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Are Solar Panels Better For The Environment

Solar And Wind Lifetime Environmental Impacts Compared To Coal And Natural Gas

Solar energy is better for the environment and your pockets

Now that we have an idea of the production and life of each of these technologies, lets look at what the research says. Based on a meta-analysis covering 400 research articles compiled by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, total life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from wind and solar are much lower than coal.

In fact, solar is about 20 times more environmentally friendly per kilowatt-hour generated and wind is about 80 times friendlier than coal! Compared to natural gas, solar emits about 10 times fewer grams of CO2e per kilowatt-hour while wind emits 40 times fewer.

Reminder: these calculations DO take all life cycle costs in account that we identified earlier in this article.

The National Institute of Health summarizes it well, the environmental impact of the bulk material requirements of renewable technologies is still small in absolute terms compared with the impact of fuel production and combustion of fossil-based power plants. Moving away from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas is critical in our fight against climate change. Thus, it is clear that green energy technologies need to be implemented wherever possible to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Comparison Summary

Specifically, when all facets of these technologies are accounted for via Life Cycle Assessment, the grams of Carbon Dioxide emitted per kilowatt-hour of energy generated are as follows:

Installing Solar Panels In Your Homestead Raises The Value

When people are looking forward to purchasing a functional homestead, there are various considerations they must take.

For instance, they must consider the costs of energy that they will be required to pay as part of their daily or monthly expenses.

When the costs are high, there are chances of these people purchasing your house at a lower price as compared to a house that has lower energy bills.

Installing a solar panel in your home means a reduction on the energy bills, and hence anyone willing to buy the house will use the solar panel as the source of energy without paying any money at the end of the day.

For this reason, when you have installed a solar panel to your house, you are adding the value of the home, and you are most likely to sell the house faster and at a higher price as compared to another person selling a house that has no solar panel installed in it.

Are Solar Panels As Green As You Think There Are Good And Bad Environmental Impacts Of Solar Power

Are solar panels really that green? The environmental impacts of solar panels are widely discussed and commented on but what arguments are valid, and what is social media noise?

Key arguments against solar panels are that they require more energy and fossil fuel-burning equipment to mine, manufacture, and transport than they save. Another argument is that toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process which do more harm than good.

Solar power isnt perfect

On the other side, it is argued that solar panels create more clean energy than they take to create and top global companies are truly leading by example with regards to chemical usage.

Here we will examine the positive and negative environmental impacts of solar panels and what the future has in store for the solar energy industry.

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Helps Fight Climate Change

Last but not least, theres the issue of climate change. The continual dump of pollutants and additional CO2 into the air, costs our planet. It makes it harder and harder for the environment to clean the air. As the carbon count continues to increase, so will our retention of heat from the sun. These changing air conditions will continue to have an effect on different climates, causing some to warm, others to cool, and causing weather patterns everywhere to become more sudden and volatile.

Scientists and climatologists have created a large body of work, which includes experiments, climate models, and research. That there is now a general consensus among these professionals that we need a renewable energy project to stem the tide of climate change.

Solar energy is one of the ways we can try to prevent the effects of climate change. By reducing our CO2 emissions, and releasing fewer pollutants in the air, we can all do our part to slow down climate change.

Theyre Better For The Environment

Despite partisan divide, Americans see EVs as better for ...

Their environmental impact is one of the most significant solar panel benefits. Sunlight is a free and constant source of energy, which means solar panels can collect and convert it into energy without stripping the earth of irreplaceable energy sources.

Since solar panels create clean energy, theyre eliminating greenhouse ommissions and weakening our worlds dependence on fossil fuels. When burned, fossil fuels also add to air pollution.

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Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy

While the production of solar panels may not be completely free of any environmental impact, when you think about the 25+ year life expectancy of a residential or commercial solar PV system, utilizing solar energy is significantly better for the environment compared to other fuel sources and reduces your carbon footprint by using energy from the sun. There will not be a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly solution to your home energy than going solar!

Plus, when you look at the economic benefits you will see over the life of your solar power system, and the 30% Federal tax deduction that is still available until the end of 2019, the benefits of solar reach far and wide. Installing a solar PV system also reduces your risk of paying unpredictable energy prices over the life of your system which is like securing low, fixed energy costs for two and a half decades.

Solar Panels Are Ten Times Better For The Environment

CIGS solar panels generate nearly 90 per cent less CO2 emissions.

