated for 50 kWh.
  • If electricity generation is higher than consumption, the surplus is credited at the avoided cost rate. This is the price that CPS Energy would have paid to get that electricity from power plants.

CPS Energy also manages a rebate program to help purchase solar power systems. The residential rebate is $2,500 per installation, with an additional $500 for using local solar panels. On the other hand, the commercial rebate is $0.60/watt up to 25 kW, and $0.40/watt for any capacity above 25 kW. In this case, the rebate is increased by $0.10/watt when using local solar panels.

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Solar Net Metering Programs

Texas still lacks state-wide net metering. However, some Retail Electric Providers in the competitive electricity markets will reimburse you for your solar electricity production.

When you install a grid-tied solar power system, the solar you generate will meet your electric usage first. When you use more electricity than your solar panels produce, you will be pulling the additional electricity from the grid.

Conversely, when you generate more solar energy than you use, the excess electricity will be sent back to the grid. Solar buy-back programs typically reimburse you for this excess generation. Most pay at the same retail rate you pay for electricity from your provider.

TXU Energy, Reliant Energy, and Green Mountain Energy offer such solar buy-back programs. In addition to reimbursing you for your excess solar energy generation, TXU also has a partnership with SunPower, the U.S. based manufacturer of the worlds most advanced solar technology, and is committed to bringing more solar to Texas at a utility scale.

Check Out Smaller Installers

Is Solar Worth It In Texas? Texas Solar Panels  Solar Website

These inflated solar prices often come from some of the larger solar installers in the industry so its important to consider all of their solar options, not just the installers large enough to pay for the most advertising. The same 2017 NREL report referenced above found that quotes from large installers were typically 10 percent higher than those from mid- and small-sized installers. If you receive quotes from some of the bigger companies in the industry, just be sure to compare them with quotes from local installers so you dont overpay for solar.

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Solar Incentives And Rebates In Texas

Solar panels are definitely an investment, but there are financial incentives in place to help ease the cost burden. A few financial options available to Texas residents include:

  • Federal tax credit: The federal government offers a tax credit to incentivize homeowners to install solar panels. The 26% solar panel tax credit is available to homeowners who install solar systems on their primary or secondary homes in 2021.
  • Austin Energy: Austin homeowners may be eligible for a $2,500 rebate when they install solar panels on their property.
  • CPS Energy: Customers of CPS Energy may be eligible for financial incentives for each watt of solar energy generated by their panels.
  • Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative: GVEC customers may be eligible for certain financial incentives.
  • City of Sunset Valley: Residents of Sunset Valley may be eligible for a rebate for the energy your solar panels generate.

Solar Panels In Texas

Texas is an industry leader when it comes to solar power generation. The state began investing in solar power in 1981, and remains the second-largest generator of solar power in the nation today.

With the rise in popularity of residential solar systems, many homeowners are left asking: Is solar worth it? To answer that question, well explain some of the benefits of installing solar panels, including cost savings, energy independence, and environmental protection. But well also share the things to look out for before making such a big investment.

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Energy Storage For Power Access During Blackouts

At $700-$1,000 per kWh installed, solar energy storage is not cheap, but a solar battery can help increase the overall value of your home solar system , delivering uninterrupted power even during blackouts or at night.

If uninterrupted power during blackouts is a key consideration think power outage blackouts in California and Texas, then a PV solar and a battery combo may be worth the higher upfront cost of investment.

Pro Tip: Another option is to allocate a smaller investment to an emergency backup solar power generator, which can be purchased for $250-$2,000, depending on the model.

How Does It Work

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Texas? | TriSMART Solar of San Antonio

A solar panel usually works by allowing particles of light or photos , to free electrons from atoms, which then generates a flow of electricity.

These panels consist of many small units known as Photovoltaic cells .

Such cells, connected consecutively, make a solar panel.

The photovoltaic cell is made up o many different layers of materials, each with a purpose of its own.

The semiconductor layer is the most essential layer of the cell, which is made up of two different layers, usually silicon, P-type, and N-type.

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Will Electric Providers Compensate You For Solar Power

If you go with solar power, your electric provider will compensate you for the energy you generate in Houston. The amount of compensation will depend on your electric provider. You will not find this information on the Power to Choose website because each provider is different. Before you make your decision, it is a good idea to visit the websites of each electric provider to see what their compensation rates are.

