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How Does No Cost Solar Work

Myth #: Ghg Emissions In Canada Are Not Bad Enough To Need Solar

Zero cost solar is a SCAM…or is it?

People often cite this piece of information as if otherpeople being worse than us is a reason to not improve our own operations.

Canadas emissions are growing steadily with no tangibleplan in place to reduce them. Ifemissions are growing, and emissionsare causing climate change, then other people emitting more than us ishardly a defense or moreover, a reason to not implement clean technology.

Canadas emissions are not the worst in the world, far fromit. But as a prosperous, developednation, we have the opportunity and the capability to be a leader inemissions control which will lead to a more prosperous economy.

Key Takeaway:Others emitting more than us is not a sound reason why we should continue to emitGHG at unprecedented and detrimental rates.

Free Solar Panels Scam Or Not

In a nutshell, if you choose a power purchase agreement , like our RateGuardian PPA, or a solar lease, we will put solar panels on your roof for no money down but you will not own the system. We will design and install what is essentially a mini power station on your roof or on your property at no cost to you and then sell you the electricity it produces at a lower rate than what your utility company charges you.

Large, national solar companies offer PPAs and leases too but their agreements usually include a rate escalator so although your rate will initially be lower, your electricity costs will still rise. The difference between the large solar chains and independently owned and operated Solar Energy World is that our company gives you a choice of a fixed rate or an option with an escalator. Depending upon the option you choose your rate should be at least 20% lower than what you paid for electricity before going solar.

Since never-ending utility rate hikes are a fact of life, this is considered a no-brainer for homeowners on a budget because essentially they pay absolutely nothing to lower their energy bills.

You Shouldn’t Need Planning Permission

You don’t generally need planning permission for solar PV systems. The big exceptions are if your property has a flat roof, is listed or in a conservation area. You might need to get approval from your council’s building control team, so check with your local authority.

In England and Wales, the Government’s Planning Portal says that panels are likely to be considered as “permitted development”.

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Bottom Line On No Cost Solar Program Or Free Solar

There is definitely a cost but thanks to the renewable energy incentives, homeowners are able to make the switch to solar power with no money down and a monthly payment that is cheaper than what you already are spending.

Rather then spending the outrageous amounts of money every month on your electric bill, homeowners are able to purchase or lease a solar energy system with professional solar installation for a fixed monthly fee that is cheaper than you current electric bill .

Yes, Solar installers are bending the truth when they tell you that you can claim all the benefits of solar electricity with NO COSTS but the bottom line is this

Solar Incentives and the improved financing options allow for potential solar customers to place a solar pv system on their roof and make the switch to clean energy with no money coming out of their pocket other than what they are already spending on their monthly electric bill.

Residential Solar is here to stay and as electric prices increase, No Cost Solar Programs will remain as well. What wont remain is the tax incentives such as the federal tax credit and local solar renewable energy credit.

If you feel like your electricity bill is currently too expensive then click this link to take our 30 second quiz that will allow us to give you personalized information about if solar is right for you and what the energy savings numbers will look like for your home.

Solar Lease Cost Escalators And Solar Energy Incentives

Do It Yourself Solar Panel Installation

PPAs and solar leases also typically incorporate what’s known as rate escalators. Monthly payments are forecast increases in the cost of local grid electricity and rise along with them hence the term price escalators.

As a result, the customer in some instances could wind up paying more over the 20- or 25-year term of a residential solar lease than they would have paid a utility for electricity over the same period of time. Furthermore, PPO solar lease-installation companies retain ownership of the ITC, as well as your SRECs.

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Are Solar Panels Free In Massachusetts

We would love to live in a world where free solar power for your home was a reality. When you own your own solar panels you can generate free renewable energy to power your home. But sadly, there is no such thing as free solar panel installation in Massachusetts, despite what you may have seen online.

But, there are ways to go solar with $0 down and be cash positive right away, so while you may not be able to get free solar panels in Massachusetts, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy without having to spend a lot of money upfront. Here at Boston Solar, were committed to helping Massachusetts meet its renewable energy goals and were proud to recommend affordable financing options that make solar energy more accessible.

What Is A Solar Panel

A panel, which is specially designed to soak up the suns radiation and then use it to generate electricity.

They convert light into electricity.

Its usually called photovoltaics by some scientists, which means light-electricity.

A solar panel is an assortment of solar cells that absorb the suns rays and convert the heat energy into electric energy, making it useful to light up different appliances or electronic devices.