CIGS solar panels made in Sweden generate nearly 90 per cent less CO2 emissions than silicon based solar panels made in China

A new life cycle assessment shows that the CIGS solar panels made by Swedish solar energy technology firm Midsummer, made in Sweden, generate nearly 90 per cent less CO2 emissions than silicon based solar panels made in China, and only one per cent of the greenhouse gases that European coal power emits.

âFor a conscious consumer of renewable energy, whether private or commercial, it is instrumental to look at the entire life cycle, i.e. the total climate effect of the product including material choice, manufacturing, transports, operations etc,â said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer. âAnd of course to choose an energy source with minimal carbon footprint. Here Midsummer’s thin film solar panels are completely superior, thanks to our unique technology.â

There are multiple reasons for this. Midsummer’s flexible CIGS solar panels do not contain any heavy glass or aluminium components. This greatly reduces material consumption. The light absorbing CIGS layer is also extremely thin. Therefore, the production process is fast and with a low energy consumption. At its Swedish factory, Midsummer only uses renewable energy.

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Energy Produced By Thermal Solar Panels

The amount of energy produced by solar thermal panels is usually defined on an annual basis . This can partly be justified by the fact that the limitation of energy production is not linked solely to the available sunlight but also to the objective in terms of quantity of water heated . From French regulations, for one person, the annual production with thermal solar panels is:

where T is the temperature difference between cold and hot water . The factor 1 2 comes from an adjustment to account for the fact that only a part of the need for warm water can be covered by solar energy. This factor can vary depending on location, climate , seasonality and technical features of the installation . A typical value of 1 2 is taken here. Furthermore, it is considered that this per capita energy requirement can be satisfied by 1 m2 of thermal panel. So, the power averaged over the year would be:

1 2 factor has disappeared here because we consider ideal heating conditions for the definition of the target. The production of the thermal panel is then computed in three steps:

2. The total amount of energy produced is summed from midnight the previous night to the current time t: tmidnightEther prod dt .

3. If the quantity of energy produced since midnight reaches the target Ether target, then any additional production during the same day is wasted and further energy production is set to zero.

To summarize, for solar thermal panels, the production is parameterized as:

Why Is Solar Energy Bad

Are Solar Panels Really That Good for the Environment?

Its not very respectful to say solar energy is bad, at least not when compared with other types of energies powered by fossil fuels. Still, it has some downsides that are worth analyzing. We can start by clearing out that solar energy is not zero emissions, clean, or 100% green. But why is that if solar panels receive sun rays and generate electricity through heating without releasing any CO2 or CO2eq? Well, if we take a closer look at solar panels life cycles well realize that they make some pollution and energy consumption during manufacturing and are likely to have more once they get disposed.

Producing photovoltaic panels requires minerals like copper, nickel, and cadmium. For instance, if we think of silver, its supply and demand for photovoltaic purposes are, respectively, ~ 27 billion kg and 242 million kg . Other minerals such as lithium or silicon are also at risk of having a demand that outstrips supply today and in the future.

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Theres A High Initial Cost To Going Solar

As you can probably imagine, solar systems can be pricey. By the time you consider solar panels, other equipment, and installation costs, youre probably looking to pay in the tens of thousands of dollars.

However, this investment will pay off over the long term through reduced energy bills and potentially even allow you to earn money putting electricity back into the grid. Furthermore, in many states, you can access rebates, tax credits, and financing to lower these upfront costs.

Life Cycle Analysis Or Assessment

Before we set out to determine the total environmental costs of solar, wind, coal and natural gas, lets pause and explain our methods.

To determine if solar panels and wind turbines are better or worse than coal or natural gas is through something called a Life Cycle Analysis or Assessment. LCA considers all steps of the life of a product that can be identified. To get an accurate answer on which is best for the environment, we need to look at the significant impacts of all stages. Categories include: mining, production or disposal, and any other steps in the process to understand their net impacts on the environment. In other words, their Life Cycle costs or impacts.

LCA is a relatively comprehensive look from cradle to grave of what goes into any product.

Lets quickly look at the materials, lifespan and what the LCA of each power source includes to put this in perspective:

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Lifespan Of Solar Panels

So how long do solar panels last? As it happens, the worlds first solar panel is still producing electricity at around 60 years old which goes to show whats possible, but in general when buying solar panels you can expect the most efficient solar panels to last around 25-30 years.

Despite this, they will still likely go on to produce electricity even after that time.

Although this means that initial costs will be recovered, its important to bear in mind that, like any other equipment, solar panels do undergo degradation.