Is Solar Worth It

Yes, yes and yes! Solar panel cost is at an all time low and the cost of installation is so reasonable that you can be cashflow positive on day one. The return on investment is 20 percent for a typical solar system, which is double what you can expect from investing your money conservatively in the stock market. Like real estate, you are quite literally making money while you sleep.

While we cant guarantee that your home is ideal for solar, our job is to do that work for you. We use the finest technology available to evaluate your roof and its ability to offset your current energy production. We factor in all aspects of your current and future energy production to provide a turnkey solution to meet your needs.

Pro Tip: You can find a wonderful wealth of information on the benefits of going solar and ways to get discounted rates while vetting reputable installers here.

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Who Can Most Benefit From Installing Solar Panels

  • You live in a place that gets a lot of sunshine. Austin, Texas, is one of the sunniest places in the U.S.
  • Your roof isnt shaded. If your house is clear of trees and foliage, then your roof probably gets a lot of sunlight that installed solar panels can capture and leverage into energy for your home.
  • You pay a lot in electricity and home energy costs. If your power bills are at least $250, then youll see an average return on your solar power investment within 3 to 5 years. After which, youll save significantly on energy costs and may even start generating enough power that the electric company pays you.
  • Most of your energy costs happen during the day. Solar power will save you the most money if the majority of your energy usage occurs during the day. The more power you use during daylight hours, the faster youll see a return on your investment.
  • You live in Austin. This part of the country has a ton of competition among solar panel installers and strong market activity. Austin homeowners pay less than the average U.S. homeowner for solar panel installation. Overall, costs to install solar panels are dropping in Texas year-after-year.

Suns Power To A Texan: The Benefits Of Solar Panels

Is Solar Worth it in Texas? The Answer May Surprise You ...

There are 235 days of sun in Texas, and your very own solar system wont let it go to waste. The decision to go solar is a mighty one. Whether youre new Dallas homeowners or have found your dream house in San Angelo, you want to make the best decision for your household. That means taking into account your lifestyle, your budget, and all the other things that matter most for your family. Here are a few big reasons to upgrade your energy game.

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What Are The Benefits Of Going Solar In Tx

By going solar in Texas, you can enjoy lower energy bills, improved resale value of your home, increased energy independence, security with backup power during outages, and a reduced environmental footprint. Whats more, youre protecting yourself against higher bills in future, and since PV systems come with a 25-year warranty you can realistically expect an excellent return on your investment.

How Do Solar Panels Work

Do solar panels require regular maintenance?

No, but cleaning them can improve power generation if they are dirty.

Will residential solar power system cost fall in Texas in 2021?

Given this environment, and the effect of import tariffs placed on solar panels by the Trump administration during 2018, it is hard to see that solar power system prices in Texas will fall during 2021.

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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For My Home In Texas Is Solar Worth It Calculator

Typical sizes of solar panels for present-day installations tends to be between 225 and 375 watts. In the calculator below enter the panel size in kW, so 275 watts would be entered as 0.275 watts.

All solar systems have losses-PV losses. The calculator will allow for the losses that occur in solar electric PV systems due to heat, inverter losses and cable losses, etc.

How to calculate if solar panels are worth it

Using the solar data website Global Solar Atlas, enter the value of irradiance , AKA peak sun hours for your location and the calculator will determine the solar power and number of panels needed for your homes energy consumption.

Note: This is a quick assessment only, and is no substitute for an estimate from a professional installer.

Cost Of Solar Panels In Texas

Is Solar REALLY Worth It?

The cost of a residential solar system depends on the size, configuration, and a variety of other factors. These systems can cost between $3 and $5 per watt, with an average total cost of $15,000 and up. Plus, depending on the company you work with, you may have the option of financing or leasing your solar panels, which will also affect your overall price tag.

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How Am I Going To Finance My Home Solar System

Paying for your system outright will make sense if you have sufficient liquid assets available to invest. Solar provides a low-risk return rate relative to other investments, such as the stock market.

That said, many people choose to take out a loan to pay for their system. Financing your solar system through a lender reduces the upfront cost and can often be structured to eliminate your electric bill by effectively replacing it with a loan payment. The loan has a shorter term than the life of a solar power system, which means that you will get significantly more financial benefits when your loan is paid off.