Solar panels use the sun, our most crucial star as a source of power generation, which not only generates electricity but also helps plants grow, provide humans with Vitamin D, and calms a stressed mind and is now one of the most powerful and familiar sources of energy.

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You May Be Paying More For Your Lease Than You Would Have For Traditional Electric

Because of the lease escalator, it is entirely possible that over the twenty year lease, youll reach a point where youre spending more on the lease than you would if you received a bill from your utility company.

Also, if your consumption goes down, you are on the hook for making the loan payments. For example, we all know the family components of the house change. If you get into a lease when you have a large family and then your family reduces in size the lease costs now does not outpace your energy. The lease payment is more then the average electric bill because it was done on data when more people were in the home. In addition, it is a mistake to assume energy prices will go up over the next 20 years. Better energy technology, both from fracking and renewables, should increase supply and reduce costs over time.

What Is A Solar Inverter

How Does Community Solar Work? What is Community Solar?

A solar power inverter also known as PV inverter is a hybrid inverter that has the capability to convert 12/24v DC electricity in 120/240v AC electricity and vice-versa to supply power to off-grid electric networks and can feed power into grid supply.

A solar inverter has a built-in charge controller, which is used to provide a steady supply to the battery to charge and then receives the 12/24v dc power from the battery and converts that into 120/240v at 60/50Hz for regular power utilization for home appliances. See details here.

It also has the ability to charge batteries from 120/240v AC by rectifying them into 12/24v dc. It is a compact smart electric machine that works between the solar panel, battery, electric load, and grid supply by keeping every current form and voltages according to their need. You can feed your extra produced electricity to the utility grid power supply companies using a solar grid tie inverter.

Its worth noting, approval from the utility grid authorities is required for selling electricity to them. These are perfect off grid inverters for solar energy system. Read my guide on best 3000 watt inverters here.

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How Do I Know How Much Energy My System Is Generating

Each system has monitoring options talk with your Outreach Coordinator about the type your system will have. Keep in mind that your system will produce energy, but if you use more than the system produces, you will owe your utility company for this energy. Your utility company will assess the difference between the energy used by your system and returned to the electricity grid and the additional energy your home draws from the grid. They will then produce a bill, called the annual true-up bill, and you will be charged for any excess energy used.

Solar Panels Are Generally Low Maintenance

The Energy Saving Trust says little maintenance is required on a properly installed, well-designed solar PV system, though you’ll likely need to replace the inverter a gadget which is a key part of the mechanism within about 25 years .

Of course, though, things can go wrong. If so, check the installer warranty you get it can cover you for up to 20 yeas. If the panels are damaged by something unexpected, like a storm, you may also be covered by buildings insurance check with your insurer before you have them installed.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels

The average cost to install solar panels in the United States is about $12,000 after federal tax incentives. On the low end, you can install a smaller system for around $5,000, while a high-priced Tier 1 solar panel system can cost $40,000 or more.

There are additional costs that go into an installation project beyond the price of panels. In fact, only about a quarter of the installation costs are actually for the panels. Labor costs, operational costs and additional equipment, such as inverters and control circuitry, make up the rest of the price.

Solar energy companies install the solar panels, provide maintenance and offer warranties on both the panels and the work. These additional services arent free, but they are often worth it. A few additional factors affect the price of solar panel installation.

Difficulty Selling Your Home

U.S. Launches No Cost Solar Program for Middle

Because you dont own the solar panels on your roof with a lease or PPA, they arent considered a fixture on your house and dont add any value to your property. In reality, free solar panel systems can do quite the opposite.

It can be extremely difficult to sell your home with a leased system because few potential buyers will be willing to take over a long-term lease contract.

If you cant find any buyers that are willing to take your lease agreement, you might have to break the contract, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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Do Solar Panels Increase The Value Of My Home

A fully paid solar system like the ones installed by GRID is likely to increase your property value, although there are no clear standards in the real estate market as to how much. Research has found that most buyers are willing to pay more for a home that has solar on it, particularly if the solar is paid for.

Are Solar Panels Resistant To Extreme Weather

Most solar panel manufacturers that are at least semi-reputable will test their panels in 140 mph winds. It is extremely unlikely that your solar panels will add to the danger, or suffer damage, during most extreme weather events.

As for hail storms, this shouldnt be a concern of yours either. Solar panels are legally required to comply with international standard IEC61215. Under these conditions, a solar panel must be able to withstand a hit from a ball of hail 25mm in diameter at speeds of 51.4 mph. Some premium brands of solar panels are rated to withstand hits from even larger balls of hail at even higher speeds.

