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How To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

Top Advantages Of A Bird Mesh For Your Solar Panels:

How to Bird Proof Solar Panels Step by Step |Tools You Need | Pressure Washing

1. A bird mesh protects your solar panels from bird-caused damages

With the help of bird mesh protection around your solar panels, you will be saving your panels from several long-term damages caused by birds. The shelter area will be secured from the infiltration, and hence, the bird traffic will reduce around your solar panels. Birds dont immediately damage the solar panels, but they do damage the panels eventually.

2. A bird mesh reduces the maintenance cost of your solar panels

Since the areas beneath your solar panels will be secured with the help of a bird mesh, you wont have to worry about the nasty bird droppings, eggshells, nests, and other debris piling up around the corner. Hence, the cleaning and maintenance costs will naturally go down, as there is nothing much to clean there other than some dust and dirt.

3. You dont need any professional help in installing a bird mesh

Installing a bird mesh is pretty straightforward. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can watch before installing it. The bird mesh kits also come with dedicated manuals that you can refer to while doing it yourself. Youll get a metallic bird mesh roll and a couple of mesh clips in a bird mesh kit.

4. A bird mesh is the most inexpensive way for bird proofing solar panels

5. A bird mesh doesnt interfere with the amount of sunlight your solar panel gets

What Happens If Pigeons Are Nesting Under Your Panels

Springs in the air and Alex has a problem.

Pigeons are having a wonderful time nesting under my panels, he wrote on a message board for solar power system questions.

Hey guys what did you use for bid pest control?, he asked

Its a common problem.

While a passing bird or two wont damage your photovoltaic system in the long-run, pigeons nesting under solar panels can and will.

You make a big investment when you install solar panels and you should protect that investment.

Pigeons often use rooftops, gutters, roof overhangs, and even window trims to build nests. And theyre social birds, which means that they actually like to live together. And who wants to be woken up at the crack of dawn by cooing and scratching noises?

Solar panels dont go literally on top of the roof, but on top of railing that sits on your roof, providing a space between the modules and the actual roof. Pigeons like to place their nests there as it offers a nice shady area and protects them from the weather and predators.

The pigeons may also be sitting or walking around on the panels.

While experts say the birds are not interested in foraging on solar panels or eating the wires, their poop is a concern factor. And boy, is that a problem with birds. Remember that anything that obstructs the panel from facing the sun directly may affect is energy efficiency. If the problem is serious it can render a whole solar array useless.

Whats the solution?

There are a variety of ways to solve the problem.

How Does Solar Panel Pigeon Netting Work

Solar panel pigeon mesh is a galvanised wire mesh coated in UV stabilised PVC. It is fastened to the sides of your solar panels in a way that stops pigeons, rodents, and debris from getting underneath them.

The implementation process is easy for you. Our technicians always start with a thorough inspection, then our technicians first have to get rid of the birds. This is usually done with a fast-acting poison, or by safely and responsibly shooting them.

After we thoroughly clean underneath the solar panels, the mesh is installed, and your solar panel bird problems should be solved. All of our solar panel meshes come with a comprehensive warranty.

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Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Pest IDs solar panel pigeon proofing service will prevent pigeons and any other birds from nesting under your solar panels.

Unlike several of our competitors who use cheap rolls of mesh, we use galvanised steel sheets that are custom cut and bent to fit to the exact shape of your panels. Our preference is to use 12 gauge sturdy steel meshing, as this will prevent even the most determined pigeons from getting under your panels.

As the mesh is clipped onto the solar panels, no drilling is required and so you wont invalidate your warranty. A small percentage of panels have no lip under the rims, and in those cases we may have to use a silicone adhesive to secure a slightly different type of panel proofing.

The excellent quality of the solar panel proofing materials that we use means that we are able to offer an industry-leading 10 year guarantee on every installation.

Pigeon Poo Can Damage Solar Panels

How to pigeon proof your solar panels

Thats right. Pigeon poop can affect your solar panels in more than one way. Firstly, it is far more corrosive than most other birds poop. As it builds up on your expensive solar panels, it can corrode the glass, wiring and other hardware leading to a compromise in efficiency. Secondly, it can cover your panels so much so that they struggle to absorb any sunlight at all. This will mean you power bills will be a lot more than usual until you address the bird issue on your roof.

Here at Solarfix, we provide a free solar panel clean with every bird proofing installation. That way you can get back to enjoying your solar power, faster.

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Labour Costs To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

Next is the labour cost. We allocate a day to do the job as we never know what problems we are going to encounter .or how easy the access is to do the job. This will be covered in a bit more detail later. The job will be working at height. Therefore, to cover our safe working practices when working at height there will be two people on site. As we detail in the quote the pigeons and nesting material will be removed and then a bespoke mesh barrier fitted to the solar panels. All corners are overlapped and wired together to give it extra strength. We also ensure gutters are flowing freely. Our day rate per man for this type of work is £220 per man. This covers the usual business costs.