So as domestic solar panels age, they tend to produce far less electricity and are simply not as efficient.

Unfortunately, this proves to be an aspect of solar technology that cant be overlooked if were going to avoid potential harm to the environment.

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Great News For Environmentally

The good news for homeowners who care about the environment but who have not switched to renewable energy yet is today it is easier than ever before to start saving with solar power. Once your home solar system is up and running you not only reduce your negative environmental impact, you will also cut your electricity costs from 20-100% depending upon whether you choose to own your solar system outright, or go with a Solar Lease or Power Purchase Agreement.

With a Zero-Down PPA or lease you have $0 upfront costs for solar panels and installation. With approved credit, you can have a solar power system installed and only pay for electricity each month at a rate thats at least 20% less than what your monthly electric bill was prior to going solar so you start saving money as soon as your solar panels are installed.

If you are interested in going solar, the best thing to do is to contact us to learn if your home qualifies for solar. Simply fill out the form below.

How Does Solar Energy Affect The Environment

The sun shines each day and gives solar energy to your familys home while giving no harm the environment. In contrast, electricity companies fuel energy sources by emitting waste and gases to the environment. These production processes for fossil fuels would not be easy to reduce without using solar power because it would be so prevalent and capable of powering every appliance in our homes.

As you attempt to create a better world for you and your family, you would be very gratified to use solar panel energy for your homes energy source. You would not feel as concerned about your environmental footprint or impact on our planet, which could not have a monetary cost. Solar energy can reduce your household expenses and give you a more financial security overall.

According to the Energy Research Center, using solar energy results in 96 to 98 percent fewer gases that would create the greenhouse effect compared with coal energy. It also uses less water land, and other resources.

Some solar panels for your home would be connected with your community electricity source. This means that any amount of solar energy that you would have that is beyond the amount that you would need. In effect, this helps reduce the impact on the environment. As solar energy continues to be used by more people, the technology improves and becomes more cost efficient.

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What Are Solar Panels Made Of

The traditional process of manufacturing a solar panel begins with quartz, a very common mineral that can be found right in your home ! Comprised of oxygen and silicon atoms, researchers discovered that this mineral can be converted into pure silicon for use as a semiconductor in solar panels to generate electricity.

Solar manufacturers historically mined quartz to supply the silicon for their solar panels. However, the mining of quartz crystal exposes miners to silicosis, a lung disease caused by inhaling tiny bits of silica from the ore.2 As a result, the solar industry is gradually moving away from quartz mining and toward quartz-rich sand.

Both quartz-rich sand and mined quartz can be refined into the same metallurgical-grade silicon for solar panels. At Chariot Energy, our solar panels are made exclusively from quartz-rich sand. In fact, one of our mottos is From sand to solar! This process ensures our solar panels never put people at risk of silicosis from mining.

The Challenges of Manufacturing Solar Panels

Theres an additional challenge: after polysilicon is purified, its formed into bricks then sliced into thin wafers, which comprise the panels in solar panels. Hydrofluoric acid are used to clean and texturize the panels to maximize light intake. While cleaning and maximizing the surface area is completely safe, like any chemical improperly disposed of, hydrofluoric acid can have a negative environmental impact.

Alternative Processes Currently in Development

How Good Are Solar Panels For The Environment

Negative Effects of Solar Energy Sites

In todays era, solar power is a great, sustainable, and green energy choice. The shift towards clean, reliable, and affordable electricity is visible in the rapid proliferation of solar panels mounted on rooftops.

As the cost of using solar panels to produce electricity goes down each year, millions of people are switching to solar.

There are various reasons as to why solar panels are suitable to install? These solar panels are not only a viable option to lower your electricity bill but also a fantastic option for our environment. If you like the idea of being green and more energy independent, then you should install solar panels.

Why are solar panel systems a good choice for the environment?

The most interesting fact about solar energy is that it represents clean and green energy. They are a leading source of renewable energy for homes and businesses. Solar panels are an ideal option to reduce your carbon footprint.

These solar panel systems dont release any greenhouse gases except for needing a source of clean water to function. It is a safe and environmentally-friendly option. Therefore, installing a solar panel system is a step ahead of a sustainable future.

Switching to solar energy

The sun is considered as a huge source of energy. It offers immense resources to generate clean, non-polluting, and sustainable electricity. Thus, resulting in no global warming emission.

Read on to know why solar panels are a good choice for our environment.

Reduces air pollution

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