Florida savings calculator: See how much you can save by going solar

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Advantages Of Using Solar Energy

As the years move forward, the advancements in technology are considered to be life-changing in many different aspects and have provided ease to human life.

Solar energy, specifically, has made a lot of advancements.

In the present year, its a whole lot easier to buy solar panels and to set them up to get electricity from sunlight.

But come to think of it, how is this energy used and in how many aspects?

In addition to this, is solar energy an excellent alternative to fossil fuel and other resources that harm the planets environment?

If given a short answer, then yes, solar energy is beneficial in many aspects, and yes, its an excellent alternative source of generating electricity.

There are many benefits of using solar energy over fossil fuels, which include environmental, budget, efficiency, and many other aspects.

But let us elaborate it a bit.

Day by day, the use of solar energy is becoming more and more popular.

Solar energy is a lot cheaper than any other form of electricity as its just a one-time installation, unlike other non-renewable forms, which cost a lot.

Solar energy is pollution-free as it involves no burning, which leads to no greenhouse gases to be released into the environment.

It further provides a clean source of power and as the sun is a renewable source which also leads to the fact that its available all the time.

As a matter of fact, these solar panels use batteries to conserve energy in them to use it later i.e. during cloudy days or the night.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power A House

No-Cost Solar for Faith-Based Organizations and Non-Profits

The number of solar panels you will need to power your house will depend on two factors:

  • The amount of electricity you use
  • Your location, as where you live determines how much electricity your solar panels can produce

Our online solar calculator can take your monthly power bill and location to work out how many solar panels you need, as well as the cost based on the prices of solar companies near you.

See how many solar panels you need for your home

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Whats The Catch With Free Solar Panels

Have you seen installers advertising free solar panels for your home, and youre left wondering if its a scam or not? While it may seem like a shady sales tactic, many installers actually do install solar panels without upfront costs! But, like many things that sound too good to be true , theres a catch.

  • Free solar panels wont give you the same amount of electric bill savings.
  • They include a long-term financing agreement.
  • Youll find they usually have two financing options: solar power purchase agreements or solar leases. In both cases, these are long-term contracts with the solar installation company, agreeing that you will pay the solar company each month for the solar energy produced. For both options, these leases usually last for 20-25 years.

    How Much Will The Solar System Cost Me

    Homeowners eligible for GRIDs Energy for All Program do not have to pay to get a solar system installed on their home. GRID is able to offer this program to qualified families because we leverage multiple funding sources, including government incentives, manufacturer partnerships and more to bring the benefits of solar to eligible families.

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    Panels Could Push Your House’s Value Up Or Down

    Some people worry that ugly panels plastered all over their roof could push the price of their house down. However, equally, a more efficient home generating its own energy may be more attractive to buyers.

    Solar panels are a fairly hefty investment and might not be suited to those planning to move in the next few years certainly you shouldn’t expect a big upfront investment to be immediately reflected by a jump in your home’s value.

    When we asked NAEA Propertymark for an overview, it told us:

    Solar panels can indeed affect the value of a property, in both a positive and negative way. If the panels are new technology, show significant savings and are aesthetically acceptable, they may very well boost value. However, in some instances, the agreement which ties respective owners into old technology is onerous and could well affect the value of a property in a negative way.

    Quick question

    What Is A Solar Power Inverter How Does It Work

    Tomorrow æ天: Saving energy by using the solar panel

    A solar inverter is really a converter, though the rules of physics say otherwise. A solar power inverter converts or inverts the direct current energy produced by a solar panel into Alternate Current

    Most homes use AC rather than DC energy. DC energy is not safe to use in homes. If you run Direct Current directly to the house, most gadgets plugged in would smoke and potentially catch fire. The result would be that most appliances, computers, power strips, TVs, entertainment systems, home security devices, and a whole host of other electronics would become fried. Solar arrays use inverters to change the DC to AC, which is safe for home usage.

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    Which Option Should I Choose

    While there are many benefits to free solar panels, we need to consider the downsides. They wont save as much money as other financing options will. If you buy solar panels, they will pay themselves off over time. Once paid off, they will continue to generate free energy every month, which is a considerable cost advantage.

    Youll also find that because you dont own them, you cant get the federal tax credit or local tax credits. The federal tax credit lets you save 26% on the costs of your solar panels installation. Another downside is if youre planning to sell your home. Solar leases can transfer to new owners, but if the potential buyers dont want to enter a contract, it can put you in a difficult spot. If you choose to end the agreement early to sell your home, you will have to pay a breaking fee.

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