Pigeons And Solar Panels What You Need To Know

What are the two things we know about birds, especially pigeons? Birds leave a lot of excrement, otherwise known as poop and they nest.

There is no way to stop their natural functions, but there are effective ways and methods to mitigate and protect your solar panels. Southwest Avian Solutions is extremely familiar with this dilemma and we have an effective solution.

If you have a pigeon problem or you have solar panels and need to make sure pigeon problems do not arise, Contact us at Southwest Avian Solutions today! or

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Solar Panels Airdrie Coatbridge & Cumbernauld

Scottish Households can expect a return on investment within 14 years and make a 4.8% return I over 20 years if well maintained.

The renewable heat incentive comes into force this will pay you for energy produced from solar panels. Solar panels give you a far better value for money heating solution.

The UK despite the sometimes rather miserable weather receives plenty of solar energy if you have the right equipment in good condition to catch all the heat. Solar PV panels and be installed in your home in North Lanarkshire or across Scotland and still produce lots of heat to make a saving while you heat your home.

In North Lanarkshire low light, solar panels can still manage to produce electricity although obviously, it would work better in the outback!. Research shows that the solar irradiance in the UK and Scotland is not too dissimilar to Germany and other European nations.

An average of 2 to 3 hours of energy generating sunlight each day over the period of a year is enough to handle the energy demands of any small family household.

Solar PV panels work equally on a cold day as Solar PV panels work on light not heat so the Scottish weather will still produce energy. On a cloudy day,?well maintained high-quality panels will generate heat even through the cloud.

Automated Bird Proofing System For Solar Panels

Removing Pigeons from Under Solar Panels | Bird Proofing Solar Panels

The AVIX Autonomic is an effective way of bird proofing your solar panels. This automated laser system repels pigeons as well as many other pest bird species 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike traditional techniques to deter birds, habituation does not occur. When our laser technology is applied with repetition, birds will consider the area as uninhabitable and avoid the place.

Portable bird proofing system for solar panels

Our handheld laser provides an immediate and highly effective bird repellent for solar panels. Pigeons and many other pest bird species perceive the laser beam as a physical threat and flee. In ideal weather conditions, the lasers have a range of up to 2500 meters.

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How Is A Bird Mesh Useful For Bird Proofing Solar Panels

  • A bird mesh seals off the area beneath the solar panels.
  • It helps keep the birds away from the site under your solar panels.
  • It keeps the birds away without posing any physical threat to them.
  • A bird mesh is extremely easy to install on your roof you can do it yourself.
  • It can easily be removed for solar panel servicing purposes.
  • Your solar panel and roof will be safe from bird nests, bird droppings, and other debris.
  • Speak to us about getting solar panel bird proofing installed for your home.

    We Stop Pigeons From Nesting Under Solar Panels In Arizona

    Pigeons nesting under your solar panels?

    Pigeons have been using residential roof tops, gutters, roof overhangs, and even the protected window trim to build their nests on or roost on for a long time.

    Since the arrival of solar panels on roof tops in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona, we have now literally put a huge roof over the pigeons favorite nesting spot YOUR ROOF.

    Solar panels give the pigeons protection from Arizonas scorching summer heat and shelter from all the elements and predators.

    Commercial solar panels with a problems Roof top solar panels have created the perfect home for pigeons, which is why many cities are now requiring solar panel pigeon screening be attached when installing solar panels to prevent huge pigeon population buildups.

    Pigeon feces and nesting materials build up under the solar panels, eating away at your tile roof and possibly backing up water when it rains forcing water under the tile roof and onto your interior ceiling below.

    We always clean out the nests and pigeon waste from under your solar panels.

    Pigeon nests and other debris is removed as best we can from under the solar panels using our long pole removal tools and other devices. All debris is bagged and taken away.

    Then we use a 2500 psi pressure washer to clean under the solar panel arrays and a disinfectant is sprayed to ensure that none of the over 60 diseases and over 40 parasites carried by pigeons and pest bird remain on your home

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    Benefits Of Solar Panel Bird Mesh

    Keeping solar panels free from debris is a constant struggle. While it is inevitable that some dirt may end up on the solar panel, most of it comes off on its own, being blown off by the wind. Whatever is not naturally removed tends to come off quickly with just a cursory spray with some water and a quick wipe down. Unfortunately, not all debris is equal, and bird droppings present a more difficult challenge altogether

    · Drastically reduce the upkeep and maintenance costs of your solar panels by installing solar bird mesh. While it is inevitable that some bird droppings will end up on your roof panels, the installation of bird mesh for solar panels significantly decreases this phenomenon. Mesh allows more time between panel maintenance services, meaning fewer headaches and lower costs for you.