Retail Electric Providers That Offer Solar Incentives In Texas

There are over a dozen retail electric providers that offer some form of incentive for going solar. Freedom Forever recommends that you consult with one of our independent authorized dealers in your area to get current information about any company that offers solar incentives. The terms, conditions, and benefits offered by Texas utility companies are subject to change at any time. You will also want to find out how that company compensates you for solar power supplied to the grid from your system.

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What Orientation Is Best For Solar Panels In The Texas Area

Orientation is an important factor when choosing where to place solar panels.

The best orientation in the Northern hemisphere would be pointing South, but dont worry if your roof doesnt have a slope facing that direction installers are used to working with various orientations and can find ways around it.

Solar panels are often pointed in a South East or Southwest direction, but they can also be angled to point West or even East.

The only direction that should not have solar arrays towards is North, because the panels will never receive direct sunlight for the entire day.

When considering solar energy, its useful to know the different types of sunlight. Direct sunshine is best for generating electricity but diffuse sun rays also contribute a lot and can also be harnessed with other methods like mirrors or reflectors.

The direction doesnt matter too much as long as there are enough hours in between sunrise and sunset when when direct and diffuse sunlight is present.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For My Home In Texas

Does Solar in Texas Make Sense? Is Solar Worth It? in 2021 ...

In order to figure out how much solar panels will cost for your home in Texas, we need to teach you the formula for sizing your solar system.

You already have all the information stated in the 4 points above.

Now we just have to put it all together.

You will need to use this formula to figure out the number of solar panels your home needs: Monthly electricity usage divided by monthly peak sun hours x 1000. You then divide that answer by the power rating of your proposed solar panel .

Using the above formula lets walk you through the steps you will need to take .

Step 1 Figure out your electricity usage

  • For this example, you use 1,140 kW per month.

Step 2 What is the monthly peak sun hours in Texas

  • We know that is 4.8 hours a day as an average for the entire Texas, we then multiply that by 31 days to get the monthly value: 4.8 x 31 = 148,8 peak sun hours.

Step 3 Decide what wattage your solar panels will beand what brand you will use

  • Most homes in Texas install 400 watt solar panels. Lets use Canadian Solar as a brand for this example.

Step 4 Apply the formula above

  • If we buy our panels from Canadian Solar at $2.96 per watt, the total cost of our 7600-watt solar system will amount to $22,496.

As you can see, the cost of your solar system largely depends on your electricity consumption and sun hours.

This would mean a higher initial investment, as youd need more solar panels.

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Federal Solar Rebates And Incentives

There are a number of great Texas solar incentives, but the most important incentive youre going to encounter is the Federal Solar Tax Credit program. This was a rebate program that started, at least in its current form, in 2016. Back then, the government offered an incredible 30% return in tax credits on solar installations. That has since gone down to 22%, which is still an incredible incentive to go forward with a solar panel installation.

What you need to know is that this rebate program ends at the end of 2021. It could be renewed, we dont really know, but what we do know is that the ability to get essentially a 22% discount on a solar installation ends in about 12 months! We highly recommend that Texas homeowners who have any interest in buying a solar energy system try and make the transition before the calendar turns to 2022.

If you want to get an easy solar quote and learn about potential $0 down financing for your Texas home, just enter your Zip Code below and get started!

Does Going Solar Really Save Money

HOUSTON The solar power industry is booming.

There were 1,500 solar installations in Houston last year, according to a new report by Environment Texas Research & Policy Center.

The big selling point for going solar is you can help save the environment while saving money, but how much money does it actually save?

According to the Department of Energy, it depends on several factors: how much you spend on electricity, the amount of sun your house gets, government policies, incentives in your area and upfront costs.

Installation costs have gone down every year for the last decade, but it is still a big barrier for a lot of people.

According to EnergySage, a website funded by the Energy Departments SunShot program, the average cost of installing solar panels in Harris County is over $14,250. That doesnt factor in a 30 percent federal tax credit or state incentives.

EnergySage says the benefit is Harris County residents who use solar energy can save over $20,108 over the course of 20 years.

Solar energy systems have also been found to increase home values and those homes tend to sell faster, according to a government funded study.

There are two online calculators that can help estimate costs and savings of using solar power for your home:

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