    · Significantly increase the longevity and efficacy of your solar system by keeping it clear of debris that may negatively affect the performance of the system. Any dirt, specifically that sticks to the solar panel, is bound to affect the proper working of said panel. Installing solar bird mesh will get rid of the birds nesting under and around your solar panels, largely eliminating the problem of excessive bird droppings.

    Senske Removes Pest Birds

    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels.The UK

    Many homeowners install solar panels without knowing the risk of bird infestation. If you already have a bird problem in your solar panels, we can help. Using humane traps, we will capture the birds and take them to a safer area, away from your home. We also remove nests and debris from under your solar panels, bag it, and remove it from your property. Then, we pressure wash the area to clean and disinfect it, so your family is safe. Finally, we add deterrents to prevent the birds from returning to your roof, so your family and your solar panels stay protected in the future.

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    How Malum Can Pigeon Proof Your Panels

    At Malum, you will be pleased to know that we use a specific type of stainless steel guard that does not affect the warranty of your solar panelling, and we even offer our own 5 year guarantee.

    Plus, in addition to protecting your wiring and components, as well as preventing pigeons from roosting, we always ensure that bird nests and other debris are removed from under the solar panels prior to the guard being fitted. In some cases, we will even clean under the solar panel themselves with a pressure washer and disinfectant any areas where parasites carried by pigeons may be lurking.

    Costs Encountered To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

    How much does it cost to pigeon proof my solar panels is an enquiry we receive on a regular basis. Pigeons nesting under solar panels can cause serious problems. However, our answer is always the same. We cant just give a price over the phone without coming out and completing a free survey. Therefore, what I hope to achieve from this blog is to give you an estimate of cost. Also how we put a quote together so you have a general idea of pricing. There are a number of factors which can affect the price and I will explain these in more detail.

    I know some will ask why I am doing this and that my competitors will see my pricing. That is fine by me as I am trying to be as honest and upfront as possible. If you are going to use one of my competitors then I can only presume I am not a good fit for your job so it is really not going to change a lot by explaining my charges. We offer a free quote and on many occasions, the customer has no idea of the cost to carry out a task such as this. Therefore when I submit a quote, in some instances there is surprise about the cost and the figure they were thinking does not even cover the materials. Therefore a better-informed customer about the price of such a job creates transparency.

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    Solar Panel Repair Cumbernauld Airdrie & Coatbridge

    We repair all solar panels to the standard of a new panel or we replace them with a matching panel that will work better for you Maintenance of solar panels can end up an expensive process if the repair work required is not diagnosed properly during the initial inspection. Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions always complete rigorous?tests to fault find exactly what needs to be repaired on your solar panels before starting any repair work.? If you have had your panels installed by us you will know our number and can get a hold of us 7 days a week on . For new customers please feel free to call or complete our short contact form.

    Can Birds Damage Solar Panels

    Bird Proofing 101| Bird Abatement on Solar Panels | Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels | 909 552 1381

    Yes they can! Unlike mammals, birds do not produce urine but instead produce a very acidic thick white paste of uric acid made up of nitrogenous wastes. This paste does not readily dissolve in water and explains why bird poop can often be found stuck to windows long after a period of rain. It is this poop that can build up on your solar panels, reducing the power output and causing damage to the cells.

    Myth busted: Solar panels will not clean themselves, and preventative measures should be taken to protect against the build-up of bird poop

    There is little doubt that bird poop can pose a significant problem to individual solar panel and larger solar panel arrays. Hot-spotting stemming from bird poop is one of the primary causes of long-term cell failure resulting in a localised decrease in solar panel efficiency, but bird poop can also cause significant damage to the cables associated with solar panels. Birds, especially Pigeons and Gulls, are often the culprits when foreign objects are found deposited on the solar panels as they bring up nesting materials, and it is not uncommon to find Pigeons underneath or stuck inside gutters, causing blockages.

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    Solar Panel Bird Proofing Glasgow & Central Scotland

    As stated above, it is incredibly common for birds to nest on solar panels. Scotland is home to a large population of birds and they have caused problems for people with solar panels all of our solar installations includes bird proofing. If you already have solar panels and need them bird proofed then get in touch. Solar panel bird proofing is an area of roofing and solar we are well practised in, we are extremely efficient in making sure the bird proofing is made to last from the very first installation. If you do your research you will come across many blogs and other online articles where solar panel bird proofing has been installed that has not solved the problem due to poor installation or materials. Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions ensure you we will get the job done correctly the first time with our solar edge protection kit.

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